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261421261421B002WWHXUYA1VM74K7GZH4QKNunna3rd1141331424000Healthy & HelpfulThe Back To Nature Juice is very healthy for children. The taste is great and the pouches are great for traveling. My children thought they were the same as Caprisun so they didn't notice a difference in taste which was great. I selected these as a healthier alternative for my children with Autism. They only complaint I have is the packaging however it could very well be the delivery Amazon choose. These were brought by UPS and upon opening after ordering a few times a few had burst inside of the box. Amazon was very courteous about replacing it. The packaging is the only reason why I'm giving 4 stars.
261422261422B0029JTZF6A10O4LYO967IZLinda R. Wagoner0041323043200nearly as good as restaurant qualityWant won ton soup when fixing Chinese at home? This is your solution, although hard to find locally, here is an option besides those instant wonton whimpy noodles.
261423261423B000HKJNTWA9I658NZAWJ0XNancy Hurst "Nance"0051329955200Love this sauce!I have cooked with this sauce and had the best bloody marys with this sauce! Fish, sprinkled with garlic salt and pour 4 Pepper Sauce over the top, bake. Adds just the perfect kick! Bake regular fish sticks,make a slaw with the 4 pepper sauce, serve in a tortilla. Yummy fish tacos! Definitely 2 thumbs up!
261424261424B000GPHINGALI2G4EU4EGI5CarbonMan0041320624000Great for tea!Bought this to mix with tea! They do well and add a nice flavor with a subtle sweetness. Outside of tea they are good to eat and decorate cakes with. Would have given 5 stars but these were much harder than others I have had. Very good though!!
261425261425B001682U6MA48BBY3LGPHU2alicia2251291420800Hard to find duncan hines moist cake reviewDuring the past few years I had been having a hard time finding this cake mix (Duncan Hines Oragne Supreme Cake Mix.) Occationally I would stumble accross it and buy several boxes at a time to keep stocked up. Then a couple of months ago, I couldn't find it any where; I mean No Where! Thought I would google it and see where I could find it. Low and behold, there was a link to Amazon.

