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261061261061B003NV2IG2AO1HIVTUCQZQ2Mon0151296950400WowI was looking for a healthy snack that was low in calories but really tasty. These are delicious and full of flavor. They are very light and only 30 calories for 1 serving (half the package). If you happen to take a breath when putting one in your mouth, watch out because you will get a wasabi attack in your nostrils. If you've ever had a little too much wasabi on your sushi, you'll know what I mean. These are so tasty and the only bad thing about them is that when I eat them, I crave sushi. These are very appetizing and I would recommend that you buy a single package first if you've never tried them. If you've had nori snacks before and like the kick that wasabi gives you, you won't be dissapointed in these. These are amazing.
261062261062B003NV2IG2ACAIEIV03NBHYJ "Mom of twins"0151296518400Good for the wasabi addictI bought these at the grocery store. Came to Amazon looking for a bulk buy. ;o)

I didn't really know what to expect. These are very light and flaky--I wouldn't say crispy, exactly. They disintegrate as soon as they hit the moisture in your mouth, much like cotton candy does. They have a nice wasabi flavor, strong, but not so hot that it would prevent you from just downing the whole package at once. (Well, not for me anyway. But I am a bit of a wasabi addict.)

That said, they are so ephemeral as to be unsatisfying. A better idea might be to wrap these around sushi rice for impromptu maki.
261063261063B003NV2IG2A1CY9JWT7B6MKCM. Keith "Butterfly"3611305936000Too HotI don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this, curious I guess... It is too hot and suggest that it is kept away from children...
261064261064B003NV2IG2ASRXUVQAI8XVOma61111312934400Not EdibleThe worst of all the roasted seaweed brands. It's salted so much to cover up the fact it's spoiled...not edible. Unfortunately food products cannot be returned back to Amazon.
261065261065B003NV2IG2A1YIAP8N0E5WS8LM "remail"2511314921600Nasty tasting!I purchased these without having seaweed snacks before, but really liking wasabi, figured we'd give them a try. I tried them, my husband tried them, and I even took them to work to see if I could find someone who would eat them. No one found anything redeeming about them. Just nasty. Now, I have waited too long to return them, so I guess they will be thrown in the trash.
261066261066B003NV2IG2A24QGATPJDCE1Wblt9952511313625600Annie chunns seawed snacksThis shouldnt even get one star! This the worst thing i've ever eaten and they also taste very old and fishy!Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks, Roasted Wasabi, 0.35-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) Do not order! I tried to return these and they wont let you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont waste your money unless their to be fed to a seal!
261067261067B003NV2IG2A1T6C1X1CG9BEAC. Wright51011296086400AGH!Talk about packing a punch! They're not joking when they say these are WASABI seaweed snacks. I thought my nose and sinuses would explode from the intense wasabi sting. After my eyes cleared and I had wiped away the tears, I read the package to see if there was some kind of warning label..."Warning: only for the insane!" I can't eat them straight out of the package, it's too intense for me. I've had to find other creative uses for them...adding to soups or pasta dishes or on top of a salad. I purchased these with the intention of eating them as a snack replacement for potato chips. Sadly, not an option with this flavor, so I won't be purchasing these again. I'll stick with the non wasabi versions!
261068261068B003NV2IG2ADKR9LSV8EWLSL. Craddock0211327104000Inedible!In the spirit of New Year's Resolutions, I thought I would try this "healthy" snack. Well, yeah, you will not put on weight with this product because it is inedible. I like a lot of things others do not care for like caviar and escargot, but these this "food" is the nastiest thing I have EVER had the misfortune to ingest. The wasabi flavor was not the problem - the dead fish flavor was. As a previous reviewer stated so eloquently, "Granted I've never tried water used to clean fish guts which has been sitting out in the hot sun for three days but I imagine if I were to drink this water, it would taste like these snacks." So true - TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!! It took brushing my teeth FIVE times to that nasty taste out of my mouth. I would rate it zero if I could & Amazon should not carry this item because it reflects poorly on them.
261069261069B003NV2IG2A2T5J08R3UN7R9R0221326844800Great, but...Shipment arrived early. Taste is great. There was one big down side for me. I noticed that a few hours after eating, flatulence ensued...
261070261070B003NV2IG2A15XE4WODB1A57Kelly Vee0211326067200Two words...Not good!There are so many other things you could eat instead of these "snacks" to feel healthy and proactive about your health. I was really excited to try these after reading some of the reviews. I like unique flavors, seaweed and wasabi included. These see through, tissue paper thin wisps are perhaps the worst thing I have ever eaten. Granted I've never tried water used to clean fish guts which has been sitting out in the hot sun for three days but I imagine if I were to drink this water, it would taste like these snacks. At best, there is a hint of wasabi which is so short lived there is no way to mask the awful taste. Find something else to snack on, anything, you'll be very glad you did.

