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261850261850B001EQ517GA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.2411297209600Bogus ProductI received this order today with a MAJOR problem! I did not taste it because the labels no where had "RAW" on them, as it is in the picture. If it is not raw, it is as useless to me as commercial white sugar (granted, it is a tad bit healthier).

Amazon has refused to take it back but I have written to them to try and find a solution.

This is the second major problem I have add with Amazon in the past few days and you can check my review on the Casio Men's AMW 320D watch (they actually sent me the 320R, even though the box said 320D!!!, which went bad shortly after I received it). They refused to help me here as well, even though it was their fault, and I may not be able to get the repair(s) done under the warranty because the Model numbers don't match on the receipt....again, their fault.

Will let you know what happens. I will not deal with a company I cannot trust and is not fair.

UPDATE 02/09/2011: I am pleased to say that Amazon gave me a full refund for the honey order and apologized for the misleading information. They still could not accept a return of the honey because of health issues so I will dispose of it as best I can, but in no way eat it myself.

They also agreed to replace the Casio watch if Casio refused to repair it under the warranty.

They bent their rules to reach a fair settlement and that should be greatly admired.
261851261851B001EQ517GA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"51031172707200tastes like run of the mill honeyI admit I have never tasted Tupelo honey prior to ths. I guess I had high expectations since Ulee's Gold and Van Morrison's song praise it so, as do some cooking shows. Sadly it seems no different than bulk honey and it is considerably more expensive. For special honeys, I'll continue with New Zealand and Southern France's incredible delights.
261852261852B007ED09DYA3FFKLYAN7KC5EGrams1151334707200Vintage Easter FunI bought four different colors for my four granddaughters--they loved them! My children had similar in their baskets when they were small and I was thrilled to find them!
261853261853B000YPO73MAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0111257984000Your Next and 'Possibly' Last Granola Bar!The good folks at Quaker Oats have finally hit the nail on the head! If you're lookin' for a delicious, nutritious, and satisfying snack bar, this is it. This little wonder packs in a lot of value for its scant 100 calories: 3 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, and only five grams of sugar. What it doesn't have is equally impressive: no trans fat, low sodium, and only 1 gram of saturated fat. The taste is right-on, with no discernible aftertaste...the texture is both chewy and crispy, with no appreciable grit-factor. At three bars for a buck, how can you go wrong? Please read on.


I recently discovered that Quaker's list of ingredients and nutritional values for this product do not jive. They listed partially hydrogenated vegetable oil as their fourth ingredient by weight, and it's listed no less than four times. Yet, they declare the trans fat content to be zero. Since these two injurious ingredients are synonymous, what are we to conclude -- or more importantly -- believe? C'mon Quaker, quit the false and/or deceptive advertising and give us the straight facts, so that we can make a properly informed purchasing decision. I'll amend my revised rating, if and/or when, I get a perfectly acceptable explanation.
261854261854B006L2UWZYA26G5P3QDY332XB. Ward0051347580800Amazon verified purchaseI purchased Spanish Delight Brand Pure Grade Mancha Saffron Threads for a friend who wanted it. She seemed pleased with product. It was delivered to me right on time as most Amazon products I order are.
261855261855B0021I2480A38U2Y9W5P937PSarah2251261180800RefreshingLove the packaging of these teas. This ensures the freshness. Smells wonderful as soon as you open the tin. Upon brewing, the smell is heavenly and it is a very good after meal tea. Helps when you've eaten too much. This will be my 2nd purchase of this tea.
261856261856B001E5E20EA1EC9OS7PUKEORazldazlrr0231293753600It tastes like perfumeI drink loose tea a lot - it does say jasmine on the container, so it may partially be my misunderstanding of what the taste would be. The perfume jasmine taste is just too strong for me. Do pay attention that the container states you can soak each serving 3 times!! I probably like the 3rd more than the first.
261857261857B001E5E20EAORGKBNQZ83O8MacGuffin "MacGuffin"10310651186790400IGNORE AMAZON'S DIRECTIONS!They're 'WAY off--use one TEASPOON/8 oz. of water at 190º. I start with a total brewing time of about two minutes (including the time needed to decant), adding 30 seconds to the subsequent two infusions (forget about a fourth--three is about as good as it gets although you can then place the used leaves in a jar, add about 6 oz. water, and refrigerate covered overnight for delicious, next-morning iced tea for a total of four steepings).
Now, as to the tea itself. This is EXTREMELY fine jasmine tea. Rishi's offering uses "dragon pearls" of excellent quality--Chinese green tea leaves that are hand-rolled into little...well, pearls. The pearls are then scented, over the course of several days, with fresh jasmine blossoms--20 lbs. of fresh jasmine blossoms are used to scent each pound of tea. This is excellent, absolutely delicious tea that, excepting the word "jasmine," has virtually nothing to do with cheaper grades of tea that are scented chemically with perfumes. It scents the whole room as it brews. :)
Bearing in mind that there are no bargains to be found for top-grade tea--it's never cheap--Amazon has the best price I've yet found for Rishi Jasmine Pearls, especially if your order qualifies for free shipping. It can and should be infused three times, which might take some of the sting out of purchasing, the health benefits of green tea providing the final push.
Rishi Dragon Pearls are now a part of my parents' daily routine. In addition, I made a gift of a can to a friend's mom--that can went all the way to Russia and was, predictably, received with delight and appreciation. A cousin in California, on my recommendation, went a bit hog-wild and bought four cans from Amazon--she's now a fan, too. I doubt there are any better green jasmine pearls to be found. (Seven Cups, an online purveyor of top-grade Chinese tea, has white jasmine pearls that are equally fine but very different--I like both).
Incidentally, try to brew this tea in glass as the unfurling of the pearls is extremely beautiful to watch.

