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261781261781B0009JJB6GA38RDZ7AXT6XIBCat0051327536000My dog loves theseThese are just great overall treats that my dog loves. Easy to break apart to make them last longer. My cats like them too.
261782261782B0009JJB6GA28YBV7OYX53KQCommander Data0051325203200My dog loves these!My dog loves these treats, I typically try to give one a day but with all the other treats she get's often a day or two is missed. No worry as long as you supplement the desired ingredients for hip/joint in other products or food. The treats are soft and good for dog's of all ages, no choking worries. The nice thing about Zukes is the ingredients list is not a mile long and they don't use meat by-products and you also don't see a lot of strange ingredients that are common in the mass marketed products.
261783261783B0009JJB6GA2XRIHZ31GHAAVLisakay Shively0051322179200Smells awful, dogs love it!The vet recommended glucosamine/chondroitin for the terriers to help with arthritis and knee problems. I can really tell the difference in my 11-year old dog. They love the flavor of these bites which have a strong meaty smell.
261784261784B0009JJB6GA3MFMHS8LI7EVUJessi L DiGennaro0051320019200Best Deal for GREAT treats!Zukes Hip Action are great treats for our dogs. Our Lab/Shep mix was already having hip troubles at 5yr. old when we found these treats. He LOVES these and is running around like a pup! Thank you Amazon for selling these at such a great deal. We would have paid about $20 for one bag (2 bags for just under $40) and here we got 3 bags for the same price!
261785261785B0009JJB6GA1JDN4KOD1K2CCienna20000051320019200Great supplement that my dog asks forMy elderly lab suffers from arthritis. Her pain is greatly diminished by taking glucosamine and chondroitin. Unfortunately she is not a fan of the gravy, chewable tablets or pill forms. Hip Action has been a fantastic find because she actually wants her meds. You can set a clock by her these days at 8 pm she goes into the kitchen and stares at the cupboard where we store the Hip Action and waits for her two treats.
261786261786B0009JJB6GA2UCW51SBU4ANRW. Frazee0051318204800Great TreatsMy dog loves these treats and they really have helped her arthritis. I have reordered! I have tried some items from the local pet stores but nothing she likes as well and that works as well too!
261787261787B0009JJB6GAJ2NDSK7275CXLorraine M. Gelly0051317945600Good stuff!Helps the dogs as they age and keeps their joints working. It must also taste good, as they practically inhale it!
261788261788B0009JJB6GA3DYWO71NZSMXWDeb0051317686400Zuke's Hip Action Peanut Butter TreatsMy two Chihuahuas absolutely love these treats. They get one at bedtime and follow me around until I give it to them. These are great healthy moist treats for a good price. Would highly recommend.
261789261789B0009JJB6GA3MGVBGYQAZ7PAGranny90051317168000Great for all dogs!Our older dog has arthritis in his right hip. These had good recommendations so I purchased for him. He loves them! Our retriever is younger but I've given them to him also just as a preventative.
261790261790B0009JJB6GA1W2F15YRW36XFCallieRFrazee0051314576000All natural!These treats are good for dogs, all natural and yummy! My black lab loved them and went through one a day! Hopefully they helped with her hips!
261791261791B0009JJB6GA83B9VHDK2FE6kelkat0051313366400yummy!My dogs love these treats! They get one after they take their medicine, and there's no problem at all getting them to swallow their pills as long as I have the jar of Zuke's out when I call them over.
261792261792B0009JJB6GA2VFMVEEMW5BPYSonrize36550041313366400Really helps mobilityI bought these treats for my 16 year olo husky/beagle mix dog. Within two weeks she showed a visible improvement in mobility and seemed to be pain free. She has pretty bad arthritis and these seem to be working very well. The only issue is they are a semi soft treat so they were all pretty broken and in a big lump in the bag. But other than that they are a great product.
261793261793B0009JJB6GA143QG81H8UZCRJacki King0051311638400The bestI was first introduced to Zuke's at the Health Expo in Anaheim. They were kind enough to give me samples to take home to my dog. Firstly, she loves them and she's picky. Secondly, it seems to help her Arthritis.
261794261794B0009JJB6GA2B5AY21GY7QT5Olga S. "Corgi crazy"0051307664000Great value and great tasteMy dog has a fairly sensitive stomach and is a VERY picky eater, so I'm usually quite careful with trying new treats. But he loved the Zuke's Chicken-Flavored Mini Naturals Dog Treats, 16 Ounces, so I thought I might as well give Hip Action a try. And he loved them!
They are also a great value - I actually took the time and counted the number of treats in a 1 lb bag - and I got 64, which means more than 2 months of hip protection for dogs under 46 lb (you only need to give one a day).
261795261795B0009JJB6GA1CQ60QX1ELWAZLV680051306195200Our favorite treat from Zuke'sI have been buying this product since sep 2010. My dog loves this the most. He sometimes refuses other treats but never this. So it must be good. It comes in one and a half inch squares. It's a little big for us so we cut into smaller, bite-size pieces that are great for training. We are still young so can't comment on the hip action part yet. I just want to give my dog a good quality treat and I think this is worth the price.
261796261796B0009JJB6GA1WSMYIW8APC5CKN0051303862400My dog loves these!My dog really loves these treats - and he's very picky. He is 11 years old and was previously having problems with his knees. Since we have been giving him these, it seems he feels better!
261797261797B0009JJB6GA30VBNKEJGIGFWEric R. Hale "Just a regular guy"0051297814400Our dog loved themGot these to help perk-up our "Olden Golden." She loved them. Seemed to help a little. But, I guess there's no cure for age.

