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261391261391B0032BKKHMA1072Q1O6YB3NYdrswifey0151304294400The ONLY food for my precious BOXERMy Dog eats this food everyday and his coat is fabulous and shiny
He is at a healthy weight now thanks to this posh brand
I would never feed my dog anything less than the best
and this IS this best for a boxer breed!!!!
Trust this brand, and you will see your dog actually enjoy eating dry food
the quality is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
261392261392B0032BKKHMA2731HFJBT43G7jmroadking0151301961600happy healthy boxerI have been feeding boxer 26 for three months now with great results. My boxer is less gassy and eats her food much more slowly due to the specialized shape of the kibble. She has also increased in muscle mass although this may be attributed to her 18 month age. She loves this food and eats all of it every time. The feeding recommendations on the bag seem to be right on as well. Buying through amazon prime saves us a little over twenty dollars a month from our local petco's price.
261393261393B002ACC8IIA31KA1S70RLAXCKelly Luksza "Klebber"7851268006400EXCELLENT!This is an excellent addition to any chef/cooks kitchen, as my husbaqnd is a chef and I am a baker, we find many excellent uses for it!! Yes, it is hard to find, but this price is reasonable to the prices I've found it for in the Korean markets. Yuzu is SO flavorful (truly something you have to taste for yourself to believe!), a very nice, pure and clean citrus flavor withouit any of the bitterness! Great with seafoods, crab cakes, desserts, etc! Substitute it for lemon juice in any recipe and the flavor is a tremendous difference! Please give this a try!! Just a note, if you store in the top/back of fridge, it does seem to freeze easily, so beware!
261394261394B002ACC8IIA30AJI74LRMS65frustratedcostumer3351302739200Seller, horrible but product, awesome.The product itself is amazing.. I love it and have been using it for years. My problem is the company that sold it to me, this case Taylor's Market.
I ordered it and arrived on time but it arrived opened. The cap was loose, the protective plastic was still on and complete. The cap being loose let air in and got in contact with the citrus liquid which of course over the time of the shipment it got an awful bitter taste. So my long wait was rewarded with a bitter oxidized product.

I called the next day and complained about this and fully explained the problem and nature of my complain, they immediately shipped another one to replace it.
A couple of days later he same problem arrived; Cap loose, product ruined.

Very frustrated and disappointed, I decided to switch to another seller.
261395261395B002ACC8IIA3DUGHDTBTWFJSusan Mullanax3351289520000Great Juice and great price!This is a wonderful juice to have around - very potent so a little makes a huge difference in any recipe. Originally got the yuzu juice to be able to make a cocktail we were so impressed with but have ended up using it in marinades and other recipes. So glad I found it on Amazon! Could not find it locally at the Asian markets, even though we have a large Asian population - they had never even heard of it.

Yuzu juice is hard to pinpoint in flavor: it's like lemon, tangerine, lime, and maybe grapefruit all together. It is truly unique and tart - so use as you would any citrus juice. Great in so many applications!

