Amazon Fine Food Reviews

261704261704B0025UCGTQA2HQ1UANZOCHF3AznRevlAzn "Sars"5751298332800IMO, the perfect canned beef frankYou can't lie, you love vienna beef. And what the best way to make vienna beef avail? Cou can it and preserve it in gelatin (basically gel with not nutritional value). This is all beef. I use to be a fan of pork sausage/franks but the manufacturers often load it with loads of sodium. The manufacturers of beef franks however don't. I do like my franks with a snappy casing, but with beef franks, you can almost always make an exception.

I like these prepared by boiling it in a pan or pot with the water meeting about half way and let it low boil. remember to give the can some air either by puncture or lifting the tab. 5-7 minutes is usually enough. I love these served with gravy. Any gravy will do. I also sometimes just throw these on a hot dog bun (about 3 so a can serves 2) add sauteed peppers, onions, sour kraut, slices of hot peppers, light chedder and a line of texas chili (no beans, remember texas chili has no beans! I only make an exception if the bean is skinned and split [ soaks flavor and imo enhances vital texture])
261705261705B0025UCGTQA295OKPMLBG386P. Wong0041318464000The more the betterThese are actually for my dogs, easy way to get them to take daily meds and such. Great for training motivation too. And i guess good for emergency food as they hold for a few years.
261706261706B0025UCGTQA25B9A3NZR8EVGJames Chaffin "Bachelor Cook"1431317772800Vienna SausageThese little artery cloggers are not for everyone. I guess they are an acquired taste. They were a staple in my family and I have continued to eat them.
They are not on anybody's healthy diet list. Too much salt, too much cholesterol. Maybe I should go back and take off two more stars.
261707261707B0025UCGTQA2OU9ZYUHNDOOXMichael Hirtes0311316044800EEEYUCK!I bought a case of these because our city was threatened with high flooding last Summer, and I thought I'd make better preparations for my home just in case there may be a repeat situation next year. And, this was my first try at buying foods online as well.

I wish I could leave a better review for this item since I really do like this brand of Vienna Sausage, but when my package arrived about an hour ago and I opened up the carton to inspect it for any dented cans, I came across the occasional can that had *DEAD DRIED MAGGOTS* laying on the top! I didn't see any obvious dented cans or compromised seals that could have attracted these critters and the cans didn't put out any "off" smell that could have indicated a bad can, so I'm baffled to how they got there.

All I can say about ordering any food online is "caveat emptor". I'm certainly going to be a bit more paranoid about it in the future.
261708261708B0025UCGTQA7UH3Z06Z2R3Resdeare1611319068800Bogus nutritional info?Desired to purchase a very light low calorie higher protein snack for those occasional late night cravings. After some searching and reading of those nutritional statements seems all such amazon products have decided this sausage given the wondeful price would be fine. Yet upon receipt of the cans and reading of the cans' nutritional info, became very saddened. Within 1 Vienna sausage 'lite' serving 45 of its 70 cal were from fat [a normal Vienna serving has 100 cal of 120 cal total from fat - oh man! ] The Amazon listing stated in a 128gm serving there were only 2 gms fat total - a 600%+ increase in fat concentration was what was received vs what was 'hoped for'. Go figure?
261709261709B007BEYJG4A1VYZVTOK3YSN0Rock Star "Rocker"0031349568000Average flavorCoffee had average flavor. Probably would not order again. Will continue to taste different brands until I taste a 5 star rating.
261710261710B007BEYJG4AKY1YTYZNP1VMWendy0031347062400Not badThe coffee was okay, but it didn't have as much of a coconut flavor as I was hoping for. It was also just a little bit more bitter than I like. I finished my bag, but I'm going to stick with my usual brand of coffee from now on.
261711261711B007BEYJG4A9E3DOIBHRKSBambi0051346112000# 1 coffee, I LOVE IT!This is very good coffee.I am ready to reorder again.Just would like for it to be in larger bags.A little expensive but well worth the money! Thanks,Bambi S.C.
261712261712B003MOX58AA2DYQUFAUTO7N4Diana DeHaven0051325548800Yum!We always send salmon to Dad for Christmas. Usually I buy at the store and mail it. This year I hadn't done it when the packages were being mailed. Amazon to the rescue - Dad received the package (as promised) and loved the salmon. Thanks!
261713261713B003MOX58AA3369ZCD6HTR3OTom D2411305936000Not a good buyThe first thing I noticed when I open the box was, the whole foil pack seems too light, so I weighed it, the whole foil pack weighted merely 8.5oz while the foil was pretty heavy one, after took the fish out of package, I weighed again, without water, the fish was exactly 6oz. So here comes the question, why the manufacturer stated "Net weight: 8oz", 8oz is the weight include water and foil packet, even with the added water, I would say not more than 6.5 oz. when you buy this brand, take it into account, for whatever the price you paid, you are not getting 8oz (half pound) but 6oz fish.
The taste is nowhere close to real smoked salmon from the better brand, the fish was soft(contain too much liquid), fragile, very light smokey, taste more like a canned tuna in the water.

