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261361261361B002FYU2R0A3OS1SO09S3WRJChrissy0031330732800Merrick Beef Chews- Cow EarsI bought this because i am a loyal Merrick fan (especially their bone products) and because i was spending so much for raw hides at Petsmart.

This is an excellent deal and i will still stay true to Merrick but unfortunately these are just not good for my 7 month Labrador Retrievers sensitive tummy.

She LOVES these to death!!!

I have the box in our pantry and she knows when i go in to get one for her she just follows me with a wagging tail. She will chew on it until there is nothing left but when it comes for potty time her stools are totally loose.

It took a little while to realize what was up and after a visit to the vet he asked if i was doing anything different, changed her food suddenly, odd/different behavioral issues, picking and eating stuff from the floor, feeding from the table, etc....And since we ruled all that out i started monitoring it until i figured out it was these raw hides.

We are both heartbroken but health is more important than anything else for me. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this product because i honestly don't believe there is but Labrador Retrievers are known for their sensitive stomachs and that is all.

I would definitely have bought these again if my little girl wouldn't have had an issue with them. I will definitely recommend them!
261362261362B002FYU2R0A1UEF9RMLC63H9Edy0051326931200Doggies DelightMy dog loves these. They don't leave a mess everywhere and are digestible. Keeps her busy for hours and she gets very calm with the workout.
261363261363B002FYU2R0A2ZFMZY9XP7VUFLov2explore "Blondes_have_more_fun!"0051323216000Simply the BEST!My Catahoula Leopard Dogs love these. I like the fact that they are a product of TEXAS. My dogs also eat the canned Merrick food. This is a high quality product. More importantly this is a product produced in the great USA by a family in the 1980's. Let's all give the little guy the Entrepreneur's of our great country the first of everything we purchase. 5*****stars!
261364261364B002FYU2R0A1WJQY11L9Q5TOMaureen kennedy0051317600000cow ears dog chewsGreat product for the busy dog. Good for their teeth, and they don't swell when wet like rawhide products. They arrive individually wrapped which seems to keep the dirt and bugs off.
261365261365B002FYU2R0A29BRGMDFBM5SOolespapa0051311897600great productsecond time ordering from this company. Our dogs love the beef ears, and they are
individually wrapped. Completely natural product. Will order again.
261366261366B002FYU2R0AQVDKFR2VZAEMatomicil0051304380800Great ears, great serviceEach cow's ear came shrink wrapped for freshness and in a large display box. The display box was inside an additional box which took a lot of wear but kept the inner box safe. The entire package came several days before I was expecting it. I was really pleased with the service.
261367261367B002FYU2R0ARKF8GB54FV65Becky0051301616000great dog treatWe have been giving these to our dog for a long time. he has a sensitive stomach and this is one thing he has no problem with. They also keep him busy for long periods of time. They are individually wrapped too which is nice
261368261368B002FYU2R0A2SREDV99259P5janiceinthelab0051295913600great valueGreat value! My dog loves these! I was surprised at how large they were. I was buying individually at the pet store.
261388261388B0032BKKHMA1NN1LTL8TGMKIRobyn3451297555200My boxer loves it!I have a 4 year old boxer who has always had an issue chewing dry dog food. Sometimes she'd vomit up whole food because she couldn't chew properly due to her boxer underbite. I decided to try out this boxer blend on a whim, and wow what a difference it has made! This food is shaped to force boxers to chew. My girl has not had any issues of vomiting since we've switched over a few months ago.

My dog also gobbles it right up! She loves it! She used to pick at her food all day, but with this food once I fill up her dish she eats it right up! My girl seems to have lots of energy and I'm so happy we found this food at such a great price on amazon.
261369261369B002FYU2R0A1L08UT3P9O8SCJoanie0051294704000Excellent ServiceExcellent service, quick response. We were very pleased with the quality and the service. We will definitely order these again. These items are our dog's favorite treat and we were thrilled to find them at a great price for the 50-count size.


People complain about the cost - with a high quality food - you feed less - and the nutritional value is higher because it's assimilated better.

Think there are ingredients you don't care for? Well, sometimes, even if it's not what our organic guru and holistic selves think is "good", it is. This food is specifically formulated from the size of the chunks - to the nutritional value for our boxers.

