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261511261511B000K5Y3VCAAZJKUPXHN6P8Delayne C. Frohnapfel "DFroh"0151269216000Delicious!This is the real deal! This stuff is so good you will never want to do with out it!
261512261512B0043ZJ3DSA1PX2U2C97BIIIStephen D. Weiss0051338681600Wonderful Spicy Sauce for Dieters!S&B brand Extra Hot Golden Curry sauce compliments many foods with a delicious Curry taste! I think they make it in Mild, Medium Hot, Hot, and Extra Hot heat levels. I prefer Extra Hot but that is my particular taste. I highly recommend it to spice up dietetic bland foods such as Tofu or Tofu noodles. It will not raise your sugar or add significant calories. After eating two large bowls of Tofu Curry with this sauce for dinner my blood sugar tested only 70, and I've lost 45 pounds in 90 days! Look for recipes on the Web.

This is a delicious taste treat to add to your diet or regular meals!
261513261513B0043ZJ3DSASY82SYDMG18RParity Animal0051332460800Extra hot applies to the taste as well as the spiciness!I have not purchased this product on Amazon but I always keep it on hand. I love the extra hot, but it is also good in the milder varieties if you can't take the heat. I agree that this is one of the best curry mixes on the market. Very easy to prepare, very tasty, and you can pretty much add whatever vegetables you happen to like, along with your choice of protein.

I buy it in Asian groceries locally and can definitely recommend this product. Buying it in bulk this way can save you quite a bit on shipping as opposed to buying just a single pack from another vendor. Either way, it's a great product if you like curry sauce.

If you're not sure about the spicy heat level, try one of the milder versions first.

Five stars for the product.
261514261514B0043ZJ3DSA3741X4OP23DY4Nikki L. Sacre0051322784000Thanksgiving CurryThis is the best curry on the market. I prefer the extra hot but it is offered in milder versions which I have also used and enjoyed. If you like curry then this is the product for you not only delicious but easy to use. My Thanksgiving guests loved it, and it has been a tradition here at Thanksgiving for several years and will continue to be for a long time to come.
261515261515B000MGWEZQA2ZXT6MSWISDXTE. Harnish333351225324800Stevia ExtractI use stevia extract every day instead of sugar. This product is dependable. By the pound, it is far cheaper than the 1 ounce bottles sold in stores. I cook for diabetic people and this eliminates the sugar problem. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I will buy again.
For those unfamiliar with the amount to use - use 1/2 teaspoon of extract instead of 1 cup of granulated sugar.
261516261516B000MGWEZQA26NEQFG6FIBXHJ. R. Wilt262651215388800Excellant product - good priceNow makes an excellant product and amazon provides it at a very good price with prompt delivery. The trick to avoiding aftertaste with stevia powder is not to try to make the food too sweet. 1/16 of a teaspoon is enough for a 12 ounce cup of tea - sweet but not too sweet and no aftertaste. Use 1/8 of a teaspoon in 12 oz. of tean and the tea will taste as sweet as soda pop and the aftertaste will still be around an hour later.

I have been using this product as a sugar substitute for about a month (replacing aspartame - Equal) and recommend it without reservation.
261517261517B000MGWEZQA2INYBYIGCBU9TW. Raisch "Bill Raisch"212141232064000Now Stevia Extract 1 lb (28mg)The Now stevia is a good product. I buy it because it's the only one I've found that comes in a one pound container. We use a lot of Stevia as we've totally replaced sugar in our diets. The taste is OK but it's nothing to write home about. If you're buying for taste and that's your only consideration, buy Kal brand. It's the best tasting of any I've tried!
261518261518B000MGWEZQA3KQ9HS0D646J2Marta Bachynsky9931256688000Bad batch of SteviaStevia is kind of funny. Brands and batches vary. Sometimes you get a batch that isn't very sweet or has more of an aftertaste (bitterness). Usually, I only have to use 1/16 of a tsp of NOW Stevia to sweeten my morning coffee. The batch I received this time is weak, so I have to use twice as much. (Thank goodness it isn't bitter though.) So it goes with using a natural sweetener. The leaves from which this batch of stevia was extracted must not have had a very high concentration of rebaudiana. I strongly believe that the manufacturer should test out each batch made for quality before packaging it so customers aren't disappointed. Oh, well, better luck next time. I'll still use stevia as a sweetener (I use it in everything I need sweetened). I'm just going to wait a while before buying more NOW stevia until I'm fairly certain all of this batch has been sold.
261519261519B000MGWEZQA2WMD881MYFE6FDerrick P. Duehren "WriterMan"9951219363200Now's Stevia Extract is WonderfulI have been using Now's Stevia Extract for a year now and am totally satisfied. I like sugar, but not the fat. Nutra-Sweet and Equal have negative health issues and are expensive. I use Stevia in my iced tea, on my cerial, and I bake pies with it. Other than slightly clouding my tea, it tasts wonderfully sweet with no calories. I like buying it by the pound, and Amazon has the best price.