This is a far better way to get your dog to take glucosamine and chondroitin. We had the hardest time getting her to take a pill.

I will note that the treats get stale pretty quickly if you don't seal the bag well (it's ziplock.)
261798261798B0009JJB6GA2I0RIEZXAFS5OM. Flanigan0051294963200My dogs love theseI have a finicky basenji and he loves these treats. My dogs are also getting up in years but their joints and bones remain strong. I don't know if these treats contribute to that, but I've been giving them to them for a long time, so maybe so.
261799261799B0009JJB6GA1LCW97DA05770Pidge0051291420800Zuke's Hip action treatsmy dog loves them and I think they help her, even though we do have her on medicine for her hips. You can also break them in half if you don't want to give the full treat all the time.
261800261800B0009JJB6GA2CA0V9J9SZZYRmother suburb "mother suburb"0051290643200Yummy for my dogMy mom purchased a variety of treats for my dog to try. He does not have any hip problems but we needed a treat that he would not turn his nose up at and not choke on. The pieces are 1 x 1 squares, about 3/4 of a centimeter thick. They smell like fruity beef bullion to me even though the formula says it is chicken. I have a Bichon Frise (5 yrs old) and he likes these treats. The texture reminds me of a Lara Bar but just a tad firmer/dryer.
261801261801B0009JJB6GA2XPBTZZ4I080RLyndsey M. "LoveIGs"0051287705600Love this productI have been giving these treats to my dogs for the past 3 years or so. Never upset their stomachs and every time I say a word with "tion" on the end they get so excited.
Great products, great ingredients and above all a very trustworthy company!
261802261802B0009JJB6GA1F6BQO4NH3RCZPensacola Bruni0051283904000Great product! My dogs love it!These treats are great! My dogs love them and they are natural and healthy. You can't beat that. : )
261803261803B0009JJB6GA2N19WG3ZA01N6IU20100051282867200Dogs favorite treatMy lab loves anything Zukes. He will do almost anything for a piece. I'm happy knowing it contains glucosamine because he is still young large breed and walks up and down stairs. It also smells good and is easy to break apart for training.
261804261804B0009JJB6GAP739FQOMD57Richard A. Glanzman "Indyguy"0051270080000Dr Zukes Hip ActionThe vet recommended we give our dog Dr Zuke's Hip Action and it was difficult to find in this area so we were pleased to locate it on Amazon. Our dog loves the taste of the moist chicken flavored squares.
261805261805B0009JJB6GA8CZNLAX7VB49Jacqueline A. Lewis0031269993600Dog treats or vitamins..My dogs love these treats but to tell you the truth I can't tell if they are helping their arthritis or not.
261806261806B0009JJB6GA3W37DL6P9WZHCSR0051243209600Great little treats that dogs love!My dog loves these treats -- they're perfect because they're small enough, so I can give her lots without feeling like I'm giving her something bad!
261807261807B0009JJB6GA20I3O06OYQB5JMichelle Sorba0051236988800love theseI should dogs love these! I like the ingredients as far as dog treats go. They are nice and soft and chewy. Make great treats!
261808261808B0009JJB6GAI3NIXB0V5N2CP. Griffin "Techno Geek"0051230249600Zukes HipAction for Dogs - WorksI have a 12 year old Corgi that has been having problems going up and down stairs, has had no interest in playing with toys over the last year. Went to the Vet and they gave him Rimadyl. This helped some but still was having issues, and having to carry him up and down stairs.

Started giving him the Zukes on a whim after seeing it in the local pet store. This stuff WORKS I am sold. He is playing with other dogs now, goes up and down the stairs, brings toys for us to play with him again. He is like his old self again.
261809261809B0009JJB6GA3HAQV2M65O94PJ. Frost "frosties"0051212537600Works GreatMy dog loves the treats and she is actually less stiff after a hard day of playing! A great treat for helping our pets to be healthier!
261810261810B0009JJB6GAJCD8LHBUHYGKMickey Rawls "Mickey Rawls"0051211414400doing well with itthe dog likes it and doing well with it. takes 2 per day. standard poodle is 11 years old.

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