Amazon Fine Food Reviews

261156261156B0012KH0LEA337H6MFLET0JZDutchFlatMichael0051346284800Magic Cat Food Brought My Old Cat Back To LifeI am very happy with this particular Fancy Feast. My 16 year old tabby was tired and failing. The vet said that she was just old. She didn't seem to like any of her food so I tried experimenting and found this White Meat Chicken Tuscany with Savory Sauce and Greens.
WOW, what a difference in 6 months. She is running around the house and going outside a lot more. She is no longer scared of other cats and seems to love sitting in the sun and watching the other cats play in the yard. This food combination has had a revolutionary effect and improved my old cat's life.
261157261157B0012KH0LEA2PBG18V7IVRDRDeborah0041336867200my cat loves it has wheat gluten in it (3rd ingredient on label), which isn't supposed to be such a great ingredient for cats (or people) to have in their food... but she's a picky eater, so I don't have a lot of choices.
261158261158B0012KH0LEA1VTMNBLO942BIsd "righton"0041302134400kitty loves this!I am not sure about whether this may be the healtiest cat food- however, this is one of the few cans that my cat loves... easy and great delivery, as always, from Amazon!
261159261159B0012KH0LEA38MME1BARRMFXT. Grissett "Turkish Delight"0051296950400Its greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!All of my kitty cats love this flavor, and it really looks appetizing. I am funny about what I feed the cats - I cannot stand it when you open the can and the smell is overwhelming or it looks unappealing. This flavor seems to be one their favorites especially my Chrissy Snow, she likes the wetter foods that appear to have more vegetables.
261160261160B0012KH0LEA2B33KULIM2SVLynn "Lynn"0051230249600Finicky cats willing to eat this.They seem to like tbis, and it does not give indigestion to my cat who has food allergies. However, they seem to prefer the Chicken Florentine flavor.
261161261161B0057OQAT4AACCBL9NF7KR4Carol C. Jensen0051349654400dried beefIt is wonderful to have a case of wonderful dried beef that was so popular in our childhood. One main thing is to remember to rinse it really well before you cook with it. Very, very salty but the rinsing makes it perfect for creamed beef on toast, etc. Yummy
261162261162B0057OQAT4AFW89M20ZRMZTElizabeth S. Griffith0051338249600My favorite dried beefThis stuff makaes the most amazing creamed chipped beef, my favorite for breakfast over toast...I can't get it where I live, so.....Amazon, yay!
261163261163B001BBZW0UAWKP341CKSXXP. Bacani2351265932800Works like a charm everytime!I'm extremely impressed that with the strength of this shot my heart never did extreme palpitatations. I bought two different energy shots years ago that did that and it made me nervous taking them. I had my fingers crossed and gave this one a try at Duane reade one day. It works like a charm without the downsides and crashing. So I immediately bought a box here at amazon for a better deal! Another plus --it doesn't taste bad at all! None of that cough tasting medicinal taste. Will stick to this one.
261164261164B001BBZW0UA14FZTEYP4G548Anthony J. Vera0051325980800Only Energy Shot that works for me!!!I'd recommend this to anyone that has tried the rest of the energy shots out there and are unhappy with the results. This is the one and only that works for me and keeps me going all night without the jitters or crash!!!
261165261165B001BBZW0UA5GIMGK1MJTG0kam0131284681600Was disappointed that sell date was in 8/10...when I bought the product in almost mid-July. I got it quickly enough but was not happy that I had less than a month to use a case! There was no indication of sell date infomation in the procuct description.
261166261166B001M0507KA2F5VWFNGQH8OATina Carlson7741284336000Convenient coffeeThese are the same coffee pods I used to purchase at my local grocery store. Standard coffee. Can't really go wrong with Maxwell House. And it saves having to mess with coffee filters.

