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261661261661B000LQLMVYA346Y5ALCXC448Steven A. Jackson0151327449600Steve JacksonMy grandmother just gave me one of these, I am now hooked. I will probably be ordering a case, and give them out to my friends.
261662261662B001EO5UJWAUITG1DJ3QUGKE. Swope6641326067200Very smooth, but does not taste like Ethiopian :(I ordered the Equal Exchange Organic Ethiopian Coffee after receiving a notice (prior to my subscription shipment) that the price had gone up on the Coffee Masters Gourmet Coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) , a coffee I discovered after a long search and many pounds of not very good coffee. The price on the equal exchange was about 15-20% lower; what i had been paying for the other when I subscribed, and had a lot of good reviews so I thought I would give it a try.

It is a nice smooth mild and non-acidic coffee *BUT* it does not have the distinctive taste of Ethiopian, or any African coffee I have tried. I love African coffee. In fact, the only reason I am ordering coffee is that noone brings African coffees into Hawaii :( :( For many years I had Single Origin Coffees Tanzanian Gombe Reserve - Whole Bean 10 oz on subscription, but then they raised shipping to $30 making it impractical. I first tried Coffee Bean Direct Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean Coffee, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) which was either burned, or poor quality beans; tasted burned and left a bitter aftertaste. I had a similar experience with their Kenya reserve, and so with 10 pounds of bad coffee in my freezer tentatively tried a sampler Coffee Masters Around The World In Twelve Coffees Variety Pack, 1.5-Ounce Packets (Pack of 12) and was very impressed with the quality and roast, and so ordered several of their single origin whole bean. All of them were very nice and it has been my roaster of choice here (I have several of their ocffees on subscription) until the price hike.

However, I would say that this coffee in no way compares. I read the bag, revisited the site to see if it is a blend. It is not described as such, but I doubt that in a blind taste test anyone familiar with these coffees would identify it as Ethiopian, or even African. I does not have the choclatey undertones or floral scent In many ways it reminds me more of Kona (i live in Hawaii, and have ready access but do not like Kona coffee; mild, smooth but non-descript, in my opinion. It is, however, everywhere here and part of the reason we do not get nice varietals from other lands). For me, this coffee is a big disappointment.

If you are just looking for a smooth, non-acidic coffee you will probably like this. If you are anything of an aficionada, like African coffee, or Ethiopian in particular, are looking for those distinctive notes, the chocolate flavor for which Ethiopian coffees are known.... you will not find it here. I am glad, that at this juncture I am not in the same place I was when I got the poor roast from coffee bean direct. i do have a good option, know where to find a nice Ethiopian. I just have to accept paying more, or maybe get it less often :( But in my opinion the Coffee Masters Gourmet Coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) is vastly better.