Now I just have to find some kind of craft project to do with ALL these little tiny sheets of seaweed I've purchased. Perhaps a paper mache project...
261071261071B003NV2IG2A2YAKP9TGK75F9Johnny H3811314230400Vomitondo :\Pros: low carb, seaweed nutrition.

Cons: thin as paper cannot be used as chip substitute, horrid-horrid fish taste.

After eating through 75% of 1 package I became violently ill and spent the day vomiting. Either I am intolerant of something in these (not likely eat seaweed often) or I got a bad package... Seriously, my body clenches when I think of the horror of these things.

I am NOT a picky eater, but these are inedible in my opinion.
261072261072B003NV2IG2ALT939IY19049Jake0411340668800Not for meArg ... I read all the reviews, there seemed to be so many talking about the great taste, and the best on the market ... for those of you that do like seaweed, this very well could be the best on the market and tastey ... for me, I had never tried it, and was just looking for a different, healthy, low-calorie snack ... ummm, they were awful. It's partially my own stupidity, I don't like seafood, and I should have thought that "sea" weed might taste a little like seafood .. it does. So, if you don't like a seafoody taste then don't "try" this snack.
261073261073B005468KOIAEXD6IXVY70SNBren's mom0051339459200Great purchaseFive lady slipper orchid plants and a freebie too as a reward for purchase. Well packaged, arrived in superb condition. Placed them on my outdoor porch table in the somewhat humid Alabama spring and they love it. Will take them indoors this fall and keep a close eye on them as the heat creeps up too. They love it here though in this humid Alabama spring.
261074261074B004JWV7Q6A2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"1151308873600Good.There are very few "diet" drinks I can stomach.
I love Sprite Zero but that's about it.
Enter Dr. Pepper diet.
I don't know how they managed to do it but this diet pop tasted just like the regular version going back ten years or more.
While all the other soft drink manufacturers were struggling to make something that didn't taste like diet car degreaser, Dr. Pepper came out with a winner.
Years later...still delicious.
261075261075B0012KB47AAD2O296RJ5H5YMEREDITH M. WESSELS "MEREDITH M"1151334275200Fancy Feast moist cat foodTook a chance purchasing this for my rather finicky cats. They love it. It actually contains shrimp - yes - you can see them.
261076261076B0012KB47AA3RD82GSN0C6B2C. D. Black "fast reader"2351311120000fancy feastI have ordered through the Subscribe and Save program now for a couple of years. I have been very pleased with the deliveries, with the packaging, and with the selection of Fancy Feast flavors. My cats are happy and its a lot easier to select whether I want two or three month deliveries. The program is excellent. Thank you.
261077261077B0012KB47AA3BCR90WBKKTFYNYShopaholic1621237334400Cat loves food, but subscription service is unreliable.All five of the Fancy Feast subscriptions I signed up for have been unreliable. Im October, I signed up for delivery every two months and received shipments only in October and December (it's now March 18, but I canceled all of my subscriptions yesterday). What was supposed to be 48-can cases Amazon turned into 24-can cases, with one flavor being canceled entirely. I was notified by Amazon that shipments would be sent in mid-February, but they never arrived.
261078261078B0040PZ0BAA2MUNGY0A02U66Auntine Huntley "Sandy"1151340323200Pretty good corn...Libby's Whole Kernel Sweet Corn, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Not a lot to say about an already proven quality product except that it remains the same flavorful corn that is comparable to more expensive brands...As a kid I was fond of corn on the cob but didn't care much for canned corn on my plate which I was to eat because a "no eat vegetables no get dessert" philosophy reigned at the dinner table and I was expected to clean my plate...I still don't care for corn chips or corn tortillas but have learned over the years that whole kernal canned corn has a pretty good place in many recipes and I also have come to like it plain on the plate...I add it to soups for more body and flavor and also to salads and other dishes with vegetables and spices...I do some baking with it...All in all, it's darn good corn...
261079261079B0040PZ0BAA2YN8XPTHXC41Qvejigirl0051351036800Good dealThis is a good deal on canned corn. Great for stockpiling food supplies and the expiration dates are in 2015. I am very satisfied.
261080261080B0040PZ0BAA2DJFYBB2L5VSNUniversityDoc0051345075200Great corn. Arrived promptly as described. No issues.When you put Libby's on your table....sorry, the old commercial popped into my head. Libby's products always taste good. I'm working on building up my emergency food and kits and this 12pk of cans fit the bill nicely in quanitity, price and expiration date of 12/14. Name brands aren't important to me as price, but some items like corn do taste different under different labels.
The cans arrived promptly in advertised condtion without dents. No issues here. Whether you're stocking your home or emergency survival kit, I recommend this item without hesitation.
261081261081B0040PZ0BAA36GEN9PV4OX1ASteven R. Smith "Smitty"0051344556800Libby's cornExcellent product. I received it quickly and without damage. This corn tastes great and I haven't found a piece of cob or any other non-kernel item. I recommend.
261082261082B0040PZ0BAAFGYFJPCP27F3GringoViejo49 "GringoViejo49"0141341014400Consistantly Good.Always consistent, as close to fresh corn as you can get from a canned product. Good Value. I will be buying again.
261083261083B0012KB47KA377Q1EGUQQBKZJennifer Lautenschlager "travel enthusiast"5551252368000Good for finicky cats!My female cat is so finicky, that in eight years and dozens of different brands and flavors, I have not found a single cat treat that she will eat.

