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261211261211B0012KB470A1Z54EM24Y40LLc22411249171200Got it wrong on this one!Although I have a beef eater in this house, this one, well, just didn't make the grade. I can't figure it out either - it smells wonderful. And, better in color, grade, etc., than most others I've tried. These gourmet varieties are usually gobbled up around this house but this one, it went down the garbage disposal and the rest of them went back to the store! Can't say I can recommend this one.
261212261212B0012KB470A1OUVRO9SUM3DKDr D0111327708800Not my rating, it's my cat'sWhatever it is they put in Fancy Feast that makes it the only food my cat goes bonkers for, they must have forgot to put in this one.
261213261213B0012OTHH0A3K7OCK6H2A7BQLane King1151260921600McCormick Beef Stew MixVery good beef stew mix. I bought it mainly for the fact that there is no MSG in this mix and I trust the McCormick name. Smooth transaction, good price, and fast delivery. Would use again.
261214261214B00124WCHCA2KUQ5F0KXSRRYShopping Shrew1151341792000WOW!!!Xyloburst did it again! Their gums taste like Wrigley gums did back in the 1970's!! The cinnamon is like the old recipe for Big Red with out the sugar. I have tried 3 flavors from Xyloburst and all are superior! I enjoy gum again!!
261215261215B00124WCHCA4DXE5ZVH1RBWJ. Adamo1151325289600Like these alotI am not a big gum chewer, as I tend to try to pop bubbles with any of them. But, I keep this tub of gum at my office, and pop a couple after lunch. Nice clean flavor that lasts long enough, without the chemical aftertaste.
261216261216B00124WCHCAA1A90F6INNKRaddi "addi"1131307318400Cinnamony XylitolThe flavor is more of a minty / menthol cinnamon. Personally, I prefer straight cinnamon, though it's okay when you get used to it.

Like the texture (not the kind that gets hard with chewing).

Don't love that it doesn't last too long, but then again, I have the same complaint about pretty much every gum I've ever had.
261217261217B00124WCHCA31L967UMFOLPTsrfrby0031341705600Its OK.I like that this is made with natural ingredients. The flavor and texture are not as good as artificial brands. Still its not bad. I usually pop 2 or 3 to get the flavor to last. Of course that makes them more expensive. Xylitol is a "cool" sweetener which gives it a slightly minty taste. Be careful with Xylitol around pets. Its very harmful to dogs.
261218261218B00124WCHCA30AYAVE8CCHNJG. Pat "gpat"0021332892800liked it for only the first 30 secondsI have noticed that all of the flavor is on the outer shell of the gum. The gum itself is all that lasts and catches just a very small portion of the initial flavor. Furthermore, the gum tastes very plastic after a minute or two. Checking the ingredients nothing indicates the materials used for the gum ( the ingredients simply indicate "gum base" ). Overall, I did not feel confident about this product's quality
261219261219B00124WCHCA366LSUBRHCS0LJAZO0051302739200Long-lasting flavorI've been looking for xylitol gum since I got back to the States. The only brand I could bear to chew was Dentyne ice, the black pack. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER! The cinnamon flavor is still very noticeable after half an hour, and sometimes I will chew the same piece for over an hour. I keep this on my desk and will chew a piece or two when I need to hunker down and get to work. I will definitely buy this again.
261220261220B000EUF9DOA393F381MA82AYMacro chef1151302307200Dangerously addictiveI ordered these when they were on the 50% special. I hope I can keep them hidden until Easter because they're not easy to pass up when I open the cabinet they're stashed in. I really enjoy the 72% dark chocolate of Endangered Species. Plenty sweet enough for my taste buds and creamy, but not bitter. I, too, like the way this company does business.
261221261221B000EUF9DOA3KUC5K5VSJNU9Grranimal "Fuerkraft"00513509504006 Stars. This is so great--fulfilled by Amazon, OKThis is the best dark chocolate on earth, I believe. Because, it is organic and free trade and just tastes perfect with the little crunchy raspberry nibs in the bar. (I'd bought this previously from another supplier and it was spoiled. You have to be careful EVEN IN THE STORES with this brand because they do not foil seal the bars. Unless the bars are fresh like this they can be brittle, stale and basically inedible.) Go with Amazon. This is fantastic stuff. A+++
261222261222B000EUF9DOA39Y59C6FTC0GLChristine0041262736000Like itWhile not organic, this chocolate is pretty satisfying and the little bits of raspberries give it a flavorful crunch. I recommend it.
261223261223B000EY1NUSA2M57FCIPNYTSXK. Nolan "cookin'"0051264464000HOT'n'zingy!Found this brand when advised to go on a lower salt diet- bet you'd never know that unless you looked at the label. It is delicious, flavorful and best of all, nicely inexpensive. Wouldn't have any other kind on my sandwich, these days.
261224261224B000633RB0A3H6DTD1QVCBPFJohn A. Williams "viper"1151164067200Awsome if you have a big dog that chews!I have a large German Shepherd who is a bone a Holic. These hings are big and meatty and massive. He goes through th esmall bone 5 - 7 inches in 2 days. These take him a week! Great deal all around!
261225261225B0020XS3AEA15RT5XOD85Q29Atlantic Aviator1141297296000A great snack.we like these spicy pretzels, but if you are real pretzel lover, they are not quite the same. For me, at 7carbs, they are nice treat to have once in a while.
261226261226B004LJM08QA1UXPUVZW0B3JAIris0051343606400Grandkid candiesMy grandkids were with me in Maine when I offered them these candies. I keep them in my car so they all tried them! They loved them so I ordered them all their own container.
261227261227B0000GL6SEA3IIE1LMJWDEPAJ. Yaki3541178582400Mexican Soda is GoodIt contains cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, which is why I buy it. The flavors are different, like Tamarindo, Sangria, Mango then the usual like grapefuit, strawberry, etc. I get it for $1.29/ 2 liter bottle at the local Mexican food store.
261228261228B000CDI0QGA2KDW15RVNIPWZA. Tomaschke1111234137600Expensive38.39 is a ridiculous price for 12 red bull. especially considering they cost 2.09 in a store.
261229261229B000CDI0QGA2PI08OGXX6BGLDB in CV "Chem Dude"0011286323200Highway RobberyIt always amazes me how some outside vendors try to gouge consumers with their highly over-priced items on here. You can bet I'll never buy anything from this vendor, even if it is a great deal.

