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261001261001B003NV2IG2A30PCI4W9JU4XCNella Epernon121551285372800Absolutely AddictiveDon't let the fact that these are "seaweed" snacks. If you like wasabi and light crispy texture, you'll love these super nutritious snacks. Get your own pack though, you won't want to share.
261002261002B003NV2IG2A5MUGKHKFT5K2Kate Gombrich2241325721600Great for people who don't like seaweedDon't get me wrong, this snack does tastes like the seaweed it is. BUT of all the seaweed snacks I've tried, and I've tried half a dozen at my local health food store, THIS is the one I decided to buy in bulk as a subscription on Amazon (FYI: I spend a fortune at that local health food store, so don't feel too sorry for it, and I have to strike a balance on spending somewhere!). What makes this snack better than the others? Three things: 1) the seaweed is in small sheets and is much thinner -- you don't get a big thick layer of it, 2) it has a great distracting hot & salty taste (salt & wasabi) that gives it a refreshing zing, and 3) it has nice crispiness. I eat sea vegetables for general health (anti-cancer, etc.) and thyroid health. A few sheets of these a day and I'm good. For the first time (not counting sushi) it's easy to eat my seaweed.
261003261003B003NV2IG2ANMA1H8LGEVBFKeithNYC "KeithInNYC"2251325203200Very good if you love wasabi flavor/bite and seaweed snacks in generalOnly get these if you like the taste of wasabi. Although it's a bit more subtle then the wasabi that's dabbed on your sushi, you still definitely get the wasabi bite (they seem to be along the same line of the extra spicy wasabi covered peas, maybe a little bit saltier). With subscribe and save, these packs come out to $1/pack which is quite a bit cheaper than what you spend outside Amazon (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or supermarket) for this type of snack. You do get quite a few sheets in each pack (20) and each one is seasoned with the perfect amount of spicy/hot wasabi and salt. They are also nice and crunchy since they are packaged separately, and they do not seem as greasy as some other brands I've tried from the Asian markets. Although they are not greasy, one package (which contains two 10-sheet servings) has a total of 4 grams of fat (which is a little above my 3 gram target for low fat foods and unfortunately I cannot eat only half a pack. They seem to lose their crunchiness once they're opened...that's my excuse for eating the entire pack and I'm sticking to it).
261004261004B003NV2IG2A39ILC0QR4E09LA. Schneider3451301356800Yum!The Wasabi flavor on these is really nice. I love taking brown rice and making mini rolls as a snack. They also are good in sandwiches and on salads. I've also put them in bagels with cream cheese. Only complaint is on the packaging. I probably will sort of reduce my purchasing... I think I can replicate the flavors with nori seaweed sheets, sea salt and wasabi powder. Will also be doing the environment a favor.
261005261005B003NV2IG2A15ASVI83ZHOSDThakur2351304553600Definitely have a KickI'm sure by my 3rd or 4th pack, I'll be used to it, but the first is an eye opener. I love roasted seaweed and wasabi. I guess its a good think because then I have to eat them more slowly than usual, making them last longer :)
261006261006B003NV2IG2A2YBZNVSWNG1X6Mo'ui0021348790400Inconsistent TasteI first tasted Annie Chun's seaweed three years ago while in California. It was delicious, especially the Wasabi, so I purchased about ten packs. After returning home, I found it could be ordered from Amazon at a very reasonable price and have purchased them regularly ever since. NO MORE! The last shipment contained a few packages that did not smell right. The pieces of seaweed had a dull, grey coating on them. They tasted terrible. I blew it off the first couple of times and went ahead with another shipment. Last night I opened a container that smelled of burning plastic. The pieces were once again dull and appeared to have a grey coating on them. The coating, unfortunately, was not wasabi. It is strange that not all of the packages have the smell or coating on them, but now I am uncomfortable eating the product. I trusted Annie Chun's product but have decided to stop purchasing it, going with my intuition that there is a problem at the source they are not addressing.
261007261007B003NV2IG2A2CEO068AJXVIZKoiKeeper "KoiKeeper"0051347321600Another "acquired taste"Dr Oz recommended giving these a go, so I did.

My first impression, not good, fishy and salty.

Second day, less objectionable, but still not enjoyable.

Within a week I have come to like these critters.

Too salty but otherwise very good, (now that my palate is used to them).