Fortunately I did not buy from Amazon, and did not pay the $22/pk price, I paid $9/pk at local grocery store and now I know why, I was able to return 2 out of 3 packs after ate the first pack. will never buy this brand if I can remember in the future.
261714261714B0009JJB6GA3QZ6JT0R1OWECM. Goldman "M_gold~"1211336780800Tastes like Shih tzu & Pekingese would not eat them.Yes, I tasted them - they taste like chemicals but I guess that's what you should expect from a joint supplement. My Shih tzu & Pekingese would not eat them.
261715261715B0009JJB6GA1B73WBT0EUCSOJane1221336176000Dog won't eat it.My pug is, perhaps, too spoiled when it comes to treats. I ordered the chicken and the beef and gave her the chicken first. She turned her nose away. I chopped it and added gravy. She ate the gravy. So I cannot attest to the effectiveness of the product.
261716261716B0009JJB6GA2U96I2S1ESPURE. McLane "em"0141339545600Very SmellyThey made my home smell like a restaurant because they are so potent. I deducted a star though because only 3 out 4 of my dogs like them.
261718261718B0009JJB6GA38HEUO5UNMLBEavid reader "avid reader"0151297728000Zukes treatsMy dog LOVES these treats whatever flavor they may be. These are her favorites and very healthy too. Zuke's Chicken-Flavored Mini Naturals Dog Treats, 16 Ounces
261719261719B0009JJB6GA3THEEZ55XYMJ6ej76az0211323648000dog refusedMy dog refused to eat any of these. I had to give them away. Beware if your dog is picky.
261720261720B0009JJB6GA2J0OLC480HANPJ. Wright11121202688000Zuke's Hip Action Is GREATWe have been giving our 100 pound shepherd/lab/collie/husky mix Hip Action since he was a pup. Our vet believes this is realy going to help him prevent all the hip problems that shepherd's usually have. Eventhough I cannot buy it locally, I make sure to buy it on line so my boy will remain healthy and happy!
261691261691B0005YXXTGAMBYJMP4DHTY4Steve0111324512000WARNING $25+ For One BagAfter confirming that the receipt of ONE BAG was not an error, I was able to get a partial credit.
261692261692B003SBXASWA2WPNXLUR95ZPGMutt150051346803200one of my favoritesThis is one of my favorites.Natural sodas do taste different, than the artificial ones but they are good. I would much rather drink cane sugar and natural fruit flavors than bht and fake red coloring. This soda is not knock you in the head taste it is light and refreshing. My grocery store quit selling these.....I'm glad Amazon sells them.Thank you.
261693261693B003SBXASWA2KIYHQIUKRJP8Kevin Braun "kb"0021345680000good quality but don't like tastegreat quality products but I don't care for taste of them. seems a little weak. root beer doesnt have a good taste odd strong flavor.
261694261694B003SBXASWA1XFTCY4VJ3GZ5mgirl0051310947200yumI keep going back for more of these Hansen natural cane soda drinks. All the ones I have tried are uniquely delicious, but my favorite is the strawberry kiwi. Yum!
261695261695B001EO5KJMAZW9UD7Z7J0WLLaura Guenthner111141235692800Crisp, Organic Nori...but a product of ChinaI started purchasing Nori in an attempt to get my picky toddler to eat SOME kind of vegetable (he turns his nose up at nearly every other veggie I give him). Well...he and his twin sister love it, and it has become a daily "treat" for them. I just purchased this product from Amazon, because I can't find organic Nori locally. It is basically the same as what you can buy at your local grocery store - although for some reason, it is lower in some of the key nutrients than the conventionally grown stuff I was buying (particularly Vitamin A), and I'm not sure why. Also, though I'm sure it says somewhere in the product description, I didn't realize this was a product of China - I would prefer to find a product sourced from somewhere I had fewer environmental concerns about, but I haven't yet. Eden Sushi Nori, Toasted Sea Vegetable, 0.6-Ounce Packets (Pack of 6) is harvested from "environmentally protected" waters off the coast of Japan....maybe I'll try them next time.
261696261696B001EO5KJMA1C79GZWPXKXW7Lawrence M. Hufty "lmhufty"0051238716800Great for your salt water fishNori is a superior food for your saltwater aquarium. Far more nutritious than lettuce. It took about five days for my wrasse and tangs to acclimate to the Nori, but now they attack it with enthusiasm. The zip lock on the Nori bag is also of good quality, and the Nori will stay fresh for a long time. It doesn't break well along the cutouts, but I have found that using scissors makes a great cut.
261697261697B001EO5KJMA27STOL1BE972FEco Girl "Candace"0051212451200YummyThis nori is amazing. I love the flavor and crispness of the skin. Great snack!
261698261698B000IKDHJ8A3LGHA9I0KFM4AVanessa Mills2251257465600Perfect Candy for my Wedding Reception Candy BuffetThese are elegant, festive looking "jellies" that taste great (white grape). My candy buffet was white, gold and brown, so this was perfect next to the brown chocolates. The Haribo gummie grapefruit were perfect too. I ordered bulk candy from several different websites, and Amazon was by far the fastest and least expensive way to go.
261699261699B000IKDHJ8A35DJ5UIZVGBP6gshoes2251246406400Yummy!I purchased these for the candy buffet at my wedding. They were very popular and delicious.
261700261700B000IKDHJ8A2D4ESDTZBYBCWSelin0051341792000Perfect Candy for Wedding Favors!I am a huge fan of champagne and it was an ongoing theme when it came to my wedding invitations, seating cards, etc. These Jelly Belly champagne bubbles are perfect! All of my guests loved the flavor and thought they were such a fitting treat!
261701261701B0025UCGTQAR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon3351300320000MmmmThese are simply delicious. When on sale, I buy a case for our earthquake kit. Can't beat them.

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