This is a ridiculously high price for Red Bull. On sale in the stores one can find it for $1.50/can. Why would someone pay more than that online? Caveat emptor --- let the buyer beware!
261230261230B002YFZ5ZYA29JUMRL1US6YPHTBK6651279497600Best in Class Dry Dog FoodPet food has an immense range of quality that you can very roughly categorize into three levels. (1) super cheap food that's basically feeding your dog garbage (1-2 stars); (2) food that's a good compromise on price and quality, containing some ingredients that aren't ideal but overall a healthy product (3-4 stars); and (3) "price is no object" foods that make no compromises (5-6 stars). Orijen doesn't just fall into category 3, it's the best of it. It's expensive, but you will not find a better dog food anywhere. Period.

Orijen is a Canada-based company that raises its own chickens, employs its own fisherman to catch fish and deliver them fresh, uses whole eggs instead of dried egg products, and loads its products with the highest quality ingredients you'll ever find in dog food. It's good for your dog's muscles, heart, coat, skin, and is the most biologically appropriate dry dog food there is. Instead of grains for the carb content that it needs to form the kibble, Orijen uses highly digestible fruits and vegetables with nutritious antioxidants and vitamins.

Check out the first 6 ingredients in this product: Fresh deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato, fresh deboned pacific salmon (a natural source of DHA and EPA), herring meal. Meat, meat, meat, good carbs, meat, meat.

Compare that to the first 6 ingredients in Hill's Science Diet Adult Small Bites Dry Dog Food, which I just selected by picking the first large size that came up in a search for "hill's science diet dry dog food." Chicken, ground whole grain corn, ground whole grain sorghum, ground whole grain wheat, chicken by-product meal, soybean meal. Meat, grain, grain, grain, low-quality animal filler like beaks and feet, and more grain. It's loaded with grains that are cheap and known to be difficult to digest, often the cause of allergic reactions in dogs, and not nutritious.

If you want a good compromise product, go for something like Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Dry Dog Food for Adult Dog, Chicken Flavor, 35 Pound Bag, a very good food that's a bit more affordable than Orijen. If you want the best of the best for your fuzzy-faced friend(s), get Orijen.