Update: I just bought a new can and noticed that the brewing instructions are radically different. The suggested brewing times remain the same (3 - 4 minutes), but the amount of leaf has TRIPLED to one tablespoon and the suggested brewing temperature has decreased by 10º to 180º. Frankly, given that I get excellent results with the suggestions that are still posted on the Rishi Web site (steeping for a good minute less, though), I decided that the only concession I'll make is to drop the temperature to 185º, leaving everything else the same (the correct brewing temperature can be had very easily: pour boiling water into a large Pyrex measuring cup, then pour over the leaves). A higher concentration of scented leaf would likely gag me (as in the case of the brewing instructions for Rishi's Osthmanthus Silver Needle), plus the original instructions are MUCH more cost-effective. Tea preferences, however, are very much a matter of taste, so play with the suggested parameters, if you're so inclined, to determine yours. Keep in mind, though, that jasmine tea can become bitter if mishandled (this just passed on to me by Austin at Seven Cups), so play safe!
261858261858B001E5E20EA29VG90T649CSUSasha Q.232351220054400The best your money can buy!This tea by Rishi is the most exquisite tasting Jasmine Pearl Green Tea I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. I know the price may be a little more than what you are used to paying for green tea, but, believe me, it is definitely worth it.

The jasmine flavor is rich and sweet, all by itself. The amount of work that goes into creating each of these lovely pearls is astounding (hence the price!). Once you have tried this tea, all other jasmine green teas will pale in comparison. The flavor is so concentrated, you only need to use a scant teaspoon of pearls for each cup of tea that you brew, so these two cannisters will last for some time. I hope you try this tea, as I know you will not be disappointed.
261859261859B001E5E20EA2XIM7ROBCS1YNColin Spence212351183420800Excellent teaMy wife loves this stuff. It's expensive but one container lasts for a month or two. She normally puts in 6 - 8 of the little balls per cup. I like it too, but she's fanatical about it.
261860261860B001E5E20EA309F94Y19OX7HShostakovich "is my lover"8851300492800Best tea I've ever tastedThis is the best tea I've ever tasted. I use 1tsp/cup, and get 1-2 refills with the same leaves. I've also taken to eating the leaves, which are soft and not at all bitter. If this tea was a person, I'd make love to it.
261861261861B001E5E20EA23M4IJI3XD9MES. Figueredo7751256169600awesome tea, terrble pricei love this tea, but it is SO overpriced here (~$7 at wholefoods for same exact item)
261862261862B001E5E20EAZURD7XOM8L3B. Phillips6651292630400I wanted to find something cheaper...There are plenty of reviews here to tell you that this tea is good.

If you are like me though, you are a value shopper. And the price of this tea is obviously expensive. So after trying this Rishi tea, I thought I'd be able to find something similar that is a better value. I ordered the one pound bag of Numi Jasmine pearls because it has pretty good ratings and is a better value per pearl, and surely I won't be able to tell much of a difference...

If you are thinking of doing the same, save your money and order Rishi. My experience is that there is a big difference in taste. Rishi is just a lot smoother, I found the Numi to be kind of musty/moldy compared to Rishi. Maybe I got a bad bag, I don't know. But I would say don't try Rishi if you are satisfied with something else because you will probably be hooked! I will probably end up dumping my Numi Jasmine Pearls because I already restocked on Rishi (actually I felt highly favored to find the one pound bag of Rishi Jasmine Pearls on sale for half price on the Rishi web site during their one day Christmas sales).

