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261811261811B0009JJB6GA3GAGLISITQ9G2LadyCat0051164844800Great productMy 12 yr old cat has soft tissue problems with her hips and upper rear legs and Hip Action has made a world of difference with her mobility.

I highly recommend this product.
261812261812B002JWKSIGA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper2251326758400Have you heard of "Kusa Mochi"? Well, this is it!This Mochi is very hard to come by in the US. This is authentic "Kusa Mochi, or Mugwort Mochi that is popular in Japan. I love Eden's version as theirs are made of brown rice instead of white sweet rice. Of course the mochi with white sweet rice makes it more starchy and sweeter, but considering health benefits of using brown rice, this is the winner! Just bake it on a sheet of aluminum foil in an over toaster at 450 degree temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes, or you see it's puffed up for about an inch. It's ready to eat, and my favorite way to eat is to wrap it with a sheet of toasted "nori" or seaweed, and dip in a soy sauce or famous Liquid Amino to enjoy! The use of Mochi is endless - miso soup, or with noodles like udon, soba, or ramen. They are bit pricey and I wish they are available at cheaper price, but Amazon's subscription price is the best price I found so far online.
261813261813B002JWKSIGA1PF5ND7NWCEN9Seller at ODU0131325030400special but niceNice taste and fast shipping. eaten without heated is also good. best for school and work. I will consider it next time if I wanna buy some snack.
261814261814B000JFKUAQA2MKPM13DGU7IQSensible Economist "creativethinker"0051295913600Very good snack. Tastes great.This is a great snack. I bought the same brand in Vegas and just love it. I didnot find it in my local grocery store so I had to buy from Amazon. They taste the same. It is great that Amazon carries it.
261815261815B001FA1F5IA3H7NUAGZKI4DMbjb34004451290297600Kisses were a big hitI bought the bundle pack which consisted of 3 - 19.5 oz bags of Hershey's Kisses. I put out 2 bags for everyone and saved the last one for me and a few special friends. I'll be doing the same thing at Christmas at work.
261816261816B001FA1F5IA1YU8EWP5J2060Clarita Karlin "clarita"4451280534400extremely well packaged in ice packs for preservation of quality...much appreciatedthis came as a surprise in the quality of packaging preserving the integrity of the product....i was amazed at how well thought out the packaging was....thanks
261817261817B001FA1F5IA2O93B26TDQC8AGirly-Girl2251300233600Hershey's Kisses are delicious.Hershey's kisses arrived undamaged and they were fresh and no blooming. I was worried that the chocolate might have bloomed but no, so I would order them again. Must have my chocolate fix!!
261818261818B001FA1F5IAZXKAH2DE6C8APatricia A. Autrey2251281744000CHOCOLATE!!!!!I love Kisses and these are a lot of Kisses. Satisfies my daily dose of chocolate without being too much.
261819261819B001FA1F5IA3VC1CIRFDXJAYTeresa "SWEETHEART"2251245283200HERE IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE KISSES, IN THE WORLD! YUM! YUM!This is my all time favorite chocolate candy! Smooth and creamy, milk chocolate kisses, from Hershey! I highly recommend these! This is also one of my little nephew's favorite chocolate's, he is going to be a chocolate lover just like me!
261820261820B001FA1F5IA281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim3441264032000AgelessMy grandmother had a jar of these out at all times. When I came over, the only thing left was a graveyard of aluminum wrappers and the trademark paper.

This is a wonderful and affordable way to get the Hershey chocolate experience. If you enjoy them in warm(not hot) climates, they are great. In hot climates, they lose there integrity and become a bit too soft. In cold climates, they become the dreaded Hershey's "plastic", a dark looking thing which is not very rich or creamy. Hershey's was always an affordable brand and never meant to be premium. If you long for the Swiss chocolate experience, then there are better choices.

