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261947261947B005HUVUC0A35R32TA60XD57M. Torma0051337731200Makes my cats crazy!I give my cats a few pieces of this whenever they get groomed in the morning and before bed. They go crazy for it! I won't feed it to them exclusively because they are on canned food and will remain on that, but it is great for a snack/treat.
261948261948B005HUVUC0A30U8T65AZJ6WRMmkay0051331164800Great FoodI actually bought this food to add to my mix of ferret food. (both ferrets and cats are obligate carnivores so their nutritional needs are similar). My first ferret was on cheap, corn-based, WalMart ferret food. He reeked to high heaven, his coat was rough and coarse, and he pooped huge piles. I switched him to this, and he's filled out amazingly well. His coat is sleek and shiny and I get comments all the time about how he doesn't smell. I've since added 2 other foods to my mix but am definitely keeping the Natures Variety Duck. It's hard to find a ferret food that isn't chicken based and I like them to have a bit of "variety" haha.
261949261949B004D1YG1QA3DMBEU38MRFRMS. Rodrick "vernterv"0051348099200Meow meowThat's all the cats do when they see the can, so I am guessing they are pretty tasty. I'm not going to try them myself just to give you a truly honest review, but I can tell you that my two cats have a can a week habit that I'm not sure they are willing to give up.
261950261950B00261T5UCA3OGURKAS8OPK8Diana Lynn Rogers0051331424000Yummy Maple syrupLong before I ever knew there was store bought syrup, my mom made ours with Maplene- Framers Brothers has that same fabulous flavor. FlapJack days around here bring me back to moms kitchen and 1956
261951261951B00181U53MA3KLS7YR0BEMS8LadyRU0051234656000hard-to-find teaMy husband LOVES this tea. and we were looking for it everywhere all the time. Amazon makes our life easier in so many ways, including this case. The price could be better for six pack, but - oh, well! - the most important that my man is happy now.
261952261952B000F47E32A1IONCOPN8K3GYFood Lover1151325980800Adds Great Flavor to DishesI usually buy this brand at my local store. By chance, I found that you can buy these cheaper here at Amazon. Since I use dried porcini mushrooms a lot for soups, Crockpot dishes, pasta dishes, and more, I was pleased to find that I can buy 12 packages and save a lot. Yes, you do have to soak them for a few minutes and strain the soaking liquid, but most all dried mushrooms have the same directions, I've found. This is just to ensure that you don't get bits of grit in your finished product since commercial mushrooms are grown in sterile compost material. I still use the soaking liquid (after staining it) because the liquid itself adds a lot of flavor to the dish.
261953261953B000F47E32AGOMX9T1D09DHM. Weil0631232928000Wish I had known these had to be washed before using...I purchased these mushrooms with the intent of grinding them up to use in rice mixes for gifts. I was not aware that they must be washed before using making them useless in this application. I have no plans to use them and cannot return them -- what a waste!
261954261954B0002UN690A30J6WE1VZDF2VMichael Gelder "Michael G"1111344384000S&H is 3x the cost of the product. Not a great deal after all.Thought I was getting a deal but when you factor in the high handling charge it's actually a lot more expensive than buying locally. My own stupid fault for for hitting 'Place Order' without really paying attention. Easy to sell product below market when you charge over three times the sale price for s&h. Lesson learned.
261931261931B001E5E20EABAPF3XY1W6JXTucsonShopper1241301875200Tastes great but costs much moreI just tried this product. I used one of the entire 3-ounce packages with 128 ounces of water after bringing the water to 180 degrees in the microwave (I like to make tea in quantity). After expanding, the package of pearls fits perfectly in a New Twist-Lock Spice Ball Tea Infuser Herb Infuser, Stainless Steel, Extra Large Size (4 x 3.5"). I was able to make another 64 ounces of tea reusing the peals but it was half as strong and not as good. Now, Rishi Jasmine Pearl is 5 to 10 times more expensive than tea bags (costing $.50 to $.75 a cup) but it's a completely different flavor and so can't be compared.

