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261456261456B001E0VXO2A2A8L2XSHKBAI0A S3351318896000Its The Best Quality So FarI have been using Spectrums brand for a year now. I use it for hair, cooking, oil pulling, as a body moisturizer, and as a air fresher in my oil burner. Recently I made the mistake of trying other brands. I will never do that again. I'm from the islands so I know the true quality of unrefined coconut oil. I promise Spectrums Unrefined coconut oil is honestly the best quality, texture, and organic scent. I will never venture out again.
261457261457B000LKV0VWA39PUPTNFPYXH5strangelittlegirl "strangelittlegirl"3521207526400this sucksI bought three boxes of this. The first package I made, the cupcakes fell in the center and I followed the directions exactly. I chalked it up to a fluke and a few months later made another box. They didn't fall this time, but the consistency was just not right...crunchy. I threw the third box away and won't buy again. Keep in mind, I usually make things from scratch and am an experienced baker so I don't think the error was on my end, maybe the packages were old.
261458261458B000LKV0VWA2FJSWGOJ37L6FCB0151260230400GreatGreat cake mix. Quick, no problems. Small crumb and moist. May have to bake a little more than recommended.
261459261459B0017T6S1IA1QXOQ9DNRWB9MKathryn A. Gaines121221308528000changed formulaFor those of you who have purchased this product previously, be warned. When they changed the packaging they also changed the formula. "jasmine flowers" are no longer listed as an ingredient, and you really can't taste them in the product anymore. Since that was one of the things I liked best about the product, I won't be purchasing it again. It's too bad because they had a great product that made it worth the high price tag.
261460261460B0017T6S1IA36TA71KLLS3HHD. NGUYEN5521314489600Ito En Tea's Tea Jasmine Green Tea, UnsweetenedBought this item 4/11 which was made in Japan. Simply Extraordinary. My wife and I liked it so much I bought 6 more cases (8/11) but this batch is made in Thaland. The bottle is slightly diferrent, without the green leaf emblem on the front as pictured. This new version is absolutely inferior to the original ones I had. Don't get me wrong, it is still good but I would not buy it even at the discounted price currently offered on Amazon. I have read other reviewers who suggested they changed the formula. Whatever it is, it tastes strong like the regular cheap tea I usually get at the Chinese restaurants and the after taste is completely different. I almost wanted to return the shipment but didn't want to go through the hassles. Buyers beware

Update 7/14/12:
I saw a comment from other buyer that he/she received a Japan made batch. I went ahead and ordered 2 cases. Sure enough, they are now Made in Japan. The interesting thing is this batch tasted "watered down", exactly like another reviewer said!!! I now understand what he/she meant. Bottom line: there is definitely some quality consistency issue here (at least post Tsunami time). It is batch dependent, facility dependent ( have seen Thailand made, Japan Made, and have seen comments about Hawaii Made!). Good luck to all who seek good tea. I have switched to brewing my own tea and bought the tea from Eto En directly.
261461261461B0017T6S1IA27U1ZPF2QO1JZASE5551294704000Addicted!Now that I'm addicted to this green jasmine tea, what do I do? The Target store nearby no longer carries it. Amazon seems to carry only the smaller bottles. I need the 2 litre bottles! Nothing else compares. There is no point in trying to find a replacement. Will I live?
261462261462B0017T6S1IA26EFXZHWJTDY3SlingingMercury3351335398400Made in Japan 4-26-12I have been drinking these way too much. I get two cases every month or more. I have always enjoyed this tea and the flavor has been very pleasing, oddly I never looked at the origin, I assumed it was Japan but to be honest, I have nothing against Thailand and their ability to make tea. I know they are not as sophisticated as the Japanese(who is?) but I have faith they can combine leaves and hot water to make tea if instructed in this fine art by their Japanese overlords. So after seeing comments that some the Teas'Tea were coming from Thailand I thought I would check it out. I just got a new shipment and sure enough it said Japan. So, maybe things have changed or maybe they ship from both places but as of 4-26-12 mine was still coming from the land of the rising sun.
261463261463B0017T6S1IANRUAOJ7OPYW5Chris Newman5621259366400Revised Review-Ingredients are ChangedI gave this product the highest rating when I first reviewed it. Now I have found out that jasmine flowers are no longer one of the ingredients. Why the best ingredient would be removed is beyond my comprehension - oh, I just realized it probably has something to do with money (duh).