For dieters, these MIGHT be perfect; put them in a jar and take one at a time, a few per day. For some of us(read: all of us), that's a tall order.
261821261821B001FA1F5IAETRUXCDYOG4RYankee Fan0051342483200Great Hershey's ChocolatesThese were typical Hershey kisses and were delivered quickly and in a carton that contained cold packs to preserve the product. Would order again (and may) except my wife feels that if they are around the house she will be tempted to eat them and she doesn't want to be tempted.
261822261822B001FA1F5IA1Z9W64WN0EYV2Jeremiah Briggs1251294358400A LOT of candy!(is that good or bad?)It's no secret that Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses are great... Heck, I've never really come across a bad Hershey's product. I ordered these kisses with confidence and I wasn't disappointed. I wasn't however, prepared for the sheer amount of candy this was. Sure, you have all the details one needs to make an informed purchase, but come on who really calculates the exact number(math mumbo jumbo amiright?)? I munched on this candy for 6 months(lol I don't share) before finishing... I probably wouldn't buy again(Not a fault of the product). However, it was a wild ride to chocolate heaven(even if I stayed far to long).
261823261823B005HQYE2CA1EY443SPXS41ZKathryn Sullivan0051339632000Red Guitar SangriaI love sangria, but had not found a pre-made, bottled version that I liked. A friend of ours had this one night, and it was delicious. I'm hooked! It's a great summer drink. Just add some cut-up oranges, and any other fruit you'd like and you're good to go! Enjoy!
261824261824B0025UCDX0ATJYEPB1VBA7Bdon0051349913600Heinz blackberry jam 0.5 ozThese are perfect!! I am a calorie counter, and I eat PB and Jam every morning on my toast. I got so tired of measuring then having to clean all spoons, etc. Now I just open and spread, throw containers away and I'm done. YEA!!
261825261825B0025UCDX0A118T2O9BIVCAXBarbara S. Verduin "Barbara V"0051265846400Single serve blackberry jamI like the idea of having single jam and jellies rather than having a large or medium jar that goes bad and has to be thrown out. Great flavor!
261826261826B001EPPCR6A2L5P04WA3RE37Jon Wilkinson "Mad Scientist Baker"3311276041600LorAnn Pistachio FlavoringThe LorAnn pistachio flavoring oil was purchased for baking cakes and making frostings. There is a scant semblance of pistachio in this product and adding more than a few drops completely transforms quality ingredients into noxious, bitter, chemical-tasting trash. I believe these products were originally intended for making candy and may very well still be suitable for such things. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR BAKING.

On a side, there are many LorAnn oils that have worked for me very well in baking (some of the berry flavors are excellent). I'm somewhat ambivalent about the flavors which are supposed to be rich or nutty such as their hazelnut or chocolate oils. I'm not dissuaded from buying LorAnn oils but I will certainly avoid purchasing 4 bottles prior to testing out a flavor.

Happy cooking!
261827261827B000K31F4MA1WJ1ILI2B3758M. Gutierrez101051258070400Sauce less expensive @ Peter Luger web siteOur family loves this sauce. Six bottles on Amazon is $45.00 - six bottles on Peter Luger's web site is $ the math.
261828261828B000K31F4MA2UM0RVRZO45Y7Jennifer Wolf "Jwolf"1151245974400Delicious and fun!I got this product for my boyfriend for his bday because he LOVES Luger's sauce. this 6-pack is a perfect gift and can last all summer. It comes in a cooler with ice packs to keep it fresh. the only thing i didn't like about it is the packaging. since i was giving this as a gift, i wish it had come in an attractive 6-pack type container. I ended up buying a 6-pack of Red Stripes and placing the Luger's bottle in their packaging to give as a gift (I chose Red Stripes because they have a wide bottom, so the packaging would accommodate the size of the Luger's bottles). My bf was thrilled with the delicious gift!
261829261829B000K31F4MA2QWR7S6JLQL2Jalbert0051327795200Excellent steak sauce!I've been a long time fan of Peter Luger while I was living in New York. But after departing the city, I was sad not to be able to visit Peter Luger anymore. I'm very excited that at least a small taste of Peter Luger can be had with this sauce. Tasty and delicious, it's a perfect compliment to a fine aged porterhouse. Brings back all the good memories, that's for sure. Can't wait to purchase again after my 6 bottle supply runs out. I'm sure it'll go fast!
261830261830B000K31F4MA22XNWJV1D6ONFDG10051307491200No Better Steakhouse and Steaksauce on the planetSauce is a staple item in my household. I use about a 1/4 of a bottle and mix with 1 lb. with Chop Meat for the best Burger you ever had or a great London Broil Marinade. Enjoy well worth it.
261831261831B000K31F4MA36ZL7IHBPEH11D. Guthrie1251205107200the greatest steak sauceThis sauce is not only good on all meats but add it to your hamburgers and you will have the greatest hamburger ever. It keeps the meat juicey during grilling and adds unbelievable flavor. It does require refrigation but it is well worth the effort.
261832261832B000K31F4MA2233YGL45RJUA. Markow0621275436800arrived warmthis is an item that should have arrived in a chilled condition. There was inadequate chilling material in the styrofoam box and the sauces were warm. It is not known whether the items were safe to consume.
261833261833B000K31F4MA39APETVQFJ9MQWarren Thorpe11911195257600Makes steak taste like vinegar.First of all, Peter Luger's Steakhouse is highly over-rated. The steak is overdone and tastes too fatty, sweet and vinegary. In fact, at the restaurant, they actually tip the plate up and take a big spoonful of the fat that has drained to the bottom, and poor it like sauce over your steak serving. Crazy, in my opinion. Anyway, this retail version of the sauce is just as bad: tons of sugar and mostly vinegar. Marinate your steak in this and all you'll taste is the vinegar. This sauce will ruin a good cut of meat. From good to best, buy shell (aka strip), sirloin, top sirloin, porterhouse, tenderloin (aka filet mignon) and use a non-vinegar-based marinade, like wine and herbs.
261834261834B004727U2SA1HIQRR0VE3ULQTucksterZ "TucksterZ"1151334534400OMG these are good!These candies are a lot more solid than gummy bears, and dusted with a bit of sugar. Flavors are Crisp, and clean, they do not have a chemical taste, and they will slowly dissolve away leaving you tongue in a bath of delectable sweetness. Made without high fructose corn syrup they are a Knock out of the park hit for your taste buds.
261835261835B004727U2SA1R3GN9MEJFXM3I'm not an internet shopaholic - "thebanker"0051350518400Addictive, high quality, tasty candyHaving tried these during a trip to Europe 2 years ago, my kids and I love popping one of these in our mouths while watching TV or doing their homework. Made of real sugar and fruit juices. This is not for anyone looking for a healthy snack (lol) but it certainly better tasting than the traditional fructose corn syrup (yes, made from corn!!) candy.