This "NOW Stevia powder" is good stuff and this among the most economical and user-friendly ways to buy Stevia.


Sweeter than sugar, that's what Stevia is, but that's not all.

Stevia has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in research involving healthy adults by increasing the secretion of insulin making Stevia useful for diabetics.

It also improves digestion and gastrointestinal function, and is useful for upset stomachs and to reduce gas and stomach acidity. Several recent studies have shown that it may improve the heart's muscle tone and promote the body's water loss. These properties are thought to contribute to lower blood pressure.

Stevia also has antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics. It's used for relieving bleeding gums, sore throats and cold sores in South America and Japan. Stevia has been shown to inhibit plaque formation and bacterial growth causing gum disease and tooth decay, and will not cause cavities. It may even reduce cravings for sweets which coupled with its lack of calories may be helpful in weight loss.


There is anecdotal evidence that Stevia is good for skin problems like acne, cold sores, dermatitis and eczema, and may speed up the healing of cuts and scratches. There have even been reports that Stevia may be useful as a contraceptive, but that has not yet been substantiated by research.


Most of all, Stevia, unlike the artificial sweeteners we put in everything from soda to psyllium does not come with any health warnings from the FDA, and it will probably do you no harm. However, Stevia has not been approved to be sold as a sweetener even though it is a NATURAL SWEETENER LIKE SUGAR. Nevertheless, Stevia has been approved [since 1994] to be sold as a dietary supplement in the United States.


Stevia can be substituted for sugar. It is a bit different tasting if one is use to sugar. I use it on many things where I can eliminate large amounts of honey and/or sugar such as;

1]- Herbal Tea, instead of sugar or honey.

2]- In multi-grain hot cereal, when you need to sweeten it, Stevia saves me a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of sugar per large bowl. In this case I just add about a teaspoon of honey and 1/8 teaspoon of stevia for the same effect. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar so use about 1/10th as much in place of sugar.

3]- Iced Tea.

4]- Pancakes, waffles and French Toast as a replacement for some maple syrup.


A standardized extract of 57 mg. containing 85% "steviocides" in a beverage, is what Doctor James A. Duke, suggests in his famous, "The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook".


I prefer Stevia in powder over the packets, as I can better measure, and use what I need for each individual use. Purchase Stevia in whatever form you are most comfortable using.

This "NOW" brand Stevia powder is an excellent product and a terrific value. "Planetary Formulas Stevia Powder 3.5 oz." is also excellent and it comes in a liquid as well. "Swanson" and "Nature's Way" are both excellent too, and have Stevia in powder, liquid and packets for convenient use. Any of the above choices are excellent, and I have used them all at one time or another, over the past 3-4 years on a daily basis.

261521261521B000MGWEZQA2T9XXFGPEYNSYMichael Collinson91011263427200Weak...I've been buying KAL stevia for awhile now with good results but now I decided to go cheap and buy 1 lb of this stuff thinking it would be pretty much the same. Nope... It's way weaker than KAL and takes 3-4x as much so even though I saved 50 percent I'll be wasting more money using more of the product. Oh well. I'll use it up and buy KAL again.
261522261522B000MGWEZQA2XLMZLZVJ9W9SD. Garza6651221350400Sweet!!We've been using Stevia Extract Powder for years and recommend it's use especially for people with diabetic conditions, or simply wanting to drop the calories from sugar use....The 1 pound price of $47 (NOW product), including shipping was fantastic... I would buy from them again and again. As usual, the product arrived professionally packed and intact..
261523261523B000MGWEZQA24XYW66HVTT46Deedee5551344902400my preferred sweetenerI have been a diabetic for almost forty years. I have tried many sweeteners over the years, some of which caused me some severe reactions. Years ago, I decided I preferred stevia. Lately I did another comparison between the different stevia brands. Better Stevia Organic in the packets is the one I decided to go with. I do not bake with sweeteners and eat very little baked goods since I am selective on how I expend my carb allowance. Mostly I just use the stevia in beverages. The organic stevia packets are lined with an inner seal, I suppose to keep it fresh and to keep it from getting hard. However when you hold the packet over a cup of hot beverage the stevia draws moisture and clings to the liner making it difficult to pour out. I simply add the stevia to my cup before I pour in the liquid. It also does not dissolve quickly in iced beverages. It takes a minute or two for it to completely dissolve. I like this Stevia Organic enough to deal with these issues. It does not have additional ingredients. It is just organic stevia and I like it that way.
261524261524B000MGWEZQA144ORAE2R291VNG in Boston3351261180800Great price, super sweet goodnessI love NOW's stevia extract, I put it in everything - tea, cereal, curries, stir fries, baking. There are no sugar carbs at all and it is 200 time sweeter than sugar so 1 lb goes a long way. The savings with a pound it amazing (compared to $10 for a very small container) and it seems to stay good for a long time, it takes me sometimes a year to finish it. Some people find that stevia leaves an aftertaste that do not care for so you may want to try a smaller bottle first if you have never tried it. Every brand supposedly is a little different so if you don't have good luck with one try another.
261525261525B000MGWEZQA2YD2BY0FHAI70Brett Hering3351246665600Now Stevia is Great!This Stevia is the best we have tried. We use it in our tea and now we can't stand the taste of real sugar in our tea. There is no bitter aftertaste like some stevia products we have tried. I highly recommend Now Stevia.
261526261526B000MGWEZQA2HUT1C1HVWUBDHeather E. Ingbretson "Dr Heather"3351215302400No aftertaste, no need to stirI've tried a lot of artificial sweeteners and several brands of Stevia and this is my favorite. There is no need to stir it like some with extra fiber and there is no aftertaste like many artificial sweeteners.
261527261527B000MGWEZQA332IXNLDMV2XRLadyfingers3351212192000Great stuff, fast serviceThe Stevia Extract arrived quickly and was much cheaper than what we get at the local health food store...even with the shipping. Good buy.
261528261528B000MGWEZQAIC2K3DS8U9M8Lisa in Alaska1115112423456001/10 as strong as other brands, won't disolve in HOT coffeeI've loved using NuStevia for 5 years.