I can't recommend this tea. Now I make my own jasmine tea (with flowers). I hope the company returns to their original recipe.
261464261464B0017T6S1IAK5SUC6HADAVZE. Bernardino "Addicted to the Gold Box"2251310601600Love this Jasmine tea get the white label marketed in Japan for original Jasmine flower taste!
261465261465B0017T6S1IA37C37WKS7MHRHPanache2251294790400Delish!Yes, I am addicted to Teas' Tea Jasmine Green. It is my fav every evening drink. I love the Golden Oolong also, but Jasmine seems to be my fav. I found my large bottle at Target for 3.49, although I have seen this at both health food stores, I can't remember prices at either place. So refreshing and clean tasting!
261466261466B0017T6S1IA1I34N9LFOSCX7Smeggy2251227398400LOVE this tea!This tea is the best! it is kind of pricey but really is the tastiest unsweetened tea you can find and i feel great after drinking it. I used to go to Chinatown to find it, they sell it in larger bottles and they are about $3 for the big bottle. But nowadays i'm so busy, it's too much of a headache to take the trip & transport it back. I'm glad amazon sells ITO EN teas so i have the option of just have them delivered to my door if i'm too busy or feeling lazy. Although i just found out through wegman's online site that they stock this size & the larger size ITO EN teas at some of their stores. I think i will head over there today as the 16.9 oz. size teas are all listed at $1.50 to $1.75 which is cheaper than amazon. Plus i would like to buy one each of other flavors i have not tried yet. :)
261467261467B0017T6S1IA8JXFV1XDBJ03kerryoc2251222819200Actually does have some caffeine... but delicious just the sameJust wanted to correct the earlier comment, as Green Jasmine Teas' Tea actually does have caffeine - 45 mg per 16.9-oz bottle.

I love this product - fresh tasting with a delicious aroma. We need more unsweetened, tasty teas out there, but despite what innovation is to come, I expect this one will remain the pinnacle of its category. Yum.
261468261468B0017T6S1IA2G6O9IQ6Y64ADJust me1151336262400Simply the BEST Tea out there!Smooth, superb over crushed ice, and an irreplaceable part of my daily lunch.
I wish the tops were a little easier to open, but the trick is to open & close, then refrigerate.
261469261469B0017T6S1IA108KGU76D5GMWR. E. Hitz1151301961600Just Drink It.Truly the Teas' Tea. We purchase a case of this a month for our office. It is delicious cold or room temp. Makes all other bottled teas in the world taste dull, burnt, too dense. Just drink it. You'll see. We especially love the pure Jasmine. It is silky smooth.
261470261470B0017T6S1IA28HBJOYP6BL62Dharma "Dharma Wild"1151299110400From a real tea snobI have the yixing clay teapot, I buy tea that can go up to the triple digits, I'm a total tea snob. I LOVE good tea, LOVE it.

So, having "fresh green tea" in a bottle sounded uhm, suspect at best.

No, this is delicious! Obviously, this wont stand up to standards of extremely expensive teas, but ito-en makes excellent teas to begin with, and these are brewed to perfection. Quick, convenient, very healthy, and SO delicious, and I'm a harsh critic.

I go through them like water now. I have a subscription ordering 2-3 crates of tea per month now :3 I may increase the amount of crates per delivery now though. It's so good! Not only that the bottle is attractive, the mouth piece is comfortable (a thicker, white, higher quality plastic) and the ergonomic square shape lets there be more tea in the tea in the bottle for a smaller size.

I love this stuff, its a great value for the price (currently $23 for a case of 12) is very reasonable considering how much I pay per bottle in the store!