Will definitely be ordering this again!
261396261396B002ACC8IIA3733V8UX31WVUcc1111342051200second press, second classDidn't realize this yuzu juice was "second press." Second press yuzu juice includes pressings from the skin and seeds and gives this product a horrible, bitter flavor. Complete waste of money.
261397261397B002ACC8IIAHL0MILCCHBARSoo Young Kim0031342396800Buy the stuff in a glass bottleWas seduced by the price on this one (had paid $50 for 900mL glass bottle). Alas, no comparison. I was surprised to find this product came packaged in a plastic bottle and even more surprised at how much brightness was missing from it relative to the one packaged in glass. Again: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Seems a shame as I think the manufacturer spending and extra buck on glass and the consumer spending about the same more in shipping would probably result in more than $2 in product quality retention.
261398261398B002ACC8IIAV0YEOFUJGXL3Happy100051342137600MOVE OVER LEMON, I HAVE A NEW FAVORITE!!Yuzu Juice is my new favorite flavor. I can't say enough great things about have to try it for yourself. I loved lemon but this is the bomb! I made lemon bars and substituted yuzu and everyone at work loved them. It made super lemon curd (I'll probably not use lemon for this for quite a while). My next experiment is using it for a lemon cake to take to a picnic with friends or a calamondin pie. Not too tart, not too sweet, not sure I can pinpoint the exact flavor to say what it tastes like except to say it tastes like a lot of different citrus in one smooth flavor. Am ordering another bottle so I don't run out.
261399261399B002ACC8IIA1OKJU52PO92TLThe Lion0011338336000You get what you pay for.I use the Goita Chitosuma Yuzu juice and I thought I'd give this a try because you get double the amount for the dollar. Well ... no you don't. It's diluted -- weaker than the Goita. I had to use 3 times as much to put in my ice water. That makes it more expensive in the long run. The Goita is higher concentrate and one can use 1/3 (or less) as much for the same effect. Either way - it's all better than lemon!
261400261400B002ACC8IIAZU8GQQW6HESPEmily Davis "Avid Reader of All Non-Fiction"0051308787200Good Stuff!Oh my goodness, this is good 'stuff'!! I put just 1 T into a glass of plain water and it turns that water into a nectar, without any sugar added! I'll be ordering this again!
261401261401B002ACC8IIANL1YJ6L3EGIFMarge in Charge "missmmargie"0051303948800Yuzi juiceGreat product, great price!!! Makes a fabulous marinade for ahi tuna, mixed with soy sauce, garlic, & jalapeno, yummy!!!!!
261402261402B002ACC8IIA2OY3MCJQSRSUOMusashi&Koyama0051301961600Perfect Yuzu Juice in every wayI just love this yuzu juice. It is like cutting through fresh yuzu in Japan - perfect in every way. Makes great drinks and you can certainly make your own perfect ponzu sauce. Highly recommend this product. I love this company's products.
261403261403B002ACC8IIA223NI94JLOU2AT. Stone0051297641600Versatile and wonderful flavoringIn Japan, you will find yuzu used in Kaiseki and other genuine Japanese dishes in season. When you try to use Japanese chefs cook books, they usually call for yuzu juice or rinds. Well rinds are not so easy to get but the freshly harvested juice is so tasty, you can use for salad dressing, marinades, especially fish and chicken. The producer seems to be a family owned? business in Kyushu, where this fruit is abundant. Right now, I added a few frops in my tea and they taste heavenly and relaxing. I definitely recommend to anyone who enjoy good taste. Thanks Amazon for making this available.
261404261404B002ACC8IIA3GHN36DYJEDJIMichael J. Puleo1331315267200Just use fresh lemon juce.For as much as I love the flavor of Yuzu Juice, for the price save your money and just squeeze fresh lemon juice.
261405261405B008LP09N4ABVNJP7Y5AAOOSeriously Tilted0051345075200Lightning In A BottleWhen my husband first tried Tilted Palm mixers his eyes got so BIG you could see all white around the color irises! This IS something, because he is not easily impressed nor surprised and he was both! "It's GOLD!!" Having done a stint bartending and having an obnoxiously acute sense of taste and smell (all that Italian blood running through him I guess), I trusted his reaction. It confirmed my own that these mixes were lightning in a bottle, literally!!! At first, I was reluctant to the buying 3 at a time! All reservations were quickly removed. There is never enough...running out is painful...Worth every dime! The Italian and I couldn't recommend these mixes more passionately!
261406261406B008LP09N4ALAF2WUUW0UUKLeslie0051342915200The best Bloody Mary mix I have ever tastedI began drinking this years ago in Nashville. Now I can finally buy it in Atlanta! This is the best Bloody mix I have ever tasted.
261407261407B007YXAGYQA2VKD3ID427EJYDark Pip0011350864000Flavorless and like rubbery!The product was stale and rubbery like. They were flavorless as well.