Until now.

I got a free bag as a promotion, and she went absolutely nuts! The male cat will eat anything, so he eats these too, but it's the only treat the female cat will eat. So now when I walk by the kitchen cabinet where it's stored, I have not one but TWO yowling cats, demanding treats!
261084261084B0012KB47KA1Z54EM24Y40LLc24451249430400Great treat!My guy doesn't go for this one as much as the original version of this treat, but he does love it. The cheese part is his favorite, and he will start pawing at the bag until I give him some! Can't figure out how on earth he can smell these things through their foil pouch and a grocery sack, but he can! Guess it's true love! Anyway, highly recommend!
261085261085B0012KB47KA1QRST0A3IQIEFHon Lee "ham fisted cook"3351257897600cat's meowMy cats as a bunch love the entire Party Mix line
261086261086B0012KB47KA3UP070UDU89IJessicaTheKat "Meow"2251265846400My fickle cats love themI must agree with the other 2 reviews. My cats are so-o-o-o-o picky but they never turn up their noses when I offer these treats.

My cats refuse almost every other treat I offer. Sometimes they will eat another type of treat but after 1 or 2 days, they refuse to eat anymore. These are the best!

ps: when your cat gets bored with a favorite toy, don't throw it out. Put it away in a closet for a few months & one day when they seem bored again, bring it out of the closet and give it to them. They will be excited about it again. Cats are like kids so rotate the toys and everyone will be happy.
261087261087B0012KB47KA2ZNGKW7XB0Z64Pearl C. Clark1151342224000Cat TreatsToby the Catboy loves these. The price is so much more reasonable than buying them in the supermarket. He has learned to come when I call even if there is no treat to be had. So, cats can be trained. Go figure.
261088261088B0012KB47KAD2O296RJ5H5YMEREDITH M. WESSELS "MEREDITH M"1151340668800Beachside Crunch Cat Treats, Shrimp, Crab & Tuna Flavors,I have 2 cats and this has been their fav for many years. I only need to shake the package and they come running
261089261089B0012KB47KA2N1RUR0A4PLGLCecilia A. Fritz "Charity's mom"1151339632000My cat's love this treat!My two cats Pebbles and BamBam love these treats. If I need them to come into the house for anything,all I need to do is shake the bag and they'll come running. Even my dog Ralph will take a chomp of them every so often.
261090261090B0012KB47KA2X4H1XE0GQ8QJCasey Carter1141339372800Acceptable Cat TreatMy cat enjoys these, and buying them off Amazon saves money, but I've noted she's less enthusiastic about this flavor, and she'll only eat it if we're out of every other treat and she's completely desperate not to eat her regular food. It's not just my cat either; my friend's cat doesn't like them as much as the ones in the orange or blue bags. Stay away from the cheese flavored ones in the yellow bag; I can only assume they're really gross as they just set in the dish, untouched.

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