However, it is imperative, as I should hope one would know, that you do drink the tea within 2-3 days at most. Leaving it open longer will alter the taste for the worse :x
261471261471B0017T6S1IACELKH5KHQ752R. Mallozzi "eclectic reader"1151284681600Perfect flavored teaThis is the perfect cold tea drink. It has wonderful flavor without calories or sweeteners. Too many flavored water and tea drinks are too sweet or bitter. This is wonderful!
261472261472B0017T6S1IA1YF6UA7DP9L14mellojello1141280793600great teaThis is an excellent bottled tea. It has no sugar at all but it has a great taste and the jasmine seems to give it a natural sweet taste.
261473261473B0017T6S1IAX7BWEX6P88MOM. A. Torres1151274313600Good Tea, Great Amazon ServiceI checked in exactly 2 nights ago on this overdue order. Amazon customer service immediately shipped out a new box of Tea's Green Jasmine. I'm drinking this tasty tea right now. You can't beat Amazon's responsiveness to the customer.
261474261474B0017T6S1IA1B3DQ05GJDLLYAllyn Fratkin1151251504000relaxation in a cupthis tea is amazing. the jasmine scent/flavor is subtle and wonderful. when i drink it, all of my stress melts away. it is hard to be stressed out after drinking this tea. it is not bitter just cool and clear. highly recommended. i just wish it wasn't so expensive, and that amazon carried the 2 liter bottles (available at target stores).
261475261475B0017T6S1IA2OSJSE890Y43EMichael Mcdaniel "sbwm"1151245628800my favorite teaThis is my favorite tea. Drink it daily and order it from Amazon frequently - especially when they offer free shipping.
261476261476B0017T6S1IA9FOFDH40Y6HDAmazon Customer1151229990400This really is goodI happened to try a sample of this a few months ago that was being handed out at Target, and I was immediately hooked. The flavor is subtle. It's not sweet, it's not bitter, it's just right. And refreshing. Actually, this has become my favorite iced tea. One bottle usually lasts me a few weeks, because I sip small amounts at a time. Gulping it down would be a waste. It's that good.
261477261477B0017T6S1IA27VGVK7ATEMG8Pablo "Pablo"1151227484800The best tea!This is my favorite iced tea. The flavor is delicious, intense and authentic. The greatest!
261478261478B0017T6S1IAB2KG74UHMEO5Jorge "game king"1151221177600excellent teaThis green tea is tasty and caffeine free. The Jasmine flavor provides a naturally sweet taste with no artificial ingredients. THis tea contains catechins which are natural tea antioxidants. Ito En has a hit with this line to tea.
261479261479B0017T6S1IANAIR9ECDCA6M. London0051348617600Refreshing and unsweetened optionI am always on the lookout for something refreshing and unsweetened. Most green tea beverages have an unappealing (to me) bitterness. Not this Jasmine Green. I order it by the case from Amazon, where I can get it cheaper than anywhere else. I used to ad artificial sweetener directly into the bottle, but now drink it straight up, with nothing else added. Great on a hot and humid day.
261480261480B0017T6S1IA2BAARJHELZOBYJohn0051344643200Green Tea Lover's PassionFor Green Tea lover's this tea is full of flavor with the hint of Jasmine to give it a nice finish without the sugar. I have tried plenty of ice tea's and this one is the Best. I cant get enough of it.Teas' Tea Jasmine Green Unsweetened Tea, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)
261451261451B002Y2QT0MA18YCWUONITMK6Nature Lover "Ginger"0051348012800Very SmoothI saw recently saw Community Coffee at my local WalMart 12 oz. for $4.95 and decided to give it a try. It is really good, not bitter at all.
261452261452B000L6RZ1UA1OKMWKTNUJ6L2Bridget Young "YoungMomof2"4441199059200Interesting - if only for the colorI must not be enough of a salt afficionado to be able to tell the difference in taste between this and regular sea salt. It looks marvelous in a salt grinder ball, but other than that, it tastes like salt. I gave it as a gift to my husband along with a couple of other varieties and a grinder and he was pleased, mostly for the visual appeal.
I would have given a 5 if I had been able to discern any difference in flavor with this on my food.
261453261453B0061WLJSSA3T2KEXBIFK4KDL. Love "neuro"0051252368000Relieves anxiety and stress wellI've had this tea before and found it nice. Today, I had super-unpleasant work to do and have been having so much anxiety that I actually started thinking about benzodiazepines even though I am against taking such potentially addictive medication. With so much stuff going on, I had a day of actually trembling and having a bit of trouble working from anxiety and stress. I drank some of this tea and was simply amazed at how much calmer but still quite alert I felt. They do not make drugs this good.
261454261454B000QYHHMYA1XJIR0WUONGLLJanedoe "J.Doe"4411261699200This item was an embarrassment.I am totally embarrassed by this product. I sent to a friend back in the states, was a Christmas/thank you present for all his help while I am currently in Iraq. Imagine my horror when I am informed by my friend that the cheese was moldy, the items were expired, 2008 date, that he could not even eat anything in the gift. There were no nuts, just crackers. So I would not recommend this, or any other product from this seller. I am disappointed and embarrassed. And if you try to call you will just get voice mail, over and over.

Al Asad Iraq

The seller did refund this item for me, and are sending another basket, which I am hopeful will be better than the 1st one sent. I appreciate that they did this.
261455261455B0000GL1SEAB6IV1YFCZKQHTin Man0041343001600Good ProductUsed this kit to make my second attempt at Tamales. The pot was plenty big, the only thing the kit was missing was some string to tie up the tamales and a recipe would have been nice. Overall I am very happy with this product.

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