I tried using this stevia instead. It's won't dissolve in HOT coffe.

It takes 9 packets of this brand instead of 2 packets of other brands.

Customer service refuses to pay for me to ship this back to them.

Do not waste your money on this diluted, non-disolving stevia. It's cheaper to buy a more concentrated brand that will disolve in coffee.
261529261529B000MGWEZQA512KKW5T4R37Tracy Smith2251273622400Vanilla SteviaIt is sweet and zero calories and good for you and your coffee. What more could you ask for? The delivery was fast and the price was reasonable. I'm a happy camper :)
261531261531B000MGWEZQA2LI3YC6MDO1CQMel2251271980800Great for diabeticsMy father is diabetic and he uses this product a lot. It works well with maintaining his sugar levels
261532261532B000MGWEZQA3OQFFQGYUCZO1Sharon J. Nogle2251268438400strength of steviaIt took me a long time to find a super concentrated product at an affordable price. I do a lot of baking and needed something like this!
261533261533B000MGWEZQA2NP3K6XQA4L23C. Huard2251267833600nice product steviaI am happy with this product. I think it would be nice if the flavor was a bit stronger but it still does the job. Stevia is controversial health wise however so you should really do your reasearch however, if you are okay with that then this is a great buy
261534261534B000MGWEZQA2AU81HMVOLJXVHugh E. Ramsdell Jr.2251260057600bulk stevia packetsPurchasing stevia packets, 1000 at a time saves a little money, but the best part is getting them from Amazon which streamlines the ordering and delivering process. Thanks, Amazon!
261535261535B000MGWEZQA3U9OGMMADJFZJV. Ferrell2251254700800Great sugar alternative.This is the best-tasting stevia I have found...and the least expensive per ounce way to purchase it! I use this mostly in beverages, hot or cold.
261536261536B000MGWEZQADAWGY31CTJ1HSusan Graye "bunni"2251252281600Stevia sweetenerGreat price. Fast shipping. Be aware of this alternative to sugar. Plant based, no calories, no carbs, no artificial ingredients, no chemicals!
261537261537B000MGWEZQA3PQM4QOAEM9GLinda "Leela"2251244073600Very Satisfied CustomerI was so happy to find the Stevia Packets in bulk. I know that buying bulk saves me money and in this economy, I need to save money. The package came in record time and I've been completely satisfied all the way around. I will definitely be buying from this same party, again.
261538261538B000MGWEZQA21I6JIITGWD7BValentine Baby2251226534400Good value over store bought.Originally, we bought pkts from the grocery store.They seemed to have more filler than these. They not only cost less, but are more oncentrated. Want to try White Stevia next time.
261539261539B000MGWEZQAZSA0PFRKSMOES. C. Gartland2211172880000All natural, but tastes badI guess if you like Stevia, it's the best way to go. I just hate the plastic, chemical taste -- certainly doesn't TASTE all natural! I ruined two or three cups of coffee using this stuff. But if you like it, it's a good deal.
261540261540B000MGWEZQA3DV8VDX9SAHWDMaverick "Empire Builder"2251165363200Mixes Easy and Taste Just like sugar!It mixes very easy and tastes great without an aftertaste. I highly recommend it.

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