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261641261641B00016JGZIA2E3N4N1Z3ZHS9B. E. Worman "ewrose"3351265414400Fresh! Fast! Yummy!Great find! This is one of those things you can't find in the market.
Makes a great brittle! Fresh and favorful.
261642261642B00016JGZIA1SUNPOMN09IJNDenise Kelley2251284940800I use this in everythingI love this coconut, and we use in all kinds of things. If you think it is to dry, try soaking it in a bit of milk or water and it will be fine. We like it in oatmeal, yum.
261643261643B00016JGZIA2J4LBOA2ZLQ7QR. Friberg "CroneWynd"0031348099200A bit on the Dry SideTaste pretty average, and a little bit dry.

Okay for some uses, or for eating plain, but I have had better.
261644261644B00016JGZIA36J3H8L314Y5Vjenny spam0051327449600Delicious..great snack idea and not feel guiltyCoconut has it most healing nutrition in it's flesh but they are hard to come by so this is a great way of eating it...coconut has mid chain fatty acid which means it doesn't store as fat in your body but directly converted to energy reduce liver burden ..I like to snack on them even when I was on a strict diet ... However I d like to see whether it's organic or not ..but the price is unbelievably good ...
261645261645B00016JGZIA1ERJ03KMWOPC2Dave M.1241280361600No sugar, good quality.The product is very dry. If you're okay with that, then buy it. Good quality.
261646261646B000LQLMVYAGPCMCQ9NX54YHorner Sales Inc.4451294531200Hungry Hungry HippoI love these little guys. They are highly addictive and one is just never enough. It has a perfect blend of crispy wafer, cocoa, and milk. It is like a party in your mouth. Yum....yum
261647261647B000LQLMVYA2DZ3GH0B3NLMYMartyman2251316131200Kinder Happy Hippo are awesome!This is one treat you can not get enough of. I first brought a box home a few years ago from Germany for my family and it did not last long after the first one was tasted. I was never sure how to get more until I found more on Amazon. The rest of the story is history. I have bought a few more cases since for home use and presents. One item to look out for is the shipping charges, it ranges from $9-$35 dollars for a single package to a case.(stateside vendors)
Everyone should try at least one pack!
261648261648B000LQLMVYA1N81CAHQOOHZBeml871151310947200love hippos!these hippos are amazing! if you haven't tried them yet you should, they have an amazing crispy outside that reminds me of an ice cream cone and the inside is smooth milk and chocolate flavored cream, i'm addicted which is why I ordered so many! you will not be sorry!
261631261631B000BHCAJGA5VMU9MEDWK34shanti hyde "shan"2811142294400"rock" candyew, i really hated this candy, but my sister always bought it. this crap always made me feel like i was trying to chew rocks. i swear if it was an harder it could've porbably broke my teeth.
261632261632B003DA54O6A3CS1XEKB15MKLWalter Hutto "golf nut"1131297382400Pig ear reviewI used to buy pig ears packaged by Hartz from Sams Club. They have not been available recently, hence this purchase The pig ears through Amazon are smaller, fewer to the package and far more expensive than the Sams product. Even though my dogs like them, I will no longer buy them.
261649261649B000LQLMVYA1MJY6AUBH3FN5bstreamss1151295827200Delish!I found these candies when I was overseas and they are AWESOME! They are so cute you almost won't want to eat them but once you bit into the waffer with the creamy chocolate inside... you will be hooked. I actually bought a box of 28 before I left and gave them to friends for christmas as a treat... everyone LOVED them! My husband even ate one after putting it in the fridge and he liked it better cold. either way you can't go wrong with these cute little evil hippos!
261633261633B003DA54O6A1NA8VBHIFTDCNPam Leach0051344124800Great doggie treats!My dog was crazy about these treats! She hounded me every day until I gave one to her...but only one. They're quite large and seem to be of good quality.
261650261650B000LQLMVYATW422NPSV0U2KMN19622351287532800Great Item, Great Service!Kinder Happy Hippos are addicting! They were delivered quickly and in perfect condition! I'm very happy with my whole experience!
261634261634B003DA54O6A3QQUSYWC5DO1Klmcpoodles "lmcpoodles"0011336780800much too greasyThat pretty much says it all. I couldn't even stand touching them. I've bought pigs ears for decades and these are the most greasy I've ever tried.
261651261651B000LQLMVYA31Y6MYPLJBPV3L. A. Mott "xena0056"2351242000000Happy Hippos are GREAT!!!!Seller was prompt with delivery. Received in great condition in less than 7 days. Will definitely purchase again!
261652261652B000LQLMVYANW271NJQLOVSB. Horrocks2351198368000The Hippo'sI got what i wanted in a reasonable time period. Could not ask for more. Thanks
261635261635B003DA54O6A29GWIJL72GXXZjon1230051325808000much smalller than regular pigs ears - my dog says .. OMG THESE ARE EVEN BETTER TASTING ..... YUMMMMMMMMMMMy human opinion - these are gross, greasy and nasty dog treats that are a part of a once living animal and disgust me out to no end .....

Translated into "dog" .... ONE OF THE BEST EVER TREATS I'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN .....

The crazed look of excitement in his eyes when I pull one out is unbelievable. My dog REALLY LOVES THESE!

As for being smaller than regular pigs ears - I actually think that's almost a good thing. Pigs ears are so fatty, greasy and not good for dogs in large quantities and certainly contribute to any weight problems dogs usually have.

Also, due to a heart condition I suffer from, it is physically impossible for me not to respond to my baby dog's face when he wants a treat (my baby - a massive APBT who is the sweetest full grown baby of a dog).

Because of my own heart condition, I don't want to over feed/treat my dog, and make him suffer from being overweight because of my own physical needs .... so the smaller size is better.
261653261653B000LQLMVYA34J3I8O0QRVTPStarscream0051345507200Fast Shipping, Packaged WellFirst off let me start by saying these Happy Hippos can be very addictive! If you've never tried one...BEWARE, you WILL eat more than one! You have been warned! Secondly, this product only took six days to ship to my APO, and surprisingly enough, the box was not damaged. It was packaged very well. Thank you! I will definitely order from this seller again.
261636261636B003DA54O6A6RNJ56NUVRC4M070051318291200Pig Ears for our Baby Shar-PeiReceived this order in 2 to 3 days, very IMPRESSIVE! They were excellet quality, very fresh, good and greasy and big. Also said 3 pack and received 6. Shar-pei LOVED THEM!!!! Highly recommend.
261654261654B000LQLMVYA2LE6N6OAOPXEQMohawk Mike0041342224000The BESTI found these at a market during my first visit to Germany a few years back. I loved them so much I brought a few boxes home and people would always flip out over how great they taste. Being able to order them by the case load is a must because they go so fast! I'm docking them a star based on cost.
261637261637B003DA54O6A1H7HVTVD60SIPSyd0051315008000I'll be going through a lot of these!My puppy is ALL about these! She chewed through one in a week and is halfway through her second after only 2 days (and for the record, she's a 5-lb schnoodle, not a big dog) I suspect I'll be buying a lot of these in my future
261655261655B000LQLMVYA3FBXJMLO7839EB47Stratojet0051341964800Happy Hippos make everyone who eats them, happy!O.K. in the category of calorie-laden, sinful things that should not be allowed on Planet Earth---The Happy Hippos are right up there with Marsmallow/chocolate Smore's, Mickey Mouse Chocolate Ears ice cream bars, Chocolate Fountains at Fancy restaurants with Strawberries on a stick, Bubble-Gum Ice Cream, and Cotton Candy, etc. etc. If you are a fan of unreal creamy chocolate/hazelnut flavor and "Ferraro-Roche"-esque crunchy flakey bon-bons, then you'll go bonkers for Happy Hippos! I discovered these on an Asian Foods website of all Places (They are actually from Europe/Great Britain I think?) and bought a box for my Daughter. She went nuts over them, so I bought a case of ten (50 Hippos total-five to a pack) from They aren't a frozen treat, they're like little puffed cookies (Three chambers in a row hooked together) with creamy filling inside and wonderful crunchy flakes stuck all over the bottom. I took them to work to let my co-workers try them and it almost caused a Happy Hippo Riot!! Every single person who eats one usually goes, "OMG!!" and then they immediately want to know WHERE I got them. Try a box and you'll be hooked for life. Don't say I didn't warn you, as Happy Hippos are VERY addicting and can cause irrational behavior in grown men and women!
261638261638B004KFHGUIAZPNGIE2WGOCWrose56petal0051350432000Good experienceEverything came as it should have and the flour is what I expected. I use this flour in all my gluten-free recipes. Shipping was on time and no damage to the box. Recommend this product for your gluten-free needs.
261639261639B00016JGZIA3VDQD94VOMAXARuth M. Neidlinger7741239321600Good product for a good priceThis is a style of coconut I can't find in stores. I love this for home-made granola or mixing in trail mixes. I appreciate that it is free of sulphites (which I am allergic to), unlike most coconut preparations.
261656261656B000LQLMVYA2F8MS9EP611SOjoe g.0051340668800addictingi bought these after visiting Germany and having a few of these. they are amazing. completely addicting. my wife loves them and was very pleased to have them in the house
261640261640B00016JGZIA88USYRFGDUTKK. Simmons4441332201600A Chip Off the Ole CoconutSince going Primal (The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy (Primal Blueprint Series)), I've been incorporating healthier fats into my diet, including coconut. I bought this because it contains no added sugar, has a decent price, and I was able to get one pound instead having to buy multiple packages (many of the other brands have to be purchased in bulk).