Thanks Amazon!!!!!
261426261426B001682U6MASMM3F1Q3I9Z7Emi0051339718400Duncan Hines Orange Cake MixThis item is impossible to find in CT...I use it for Harvey Wallbanger Cupcakes (Modified recipe from THE CAKE DOCTOR by Anne Bynes). Came quickly! Will order more!
261427261427B001682U6MA29A632O1W7QXZ.. "boxset_fan"0051321920000Hard to find but.....Awesome!I wish this was easier to find. Love it! Orange Supreme, with Chocolate frosting. I add a little orange vodka in it to pump up the orange flavor. My favorite cake by far! Duncan Hines...please do not discontinue this flavor!
261428261428B001682U6MA1K4AVQIU704DYNancy Sherburne0051311811200As Good As I RememberedHaving chosen this orange cake mix as a favorite when I was younger, especially during the summer, it was upsetting when it was pulled from the stores. When I found sellers in Amazon selling it I bought a box of six mixes. Baked in sheet cake form, with whipped cream for frosting and mandarin orange segments placed on top, it was as good as I remember with a noticeable flavor of orange, and the anticipated moistness Duncan Hines delivers. It is a rare treat to enjoy once again, and the price seemed reasonable enough. With only me to enjoy them, the six boxes had better last a year or two.
261429261429B009PG8MVOA2UAKIEWZLQCUECindy S.0051350777600On the first day of true love gave to me, a Christmas Blooming Amaryllis Collection. And even after the holidays have come and gone, I still get the pleasure of dancing in its glory!
261430261430B000F2RD76A1FSNDYLUWD3TALeah1151167782400greatI originally got these as halloween handouts but my husband got into the box and we ate them all...
261431261431B0018C8UBKA3GPGJA2V7GTEBJohn J. Carmody "JJC"0141252713600Great dressing but questionable packagingThe dressing is one of the best I have tasted. However one (1) out of the six (6) bottles in the order was leaking around the seal to such an extent that the entire outside of the bottle was coated with oil. Because I was unsure of how long the seal had been defective and therefore the "safety" of the contents I discarded the bottle. A 1-in-6 failure rate has put this product in the category of "not worth reordering."
261432261432B0005YY3UEA1Z1N5PHQ7S3PZJ. ALDER1111152057600That Company SUCKS and Hard to Deal WithIt took forever to get my cookies, and I paid for express shipping and got my product 3 weeks later, I will never order from that company again.
261433261433B000HHPS3KA3S4TPBUYX1B0WCynthia L. Henderson0041201132800Pleasing finicky cats #2It seems the formula has changed; it used to be flaky salmon with bits of rice ... this one is all together in little chunks. They liked the other formula better, but will eat this one. It's actually easier for me ... I had to cut up the flaked salmon, now I just mash it up with a little water.
261434261434B0041CGC5AA3CGODL6VMUIA6sunscreen mom0041319068800Taden TeaAlways buy this tea because it works and is not crampy like most senna teas. It also works the same with or without sugar and milk/craem which you do not find in most senna teas
261435261435B004X6HGHCAKMHDQ7ZD7EKAbobo1151311897600Great Sports BottleThis sports bottle great for my kids. They loved to carry every place on a hot summer day. It is light weight and doesn't taste like plastic.
261436261436B0012NI02OA22A14IW9DD6FZAnton Rasputin0051294704000Delicate tasting teaI love this tea. On the box it says Infuse 5-7 minutes.
I found that it should not be infused for more than 2-3 minutes, otherwise it looses it's delicate taste.
261437261437B0012NI02OA3JP1UJAF8YY0FIrish Stu0031294272000Surprisingly disappointingI love Ahmad Teas, the Imperial Blend and the Barooti are outstanding. So when I got their regular Darjeeling I figured it would be rich and flavorful like the two I mentioned. Sadly, no. Their Darjeeling has little of the signature taste and is a rather bland cup of black tea. Ahmad Darjeeling was surprisingly disappointing.
261438261438B001UG7JVQANDN9BU8C5XWNNoell Rose0051322524800Love this cereal.I have purchased this twice and the expiration dates were almost a year (it will be gone long before that). It is expensive to purchase this way but we are overseas and it is cheaper and more in date than what we can get otherwise.
261439261439B001UG7JVQA2KDOLMLCQZ1DCCalvin Maybee0051294444800Multi Grain Cheerios a plus for mea very tasty cereal, it has an overall nice taste, and stays crunchy in milk, I like it very much
261440261440B001UG7JVQAOW9GJNG9OH44Theron E. Dossey0111305590400out of dateI purchased the big double pack box of multi grain cheerios. What a mistake! The stale date was Dec, 2010! The product was 5 months out of date and they still sold it to me. I didn't notice the date until I had opened the package, so couldn't send it back. In addition, when the product was available at Sam's Wholesale Club or Costco, it was half the price I paid. Wow, I feel the old "laissez faire".
261441261441B002Y78YPUA3F1R4C7SF7TL0Matachi L. Jones "m.jones"6651222732800takes a cake to new levelsI really purchased this products for my cousin she baked a pineapple pound cake and it was so good it didn't last through the family meeting very good product
261442261442B004DIUX0WA3CAWUK7VHUG15Arizona trip0051341273600Fantastic Pumpkin SeedsI recently discovered this delicious snack while vacationing in Arizona. We do not have these in my area. I ate them for 8 days. I love them, they are perfectly seasoned. I returned with a package and my fussy 10yr old, loved them also. Going to order a case!.
261443261443B004DIUX0WA383QD6R7ALK9XJohn Miller0051332547200Hooked on SpitzI have been eating spitz seeds for 3 yrs now i guess you could say i just might be hooked on them!!!Great product better than eating candy all the time!!
261444261444B004DIUX0WA3A69T584BGDS7Jacob0051308614400MOAR!!!uuuuuugh...... theez're reeeeeal goooooooood. way better than the other brands. They're fat, plump, and roasted. I feel like I'm doing something illegal when I buy them online in BULK like this cuz, I mean, I don't own a convenience store or coach a little league or anything like that. I JUST LIKE THESE THINGS. and they go so fast that, apparently, I have to order 12 at a time to keep up with the demand in my house. i don't know anything for certain, but my hypothesis is that these seeds come from those huuuuugemongous pumpkins that you see on TV. You know, the ones that win world records and stuff. The ones that people carve out and make hollow, then use as small watercraft and race against each other. Those pumpkins. Why do I think that? Cuz these seeds are *Paul Bunyan* big. Also, and this is no lie, my dogs love them too. I'm just throwing that out there.

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261445261445B004DIUX0WA2KSVWXT46N17Obingoca0051303776000best pumpkin seeds everI had these when I was driving to Colorado and these were amazing. Great taste with tons of flavor. Large seeds I was able to crack and open as I do not like eating the shells. Way better tasting than David's branded pumpkin seeds. I'm glad that I can get them on Amazon since they are a Canadian product.
261446261446B004DIUX0WA25VBX6F6JY5XLdavid oriley0111323993600Real BadWho ever wrote the last two reviews must work for the company.They are NOT plump and i had to spit them out.I think they are raw not roasted and left a real bad aftertaste in my mouth.
261447261447B000E1HUD0A3F4NDBX7LEDB9S. Tottempudi1151166486400Fun and Sugar FreeExcellent price! fast Shipping. Fun for kids. Tried both orange and cherry
261448261448B000E1HUD0A3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"0151322265600I make large pans of jell-o "bites" for snacksand I can't always find the large boxes. This (plus large quantities of Knox gelatine) is the answer. Now I have enough on hand in the basement to make what I want when I want.
261449261449B000E1HUD0A2PY5ED630H0QJreluctant techie1351166572800MMMmmm.... childhood memories.The best rendering of connective tissue money can buy. Try all the flavors, they have something to offer for everyone!
261450261450B002Y2QT0MA2TEX9OJV6TAM8S.P. Dixon1151336003200I love Community CoffeeAmazon is a great way to make sure I don't run out and the larger bags seem a little less wasteful. I highly recommend any of the dark roasts.

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