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261961261961B002RGU2G2ABDCYK04CL6O4MIDNIGHT05210051323993600NESTLE CRUNCH FUN SIZE BARS(PACK OF 6)A delicious fun size rice crisp candy bar alot like Hershey's Krackle® in my opinion and for a great price from Amazon shipped for free at only $12.00 for 6 bags! If you like Nestle's Crunch®, then this is a great buy for you just like it was for me as well. I'd buy it again!
261962261962B002RGU2G2A2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...0051304985600It's Candy- Of Course It's GoodWouldn't order this type of candy in the warm months- chocolate melts.
The candy tasted great. Sometimes the price is too high.
I wait till it's $3 ish per pound- with the free s/h it's a great deal.
Arrived fresh and well packed and in timely manner.
261963261963B002RGU2G2AC2SMT7WEOBQMBill0051304380800My choiceThese are my choice over Snickers and Butterfingers, but that's just me.
As with the others, the order got here early, the candy was fresh, and
my work crew enjoyed every one tell gone.
261964261964B002RGU2G2A3JNSCHJX2FALYnisallik0051302825600Crunch!Crunch. Chocolate. Go to the gas station to trial this yummy candy bar. Do you like? Order this now!
261965261965B002RGU2G2A1E8GT6NT8R1Y4thriftykittycat0051301875200yummy & freshI thought the price was good plus it was on sale. Candy came fast & it was very fresh & yummy--would buy again!
261966261966B002RGU2G2A1ETP2CAS7MVGPJohn Sane "Yarr"0051300492800YummyPurchased these for Halloween. When I purchased it they were out of stock and had delayed shipping most likely not to arrive on time by Halloween. Instead of canceling I decided to wait it out a see what happens. They got delivered just in time, so kudos to Amazon.
I should rate the candy ... yes they are yummy. Lol.
261967261967B002RGU2G2A4C7IWS4D0KOLWM0051293148800Delicious ! MMmmmmmmmThese arrived on time for Christmas stockings! They're fresh and delicious, very good deal. Got them on sale here. Cheaper than the stores for sure.

I love Nestle crunch. I haven't had any in a long time. So I am really enjoying these. I have a second order coming again. They are great for sharing at work or anywhere.
261968261968B002RGU2G2A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet1251319846400Fresh and fast deliveryWho could not like a Nestle Crunch bar? Very tasty treat, and it came well packed (all six bags are in a plastic pouch which eliminates any shipping damage from the individual packs moving aroung in the box). Great price on the Gold Box deal as well.

They also are great for making cookies. I chop them up (helps to freeze them first) and use them in place of chocolate chips. Also great as an ice cream mix in. Or just as-is -- always hits the spot!
261969261969B005VTYOMUA3AY9OT5NG38O0political idiot1141326672000Best Irish SpiritIMHO, this is the best whisk(e)y Ireland has to offer. Many would argue in favor of Bushmills, maybe Tyrconnell, but I would disagree. Green Spot, made by the same distillery, would maybe edge this one out, but it is unavailable in the US. Redbreast is simply a well-crafted and flavorful single malt. Triple distillation and the pot still shape gives it a unique and very smooth delivery. As a single malt scotch lover, I find the Redbreast to be every bit as good as many of my favorite Speysiders. Shop around and you can find it for a very friendly price. Recommended
261970261970B005VTYOMUA1F7SX3GNVBNE3Joshua G. Feldman "Technophile"0041326931200Redbreast 12 is creamy and complex - a sophisticated Irish whiskey.Redbreast is an old Irish whiskey mark, but the current incarnation is a product of Irish Distillers and made at the Midleton Distillery in Cork. This is where Midleton (the finest whiskey made in Ireland) is made - as well as Jameson. The new Redbreast has been getting rave reviews and has a big following in Ireland. Here are my tasting notes:

Beautiful golden honey-bronze in the glass. Aroma is creamy and mild with a hint of sherry. After more time in the glass (give this one plenty of time to open up) there are red fruit notes and vanilla joining the cream sherry. Lovely. First sip gives us the sweet and clean Irish whiskey flavors of minty spirit but immediately a rich and creamy oily quality emerges and a host of new floral, sherry, oaky vanilla, and fruit flavors appear in the mid-palate. The fruit notes I'm getting are sultanas (white grape raisins). Finish is longer than usual for an Irish whiskey, with baked goods, more sultanas, and that sherry oak quality lingering.

I've just used a lot of flavor words but the dominant impression I get is a creamy mildness. "Smooth" is an over-used word in connection with whiskey and almost a bad word when talking about single malts - but this is an extremely rich, creamy, smooth malt - well seasoned with sherry, fruit and oak. It's a very mellow and easy drink - but with an excellent, if subtle, character. Balance, richness, poise and fuller flavor profile that most Irish whiskeys. A honey and a keeper.
261971261971B006P9XEW6A1BHWI8Q3IW61TCaleb0051350432000This bowl is deliciousAlthough the product description says that this bowl tastes like shrimp.. it doesn't so don't be alarmed! It is a nice warm chicken broth that is full and flavor and isn't too spicy. Perfect for the kids on a rainy day. Try this bowl and you won't be disappointed! I love them!
261972261972B006P9XEW6A1EX7EFV6UIVA5Sandy0051339200000Nonshim soupMy husband is crazy about this soup. Hard to find where we live. Glad I found it on Amazon because he enjoys it so much. Nothing negative to say about the product or shipping. All great!
261973261973B0002HAB4GA3INOV2SOWRDIIAnn M. Maine "annah_t"0051259798400I think this stuff is magic!I am crazy about this stuff... sprinkle a little on just about anything and it tastes better, if not amazing! I started just using it on frozen vegeables and couldn't believe the improvement... I've started putting it in my couscous, on my homemade baked fries, in my potatoes and sauces, etc. I highly recommend it!
261974261974B0002HAB4GA306H14L01BUXJR. Blais "LOL WUT"0231252195200Salty.I used this in a Pollo con Arroz recipe and it was salty, salty, salty... Simply Delicioso: A Collection of Everyday Recipes with a Latin Twist
261975261975B004F4CMPIA29V32IOAJUP8PShine2251312243200BrilliantWell let's see... this is


Gluten Free

GMO Free

Corn Free

Tastes incredible

And has a great price!

Amazon please carry more products that fall into this category! Thank you
261976261976B004F4CMPIA304FK7WHPMPXRuth B. Kaplan "sewfits"2241301356800Instant Healthy Addiction!HOO-EEE!!! I was prepared for the classic cardboard taste of healthy snacks. NOT!!! These have a robust flavor, beanie but a little cheesey, with enough salt to make them very tempting. The slightly higher fat content than other healthy snacks makes them very satisfying. I don't find I want to eat the whole bag. I find the Cheddar Cheese flavor a little too spicy for my palate, but the Black Bean (not Chipolte) are excellent, as are the Pinto and Flax. I cannot recommend these enough. A good way to get your fiber and stay away from corn.
261977261977B004F4CMPIA1Q9OCHQ5LL6XFnoclaimtofame1141322006400crunchy and tastyThese chips are healthy and tasty. They are very light (thin) but if you are looking for something crunchy for a snack, they are good. I put cheese spread on them and that is also very tasty. I bought them because they are organic and had ingredients that fit my diet.
261978261978B004F4CMPIA3KIR3YSO2G57K. O. