Amazon Fine Food Reviews

261091261091B0012KB47KAG2AWQJXJ0UXJW. M. Enterprise Group LLC1151337644800Great product for our cats.We've been buying Friskies Party Mix for over 10 years and since moving to the Dominican Republic, we still order from the states and have them delivered to us here. Our cats are crazy about them!!!!
261092261092B0012KB47KA1K1G4Y1HJREAICoramov1151337126400Excelente para los gatosEsta golosina gusta mucho a los gatos, en especial los míos. Cubrió mis expectativas en cuanto al empaque, la cantidad y supongo que el sabor. Adicionalmenre mi pedido llegó a Venezuela en forma rápida y muy bien. Agradecida
261093261093B0012KB47KA3H56GU10XZ11JD. Ma "shoeaddictions"1131336953600just okayI'm glad other people's cat liked these, but my cats are both indifferent to them. I got these because my cat went crazy over the cheese puff treats I bought at Target, I think they are call crispies or something. They literally almost ripped the bag apart when it was left closed sitting on the counter because they can smell it through the bags. I have 2 kittens and they fought each other whenever I grab for the bag, no other time do they act like this it's almost as if it's drugs or something. I was hoping for the same effect with these, but my kittens both treat these like it's slightly tastier dry food. P.S. I have 1 himalayan and 1 orange tabby.
261094261094B0012KB47KA13XE6YUM9EZW3mpmsandiego1151328745600The slam dunk treat for catsAll of the reviews are true. Cats go crazy for these treats. I bought these treats for my sister's cats. They both loved these treats. Anytime someone went into the kitchen, they were trailing you. One of them even jumped up to the drawer to beg for these treats. When you buy these find a great place to hide them.
261095261095B0012KB47KA23X22R5PVU82EMichela Caudill1151304985600treats for two very spoiled catsThese treats are like candy for my two cats. All I have to do is say treats and I am surrounded by two eager cats who devour Frisky Party Mix and beg for more
261096261096B0012KB47KA3GHF4GETJL6RULavendy1131292716800Cats LOVE it, but it makes one of them vomit!Our cats seem to love this much more than other treats we've been using. However, it made one of them vomit in two different instances, immediately after eating this. Obviously this is not the case with other reviewers here, but I thought I should point that out in case someone else is having the same experience.
261097261097B0012KB47KA1Z54EM24Y40LLc21151249430400AWESOME treat!I've never seen a cat treat inhaled before, but these go down without a tooth mark in them anywhere! My cat will finish off half a bag in less than 4 minutes of these things. They're pretty awesome in his sight and he can smell these things through the bag and starts yelling for them as soon as I bring them home! He's never done that before with other treats. Great, great product, nice nutritional value too, highly, highly recommend!
261098261098B0012KB47KA9LN8N0ZEWDYABrian L. Blank "cloudsplitter"1151245888000Cat Love It!I have two cats. One is extremely finicky, even with treats, but they both love this.
261099261099B0012KB47KAERQR8MGKFSD4joleco1151232496000Kitty GoodiesI haven't seen this in the store. All my cats love it - even the very finicky ones.
261100261100B0012KB47KA2ZLFERQETL43QRalph Day0031349395200My cat loves this product!My wife and I retired to Panama last year and we haven't been able to find Friskies Party Mix at any of the stores here We tried other cat treats but the cats just stuck up their noses and walked away. Now I have to send away for Party Mix to make the cats happy. I just wish there would be a box with all the choices mixed in.
261101261101B0012KB47KA2AEBMOLWICY6AMarianne Elam "Marianne Elam"0051348531200Friskies Party Mix for CatsCats love it ! Our house cat and barn cat practically want nothing else to eat and I am ready to order more through
Thank you very much...
261102261102B0012KB47KACYK497MBYKAZMarjorie M.0011347408000I haven't received it yet.I have been waiting. This usually arrives on time and is a godsend, because when my cat runs out --oh, it's awful!! Guess I have to run to the store.
261103261103B0012KB47KA2BFEBWVCUIJ2PS. Curcio "Gator Bay Outdoors"0051346803200A Cat's DelightThis is a must treat for cats who love seafood (most do). Besides being tasty, its crunch can also help with teeth cleaning. My only concern is the price. At times, I paid no more that $12 for a ten pack. Now, the price is over $15. Its fluctuated like this since I've been purchasing them.
261104261104B0012KB47KA30MU1U10R7PU0momC ""A SMILE and an Outstretched Hand i...0051327536000Only one of two she will eat.Oh my goodness, I have the most spoiled cat. She loves her treats and there are only two products she will eat. I ordered this on the subscribe and save and this morning I cancelled it. Reason being it takes much longer to get, it comes via the
USPS which means I had to walk to the other building in our apartment complex, to my mailbox to get this. Would be no big deal but I am disabled so it is very difficult for me.
This subcribe and save is a very good deal if you don't have the problems that I have.
261105261105B0012KB47KA15SN3CT4XXCRPDiane "Smart Shopper"0051325462400Friskies ReviewMy elderly friend's cat loves these treats. We've tried several other brands and he won't eat them. The Amazon price is better than the price at my local Publix store. I've ordered this four times now. It is usually delivered in a timely manner. One shipment didn't arrive. I notified Amazon and they sent another one the same day. I will purchase this product again.
261106261106B0012KB47KA3VCOOQI427QJSVictoria A. Twarog0051318464000MY CAT LOVES THESEMy cat can be a bit fussy about his food and treats but he absolutely loves Friskies Party Mix. He's almost addicted and he even begs me for his treats and shows me where I keep them. If I let him, he would eat an entire bag at one sitting. I often give my dog a few morsels and she also likes the taste. I like the easy open pouch too. It's a great product and I highly recommmend it. We are giving it 4 paws up :)
261107261107B0012KB47KA18WKADVOE3BJIA. Crowder0051317859200Cat's favoriteThese are the only treats my cat will eat! She snubs her nose at anything else. It is great to buy it in bulk because she eats them like crazy!
261108261108B0012KB47KA1YSPF8NL57UOMJohn0051317427200Great productFriskies has great products for cats and this is no exception. We have eight cats and they all love it. I appreciate the fact that and the shippers who work with the company do an exceptional job of combining to deliver the product on time without any difficulty. Keep up the great work!
261109261109B0012KB47KA1XN3BA0CHB24LPatty G0051317340800absolutely love itMy cats love these treats. :) And all I have to do is shake the pack, and they come running .
261110261110B0012KB47KA2KG5YZHDK5VRFJo E. Green0051315612800Great treatsMy cats love these!!!! They run to get them in the mornings-all eleven of them. Easy to open and reseal.
261111261111B0012KB47KA6KCWLEG41R4JMs Sensitive0051313971200Kitty LovesA fairly expensive item but kitty loves it. Ofcourse plain old kitten
food does not taste good after eating these treats.
261112261112B0012KB47KA1XQT9KD26QN4EML. "ML."0051307750400Friskies Party Mix-Wild West CrunchOf all the Friskies Pary Mix flavors. this is the hardest to find in pet or grocery stores. Glad for this site to get this product. Our cats like this flavor the most.
Thank you.
261113261113B0012KB47KA1LS5R402G4C2TErica0051306022400Great All-Purpose Cat TreatsOur cat loves all the Party Mix flavors, but I ordered this bulk package since it was the best price at the time, plus it helped me get to the purchase threshold for the free super saver shipping! We generally use these treats a few at a time to get her to bed at night (she sleeps in an extra bathroom with her litter box) or out from under couches, beds, etc. I've used many of the Friskies products over the years and have liked them all.
261114261114B0012KB47KA5U5T6EWH90O0Lauri0051303948800Scrumptious...a real cat pleaserMy two cats say "these are the best treats ever!"

