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261871261871B001E5E20EA2BBSEJC5PTYU2Jamestowne "guisi"1151336521600Gentle tea, great flavorThe fact that this comes as leaves wrapped in pearls makes it easy to steep and is not messy. The flavor is wonderful, not bitter, and the Jasmine adds a subtle and aromatic touch. Also, the pearls can be steeped three times before being expended. Wonderful tea.
261872261872B001E5E20EA2793LOWJ13X47Andrea Kirk1151334793600Even this non-tea drinker loves it!I wouldn't consider myself a tea drinker, really; mostly I've been sampling loose tea in the past year or so in search of flavorful alternatives to soda and diet drinks. I'm picky about what teas I choose to buy a second time, and I've got little patience for teas that are finicky to prepare (I do most of my brewing at work).

I got a two-pack of this tea while searching for a good jasmine green tea as part of a gift for a friend. I was a bit astounded at the recommended usage rate (1 TABLESPOON per 8 oz, which I see a lot of reviewers are saying really is too much), but I loaded up my brewing basket, got my not-quite-boiling water from the coffee machine's dispenser, brewed for about 4 minutes, and... ahhh, magic. Even with that much tea, no accurate temperature gauge, and imprecise timing, I got (and continue to get) a perfect cup of delightful jasmine tea. It's floral enough to be noticeable, and to cut the edge of the green tea, but not overly perfumey. A second brew with the leaves actually turns out stronger than the first -- I suspect it's because I use too much tea, and some of the pearls don't fully open during the first brew. I will have to experiment with using less tea from now on, but even overdoing it, this stuff is really fine.

Now that the weather is heating up, I'm also looking forward to trying this cold -- I love Itoen's bottled jasmine tea on a hot day, and being able to make my own will be great.

(And that friend I gifted with the other can? He's much more of a "tea person" than I, and jasmine green tea is one of his favorites -- and he loves it too.)
261889261889B001E5E20EA37OEAOYVLKYCLisa (Hartford CT)0051346976000Superb TeaI ordered the two pack last Christmas, one for me, one for my mother. I was really happy with the tea, well worth the price. I found it comparable to the republic of tea dragon pearls, which are more expensive and not organic. The flavor is very scented without being too much. I just use 1 tsp to 1 large mug (16 oz) and let steep for a good 5 minutes. The tea is not bitter, has a nice smooth taste. I save it for special occasions so it has taken me many months to work through a single can. I have some plain jasmine tea and this tea is so much better in comparison.
261873261873B001E5E20EA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"1141334793600Decent tea at a high premiumI've had much better tea but this isn't bad. It's also quite expensive, since I have bought much better for cheaper. Also for those that drink tea as a coffee substitute, this tea doesn't have that much caffeine. I don't feel anything when I drink this but I do when I drink high quality green tea.
261874261874B001E5E20EA26EQ8U96JA92TJody1151329782400A daily treat...With a wonderful aroma, this jasmine tea has become a daily treat. A brew about six leaves in an eight ounce cup and savor the flavor for an afternoon pick me-up.
261890261890B001E5E20EAVH11WSMMLDW3Neil Gandhi "chilldizzle"0051343260800By far the best easily accessible Jasmine tea I've ever had.Not much more to say - Its just that good. I love that you can subscribe and save this product and it just comes every couple of months. I think I've also seen this tea at Whole Foods markets.

I hate the jasmine teas that are super florally and the ones that you can barely taste the jasmine. This tea has such a unique and delicate yet delicious jasmine flavor.

You only need like 10 pearls to make about 1.5-2 liters of tea (think a midsize tetsubin). After about 5 minutes, I take the tea leaves out and enjoy the tea for about an hour (I have a tea warmer). Another nice thing is that you can use the leaves about 3 times before the flavor goes away.
261891261891B001E5E20EA1GZTH784H4H6TFederico Lawrence0051340064000Fred LawrenceRishi Tea Organic Jasmine Peal Loose Leaf Tea is a very good tea. This tea is very enjoyable drinking tea.
261875261875B001E5E20EA3QH0J0M1GHARZJonathan Kemp1151326067200a great tea for the moneyThe flavor of this tea is almost as good at the Teavana variety, but at about 1/3 the cost this is a much better value. The jasmine flavor is very subtle, which I like. The lesser quality jasmine teas have a strong artificial perfume flavor so it pays to spend a little more on a quality tea like this. Also the tea is sealed in a metallic plastic bag inside the tin (which has two metal lids) to preserve freshness. I have been able to get two good steepings from each serving and the little pearls 'bloom' nicely.
261892261892B001E5E20EAJEZJLIQ5JO8Dloungeboy0051339718400Reviews Don't LieHands down, this is the best Jasmine Tea I have ever had. It smells of fresh Pikake (Jasmine Sambac) and tastes smooth and delicious, not bitter. I use 2 teaspoons for 16oz. I brew it at 185 degrees for 4 minutes and I use the same leaves twice. I've tried several other Jasmine Pearl teas sold here at Amazon and they just don't compare. It was a great intro to Rishi Teas. I haven't found a bad one yet.
261893261893B001E5E20EA1ZKVHS55Y8F4RJ. Jack0051338854400Superb TeaI have purchased Jasmine Pearl tea from several different companies and I have to say that this is the best yet. I only wish I'd purchased more as I gave one of the tins to a friend (who also raves about it). I will definitely explore more of this brand...
261894261894B001E5E20EA2Q7NC3HFIFPNXLina0051338681600very tasty, good valueI'm very happy with this product! I love that it's organic and I find it to be a great value. It's much cheaper than what Teavana or Peets Coffee would sell you.

I usually add about 5 pearls to a 16 oz mug and steep it in hot (not boiling!) water. I find that I can reuse the tea leaves two more times if I drink it the same day. The flavor does become more subtle by the third steeping, but that doesn't bother me.

Bottom line: would definitely buy this again!
261895261895B001E5E20EA15CQ7CG019ORHShauna0051331164800Light, fruity and absolutely deliciousMy husband and I bought this tea to give away as favors at our wedding. We purchased the inital stock through Teavana and found it to be very expensive (almost $10 an ounce!) However, we searched Amazon and found the Rishi brand for nearly half the cost! I love that the tea arrives sealed in tins for freshness. We usually brew 1 tablespoon per 16oz (we like big cups of tea!) but you could certainly scale it back because a few pearls goes a long way. Very delicious, delicate flavored tea. I recommend for someone who doesn't think they like green tea. Very pleasant!
261896261896B001E5E20EA8TTCEHGFWBUZMeredith0051328227200The best jasmine teaNot much more to say! This is, hands down, the best jasmine tea I've had. It's expensive (though you get two containers for the price), but worth it if you appreciate good tea.
261876261876B001E5E20EA28HOZ9CB0JDGTJP "JP"1151323648000One of my favorite teas!Best jasmine tea I have tasted. It tastes as good as it smells, unlike most jasmine teas out there. A must try!
261877261877B001E5E20EA35HNL2VEDK9Z1Sir Coogs A Lot1151322956800Tea snobs rejoiceYes, this tea isn't cheap, but with some things in the world you get what you pay for and this is one of them. Over the years, I've come to joy the finer Things in life and a nice hot cup of tea is one of them. I remember a few years ago a customer offered me a cup of jasmine tea and I fell in love with it right away and asked where they bought it from and to told me it was from San Francisco. It wasn't until I found this on Amazon that I became reacquainted with that fragrant and delicious tea.

I usually drink this at work using a microwave-safe kettle, so this may not be the best way to do it. Since everybody else at work is a coffee drinker, I don't make more than one kettle of tea so I might be wasting the tea pearls but not re-brewing them. because of this guilt, I discovered that if I put one third the recommended amount and let it through a little longer, I get the same effect. In other words, I use one teaspoon of tea for 24 ounces or so of water.

I'm not a doctor so this isn't in any way shape or form medical advice but my father who takes blood pressure medication called me up one evening after I had given him a couple of this tea earlier in the day and asked me to buy him some because he noticed that on a day when he particularly had high blood pressure drinking ditzy dropped his blood pressure down by about 30 points. Again, not a Dr. but according to Dr. Google this is in the realm of possibility.
261878261878B001E5E20EA21XUSS7STBPPYLaurence E. Spaner "Lee Spaner"1151304467200Rishi teas. Exclusive in taste and design.Most if not all of their products are A number one.
What stands out most in jasmine pearl green tea, is that taste is not compromised by the jasmine's overwhelming smell and love it imparts to the green tea.
the flavor comes through each and every time a cup is brewed. The price is right.
What more can a person ask for?.
Sencha is also number one. White Jasmine number one. That should be enough for any tea drinker.
261879261879B001E5E20EA31FHUYH8JFCSCC. Zavala1151299283200My favorite tea thus far (in my life)I found this tea at a local organic store. While I was a bit alarmed by the price, the barista in the cafe area convinced me this was the best tea to buy. At the register, the cashier (male) regaled me with his tale of how he never drank tea until he tried this one. I was getting really excited to get home and try it. When I did, I was instantly in love.