Final note: this is extremely rich food. Introduce it very slowly, even more slowly than you normally would a new food, and expect some loose stools during the process. We started with 1/6 new food and upped it by 1/6 every week, so we took a month a half to transition completely to Orijen. That helped a lot.
261231261231B002YFZ5ZYA17XHQGCCSPMEVJazzy4451277683200Completely satisfiedMy dogs love this food. My vet also highly approved of this food. My dog was having some seizures and was not doing well. I thought about what animals eat in the wild and decided that grains were not commonly eaten by canines. My daughter told me about this food and recommended that I try it. I researched this food on line and found it to be grain free. However, it was a little more expensive than I would like, so I searched for it at Amazon and found it for a lot less money. My dog was taken off of some medication that was suspected of causing her seizures and I started feeding her Orijen mixed with warm water, I wanted to increase her water intake, she was having difficulty lapping up water in the unusual way. She is much better now. I believe this natural food is better for her and she loves it!
261232261232B002YFZ5ZYA3VEO1OLEKCB90S. Reihart3351285286400Good product, VERY well packaged!Wow, was I surprised when this dog food arrived. It comes in a vacuum packed bag, which will maintain freshess, so that at the get-go really impressed me. When you open the bag it smells fresh and my dog, who is a very picky eater, wanted it right away. As another poster recommended, slowly introduce this food to your pet. I thought that I did, but she got bad diarhea, probably because she isn't accustomed to eating food made with the ingredients specific to dogs. I had to back her off and we'll go back to it more slowly. I will definitely buy again and recommend it to others.
261233261233B002YFZ5ZYA203XORACWFQDTLisa in NY4711306022400Beware of this foodAbout a year ago I decided to put my dog on a better food as she was (at the time) 11 yeas old and I want her to live the longest, healthiest life possible, much like everyone else, as she is not just a pet to me but also a daughter. I stopped at my local "mom & pop" pet food store and asked some questions. I knew little about the better brands as she's always been on grocery store brands. I was directed toward Orijen as it is one of the better brands out there, it's very high in protein, you can understand all of the ingredients and it's "so healthy, a human could eat it". Of course I bought it, and my dog loved it. Little did I know how damaging the food was to her, as quite honestly, she exhibited no symptoms. Back in January my dog had to be put in the ICU due to an accident. It was during that stay where the vet noticed how high her liver levels were. Her alkaline & phosphatase as well as her calcium levels in the kidneys were all very high as well. The vet put her on 3 different liver support medicines and we had to follow up every month with more blood work to reassess the situation. After the 3rd month, the vet was suspicious that cancer was present. When I hear that, I immediately did some research on the food. It was then that I noticed how high the protein content is and what that much protein could do to a body. I presented my research and concerns to the vet, who wasn't as convinced as I was. After the 4th blood draw, and still no changes, we made the mutual decision to wean her off of Orijen and on to Science Diet (although just about any other brand would have worked too). A month later after the switch, and my dog was presented with a clean bill of health. Her alkaline & phosphatase levels are still slightly elevated, but I'm told there is nothing to worry about now. We concluded it was the food that was damaging and slowly killing her, as she was deemed healthy at the start of feeding her the food, A few months prior to all of this, she went though a full work up in order to get her teeth cleaned.

I write this not to slander Orijen, I only want to educate others on my own personal experience. While it happened to my dog, that doesn't mean it will effect all dogs the same. Just please keep in mind, my dog showed no symptoms while on the food that anything was wrong. If it weren't for her stay in the hospital, we never would have known how much damage this food was causing her. If your dog is presently on this food, maybe a precautionary blood draw at their next exam would be worth your while.
261234261234B006VUSX8EA3CUQL4QH0B2A6sue0051330300800earth circle organic coconut oil YUM!!This has a very fresh taste and not too sweet (naturally) flavor..well worth the purchase. As good as or better than other top brands!
261235261235B000RHXJY0A1Y3S6V7DCH77TMidolex0051347667200I like the qualityPrices for pine nuts are going up and up. It seems like the prices go up every month. No reason to buy in bulk.
261236261236B000RHXJY0A3N92PPL0EKYPJCathy A. Garcia "catsmeha"0051345075200great service,best pinenuts everi purchased five pounds of pinenuts,these were the best pinenuts,they were large in size,had great flavor.the service was was packaged well.looking forward to buying more from this person.thanks.A+A+A+A+A+
261237261237B000MSNGZQA2CCDK0WAOAC62iluvcats0051271548800Good mix if you don't have time or ingredients for homemadeWe like this mix when time is shorter or I don't have everything I need for chicken curry made from scratch. As noted before, it is a hot mix. With Shan spice mixes though, you can use what you like, so if you're leery of the heat, I would suggest just using 1/4-1/2 a packet first. If you want it hotter next time, increase the amount. I'm surprised at the price for this - we get these mixes locally for 99 cents a box.
261238261238B000MSNGZQA15P7HWXOE7L2WMama Kontis0051230595200The Best Curry MixThis is the only curry mix I use. It's terrific and has the perfect combination of spices. Be careful, it's hot!
261239261239B0010BF24WA1RIWTXAFOUC6WD. Baier0041218499200Elki Spring Onion CrackersThese crackers are thin, crisp, and tasty- great to use for cheeses or spreads. Unfortunately, most of the crackers in the boxes were broken since they are so thin.
261240261240B000YPO8PEA1TRIHFCHSFKJCAnnieM3311265673600Nothing like the original...I have to disagree with the previous reviewer; I don't think this tastes anything like the original Parmesano flavor - it more closely resembles library paste or something to my tastebuds. I think the Angel Hair Parmesan has a flavor that is kind of close to Parmesano, but something is missing - I can't tell what. Noodle Roni Parmesano was my very favorite comfort food, and I miss it a lot. *sigh*

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