I know I will likely offend the purests here with what I did next - I added three individual packets of Crystal Light On The Go Natural Lemonade, 10 Count Packets (Pack of 6) (enough for 48 ounces in the 128 ounces of water). But, the acid (I assume) wholly changed the flavor of this tea (much greater effect than I've found with any other tea). I'm not surprised that a Google search shows green tea lemonade is a fairly popular recipe. This combination is now a favorite drink. My next experiment will have to be with a couple of cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

I'm trying green tea because L-theanine (the amino acid providing the unique flavor of the tea) has been shown to boost one's immune system as well as to reduce mental and physical stress (in other words, untwisting twisted thinking ... this was my primary goal as I often get mentally jumbled with to-do lists, etc). L-theanine is supposed to be helpful for concentration (improving cognition and mood purportedly in a synergistic manner with caffeine) and relaxation. Thus, L-theanine can be found both in many nighttime sleep aids (without, of course, the caffeine) as well as daytime power drinks.

UPDATE: Don't make a large quantity - the tea becomes very bitter, even undrinkable, after a couple of days.

2nd UPDATE: S.L. mentioned the contamination issue. Salmonella is a problem with eggs, hamburger, etc. However, I understand tea that has been sitting at room temperature for any length of time (such as Sun Tea or by adding new tea to a used pitcher as is commonly done at resturants) is a notorious source instead of the coliform bacteria (I believe salmonella is more about handling issues - for example, four years ago a Arizona tea vendor made 14 people sick with improper washing). Thus, one should never keep brewed tea for more than eight hours at room temperature ("Sun" tea is better made in the frig over night). Even refrigerated fresh tea will last only 2-3 days... and fresh lemon juice has the same limited shelf life. Don't drink if the tea appears darker. Many restaurants "solve" these problems by switching to instant tea and "garbage" sweeteners (which in no way defeat the positive effects of Green Tea's L-theanine) as they will remain good to drink much much longer. Fresh tea leaves also often themselves become contaminated with coliform bacteria. I assume this is why bagged teas brew tea that lasts days longer as well as the point for the serious packaging used in this product (I've also found store bought mango and orange juice used for sweetening last much longer than fresh as well). Again thusly, making large quantities of tea to use for more than a few days afterward wholly defeat the purpose of a healthy drink - even worse than coffee or root beer (banned for its ill effects)... ha ha.

I now use half of a 3-ounce Rishi Tea package in a 51 ounce bottle of Highland Spring Water (crisp and not mineralized water is key to good tea as chlorinated, deoxygenated, and hard tap water will produce negative interactions) to "brew" several days in the frig. I then add three 17-ounce bottles of Orange Mango Sparkling ICE Spring Water (which already contains a small amount of green tea) and the juice from a couple lemons (I still find the fruit acid very important to a far better flavor).
261955261955B0002UN690A3TS6FLDZA1UWNkjs0051325030400Love PelligrinoI buy this all the time. I especially like that they stay very fizzy for a long time. I have opened one of these bottles and kept it for up to 4 days, and still had fizz. I also like the bubbles, I know it sounds strange but I think they are smaller than some of the cheaper versions. Well worth the money.
261956261956B0002UN690ATPSR5KZ4A7G7DMTS52811263772800Pellegrino ReviewFor a number of years, I have purchased Pellegrino by the case at, Costco. I have three problems with Pellegrino:

(1) I don't know how much a bottle used to hold, but to me it seems that the bottles over the years have decreased in size, it seems like the company slimmed down the bottle to hold less water. I am certain the price didn't decrease.

(2) Just recently, I purchased a case and found the seal on the bottles so insufficient that I have had to pour out all the contents of a newly opened bottle, no fizz. Just this weekend I had to pour out the water in two brand new bottles.

(3) If I do have a newly opened bottle that is fizzy, I've also noticed that the bottle tops do not hold the fizz for long after the bottle has been opened, say only a few days in the fridge. I usually replace the Pellegrino top by recycling a lid from a plastic Coke bottle.

I have heard that the store, ShopRite has a nice store-named product that is imported from Italy and tastes like Pellegrino. I'm switching.