Our cat Wiggles is one who hasn't found need to grow up and although her poor pregnant stomach is near bursting stage she lets out a loud squeaky meow and comes running pel mel across the floor when she hears the treat bag open! Our older cat, Cowboy, thinks he is quite refined and is very proper, even HE gets excited about these treats.

Judging from the cat's behaviors these must be great treats! Other treats just don't bring on as much enthusiasm, and to think I bought these on a whim and just grabbed any old bag.

I'll be sure to buy the Wild West flavor from here on out!
261115261115B0012KB47KA3I8K0WNU0X04QD. EVELAND0051302393600friskies party mixMy cats love this treat - I have to keep some in the house for them at all times - the original is their favorite.
261116261116B0012KB47KA1A1BM6N28X9J0Debbie Olson0051300752000Beachside Party MixI've given my cats a few different kinds of treats daily & these are by far their favorites.... They love them more than any of the others and come running as soon as they here me get the package out. Really helps clean their teeth so it helps get rid of that bad kitty breath from eating other soft chewy treats. I won't buy the soft treats anymore as thier breath is so bad from it & they love these the best & so do I. They cost $1.50 a pack in the Walmart store so they are even cheaper here to buy & no sales tax, at least not in Iowa on these. I haven't tried the other flavors because these give them a variety so why bother with just one flavor.
261117261117B0012KB47KA124UYUTYO0WF4Kristen Thompson "cassandval"0051291334400Cheaper than Petsmart with Subscribe and SaveIf your cat loves these treats like mine do, this is an excellent deal. I went with Subscribe and Save, which dropped the price to 20 cents less per pack than I normally pay. Cats are happy, and I am happy with the treats!
261118261118B0012KB47KAALWYV9IY0EKZpurrrplej0051289865600Party mix is now one of my cat's favorite treatsThe various Friskies "party mix" flavors of treats really appeal to my cat's taste buds. They are his new favorites. Especially the Beachside Crunch version. He used to be a treat fanatic, but lately he hasn't been eating as many treats because he's been filling up more on wet food; that's sort of replaced his "dry treat" routine. However, he usually will still eat the party mix if I give it to him, even if he shuns other treats.

And one other great thing about party mix - the price is cheap, but you get a lot for your money, since it is a good-sized bag. Great taste, great value - what's not to like?
261119261119B0012KB47KA3CD2SCOKSFBAQJ. Mosher0051289347200All my 7 cats love itI have tried a lots of treats for my 7 cats, 3 in door, 4 our door semi feral cats that "adopted us". The Good life brand is great but it is too expensive. Temptation is great for some and miss for the others. But this one everyone loves, and it is more affordable so I can keep them happy all the time. Wish they would offer larger packages and more flavors. The tiny 2 oz packages runs out really quick here.
261120261120B0012KB47KA2IHNSHZD973TSS. Drenning0051287187200The only treats she will eatI have tried and tried to feed my cat fancier cat treats (Real Meat, fish flakes, etc) but she isn't having it. Despite eating superfancy Fromm Four Star cat food in exotic flavors like Duck and Surf Turf, you would think shewas starving from the way she comes sprinting the moment I shake the Friskies treat bag.

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