Amazon Fine Food Reviews

261601261601B000LKXHXQA1FHMOWCQLP1BOJulie Graham0051348012800Old Wessex Scottish OatsThis is a product which for me is hard to obtain where I live so am thrilled that Amazon offers it. When it is cooked up, it remains in recognizable oats where many other brands become a gummy mush. The flavor is great and it meets one of my calcium requirements. Great oats!!
261602261602B000LKXHXQA11TUNN7Y79S1Lmuscoloso0051344470400Old Wessex Porridge OatsThe oats are delicious, and the best I've tasted. I have been ordering it by the case for at least 6 months, and am pleased with the delivery service. What I don't understand is why the product price was increased by almost $10. That seems to be quite steep, and it is a disappointment to see that Amazon has chosen to do this.
261603261603B000LKXHXQA12U5S1IEF1KFIGayle Sicchitano0051334620800Warms the soulThese oats bring a spirit to breakfast that warms the soul. I have found that letting them soak overnight shortens the cooking time and creates a texture that is easy on the tongue and taste buds. They mix well with fruit and nuts to provide what a body needs to start the day no matter what season. Do yourself a favor and get some of these healthy oats for yourself and your family, especially if you love them and want to keep them around.
261604261604B000LKXHXQAFYGWR6M7DO9Tamelia d. becke0051317859200Best price for Old Wessex OatsThis oatmeal has excellent texture and tastes great whether you cook it in the microwave or on the stove. Buying it in bulk from this supplier offers the best value for your dollar that I have been able to find.
261605261605B000LKXHXQAKJFSR1UPUARTKaren B0051316995200Best Scottish oatmeal on the planet!I can't say enough how much I love this Scottish oatmeal! It is so nutritious and delicious, I eat it everyday.
261606261606B000LKXHXQA3DJSSKBSIR4ORsue0051288051200.wonderful oatmeal = I have never been able to find a substitute and iti is not available in my area. I have been ordering it for several years but the last 2 orders arrived damaged. Several containers had burst open. I will not be able to continue ordering it.
261607261607B000LKXHXQAHXTPL0CTAY83Stephen Millich0051286496000Old Wessex Scottish Porridge OatsThis is the best oatmeal I have ever tasted. Try cooking it with golden raisins, blueberries, and maple syrup with a pinch of salt. You won't be disappointed.
261608261608B000LKXHXQA1CF5G1SSXUC0FMillburnMike0051257638400Great for MuesliThese oats are terrific for muesli (and cooked oatmeal too) since they are not flattened out like many others. Besides consistency, they have a wonderful taste.
261609261609B000LKXHXQA1LYYGVSU6U923M. Simon0051246233600Great qualityExcellent quality of oats, very hearty, grains aren't broken down like most store bought long cook oats.
261610261610B000LKXHXQAQWFEWOUIEIUKWiz "AD"0051242604800This is Like Grandma Used to Make ...Old Wessex Ltd. Scottish Oatmeal, 18.5 Ounce Canister (Pack of 12) This is the one you have been looking for, if you love your oatmeal like grandma used to make 50 years ago. The oats are thicker and not rolled so thin that they turn to a non desrcript goo after cooking. I've tried them all ... Jolly Quakers to expensive tins and health food isles. Stop your search and try this one on a cold winters morning. You will not be disappointed. I now buy mine by the case.
261611261611B000LKXHXQA27T16TLWDURT9B T R "book worm"0331318896000Good oats at twice the cost of Walmart rolled oatsI eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. Nutritionally the Old Wessex brand is identical to Walmart's Great Value Old Fashioned Rolled Oats. The price of the Old Wessex oats is $2.42 a pound and the Walmart oats cost $1.14 a pound. So my yearly cost for Wessex is $106.50 and for Great Value it is $50.16. Thus the Old Wessex oats cost $56.34 more per year. The Old Wessex oats definitely taste better, no question about that. But do I want to spend $56.34 more per year for the identical nutrition? I don't choose to spend that extra money.
261612261612B000BHCAJGAH5JKIB5TSG4JJ. Montgomery121251328745600Really fun and well made!These are well made, with nice crisp shapes. I had a hard time envisioning how much volume 3 lbs represented, so if this helps anyone...these completely filled an 8 x 5 x 3 inch box. I had enough to give a generous amount (maybe 1/2 to 3/4 cup) in each of 12 goodie bags. And if anyone is looking for ideas, I put these in flat white bakery bags, folded the tops down and then printed a little round label with a picture of lego blocks to seal them.
261613261613B000BHCAJGAU615LTQM8WMPAnna de la Garza6651323302400Great novelty itemA lot of people complained about the taste so I expected them to taste bad, but they taste fine, and the kids loved them. They are a great party pleaser. A 3 lb box was enough for me to do 25 or so gift bags with about 20 blocks each.
261614261614B000BHCAJGAEMO460KOXCXCThumper "John"4451184284800I has to be hardNo, this isn't the best candy in the world (think candy necklace vs. fine chocolates) but the point is it's fun. The candy must be hard so that it will actually work as building blocks (yes, you can pick your structures up, and they'll hold together). They're harder than a sweetart, but softer than a jawbreaker. If you suck on them, it isn't a problem.
261615261615B000BHCAJGA3OEMOMOBDWD81Melissa S.7911293494400Beware! Comes in a clear bag with no labelVERY disappointed! These came in a clear plastic bag with NO label. No ingredient list and NO info on where the candy was manufactured. The candy arrived in broken pieces and the bag was full of powder.
261616261616B000BHCAJGA29JBIXCDI78XKmommyautumn2251326499200really impressed!!Just received this candy in the mail today and I an super impressed!! The seller shipped it on the day I ordered it. I am having a lego party for my son and this filled up 25 bags with enough left to decorate cupcakes for his classroom treat. My son is so excited to give them to his friends. We tasted them and they are a little harder then a sweet tart but my 5 and 6 year olds didn't have a problem and they thought they were delicious!! I figured there would be some broken pieces from shipping but I only found 1 broken piece. They are well made and well packaged!!
261617261617B000BHCAJGA30ZKP21ELEUQZJeanne Harper2251325980800a big hit!Like so many other boys my son just had to have a Lego birthday party for his 6th. I first saw these candy at a hotel gift shop so I thought maybe I would find them here and sure enough here they are. They are amazing! We used them on top of cupcakes and we gave each kid a small bag of them to take home. They were such a big hit! You can actually build with them which is just so much fun and they are really yummy too! I highly recommend these candy. They also arrived it great shape and quickly, Thanks!
261618261618B000BHCAJGA3QF1DN8PA045QDJCinNC "DJCinNC"2251306368000Great for Lego PartyI ordered these Lego-like candy from for my son's 9th Lego birthday party. What a treat. My son was so excited to have these because he could finally eat his creations. He even helped decorate his own cake by putting these lovely blocks on it. I ordered the 3lb bag and it was more than enough for the "guess how many candy in the jar" guessing game, as well as for the take home treat bags. The guests all loved being able to eat their towers. I would certainly buy these again and I highly recommend them.
261619261619B000BHCAJGA39E7IWNHY62JTLG "family"4551254355200Lego type candy building blocks...B-day party fun!Lego theme Party loved it!

The kids at my son's 7th Birthday loved these sweet-tart flavored, stackable, Lego-like candies, perfect for kids parties.

My Son had a Lego themed B-day party and as the kids stragled in I sat them at the table and gave them a bag(labeled with names) of these block candies. They busied themselves with building and eating. When everyone arrived I set a timer and had them build the talest stack of candy they could by the time the buzzer went off. The party started off with the apparent Lego theme, an activity, a game, and leftovers for the goodie bag! I would buy them again....I did not buy from this particular company.
261620261620B000BHCAJGA2EKMYB3X3OJN3E&1141297036800Awesome addition for my son's 6th Birthday
261621261621B000BHCAJGA3HN37JL43QJYFT. Gores0051350604800Lego candyThe Lego candy was aswesome. It was for my sons 8th birthday party. I used it to decorate cupcakes and the rest was given to the guests.The kids loved how it tastes and how it sticks together like real legos. I would definitely purchase this again!
261622261622B000BHCAJGA11RSJB7C5FXK5Patterson "Patterson"0051346976000Great, huge hit!These candies taste better than I expected, build well, the kids loved it, excellent addition to our lego party. 3 lbs is less than you would expect, but still enough that all the kids got some to take home and some was used decoratively, and we still have some left.
261623261623B000BHCAJGA180GEDSJS6LR6Celeste0011343952000Love the blox hate the product infoI purchased these for my son's 5th birthday party because they fit his Lego theme perfectly and he was really excited to get them. The blox were so neat however my son has a severe allergy to both milk and egg and the product came with no allergy information or ingredient list. So I figured I would scan the code on the package and go to their website and get the information there, nope no allergy information there either. I bought a product that I can't give to my child for his birthday tomorrow because I don't know if it will kill him or not. I am really amazed that between Amazon, the companies website, and the packaging that none of them have allergy info. Big fail.
261624261624B000BHCAJGA2VQUJ84ZPT27SJSB7270051342742400Looks much better than the photoI ordered this one hoping that the blox were solid colors, not varied, pastel, and weird as shown in the photo, and I was very pleased when I opened the package. They're blue, green, yellow, and red... just what I wanted. I didn't see any broken ones (just a little candy powder). And they do indeed stack together. I can't wait to use these for my son's lego-themed birthday party. I haven't tasted them yet, but the taste is actually not as important to me. Very happy with the colors, stack-ability, size, and shape.
261625261625B000BHCAJGA16W2JGI6M0K6Mom0051340323200Buy ItThis is a fantastic product. The kids were amazed by candy that can be used as legos! I saw some reviews that said the taste was bad and/or too hard but I haven't found any kids in that camp. I was so glad that I bought it and I will buy again. It was the rave of our party.
261626261626B000BHCAJGAOAY3NDMEILV9Amber0051333411200Hit of the party!!!These lego candies are wonderful! Used them for my grandson's Lego themed birthday party. They were the hit of the party with both kids and parents. Looked great as cake decorations too! Order arrived ahead of scheduled date. These were a great find!
261627261627B000BHCAJGA3MUHJA9KZL25VRon0051326240000lego candy reviewcandy was shipped quickly to our home and was received with great anticipation
by our grandson. He enjoyed using the lego-like candy blox to build walls and
other inventions. Very realistic candy and much enjoyed to work with
261628261628B000BHCAJGAAKI8PG1QG5ZTN. Binford Suazo "NikandVic"0051323820800Lego CandyMy six year old wanted to have a Lego birthday party. I was wanting to make Lego cup cakes and this candy was the perfect topper. I can also say that this company made sure I received the candy in time for the party.
261629261629B000BHCAJGAY8TSAH15CO87LuLi40041315872000Great for Lego birthday partyI ordered these for the treat bags for my son's Lego-themed birthday party. The kids built with them and then ate them. They are very cute and tastee good too.
261630261630B000BHCAJGAN50UU61XIX3RParty mom1241260403200For fun...maybe not foodPurchased these blocks for my son's Lego birthday party and used them for a tower building event. The blocks were good quality and you can easily stack them up. They were a big hit. They are definitely solid. I did not allow my child to eat them- he doesn't like candy anyhow. Older children seemed to like the candy though. Quick shipping and decent price. At the local candy store they were selling this for three times the amount online. Was able to use the blox candy as party favors.

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