(Let's hope ShopRite keeps the cost reasonable, keeps bottle size the same, and has a better lid.)
261932261932B001E5E20EA3TLZ3647GQMDBdc1251283212800Price updateI just got a can of this tea from whole foods for $14. I didn't buy it on Amazon because of the multiple reviews saying it was over priced here. I don't know if prices fluctuate throughout the country, but I wouldn't be too afraid of overpaying for the tea. At the Amazon price I would have saved a couple bucks on the 2 cans since it qualifies for super-saver shipping.
261957261957B002RGU2G2A1YTX657QE6YH7Rockstar8851293321600CRUNCH TIME :)PROS :
1. Individually wrapped: great for fooling yourself into thinking your eating less fat because your have smaller portions, even though you end up eating the smaller portions ALL DAY LONG
2. Its chocolate, so of course 6 bags are better than one.
3. I like the color blue, so naturally the wrappers laying all over my house all somewhat attractive to me.
4. By having candy shipped directly to my house, I don't even have to get up and go to the store. So I can solidify myself as a true lazy sack, and not have to even leave the couch to get any fatter.

1. How could there be any Cons, its chocolate mailed to my house for cheap, what more could anyone ask for.
261958261958B002RGU2G2A1X3T9VBU5GQX4Michael McLeod1151291334400Super cheap - good candyWhat is there to say? Its Nestle Crunch! Yummy good stuff! It didn't get here in time for Halloween but the kids mom uses it for treats in her Kindergarten class.
261933261933B001E5E20EA3NW5X730FAUEIS. Yamron "loves to read"1251236470400Bliss in a cupThis little can of Jasimine pearls are a little secret of bliss in a cup of tea. You bring into your life a fragrance of spring and goodness. The scent is captavating and makes you feel you are in a personal shangri la of your very own. The taste is overwhelming to your tastebuds with it's sweet refreshing sips. Many of your senses enjoy this tea at once. To taste it and smell it, is to experience a joy many do not know. Pass the secret along to your friends and loved ones. I have. Enjoy and share.
261959261959B002RGU2G2A281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim0041338336000Just can't each oneThese bars, as small as they are, can either be a solution to your diet or the absolute end to it. If you can eat one of these small bars as a dessert, then you are making progress. If on the other hand you grab a handful and end up with a graveyard of open wrappers, you've just blown all your hard (diet) work.

So, if you love Crunch (who doesn't?), and you can control yourself, buy these. I tried and succeeded, for a while. Then, the bag was just too much to resist, and my monitor had wrappers everywhere. For me, it was just too tempting, alas...
261934261934B001E5E20EA1C1YYI1JYOGT6J. Archuleta1251234396800MMMLove Jasmine/Green Tea. Comes in a nicely sealed container. Not to much Jasmine or Green tea, just the correct amount!
261935261935B001E5E20EA2V99VUQK0DG6ISteve G. Meier "Mt. hermit"1251226275200Worth The PriceI had some of this tea a couple of years ago. I started to try different types of green tea from a local health food store with a large selection of green teas. After trying several I finally decided to go online to find the tea that I liked in the past. I found the Rishi Tea and bought a 2-Pack of the jasmine Pearl. I love the smooth taste and the wonderful blend of tea and jasmine flower. All flavors in this tea are equally balanced and provide a very flavorful experience. I also like this tea because I can brew it two to three times and still obtain a nice flavor. I Highly recommend this tea.
261936261936B001E5E20EA2LHQRIUKC1T0CJ. Bitango "Stygian Night Dweller"1251218585600Excellent teaVery, very good tea. The scent is extremely pleasing and the tea is quite good. Relaxing tea that should be partaken of slowly to be enjoyed to it's fullest.
261937261937B001E5E20EAA74FU94J8EKYH. Saunders1251208217600Absolutely the BEST tea!I love this tea! My mother has been drinking it for years and recently bought four tins and gave me two of them. What a treat it has been to wake up each morning and drink a couple cups of this wonderful "Gem", I really do look forward to it. I use one full teaspoon in my glass tea pot with infuser and am able to enjoy two large mugs from that. I add a little liguid lemon stevia and a touch of cream and is like having dessert in the morning! You will not be disappointed with this tea...ENJOY!
261938261938B001E5E20EA33SP4KNF4W9A0Scott Starubuc "Scott Starbuck"1251203638400Wonderful teaGreat product, fresh, quick shipping. I will buy again. But it will be a while before I run out.
261939261939B001E5E20EALIL6GECW4VE1P. Wroble "Jazz Diva"1251191369600Lovely tea.I drink this tea often and I'll buy it again -- I would gladly give it as a gift as well. The flavor is mild and sweet and the scent is more than pleasant... a nice, relaxing evening tea. I brew it with or without a tea ball as I am not a gourmet or a traditionalist by any stretch and don't mind having leaves in the bottom of my cup.
261940261940B001E5E20EA39E2X2LFZ3JHDEliza790131341705600OverpricedFor the price, I am not impressed with this tea. I wanted to taste prominent jasmine flavor, and have enjoyed much tastier jasmine pearl tea in the past. I am glad that it this particular product is organic, but I just think you can do better, for the money.
261941261941B001E5E20EAULTEO630ORZLC. Burns0141330473600Great Green Tea with HINT of JasmineI purchased this tea in hopes of finding a more economical replacement for the Jasmine Phoenix Dragon Pearls from Teavana that I have been drinking for several years. Upon first opening the can, I was excited to brew a batch, as the sweet scent of jasmine reminded me of my Teavana favorite.

