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260941260941B004JLRYC8A2CEJ54AAH4AUOE. Drew McKechnie1151337126400Blueberry is Jamaica'n Me Crazy!Jamaica Blueberry is my favorite of the bai flavors, coming in slightly ahead of Panama Peach. The taste is reminiscent of a slice of Maine blueberry pie -- kind of sweet, kind of tart, but not over-powering or sugary. Using Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" program, I keep my fridge stocked with two cases of bai5, getting it delivered on a monthly basis. It's a cold, caffeinated alternative to soda and is healthier (and more flavorful in my opinion) than Snapple, Honest Tea, or Nantucket Nectars. There aren't a lot of blueberry drinks out there; so if you like blueberries, this is the drink for you. While not five calories, like the "bai5" varietals, the 140 calories is well worth it.
260942260942B004JLRYC8AFJZIGEW1R8YBphfarley1151327622400love it!!I LoVe this drink! i have tried almost all of their drinks & love them all! my husband loves them also
260943260943B004JLRYC8A3RWW5CCB960JFNoelia Baldazo1151327449600Blueberry DelightI love blueberries and never thought a drink could take the place of natural fruit. This one does. Delicious, tastes great, antioxidant-rich, they need to come up with a low-cal version of this one.
260944260944B004JLRYC8AOTJLR388RTEFhockey1151327449600Great tasteThese drinks are better than what I was expecting. I thought they would be some strang gourment blend that had no or bad taste, but are very delicious. Great tasting!
260945260945B004JLRYC8AQXG12PQTA1B3Dre1151327449600best non diet drinkThe drinkl taste like juice without all the calories. Even better that is does not taste like a nutrasweet filled diet drink. I like all flavors
260946260946B004JLRYC8A2OHOT7DAEB2ZJMelissa Martins1151327190400Bai Jamaica Blueberry Antioxidant InfusionFantastic! Great taste, very smooth, and loaded with antioxidants. My son loves Jamaica Blueberry popsicles. The recommended percentage of daily antioxidant intake is far less than Bai's Jamaica Blueberry. Bai is an easy enjoyable way to stay healthy!
260947260947B004JLRYC8A1ZSIEDGL8E3YOBertaflo0051339200000Great!It's always good to benefit your body with food and drink and not harm it. Thank you bai. Love the taste.
260948260948B004JLRYC8A1ZJDC2I0ARAUPAussie Guy0051330646400Perfect Running BeverageG'day,

First came across bai when it was being given out after a race. It was great. Not too sweet and it has a swag of anti-oxidants. Kept going back to the table for more. Became very well hydrated!

Purchased some on Amazon as it is hard to obtain from local stores. Drink ir after every long run.