I have had this both hot and iced (ran it through my ice tea maker) and I must say it is AMAZING either way. Friends have been delighted by this tea when I've served it to them.

Since I have given up coffee, I am really indulging in tea, and I was overjoyed to find Rishi Organic Green Tea on Amazon, at a better price than I had previously bought it.
261880261880B001E5E20EAJCAVTHZFM0J3G. Eguia "gaber"1151284940800Tastes Great - Less FIllingVery premium taste and it shipped very quickly via amazon prime.

I highly recommend using one of the following tea filters. Finum Brewing Medium Basket, Black

Pretty neat how the tea is like little balls that expand to loose leaf tea!

magical like steve jobs would say!
261881261881B001E5E20EA18B849VLWVH1ZD. Hilgert1151264550400Best Jasmine Tea There is Hands DownI have had several types of green tea. I have had loose leaf green tea that was Japanese style, and I found that to be very green and grassy flavored. I also have had Rishi's loose leaf green tea, which is good, and a lot more mild flavored. This tea is jasmine green tea pearls... So it has a lovely jasmine flavor plus its rolled into pearls which helps it retain its moisture and flavor content better than loose leaf. It's simply my favorite every day tea.
261882261882B001E5E20EA1MTW68TECRVMPEryn M. Burgess1151260662400Best. Tea. Ever.Truly exquisite; this is the best Jasmine Pearl, as well as the best tea, I've ever had. I am now a lifetime customer.
A quick-drink tea it is not, but a full-flavored organic experience. Take the time to savor the layers of taste and aroma, your senses will thank you!
261883261883B001E5E20EA9SIGSL70EAMTL.G.1151242086400Best Jasmine I have found!I have tried probably half a dozen different Jasmine Teas and have found my favorite with this one. It really does last for at least three steepings, which makes this cost per use go way down for a great tasting tea.
261884261884B001E5E20EA2FD3VFNFJ4HLOFreeman3451202515200Simply the bestThis tea is simply the best. It is not that expensive considering it is so much better than typical teas in grocery stores. I think it has cleansing abilities because I do feel it after drinking the tea. It is extremely refreshing, and it smells so good.
261885261885B001E5E20EA3QNIY3M18I9XXKathleen J. Mcinnes2351210377600take the time to sip this teathis is a contemplative tea. it is simply heaven.
this is a tea to savor and keep for a special time for yourself.
261886261886B001E5E20EA3E7GQME7I7RXCSerge Colombeau0051350777600great green teaThis is the best green tea. I drink it every morning since I decided to cut my coffee drinking habit. I still drink coffee but later in the morning.
I did try a few different green teas but this one is really above all and with the Amazon deal it is even better. I unusually use every batch 2 times and even a third time when I want a lighter tea.
261887261887B001E5E20EA1X6FHM7NATUS2wildsilence0051350086400Love it and might be making a subscriptionI read the reviews before I bought it, and definitely did not regret. I became a fan of Jasmine Pearl right after the first sip of this tea (before I had an impression that flower teas are the cheaper tea). Now I have purchased three orders of the two-tin package, and am continually purchasing them every other month. Just after I thought about a subscription, I saw the subscribe and save function in amazon. It's briliant! Maybe that's what I will do next.
261888261888B001E5E20EA3AP368N2IESWHW. Oliver "BookKnight"0051349827200An acquired taste.I'll freely admit I'm not a tea connoisseur. Years ago I lived in England with my Dad who had married a woman who'd been raised in England. That was my indoctrination into drinking tea. My dad was a coffee snob but me, being 12, and being allowed to drink tea out of a coffee cup was kind of a cool thing. No tea bags in use there. Given my Dad was a Staff-Sargent in the Air Force with a family of 6, the tea wasn't the high priced stuff either.

I've had tea in the South (Texas, Arkansas, Alabama (sweet tea, of course)on the West Coast, and in the mid-west and I've gone through many brands of instant teas, tea bags, sun tea, etc. throughout my life. Recently, I started drinking a brand called Teas'Tea Unsweetened Pure Green tea and Teast'Tea Jasmine Unsweetened Green Tea that's sold in 16.9 oz bottles in the restaurant that's located in the building where I work. A 16.9 oz bottle runs about $2.50 here so it's pricey but has a decent flavor and it's unsweetened so I can add Stevia. I usually buy a couple of bottles a day while I'm at work.

(Just on a whim I just checked and both of these are sold through Amazon Teas' Tea Pure Green Unsweetened Tea, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12) and Ito En Jasmine Japanese Green Tea, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12). It's still a bit pricey considering it's being sold in packages of 12 but it's still about .67 a bottle cheaper than what I'm paying now. I don't have any stock in the company but I really liked the fact that it's not sweetened with anything and the only additive I've seen is Ascorbic Acid which is Vitamin C.

Because I drink between a quart and a half-gallon of tea a day I've been buying gallon jugs of Arizona Diet Tea with Ginseng. Not as pure as the Teas'Tea but not bad. But I figured I could just as easily, and more cheaply (eventually) make my own ice tea.

Since I was going through the effort and expense, (I bought an electric kettle Adagio Teas 3 UtiliTEA Variable-Temperature 30-Ounce Electric Kettle, a 32 oz. clear teapot Adagio Teas 32-Ounce Iced Ingenuitea Teapot and a 16 oz. clear teapot Adagio Teas 16-Ounce Ingenuitea Teapot) I figured I wanted a high quality Green tea to match. Since I've been drinking the Jasmine Green Tea from Teas'Tea I did some searching for loose leaf Jasmine Green teas and came across the Rishi brand.

I used the electric tea kettle to make sure the temperature was what was recommended on the tin and I followed the instructions and timing for the tea exactly as they are on the tin. I used a count down app timer on my Android cell phone to make sure I steeped the leaves for just the right amount of time.

One thing (that has nothing to do with the taste of the tea but was kind of cool anyways and maybe a reason to buy a clear teapot) was that after the pearls opened up and the leaves expanded it reminded me of an underwater seaweed bed.

I first tried a hot cup of tea and I also tried this as cold tea (no ice in it, just chilled). I couldn't get past how strong the jasmine flavor was. I'm sure part of it is that I've been drinking the Teas'Tea Jasmine Tea and it's not nearly as strong.

The tins the tea come in are very well sealed and the contents are very well protected. The tin's have a second inset lid that seals the can that's under the outer lid and the tea comes in a very thick resealable package (It's like very thick aluminum foil but don't know for sure what it is).

Considering the care they take to make it, and package it, I can tell it's a high quality tea and I'm giving it 5 stars because taste is very subjective, but when they sell a Jasmine Tea you definitely get Jasmine. You should really, really like jasmine to drink this tea.

As for me, I think I'm going to go experiment and maybe mix the Teas'Tea Jasmine Tea and this tea to get to a flavor that's a bit milder. I'm apologizing to the purist's in advance... :)
261897261897B001E5E20EA1L9NVWH3PTMQ4B. Adams0041327276800Excellent tea wish it was fair trade
261898261898B001E5E20EA3R9X003XW0LNRDeborah Verlen "Deborah"0051326758400An incredible tasting tea--gentle and refinedI bought this on a whim at the Vitamin Shoppe. Sometimes an impulse purchase will be a total bust and other times it provides you with a sublime experience--and Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf Tea, 2.99-Ounce Tin (Pack of 2) is one such experience.

The ingredients are organic green tea and organic jasmine flowers. The tea pearls are mixed with jasmine blossoms until the pearls are infused with the flavor. The directions state to use one tablespoon of tea buds per eight ounces of hot water. I found this to be too much flavor for my personal taste--so I've been using one teaspoon. This results in a wonderful, light flavor that gently tickles the taste buds. The directions also state that one serving of the Jasmine buds can be steeped three times. I did find by the third steeping that the tea became increasingly bitter.

I love tea and this one holds a special place on my shelf! Just a wonderful tea for a rainy day, a special day, and in fact, any day!
261899261899B001E5E20EA34B8HLHAUEO4EValkow0051319760000green teaI like to try different sorts of teas. However, I drink only green teas. this Rishi tea is of very good quality;it has nice flavor and taste. I really like it. Thank you
261900261900B001E5E20EA1L076C070OU0Wlovetea0051319328000Great tea!I bought this tea and it exceeded my expectations! It tastes great and has a gentle jasmine flavor to it.
I would definitely buy it again if it was a little cheaper, I do believe it is a bit overpriced. Though it really lasts since u don't need to use a lot of tea for one serving I use half of the serving they suggest), one tin lasted me for almost 3 months! I will continue looking for a better deal on green jasmine loose tea and if I don't find anything better I will surely come back to Rishi!
P.S. some people mentioned the packaging was bad, but mine came perfectly vacuumed and fresh!

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