Because of the fat content in coconut, I store these chips in the freezer. The chips are 3/8" wide and the longest pieces I've found are about 1.5". The chips are similar in size and shape to pencil shavings from a sharpener. One pound, for me, was about 8 cups. The coconut tastes good - like coconut - but I do find that the flavor is a bit more subtle than some unsweetened shaved coconut I also have. That could be a result of the sulfites in the shredded coconut (that I did not purchase from Barry Farms - just the supermarket). The coconut is dried - obviously - and quite brittle. If you pinch a bit between your fingers to pop in your mouth, they'll crack. Once in your mouth, they'll get almost chewy when they rehydrate bit. Overall, I'm pleased with the purchase but might try a different brand next time just to be able to compare the flavor.
261657261657B000LQLMVYA6YEAHCVOHKWMToothslueth0051339977600Hungry Hungry HipposThese are a great little treat for the kids....and even the adults. It is hard not to eat fewer than two at a time. Very addicting and they arrived very fresh.
261658261658B000LQLMVYA1HOXKR7OKJ1X1L. R. Dana-kirby "Leslie Dana Kirby"0051339113600Perfect taste combination!I fell in love with these delightful candies when a friend brought them back from a trip to Germany. A perfect combination of hazelnut chocolate, cream, and crispy wafer. They are adorably cute as they resemble little hippos. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but this is a wonderful flavor combination and a tasty little treat.
261659261659B000LQLMVYA19GQDOCO9DUBYMaineMeem0041335398400Amazingly decadent.I tried these little hippos for the first time while on a trip to Germany and kicked myself for not bringing boxes of them home for gifts. Despite the cute little hippo design of the treat itself, this is not chocolate for the palate of little kiddies. This is not to say that the kids won't love them, because they absolutely will, but this is the kind of chocolate you savor with each bite. So buy the kiddos a Hershey bar and save this for yourself when you want to treat yourself to something special or just need comfort chocolate.

The only disappointment was receiving these with an expiration date that gave me about a month to either eat them or give them away as gifts. I bought an entire case (10 boxes of five hippos) and had hoped to give them away gradually over a few months time for birthdays or special ocassions...if I didn't eat them all myself, anyway. I know that they don't have artificial colors, preservatives or hydrogenated fats, so they have a shorter shelflife, but since I still had two months shelflife on the packages I did bring back from Germany, I just assumed I'd get product with at least a couple of months to go. I'm eating one as I write this, and its very delicious though outdated, but I'm still disappointed because gifting now includes having to explain that even though the expiration date has gone by, they're still awesome. Awkward. Considering that each one of these little suckers has 119 calories, at this point, I'm really trying to control the urge to just eat through the hippos I have left so as not to waste them. :o) Treadmill, here I come!
261660261660B000LQLMVYA35W8EV26NG2ZMChristina0051332892800DELICIOUSTried these hippos for the first time while i was deployed, they had them in our PX..i fell in love with them. I ordered a 5 pack and was only left craving i ordered a 50 pack from Amazon thinking i would share with my friends. If you don't have some serious self control be careful.If you eat too many of these, you will feel alot less happy and alot more like a hippo..feeling sick, bloated, and ill..but i wont let that hinder the greatness of this's the perfect balance of sweet,creamy,rich,crunchy but they are addicting!

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