260949260949B004JLRYC8A26CQ7XP479HABJayme G0051327881600Nothing Bai About It!BAI Jamaica Blueberry - TO DIE FOR! Hands down one of the most refreshing, hydrating, and delicious beverages on the market. This whole brand's line is incredible, and healthy. It is not too often that you can find a healthy and delicious beverage. Bai is definitely the drink of choice.
260950260950B004JLRYC8A16J7TD3H29P7MLura Provost0051327795200fantastic health drink!!What a great drink with important antioxidants for all of us health nuts! A beverage for every day with jamaican blueberries that tastes so, so good!
260951260951B004JLRYC8A1Q8WO5MOGUVUKTaylor0051327363200Blueberry has never tasted so goodTypically, I do not enjoy anything blueberry flavored because I usually find the taste is too artificial. Then I found bai Jamaica Blue Berry drink. The flavor is as good as fresh blueberries and loaded with antioxidants, it's a healthy and great tasting choice. I plan on stocking up on these bad boys to get a punch of antioxidants every day.
260952260952B004JLRYC8AP8ZHKHPCQ3WFkmk310051327276800luvin the blu berrybye bye soda - hello bai, jamaica blueberry is amazing!!! a bowl of blueberries never tasted so good and healthy -luving bai jamica blueberry - trying the bai5 Costa Rica Clementine next....stay tuned
260953260953B004JLRYC8A5IENERKKHEZXBernadette0051327276800All natural Bai Jamaica blue berryI never tasted a blueberry drink that was so refreshing. Bai is loaded with antioxidants, all natural, and oohhh by the way tastes great. I can't wait to open my next bottle. I am on my way to the fridge now!!!
260954260954B004JLRYC8A2OT94QH45BUQ1JDeBernardis0051327276800Bai is the BEST!I absolutely LOVE Bai antioxidant drink. I particularly love the Blueberry, but the Clementine and Mango are also favorites. They are organic, high in antioxidants and come in a low calorie variety. You need to stock up when yu find as it's hard to find so it's great that Amazon is making it easy for Bai-lovers. Bai LOTS, Bai often. :-)
260955260955B004JLRYC8A3CS4J1AM16BG9becky parrish0051327276800why I love baiI love bai, because it's light, refreshing, all natural, organic and delicious. I love the idea that I can get so many anti-oxidants in such a small vessel. I only wish it were available in more of the larger supermarkets. What's the holdup?
260956260956B004JLRYC8A399GG4N8PD64JPeg4070051327190400A New favorite!I have found a new favorite drink! I was thrilled to find out it's delicious and it tastes good too! A healthy drink for the kids as well. I think blueberry is my favorite flavor, but I can't wait to try the others!
260957260957B004JLRYC8A3EBZD9JVOD1GNcraig grassi0051327190400love, love, love baii never write reviews, but think this product is so amazing, i had to make an exception. not only does the bai jamaica blueberry taste AMAZING, it's 100% natural and packed with antioxidants. how can you get better than that??! i now buy 3-4 cases at a time.
260958260958B004JLRYC8A3K9AJF5VK3HLRob0051327190400A great alternativeI find this a much better choice than the other non-water drinks out there. I can't always get my hands on the fruits and other foods that give the antioxidants I like to get, and this is an easy and tasty way to get them. Great stuff, I always try to keep some stocked.
260959260959B004JLRYC8A2TOKXFT1TWAG4Ron Riskie0051327104000Excellent juice!This is some really excellent juice! I just love great blue berry taste and the fact that it's so good for you with all those antioxidants. And also I like it because those blueberries are from Jamiaca and that means they are really cool blueberries. So, in conclusion, I fully endorse this product.
260960260960B004JLRYC8APJ8XH4SLVSEFUncle Nic0051327104000Fantastic Tasting DrinkI am just wild about this product. Being in my late 30's I am all about health and self preservation. So I needed a drink that would both taste great and be good for my well being. The flavor of the blueberries just flows with out being overly powerful. I enjoy this drink with my meals and when I just need a pick me up, Jamaica Blueberry over ice is perfect. There is hardly any caffine to talk about and the axtioxidents make me feel good about myself after have it. This is the best flavor that bai makes and I recommend it to anyone looking for an healthy alternative to the usual junk drinks that are out there.
260961260961B004JLRYC8A27VAKCNHA0S3RSquishy cheeks0051327017600The blue makes me feel goodI have never heard of coffee fruit before Bai. Now I don't think I could live without it. Bai the way this stuff is great.
260962260962B004JLRYC8A2G8K18IZCD8CDscarebears0051327017600BAI an awesome new drink!I received a sample and I'm hooked! Please, please put in more stores in Philadelphia & Bucks County area, Would love to see in Bally's health clubs to drink after a workout!!!
260963260963B004JLRYC8ASR6OTTAQ4PUETdub0051325721600Best drink EVER! :)I love the jamaica blueberry bai! I've only tried a few flavors but so far this is my absolute favorite. I've always been a big coffee drinker but I can honestly say I prefer to drink bai now every morning. Only problem is only 2 stores in my area sell bai and they're always sold out of the jamaica blueberry :( Hopefully more people will get the word and start distributing this amazing drink!
260964260964B004JLRYC8A2LPMLBMEDFMTYsteph0051323216000this stuff is amazing!!!While all flavors of Bai are tasty, the blueberry is my favorite so far. these drinks have tons of flavor but are not too sweet. the high amount of antioxidants from the coffee fruit is just an added bonus to this already delicious drink.
260965260965B004JLRYC8A1ELKYFGJIJYCVs.edwards0051323216000Tastes like a fresh squeezed blueberry!Jamaica Blueberry is one of the BEST bai flavors in my opinion. It's so good, and so good for you. Seriously tastes perfectly sweet like a blueberry, but not overpowering. Refreshing and light. Highly recommend this flavor.
260966260966B004JLRYC8A1ZDBY1V8BW8VLauren Reilly0051323216000Jamaica Me Crazy!bai's Jamaica Blueberry is awesome! This all-natural beverage is chock-full of antioxidants - just one bai a day will keep the doctor away! My fiance loves this flavor and drinks one every morning to start off the workday. One day, he brought a case into his workplace and now they are all hooked! I can't reorder fast enough. bai is so good, you think it would be bad for you - but the health benefits are amazing!
260967260967B004JLRYC8A1SAQP4VWCMWH7MilkFree Girl!0051322438400Bai Demo in PrincetonI absolutely LOVED Blueberry Bai its soo good and the girl at the demo told me it would be very good warm so I tried it and its great warm! Especially when you add a little Rum!
Snow is coming warm up that Jamaica Blueberry Bai and enjoy near the fire!
260968260968B004JLRYC8A3GBP06VELUZ70Bren0051321833600Jamaica Blue Berry Bai is the BESTJamaica Blue Berry Bai is my favorite flavor. It isn't too sweet or strong, it's just right. I've been drinking these almost daily for over a year and I'm happy to say that I've been much less sick with head colds, viruses, etc. than I have ever been. I believe in this stuff like some people swear by Airborne but I think this works better cause it prevents me from getting sick in the first place. It tastes great and keeps mine and my family's immune systems stronger. Gotta love it!
260969260969B004JLRYC8A3483REMXODG0Aemilyennis0051321401600I LOVE BAI!!!!I love bai! I love the natural energy, I its better than coffee and the antioxidants aren't bad either. My favorite kind are the Jamaica Blue Berry and the Pomegranate. The Bai 5 is a great 5 calorie drink that can keep me energized all day! XD I WISH THEY SOLD THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!
260970260970B004JLRYC8A3ICFKGEYUBGTJHunter0051321315200A refreshing break throughThis product is amazing. The story about coffee actually being a fruit intrigued me. Healthy, all natural, delicious and packed with antioxidants what more could you want in a drink? And surprising every flavor I've tried is delicious!! I'm hooked!!!

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