The amount of salt prevents them from becoming a "pig-out" issue. In general, I dont like salty.
261008261008B003NV2IG2A25DJB704QAWUERopes0041347235200SeaweedI like seaweed mostly cause it's good for you. Trying to do the healthy thing. A couple of times while eating it the wasabi did it's thing to me. The next time I purchase this product I'm going for a another flavor. I like it suggest you try it.
261009261009B003NV2IG2A2P5VNI7Q9DSEWLoLo0051345507200Love the Kick!Healthy, crunchy and easy to travel with (aka won't get crushed). I have been eating these little snacks for a while now and love them. They are a main go to for me keeping me away from all the sugary, fatty snacks we have hanging around. Love them!
261010261010B003NV2IG2ANR4SDDIE0GX1Sandy Pham0051345075200Perfect snack when I'm craving saltI keep my pantry stocked with these snacks. At 60 calories a package, I can eat the whole thing (or even 2 or 3 of them) and not have blown my diet. When a friend told me about them, I thought, "I'm not sure if I like seaweed", but I tried them just so I could say I tried them. They are so good. The sesame oil really gives them a good flavor and they satisfy my salt cravings. My husband loves them too. I can't believe he grabs them for a snack now too. We're both eating healthier thanks to these snacks.

You can find them at the health food stores in the Asian section (Walmart might even have them - I haven't looked in their Asian section). That way you can try them before ordering a case.

I like them so much that I have them ordered on automatic shipment now. I tried other brands, but Annie Chun's is the best one by far.
261011261011B003NV2IG2A1TDLXMQ9CZRBCKim T. Colburn0041344988800Yummy!I have tried seaweed chips before from my local Asian grocery store. I liked them well enough except they were unflavored and quite fishy. These chips taste great and the wasabi hides the fishy smell. These would be perfect if the amount of wasabi could be reduced a little bit. The spice get very hot the more I eat them. Overall, they are great and I will buy from this company again.
261012261012B003NV2IG2AYN7EWBV98IBFSam Smith0051344816000Wonderful!!This stuff is fantastic, 1 pack fills you up, low in calories and is a healthy snack. Take the Wasabi flavour, it has a huge kick!!
261013261013B003NV2IG2A3IE5HWKSJ43XTRobeStag0051343779200Annie Chuns Wasabi Sea WeedIf you like hot this is your Huckleberry! Delicious taste, generous amount for the money but understand that these bad boys are more than tepid. Will even wake up your lips on eating. Love 'em. Great job Annie!
261014261014B003NV2IG2A2RVXKYIDKDJRBGumbyman0051341705600DeliciousWe've tried these and the sesame flavored. Both are good, but the roasted wasabi wins out. Its got that wasabi kick that isn't too overpowering. Just about the right size for a snack. We definitely keep these stocked up at the house.
261015261015B003NV2IG2A15MD4AQA93OSHSPanda0051340841600DELIGHTFUL SNACKOne of the best snacks we have had. The wasabi flavor has a real kick. Everytime we travel, this product would be included in our snack bag. We enjoyed it so much that we get regular shipments under the "Subscribe and Save" program. A must try item...
261016261016B003NV2IG2A1UCAVBNJUZMPRB. ENG0051340582400LOVE 'EM - JUST TOO EXPENSIVEMy wife and I love these and we had these on subscription, but they just got to be too expensive. Then we found similar snacks at one of the local Asian Grocery stores. They had products from several manufacturers, so we tried a bunch. They ALL basically tasted the same, so we now just buy the ones that are on sale. They are under $4.00 for 8 pack and 10 pack units (depending on the brand). THIS IS MUCH CHEAPER THAN THE PRICE OF THESE ON AMAZON. Since we eat these all the time, this is much more economical for us. My wife hates the "fresh" taste of fish, but she loves these, so I am surprised that people found them too "fishy".
261017261017B003NV2IG2A3VHP7TWSAWPDLIsabella Reid0051340150400These are addicting. If you like sushi, you will love these.These incredible little snacks are delicately crunchy and taste just like sushi rolls with wasabi and soy sauce, but sans the seafood. They have the perfect amount of heat for someone who likes their wasabi on the hot side...and with only 70 calories per package, they are a satisfying, naturally low-cal treat. Yummm.
261018261018B003NV2IG2A13YVCM71P3MN5J-LO0051332288000Wasabi addictionI have been buying these on a regular basis for about a year now and absolutely love them. I eat them as a quick and easy snack and they are a good price on here. Will buy from again..
261019261019B003NV2IG2A3VXR5ZCWC1JYRRobert G. Holecko "HONEYDOOER"0031332115200Hot and fishy!TRied 2 flavors. this one and the original. Even the wasabi flavoring couldn't hide the fishy tase. Neither of these products were to our liking even though they are a healthy snack.
261020261020B003NV2IG2A181F6JKJEO13XJacarlin0051328659200Great snacking!Although just a little awkward to eat because they are sheets-this snack is delicious! Will buy again for sure. I have only tried the wasabi flavor and I love it!
261021261021B003NV2IG2A77BSAVKRVJNHA. Scull0021328486400Nothing like sushi, that's for sureFor me, these were a total bust. The texture starts out nice but turns to chewy mush in your mouth. The wasabi flavor starts out good and then goes . . . gross. My face was tragic enough while eating these that my husband said, "Disgusting" without even trying them. I recommend trying a pack from a local store before you make my mistake and get a whole case.
261022261022B003NV2IG2ALAG9WRGA0190Adorable "Adorable"0041327968000AlrightIt is tasty but takes getting used to. I like the flavor and the spice but I cannot eat more than about 5 at a time so it will last a while. There are a lot of chips in a package.
261023261023B003NV2IG2ALLQV8IKBH74PThomas Hybiske0051327881600Like taking a bite out of the ocean!Crispy, salty, peppery, ocean flavor. I'm always looking for low carb snacks, so I tried them on a whim. They're addictive! What's the saying?..... Betcha can't eat just one!
261024261024B003NV2IG2A3OFZFLLURJNVZP David0041327622400TatsyI got these on an impulse and could only hope that they weren't awful. They are actually pretty tasty, and a great snack!!! Try more than one sheet before you decide! I definitely wouldn't call these hot; somewhere between medium and mild would be more accurate. 1 package = 2 servings = 60 calories. It's hard to beat those numbers!
261025261025B003NV2IG2A2T0IDKBG8OF91Anh Nguyen "anhichiban"0021325030400Mediocre for Seaweed SnackingThis is one of many varieties of seaweed snacks I've tried in my life. Most of them I get from the Japanese market, which also remain hit and miss. This particular brand makes the seaweed snacks too potently flavored with wasabi. The coating is uneven among several packages I've consumed. In general, the wasabi dusting overpowers the seaweed and you lose track of the main product.