It's called preventative medicine - kind of like changing the oil on your car...when you give them the food that is designed specifically for them - THEY DON'T GET SICK.'ll save in the long run on vet bills.
261370261370B002FYU2R0A14YBOI1XSJ0UPFlyer16 "Flyer16"0051291680000Very Tasty and Healthy Low Fat Treat for DogsI am always looking for healthy treats for my dogs. I stumbled on cow ears in my local pet store and my dogs fell in love with them! I usually like to give them some variety in their treats but they get soooo exited when I pull out the cow ears that I stock up on the ears. If you decide to try cow ears, I strongly suggest that you stay with the Merricks brand. This is a company that has a reputation for very high quality items. Their cow ears are all natural, no preservatives and very low in fat. Other ears, like pig ears, are greasy and fatty - these cow ears are not. There is no greasy residue and no icky smell with the cow ears and they won't stain your carpet. An added plus is that they do a nice job in helping to keep teeth clean. My vet always comments about how good my dogs teeth and gums look. That is an added bonus as dental cleaning for dogs can be pricy and any help with keeping teeth and gums healthy is wonderful! My dogs get an ear about once or twice a week. Warning - they will be scarfed down pretty quickly so don't be surprised. I prefer to purchase these on Amazon as they are cheaper, even with shipping, than purchasing them anywhere else I have looked.
261390261390B0032BKKHMA191B0YKWAOKIOjake0051317513600a must for boxersthis a great product Ned our older boxer has been on this product for 8 yesrs he loves it and has not had any issues medically and does not have gas like other product will cause only problem shipping took 1 MONTH and didn't receive any help from amazon when the product did not arrive.
261371261371B002FYU2R0A2L5YSH3KOTLF8Anya0051291420800FantasticThis is a great price for what seems like a high-quality, natural dog chew. These last longer for my GSD than more expensive bully sticks, so I appreciate the good alternative. The individual plastic wrapping has air holes in it, so I'm not sure it contributes to freshness, and so seems a little wasteful, but I suppose it's packaged that way for stores to resell individually. I'm still glad to have access to the good rate and appreciate the good product.
261372261372B002FYU2R0A2YDUHMKY98RRZP. Poco0051282867200Cow EarsExcellent product both in quality and price. My dog has a sensitive stomach to anything that is the least bit rancid, and the individual packaging of these ears really helps to ensure their freshness. Fast delivery, as well. I definitely recommend these ears for helping keep your dog's breath fresh and teeth clean.
261373261373B002FYU2R0AM0GXI80YVBVLRoberta Smith0051280534400QualityI purchased these ears because of the excellent price. And was shocked to see the quality.
each ear was individually wrapped like one of the reviews mentioned. Also fresh. I love the fact
that they are individually wrapped you can take them with you. The dachshunds and lab Luv them......
I definitely would purchase this brand again..
261374261374B002FYU2R0AQVDKFR2VZAEMatomicil0051278028800super fresh cow's earsI was extremely pleased when the ears arrived within two days of my order. Then I was even more pleased when I opened the box and found that each ear was individually wrapped and not one had any gristle on it. My dog loved the ears!!! I would buy them again.
261375261375B002FYU2R0AVUL3EWVJQ5DNjdl81271211316736000Stinky, Stinky, Stinky...This has to be the smelliest treat I have ever given my miniature dachshunds! They smell like feces from the cow. Trust me I know the smell, I grew up on a cattle ranch. They are foul smelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
261376261376B002FYU2R0A2P7SY6ZKWQABPhaw3381251281916800My what big ears they have...Great product, much better than pig ears. My dog loves them! She is going through the puppy/teething stage and mows through one of these on an evening if she is dedicated. All natural, very healthy for our pup! Highly recommend for medium to large dogs.
261377261377B002FYU2R0A2L5YSH3KOTLF8Anya0131313539200Good... but horrible smellThis is my 4th bulk order of cow's ears -- one of the previous orders was from Merrick and a couple others from competing companies. But this is the first time the ears have had a room-filling, horrible smell while the dog is chewing them, very similar to the odor of some bully sticks. Never once has this been an issue with cow's ears for us, so I don't know if this is a fluke, or maybe these are especially fresh (though the other Merrick order also came with plastic wrapped ears), or maybe these are somehow past their prime (not sure if that's possible with dried, wrapped ears...) but this box is a different experience. The dog seems to love them just the same, however this is also the first time he's had stomach upset after a cow's ear, though that too may be a total fluke, and he might have just swallowed too big a piece, so I can't link it to the quality of the ears at all. Just noting that this particular order has been different for us, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.
261378261378B000E1BLLWA3USKV42I5JPKMsahal2010 "sahal2010"4441217030400Want it like ice cream?If you want a new way of preparing this pudding, try this if you have a strong blender. Put the fat free milk in the freezer and after it freezes put it in the blender. Blend it a little and then add the pudding mix and you can add some sweetener like Splenda if you like it super sweet. After it has been completely mixed put it in the freezer again for two hours and enjoy:)
261379261379B000E1BLLWA20NHJ7UP8NN8OMrs. Pearle G. Mintz "A sight disabled viewer"2251314748800A great and satisfying treat for those on dietsI have been using the Jello pudding for a number of years as a treat in my weight management program. We have noticed that many of our supermarkets here in the desert do not carry all the flavors of this pudding and we began looking for them in every market where we shopped. Finally I went to Amazon, a place where I can find anything I want to buy at a good price, and ordered 3 flavors. We now have an assortment of the flavors we love, pistashio, butterscotch and chocolate whenever we want to make it for ourselves and we are happy campers.
261380261380B000E1BLLWA26J3BAQVZ596Robert DeLay1151335657600Jello sugar free instant butterscotch puddingI was wondering how it would taste compared to the cooked version. I found using fat free milk did not give the pudding a thick creamy texture. However, using 1% milk did give it a thick creamy texture and a good taste.
261381261381B000E1BLLWA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1151236384000Great Tasting Sugar-Free Pudding! Highly RecommendedJell-O "Sugar-Free Instant Pudding" is a great snack! Since becoming a Type 2 diabetic last year, I am always looking for good tasting, low carb snacks. I have reviewed most of the Jell-O flavors and like them all, but the Butterscotch is my personal favorite!