I gave this coffee 4 stars because it is still a nice coffee, well roasted: a light roast, not burnt or acidic... but also not distinguishable as Ethiopian coffee.
261663261663B001EO5UJWA2649MC4FURNN7ARRRRR "working math major"4551203465600Love this coffeeI love love love this coffee! It's rich, bold, and very seductive in taste. This is my second shipment of it and I can say that it has become my favorite coffee. I wish amazon would sell the 5lb bulk bags but I will live with it sold like this.
261664261664B001EO5UJWACAWXQAPYASGXC. Ray1151342310400great coffee...great causeThis coffee was not only organic, delicious and full bodied, it also is fairly traded. This ensures that the small growers of the coffee beans get a fair price for the coffee and are not exploited by large companies who make all of the profit. I have been a big fan of fairly traded coffee for many years now. Equal Exchange is a great product and a great concept.
261665261665B001EO5UJWA24PLKK1VXTRREC. Woodcock1151278720000Great CoffeeReally great coffee
261666261666B001EO5UJWA2NTVJ5OJQ5XWBJ. Warner0011348272000Same as a truck stopThe harsh headline is not because I'm mean...I just wish the stuff would have tasted like I expected an African coffee to taste like. The best coffee I ever had by far was African Kitamu by Starbucks, and it has been discontinued. Took a chance here and wasted $30 on three bags. I actually used my local purchase the next morning - it was that muddy tasting.
261667261667B001EO5UJWA2UG3VUMHRMGEVEric Bierker0041330819200Roasting is the DifferenceHere is what I am thinking about this coffee. The roasting seems darker than any other Ethiopian I have ever had. I think that reduces the distinctive African flavor of the brew, making the more flavorful aspects less distinctive. I taste and smell those aspects of Ethiopian in this roasting yet it is definitely been subdued. That is not a good thing in my book. Green Mountain Roasters Ethiopian Organic and Fair Trade is a lighter roast. I really prefer that. If you compare the beans side by side, this coffees' beans are darker and shinier. Not to the point of Starbucks but definitely in that direction. The local supermarket which carried it is now greatly reducing its GMRoasters stock for some reason. So, I am trying to find a replacement. As a an espresso, I can taste more of the characteristic flavors of Ethiopian. I am drinking it now and it is pretty good.
261668261668B001EO5UJWA2332NJKWISLJNflor de lis "finicky shopper"0031330473600OK but not greatI had high expectations for this coffee, a fan that I am of African blends. It is very drinkable, but it has a mildly "musty" and bland flavor. Good for a change, but not an all around keeper.
261669261669B001EO5UJWA223LADW0KW386julio medeiros0051329264000Amazing Ethiopian CoffeeVery nice coffee, taste as a coffee with a cacao flavor in the background. I really recomend this product to those people who like to drink a real coffee.
261670261670B001EO5UJWA1PNM0909RELHHM. Brooker1251279756800Great coffeeIt took awhile for it to be delivered, about 2 weeks, but was worth it. Not sure if the delay is normal, maybe they only keep limited stock and turn it over quickly so you get fresh tasting coffee and not one that has been sat on the shelf for an age.

I use the coffee with a Cafetière (French press), course ground, so my comments are for this.

The coffee is rich, dark and chocolately, at times I had the after taste of a good dark chocolate left on my palette, hmmmm...nice, and not bitter at all.