Considering taste as well as value, I rank these are poor if you have local means to pick up some seaweed snacks. If you aren't near an Asian market, these will do but I might try to find a non-wasabi version. These are overpowering as well as a tad too salty for my taste.
261026261026B003NV2IG2A3Z6F4SAA13LSTattletale0051324252800Love these!What an awesome snack..they really satisfy with very few calories. Taste great in sandwiches, salads, stews...very versatile...I didn't know much about them before trying but am so glad I did.
261027261027B003NV2IG2A3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"0051323820800Amazing!I had a good feeling of what these would taste like but was not 100% sure what I was getting myself into. I did know that i LOVE veggie sushi with tons of wasabi, eating just rice and seaweed, miso soup and wasabi peas so I knew these had to be up my alley.
I could not have been more correct! These have some serious wasabi heat, especially if you eat more than one at a time. I think they are a perfect snack. Now if you are looking for something to replace BBQ potatoe chips than you will surely be disappointed. I on the other had find these tastey and addictive. I will be getting more because I see myself going through these 12 bags very quickly.
261028261028B003NV2IG2A19AOX8OQ45T63kayakj0051322524800Fantastic snack ( and great in sandwhiches)These are amazing snacks, that are actually pretty healthy. You have to like Wasabi in order to enjoy them. They are not as spicy as most wasabi peas, but still pack a sufficient punch per sheet
261029261029B003NV2IG2A1QNYLBG73QRNFNeurasthenic "neurasthenic"0051320019200the gold standard for wasabi seaweedThese are identical to the excellent Trader Joe's wasabi seaweed; they clearly come from the same source. They are spicy without being painful, and they dissolve on the tongue. I am totally addicted. Per the sharply divergent reviews on this page, not everybody likes seaweed and even those that do don't necessarily like the spicy variety. Try one before buying a crate of it. However, if you do like the spicy stuff, you won't find any better than this.

Also, Amazon's prices are excellent -- a 12-pack that costs $20 from Annie Chun directly costs only $15 here.
261030261030B003NV2IG2A276OI0NHBYORXRebecca N0051319760000Hotter than other brands. Delicious!I love the taste of seaweed and wasabi, and have an unsatisfiable love for spicy foods. I have had other brands of wasabi seaweed snacks, and these are by FAR the spiciest. I saw someone mention that the spice is variable, so it's possible I've eaten extra spicy packs, I suppose, but these have enough kick to "clear your sinuses". If you like your spicy food no hotter than "medium" you will probably find these too spicy. If you love hot foods, you'll probably be pleased that these are hotter than most "hot" chips (including potato chips) you've tried. These are also less greasy than other brands of seaweed snacks.

I love them. Seaweed isn't for anyone as people mentioned. Sure it tastes fishy. Do you like the tase of the seaweed in sushi? If you haven't tried sushi, then this might not be the best intro to seaweed. If you have had sushi and you particularly like or dislike the seaweed taste there, that should predict pretty well whether you'll like these. For me, these easily remind me of the taste of sushi with wasabi.

I love these and will be buying more.

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