One other reason why I am writing this review is to caution folks that the latest order directly from Amazon had an expiration date of Feb 2012. Called Amazon who quickly took care of this for me. Another earlier similar order from another Amazon seller this month had an expiration date of Oct 2012 which is a little more acceptable than Feb 2012. Let's see whether my kids and I can finish 12 of these rolls (2 were gone the first day) within a reasonable time without going way past the Oct 2012 date.

Wish there was a way to check the expiration date before ordering.

Oct 22nd update:

Amazon reshipped the same item and it was delivered with the same Feb 2012 expiration date. Called customer service and I accepted their offer for a refund. Be aware this item comes directly from Amazon. Amazon is suppose to pull this listing until they are able to investigate it.
261836261836B004727U2SA2Y695A1DXMT1JDrew Samson0041341187200Tasty, FruityThese are very tasty. They are very chewy gummies, sprinkled with sugar, and taste like (artificial) fruit. I would recommend this to anyone who likes sweets. These however are not too sweet. It's the right amount of sweet.
261837261837B007UQVPWOA1OPMJ14BLTBDYJaime Haight1151337990400Exceeded my expectationsWhen I first went to order these I thought they were way too pricey, but I really wanted a healthy protein snack option, so I decided to give them a try.

They arrive today and and I am so pleasantly surprised. They are so good. They are not greasy. The most exciting revelation? They are over a foot long! The picture looked to me like they were about 4".

I think they are worth every penny, and will be purchasing more.

261838261838B007UQVPWOAVZXJ9ITUTPBZITX0051336608000Excellent product so farI've tried the sweet and the mild and I highly recommend. These are a bit pricey at $50 per box of 20, but you get what you pay for. Perhaps if enough people start purchasing these, the price will come down a bit. The grass fed beef does not taste gamey either. I do wish they were certified organic though. My guess is that they are from organic cows on small farms but these farms don't want to pay for organic certification due to price.
261839261839B001EQ517GA29SS7XL4LR0W4Ex-cataloger212111277942400Not what it used to be...Whatever happened to Cal's Tupelo Honey? I bought it for years in the natural food stores locally. None of them carry it anymore. Trying to locate the company, I spent a futile hour searching the Internet.

The label on my old jar says "Cairo, GA 39828". Not to be found anywhere on Google, white pages or yellow. After checking Amazon, I see that the label on the 22 oz. bottles says "Calvary, GA 31729". Same non-results on Google. The local retailer suggests that they may have been bought out. It troubles me that they are unfindable. What troubles me even more, however, is that the bottom half-inch of my current (and last) jar has crystallized. Tupelo honey should never crystallize, so my assumption is that it's being cut with some other, probably cheaper, kind of honey.

If you're looking for tupelo honey, see the website operated by The National Honey Board. It lists apiaries in every state which produce many varieties of honey, including tupelo, often with links to those websites, and has useful information in addition. Cal's Honey isn't to be found. Too bad. It was a favorite of mine.
261840261840B001EQ517GAOAGAYZ1BAXRSDavid Verba "Verballz"181911287532800NOT REAL TUPELO HONEY!! DO NOT BUY...My first negative review......

This is NOT real Tupelo honey! In fact I doubt if its pure/real honey at all. It crystallizes QUICKLY, much faster than the cheap-o store brands, spring blossom or even clover. Tupelo honey should NEVER EVER crystallize, hence the high price. With this product your paying a premium price for a extremely poor quality honey. I'm also willing to bet they use HFCS as a "food" for the bee's. If you want REAL Tupelo honey look elsewhere. Do NOT purchase this product if you enjoy real/raw/quality honey!

I will be contacting to see if there is any recourse for this purchase. Amazon has the BEST customer service, and will continue to do 99% of my shopping on the site.

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