I only wish they came in flavors, LOL.
261167261167B001M0507KA3HOTHGI48892YLadhybug "Ladhybug"5551259366400maxwell house filter packI own a travel trailer and we travel most of the summer. These filteer packs are fast and easy clean up. clean up is important when you are limited for space in a camper. I got so spoiled having a great cup of a coffee in less than no time that we began using these filter packs at home as well. They are way over priced when compared to the grocery store price but they sell out very fast so you can't always get them.
261168261168B001M0507KAFP08I69WPT8YMeghan Paladino2251314576000Perfect for cold-brew coffeeDuring the summer, I like to keep a pitcher of cold-brew coffee in the fridge for iced coffee (cold-brew coffee is less bitter than chilled hot-brew coffee). These coffee packs are the easiest, no-fuss way I've found to make that happen. Throw 2-3 packs (depending on taste) in two quarts of cold water, let it sit for 10-12 hours at room temperature, then remove the packs and refrigerate the delicious brew. Serve over ice, with or without milk (or, for the particularly decadent, some half-and-half, or better still, a splash of cream).
261169261169B001M0507KAYILJLNM3KQNLLillian Roberts "lilrob2006"2251261785600Terrific productAs a disabled person who loves a daily pot of coffee, these filter packs are great! I used to suffer through sprinkling grounds all over the counter -- getting more on the sink than in the basket, and then I'd have to tolerate grinds in the bottom of the pot, but no more with these packs! What a nice idea. Sure, they a pricier than big cans, plus they are no joy for "coffee snobs," but they are perfect for us others...
261170261170B001M0507KA159P8YNCZKJA9bob berson0051323043200a big helpi use filter packs to pit coffee into my coffee maker due to my cerebral palsy it wiul be difficulkt/ messy to scoop ground coffee from acan
261171261171B001M0507KA26STQGGGH66CRLynn0051315440000Love my coffeeI'm so glad I can finally have my coffee on hand without running from store to store to find it. It is easy to use, easy to take on trips and always good - no room for error.
261151261151B006JGHIM2A3KTJTFEJQ5CB3Jennifer L. Flint0051337299200Delicious!I love pineapple and coconut - these are perfect bars right after a workout for some immediate healthy-ish sugar back in your system!
261172261172B001M0507KA3LDCZC2J2KQYSIdell0051313280000CoffeeWe love the taste and convience of maxwell house filter packs. They are hard to find around where we live.I love having a set delivery date monthly,and the comfort to know it will get here on time.
Sincerely ,
261173261173B001M0507KA2RWAUQPNQJHDKK. McReynolds0051306540800Good Coffee, easy to make...For those of us who don't wish to pay $5.00 for a cup of cofee at a coffee bar, and only want a good cup of coffee. The filter packs make it fast easy and convienent.
261174261174B001M0507KA1JZ7RTQNS5J8Ljujululucoocoofoofoo "juju"0031306281600perfect for travel, but...I used to be able to get this product from WalMart and it was fine. However, I didn't realize that this particular blend does not pack the punch of a couple of scoops of loose coffee. I have to use two pods to make a fairly decent cup. I happen to like a full-bodied cup of coffee. I bought these b/c I find motel coffee to be disgusting. Could be perfect for someone else.
261175261175B001M0507KAIVQ48DSFP3UFKaren Pontano0051303862400Love theseI was so happy to see that you can purchase these thru amazon. All my local supermarkets no longer carry these to purchase and was told Maxwell House no longer makes the filter packs. Looks like I have to purchase thru amazon and have them mailed. We just love using them, just enough coffee for 2 people with large coffee mugs, and no mess with grinds. Easy for my husband to use when he is by himself. We have used them for years and will continue to use them. Hope they continue to make them, great product.
261176261176B001M0507KA2MTWZF22R5M31H. Proke0051303257600Maxwell House Coffee Filter PacksGreat coffee. Easy to use filter pasks. Maxwell House Ground Coffee, 10-Count Filter Packs (Pack of 4)
261177261177B001M0507KA1GQBQV1EY82IKK. M. Sandlin0041297728000Great taste-ConvenientMaxwell House is great tasting coffee and I've been drinking it for years. This packaging is perfect for the office and it's just the right amount. I'll be buying more.
261178261178B001M0507KA7EDMF4YJY5NZOhio Mom0051256515200Maxwell House coffee filter packsWe LOVE Maxwell House coffee and these filter packs make having our coffee easy. Clean up is a breeze!
261179261179B001M0507KASAP1J5M5DV2ZJ. F. Wickey0051252713600Good Taste and ConvenienceI love these Filter Packs. They make good tasting coffee easy to make. They also provide an easy clean-up. I love them!
261180261180B001M0507KAWJCKMNUV5S0P. Harris "write right"0051244937600GREAT IDEA AND DELICIOUS TASTEExcellent product -- just what the coffee doctor (and lazy lady in the morning) ordered.
261152261152B006JGHIM2A2G9N8S9XA9BCUsony18120051334966400delicioussuper delicious bars. only 3 ingredients, what could be better! great deal on a whole case on amazon. would recommend them to anyone. going to try all other flavors
261153261153B006JGHIM2AD9UN8A7NYJIVH. Peterson0031330905600not as good as cherry or strawberryThis bar is ok...Husband and daughter don't care for it too much.
They definitely prefer cherry and then strawberry. It still fills you
up, which is nice on the go, but not as tasty.
261154261154B003ZS19IGAT2ONGBAQ8HFDEma Nnep0051318464000Refreshing apple flavorI happened upon this mixer because of the color on the shelf and purchased it because I love green apple flavor and enjoy having Appletinis when out with my friends for a girl's night out.

Unfortunately I can't enjoy adult versions of such beverages anymore but I now add this green apple infusion to lemon lime soda for a sparkling spritzer and I also add it to sparkling apple cider.

Yes, it can be a bit sweet but does add a tart/sour note to help that, and it's just so pretty in the glass it looks festive, just like an adult beverage when in a pretty glass.

The other thing that I love about this product is the bottle. When the delicious contents are no more, I remove the labels, wash the bottles and then decorate them as gifts for friends as olive oil and vinegar containers with the fancy pour tops.

They can also be used to make designer decor, like filling them with dried legumes and grains of different colors, and then dip the corked top in melted wax and do a little raffia around the neck with a gift tag or dried flowers and, voila! You have a hostess gift.

I'm all about repurposing items whenever I can and these bottles are beautiful filled with their sour apple infusion as well as anything else!
261155261155B0012KH0LEA3TFI56OD0V3C4California Native1151252713600Great Product but Hefty Hefty Hefty PriceThe packaging of this product (small cans) is perfect for cats who won't eat the entire standard can and will starve before eating from an open can several hours later. The cats like the flavor and frankly it smells like human food.

HOWEVER= while it shipped with a coupon for price savings on it I have to go to Target or equivalent to use the coupon, and AMAZON's prices are creeping up to a point where it is hard to find "bargains" as was once the case for bulk purchases. I have stopped buying this as my two cats can breeze through the 24 cans in about two weeks (it supplements their dry food) and a $21 bi weekly snack for the cats is too expensive for these economic times.

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