After brewing and sampling my first batch, I was slightly disappointed as the tea does not have quite as strong of a jasmine flavor as I had expected, but overall the quality of the tea is very good for the price.
261942261942B001E5E20EAEL2VC1QUNDBIAl0151328572800Jasmine yummyThis tea is amazing, its aroma is the very best part. I didn't notices this when i bought it but it is a pack of 2! which is even better! i deem it dank
261943261943B001E5E20EA1831V8Q6JDAXKDiana M. Fuller "i standalone"0151306540800Green TeaThis is one of the best teas I have tasted. I use to purchase at a local store but found the price increase too steep. Then I remembered Amazon has it. Very good if you like organic green with a hint of mint.
261944261944B001E5E20EA42QN9MM6LKKMLee in Kansas City0151299801600Does Not Disappoint!In my tea-sampling explorations, here's what I appreciate about discovering this terrific tea:
a.) it's organic (very important, due to the epidemic of thyroid-related disorders from water fluoridation and chlorination);
b.) it's delicious;
c.) the tangy, rich flavor can be exquisitely fine-tuned, depending upon how many buds are used for a cup;
d.) it's a little pricy, but the taste definitely justifies the price;
e.) green tea is really good for you, ideally consumed daily;
f.) it tastes good hot or cold;
g.) it's a flavor I don't think I'll ever get tired of.
Thanks, Rishi!
261945261945B001E5E20EAL3EQN8HMELY2a work in progress0151254268800makes your knees go weakThis is the best fricken' jasmine pearl you can buy. The jasmine aroma knocks your socks off and it is smooth and delicious to drink. Rishi Teas area high quality teas across the board. I buy several of the whites from their site. I just finished off a pound of Rishi's jasmine pearls and bought a pound of Numi's jasmine pearls to save money. I've had it before and it's good. I opened the Numi bag and immediately wondered, where is the jasmine aroma?? Sorry for cheating on you Rishi, I'm coming back!
261946261946B001E5E20EA2K933OD32Q4O2Eleanor Wallen Toe0221336089600Not quite sure about the five starsI purchased this and the tea itself is nice. But if you want a full pot, you only get about 4-6 per can, which makes it pretty expensive. It is good, but I would say not quite as good as the price. The flavor is pretty overpowering and the essense is best for hot tea, rather than iced. I am not a tea affectionato, but do love coffee and some earl and green teas.
261960261960B002RGU2G2AEM1D1HKIIVHNMichelle HollyFlower0051334188800Crunch Funsize is really FunThese chocolates at USD12 for 6 packs is a steal.

It's not only cheaper than store prices but it's also more convenient. I don't even have to leave my house to get my hands on my favorite crunch chocolates.

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