I'm no coffee connoisseur, but got fed up with the drip machines not delivering the taste I like, so I went back to using the Cafetière, which I had been using for many years in the UK (I'm now living in the US). I will try the coffee in the drip machine just for comparison, but the coffee taste so good from the Cafetière I'm in no hurry to check!
261671261671B001EO5UJWA6M8DY3YHMVCPDiana G1251267574400I recommend it - good coffeeI bought this while trying out different coffees to use with my new machine and grinder. It's a nice dark roast without being acid-y. And it has this slight spice finish to it that is really unusual and very nice. I'll definitely buy it again (once I get through the three bags - a good value).
261672261672B001EO5UJWA1F9Y2OYHNAZ4MCourtenay Bratten1251243987200If you like it rich and dark, you'll love it!I love love love this coffee - the french roast is just as fantastic. If you like rich and dark coffee, you will love this. I am also a huge fan of the organic/fair trade perks that goes along with it! Worth every penny!
261673261673B001EO5UJWA26CZB9RL9K68YDonna Conn1251240876800BETTER THAN STARBUCKS!I love this coffee and have bought it about three times now. It comes in 3 12oz packages. It's full bodied without the acidic aftermath. It tastes better than the Starbucks I usually buy. I like that it's fair trade because when third world coffee growers are paid a fair price, they are less likely to have to put children to work. I like that's it's organic because if I wanted to ingest chemicals and polutants, I would move to L.A. and inhale (I've already done that). I'd highly recommend this coffee to all serious coffee drinkers and even those who aren't.
261674261674B001EO5UJWA2OLDBDYHP7TQODCBRENNANS0221324339200I wanted to like it...I really liked the idea of this coffee but unfortunately it is just not good coffee. The taste is bitter. Sorry!
261675261675B0029JZ5UAA36P53MEZSA9N1Fred Fandango0051348358400I Pour It on Creme of Wheat and Oatmeal It is My Secret Weapon for French Toast
261676261676B001A3IEUEA3J3JKXHH0SR0XThe Book Lady "companion_books"0051268179200Great Big Jar of Red Pepper !!!Such value for the money. You don't realize how big a 22-ounce jar is until you have it open in front of you. A lifetime of chile. Enough to put in little jars and share with friends.
261677261677B000I05WK0A32U5PB667O5D3Darlyene Williams0051281484800ExcellentThe prune filling is very good. I will order it again. It was shipped on time and packaged well.
261678261678B000I05WK0A2QIFUD8NOP4ULLoveshopVA0031276214400Pretty good bakingI tried this product only because I couldn't get the one I'm used to and found it to be harder to use in my baking since I was making cookies. It probably is better for cakes.
261679261679B000RE5N5QA1YPRLAFZLSAS0Dan Van6651200096000Great for a convenient cup of coffee!I have a small single cup coffee maker for those times when I need a quick cup of coffee but don't want a whole pot. All right, that doesn't happen very often - I can usually handle a whole pot. But when I want a quick cup, I don't want to be grinding beans, getting out a filter and going through all the same steps as making a whole pot. These filter packs are the perfect solution at a great price! The coffee is almost as good as Starbucks for a fraction of the price.
261680261680B000RE5N5QAQBDJXDVBWW8SWilliam Rossini4441223251200Island Blend CoffeeGreat tasting coffee a good deal for your money, many different blends to choose from. Goes great with my 4 cup coffee maker when I'm on the road
261681261681B000RE5N5QA27K3YEEHL76U9Bill Mims1111222128000Mountain Blend Coffee 4 Cup Filter PackCoffee is very weak,I have to use 3 packs to make 4 cups of coffee.
261682261682B000RE5N5QA3GB38MC6ZSGPDNStory1151193875200Excellent convenienceVery satisfied. It was delivered earlier than expected. I bought this so my elderly mother wouldn't have to mess with loose coffee grounds. She loves the convenience and the taste. I will be ordering more.
261683261683B000RE5N5QA36799MFLN1DWVkriscraft0051344643200easy coffeeI like just dropping the filter pack (or two or three)in my coffee pot, filling the water chamber... tasty coffee- no mess.
261684261684B000RE5N5QA3HXT4P8NFA3KCRobert "Okc spike"0031344384000Drinkable, not greatThis coffee is ok, but nothing great, at least in my opinion.. I will not throw it away, but neither will I order any more. It has that sharp aftertaste that I don't care for. It isn't as strong as I expected it to be, which could be one reason for my disappointment. If you like mild coffee and just drink coffee for effect this is a decent and well priced product. I enjoy coffee and drink it for taste as much as effect. The packets are easy to open, which I appreciate.
261685261685B000RE5N5QA2HBT3VRUU6HG3Diane M.0011338076800Weak CoffeeBought this coffee to take on vacation to use in the little 4-cup pots that are always in hotel rooms. My husband, the coffee drinker, said it was very weak (even using two packs at one time). I threw away the rest. Save your something else.
261686261686B000RE5N5QA1LAJCVFFDMIXYCrisco9310051263859200Good Coffee at Good PriceThis is my 2nd Order of Island Blend. I had used another brand for years so it took a few days to get used to a new taste, but its just fine. The envelopes are easy to tear open and very convenient.
261687261687B000RE5N5QA143NLH46NA8QNRebecca A. Bybee "Rebecca A. Bybee"0021222992000Has an unpleasant taste....I was disappointed in the quality of this coffee. It has a weird whang to it - a bitter taste. My husband tried it and said the same thing. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but I won't be using this coffee except for emergency backup (when I'm out of good coffee).
261688261688B0005YXXTGALBFHBCIDW974Marlon Raghunanan4431142553600Shipping via NetGrocers is an issuePepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies has my vote for the best cookies on the plannet.

Problem was in the shipping/packaging, since in the 4 packs I've opened, I can count on 2 hands the number of whole (unbroken) cookies I've gotten. Most of the cookies are in pieces as big as or smaller than a quarter.

I'd think twice about ordering cookies via the net.
261689261689B0005YXXTGA1LBU1GH9H5F0PY. Fung "ambivalence"3351120176000Best cookie in the world!If you love the taste of caramel and the crisp crunch of a thin cookie that doesn't fill you up, there's no better alternative. I can eat this all day!
261690261690B0005YXXTGAH62AEQ3F4OJXTed E. Hall1211308528000poor packagingthe product was very good. why i gave it 1 star was the poor packaging and all the broken cookies.

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