The Jell-O instant puddings are easy to make and taste so good that it is hard to tell it is a "diet" snack.

Highly recommended!
261382261382B000E1BLLWA7B48ZXCQCSPNSicilyJo1151217808000Tasty and CreamyWant a great replacement for those high calorie desserts? Give this product a try. Nothing about it even would make you think it is sugar-free.
261383261383B000E1BLLWA1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick1151195171200Ummm, yummy...Wow, good tasting and creamy just like the 'real' thing.

The butterscotch and other flavors as cheesecake and banana cream and pistachio are surprisingly satisfying while being sugar-free/fat-free. The chocolate flavors are good, too, but don't dissolve/set as well as this does. Very easy to prepare -- and ready to eat in minutes.
261384261384B000E1BLLWA1ZKY8IR5TDNJYDiane Middleton "Bookie"0051335052800ButterscotchAs I must cook for someone with type 2 diabetes and watch my weight I was so glad that Amazon offered this flavor in sugar free. It is almost impossible to find it in my stores as I live in a rural area. It is a nice change from the chocolate and vanilla which are the only local choices
261385261385B000E1BLLWAZ1KKWJ8N6YNKerika faura0051270425600excellent nonfat dessertthis is a great option for a dessert without the guilt of calories..excellent taste and fast to make..just add milk and its ready to eat.....i tried butterscotch and far i like chocolate the best.
261386261386B0014EUA4MA2L4FXJZISAL4TP. Lee4451296691200Best chicken brothIn my experience, this is the best tasting chicken broth you can buy, hands down. No other broth is close. We do a lot of cooking and I love to make my own homemade soups, stews, etc, but sometimes you don't have time to make your own stock. That's when we turn to the Swanson (full salt) chicken broth.

Before you ask, yes, we've tried all the other options at the various markets around us (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, SuperFresh, Safeway) and nothing else compares.

Also, the funny thing is that the Swanson Low-Sodium broth doesn't compare either (even after you add in additional salt. The low-sodium version has a much gamier smell and flavor. Definitely go with the full salt version (even if you have to water it down to decrease the sodium density). The umami flavor you get in this broth is incomparable relative to its peers.
261387261387B0032BKKHMA3UANUMDARJCBAAnonymous3351312070400Best boxer foodMy boxer, Bella, has been eating this food for several years now and is the best. I was so excited to find this priced at $43 and ordered it in Feb 2011. Now as I go back to order more the price is over $60 which is higher than in the stores! It no longer makes sense to order this product through Amazon.

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