I would not recommend this specific product to anyone.
261408261408B007YXAGYQA1QUST4AZ5SN7OYolanda Rangel0031344729600angry over shortageProduct was as described. Angry bird pouches were sealed in box but when I counted for total of 48, we only had 45. Was counting on full amount for goody bags. Now we will be short. :( other than that shipped promptly and package was in great condition.
261409261409B000HKJNTCAKP41SXZRXUJAJohn W. Holt0311202428800Hot Chocolate not so hot!This hot chocolate leaves a lot to be desired. The flavor seems to be left out of the can!!
261410261410B003XV8R9YA2QNPCYMX9T4DEjo0051330128000just what i neededNo judging, but I needed for a Halloween costume (Duck Hunt) and this was exactly the bird I needed.. Came on time (and I was in a rush). Great!
261411261411B000HRW838A2M6N1Q8UWGB5EESB2251260144000Delicious Cinnabon Canes!These things are awesome! I'm a cinnabon fan and although they aren't the same as a real cinnabon roll (obviously) they are really good. It's a great mix of the frosting and roll with a hint of cinnamon. Definitely worth a try.
261412261412B000HRW838A2HZJP1IXJKJU9Christy1151319846400FABULOUS!!These Cinnabon Candy Canes are AWESOME!! Got most of them for gifts, but I'm going to order a couple more boxes for ME :) What a great way to have the flavor of a Cinnabon cinnamon roll for dessert, but with only 55 calories & no fat!
261413261413B000HRW838A2WW4I0T4AWHZDL. Peterson1151299110400Yummy law fat cinnamon rollThese are delicious! Cinnamon Rolls without all the calories! Plus, they last a long time because they are hard candy. They taste just like cinnamon rolls with frosting. Yum Yum!
261414261414B000HRW838A3HXVPWDL1X4LTW. STEVENS1151294444800DeliciousI just went online to look for these because I bought some on clearance at Drug Mart and I thought they were fantastic, real cinnamon roll flavor. I can't believe the people cutting these down, they are sooo wrong!
261415261415B000HRW838A1NP9W3E751A9KHonest4u3521257724800Save Your Money...Not Tasty at AllI just bought these Cinnabon Candy Canes today because they looked unique and tasty.

I am sorry to say that these are the worst candy canes I've ever tasted.

They SMELL absolutely they should be foodie fan's candle or air freshener. I would even stretch as far to say that they SMELL like a good attempt to be a cinnamon roll.

The "taste" is pitiful. I say "taste" because there is barely any flavor....all of the "flavor" is from the scent, and not actually in your mouth. It's hard to smells like it would be delicious, but completely lacks flavor.

Save your money, or buy regular butterscotch candies if you want a creamy, baked-good type candy, which would be 100 times better than these candy canes.
261416261416B000HRW838A24MPDQTAE3JVAUU Booklady0111323820800Where's the cinnamon?I ordered these because Cinnabon rolls have a very good cinnamon taste. These have no taste at all. A waste of money.
261417261417B000HRW838AG20XWS9JDPV0Sara1711261008000DISGUSTINGMy husband and I were excited to try these and put them in Christmas gifts for all our family before trying any. Turns out they are absolutely terrible. They should not be sold as food. My husband was nauseous for about 24 hours after tasting it. Last night I had to open up all the gifts and take them back out so as not to destroy Christmas. I hope someone pulls this product soon.
261418261418B004GCFJ5OA3GRR54187PPE6zipd1001151291680000good and sometimes hard to find locally at a good pricecostco used to cell the big container of this, I wish they still did, This is good on vegetables or popcorn.
261419261419B004GCFJ5OA1TMKXFFJLNZRWW. R. Miller "Ms.Willie Reese Miller"0051332720000Good to add to what I cookI wanted to buy MollyMcButter and no store had it in stock.
I was glad to be able to get it from this site. I am well pleased
261420261420B002WWHXUYA2FO8KY6GGUZ3PNikk Nikk5541310860800Good but organic has it's drawbacksIf you are looking for a healthy version of minute maid's berry punch this may be your best bet. It is sugar and preservative free; it reads that it can ferment on you and to check the pouches regularly for lumps of growth. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Also, this isn't super sweet and doesn't have a strange after taste. Something about it gives it a mild tart taste and I can taste the raspberry and apple juice more than the strawberries and pears added. I bought this b/c I read on the company website (B2N) that 1 pouch was equal to 1/2 cup of fruit. The juice comes in the colorful pouch that is aluminum colored in the back and is clear. So, you don't have to worry about little kids spilling it all over your carpet or their clothes. I am in college and love these for breaks. They freeze well and haven't found them to leak any faster than capri sun pouches. If you're into sugary sweet products, this may take some getting use to. My sister whose in hs loves capri suns and is a candy and junk food fanatic and she wasn't too crazy about trying these. When she did she thought it taste strange, but she finished it. And went for more later on. So for a kid who couldn't care less about organic food and health to go back for more; these things must be good. My mom is heavy on junk food and said they were alright. She prefers minute maid and her pepsi, but said she would consider incorporating these juice packs or something similar into her grocery list. I got the 4 pack via amazon since they only sell the crackers and cookies near me. I am happy w/my purchase and will purchase again.

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