I drink tea pretty much all day long (without any sweeteners) - usually starting with two big cups of this (two 16 oz infusions of the same tea made in the brilliant IngenuiTEA infuser by Adagio tea), then two cups of Rishi silver needle white tea, then some herbal teas in the afternoon. I mix it up sometimes with Rishi Wuyi Oolong or something else, but Jasmine Pearl is a very clean and smooth tea that is a classic for me. Multiple infusions increase the value. Just be sure to use the right temperature water and steeping time to get the best value.
261863261863B001E5E20EA2JJ3ZMG4AZ5C0Mark Star111321297728000Still not the Jasmine I had in ChinaI have tried and reviewed a few Jasmine Teas and still have not found one current tea that has a jasmine fragrance. When I was in China I had a great tea that when you brewed it, would fill the air with the smell of Jamsine. You could smell it when you brought your nose to the cup. It was aromatherapy!

I had seen people complain Rishi had too much jasmine smell so figured it was worth a shot.

Teance, Chaa by Te and Whole Tea version of Jasmine Dragon Pearl Fujian, All have about the same taste and smell as the Rishi. No need to spend more on this tea. I would say Teance is the closer one as it is not as pungent.

Sadly I do not smell any jasmine. I have a jasmine plant so know what this should smell like if true jasmine.

Rishi Pearls I got do not have any jasmine smell. Not in the cup, not in the air. It is more pungent when smelling in the bag but I can not place the odor.

My only thought, after speaking to Rishi, is that maybe I am smelling the type of tea plant and they suggested trying their white tea and jasmine.
It is possible, since what I had overseas was a a loose tea, that I was not not drinking a silver tip tea.

For the extra cost I did not get a better flavor. The other brands mentioned will give you the same results for a better cost per pound.
261864261864B001E5E20EA2TD0QEV6CN531Carmelita D. Dominguez7851168300800rishi teaThe delivery was so efficient and prompt. The tea itself is fabulous. It will be hard to get back to a regular tea bag. There is no comparison. Thank you. I will be a regular customer of this product.
261865261865B001E5E20EACEFSJL1IP9LWEric Morrison "battleforhealth[dot]com"4451207699200Amazing Jasmine!This stuff is incredible! I've had many different kinds of Jasmine tea, and this tops them all hands down. No bitterness. Tastes great unsweetened, and blissfully delicious with agave or stevia! I love it.
261866261866B001E5E20EA7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang3351316304000I agreeJust in case you're ignoring all the people who said a mere teaspoon, or less, of this tea is plenty, believe them.
I just bought a canister and a teaspoon of pearls expanded into far more than a tablespoon of their other, non pearl, tea.
I was able to get two huge mugs out of one spoonful.

Another suggestion: if you have a basket type mesh contraption, or a traditional teapot, please use that. If you use one of those small metal balls or teaspoons that will enclose your pearls they will not be able to expand fully.
261867261867B001E5E20EA3Q32SZ0CL5LHRGuyWhosVeryBored "May the Force be with you, ...3351306713600Best Jasmine Green Tea EVER!This tea is quite possibly the the best green tea I've ever had. I tried a plethora of green teas from various companies and this one tops them all.

It's so good that I'm planning on ordering some more for gifts to friends and family for b-days and X-mas!
261868261868B001E5E20EA36HEY6E2XQT75mommylove "dc"2251317168000AromatherapyThis Tea is Aromatherapy according to my husband. And I could not agree more. Its soooo good and of all u need just 5-6 pearls to steep and these can be steeped upto 3 times. I knew according to ayurveda that sipping on warm water all day increases your metab. What better way than doing it with organic green tea. I just got this and am here to order few more for presents for christmas.
I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and am enjoying every bit of this this...But If you google you would know that green tea hampers folate absorption and is best avoided in the first trimester.

261869261869B001E5E20EA2D4A6OP2U8ZQWM. Landau2251316476800Ah, that's the ticketI've tried somewhere between 10 and 20 varieties of Jasmine pearl tea ranging from commodity brands available at the local high end grocery store to absurdly expensive specialty brands imported by the tea shop. This is as good as any I've ever tried and better than most. The instructions on the canister say to use one tablespoon of tea pearls per 2 cups of water, but I find that to be too much. I'd say one teaspoon per cup, best brewed in a glass teapot so you can watch the leaves unfurl as the tea steeps. After all, why shouldn't tea be entertaining as well as delicious?
261870261870B001E5E20EA1FGUCX73OUOF1BBB "Amazon Fan!"2251201824000Wonderful tea!This is the best tea I've ever had. It is mild with no bitter after taste. Easy to brew and each "helping" of tea pearls can be used at least three times (four makes it a little weak for my taste). Even my husband had started drinking Jasmine Pearl tea, in the morning. Stir in a teaspoon of honey and you have absolute heaven!
261841261841B001EQ517GALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"8851276300800RAW, real honey, and the best premium kind you can get!Tupelo honey is the finest honey on the market, and Cal's Honey, Tupelo, 22-Ounce Squeeze Bottle (Pack of 3) is value priced! Tupelo honey does not get grainy or turn solid over time, and it is digested differently than other sugars so it doesn't cause sugar highs and lows - making it a good choice even for diabetics. This is thin, free-flowing honey, so we store it in the refrigerator to make it pour thicker. The flat top on the container makes it easy to store upside down for fast dispensing! Cal's Tupelo Honey is produced in Georgia, USA.

More facts: Tupelos are valued as honey plants in the southeastern United States, particularly in the Gulf Coast region. They produce a very light, mild-tasting honey. In northern Florida, beekeepers keep beehives along the river swamps on platforms or floats during tupelo bloom to produce certified tupelo honey, which commands a high price on the market because of its flavor. Monofloral honey made from the nectar of the Ogeechee Tupelo has such a high ratio of fructose to glucose that it does not crystallize.

The Apalachicola River in the Florida Panhandle is the center for tupelo honey. The honey is produced wherever tupelo trees (three species) bloom in southeastern USA, but the purest and most expensive version (which is certified by pollen analysis) is produced in this Florida valley.
261842261842B001EQ517GAKCA9H77IB6XIBOB2221324425600Tupelo Honey ?Have purchased this honey in the past. I does crystallize, which tells one this ( IN MY OPINION ) isn't totally Tupelo Honey. Pure Tupelo Honey does not crystallize. I now purchase CERTIFIED TUPELO Honey. it is not that more expressive and is like night & day in Quality & Taste... Just finished a gallon and were no crystals even in the bottom of my container after setting almost a year. The one container of the above Honey I have left is now totally crystalized, and makes it nice to spread on toast.
261843261843B001EQ517GA2RUR5LQ8OE68BM. Wyze2251264723200Never crystalizesThis is a wonderful price for Tulepo honey, and It's even better that this is a raw honey.
There's never any waste with this type of honey, as it simply doesn't crystalize. It tastes
great, with just a faint hint of lemon.
261844261844B001EQ517GAC9O5Y93WFI66D.R. Bennett1151272240000Great honeyTupelo honey is wonderful, but hard to find, and very expensive. Locating it at was a real stroke of luck. The bottles are large, you get three of them, and you can group the honey with other products for free shipping. That's the ideal way to enjoy the great taste of tupelo honey. I was told years ago by a health professional to use tupelo because of the way the body digests it, making it usable even by diabetics, who must control their sugar intake. So happy that now carries Cal's Honey, a brand I had known for years.
261845261845B001EQ517GA32OI0D1FEKQHNJ. K. Bayler1151268438400Excellent HoneyWe found this honey to be well worth the price. It is thick without being bulky, smooth in texture, and the flavor is all a good honey should be; not syurpy sweet. It does well in my favorite recipes.
261846261846B001EQ517GA1RKACXM2SF8OTMr. Ken0051314316800Best Honey aroundCal's Tupelo Honey, is by far the best tasting honey. I have lived six different states from the east coast to the west coast and have yet come across any honey that comes close to the quality and taste of Cal's Tupelo Honey.
261847261847B001EQ517GA3AXJQ55TD8Q04Daniel Kalb0041296432000Great Honey for the MoneyThough not quite as good as the super expensive kind that come in small jars, this honey is nonetheless excellent. The squeezable plastic container with the pop-up lid is very convenient. A glass jar with a screw top is classy, but quite messy and not user friendly. Tupelo honey has a wonderful unique taste and aroma which distinguishes it from all other honeys.
261848261848B001EQ517GA3I673BRPS6ICJBarbara0051280016000Cal's Tupelo Honey is the best!!Cal's Tupelo honey is the best I've ever tasted. I have certain food allergies and Cal's tupelo does not cause an allergic reaction like other types of honey I've tried such as clover honey. I've been buying this honey for years at health food stores--now it's only available online through Amazon. Squeeze bottle seal could be better--honey sometimes seeps out of top seal on the squeeze bottle which makes the jar sticky when it arrives.
261849261849B001EQ517GAJYD22QLUSB5ACalifornia Person1251250640000AwesomeThis product used to be available in a store next to my house, but they no longer offer this product. Now, that I can purchase it off Amazon, it makes life easier. Great product with easy container.

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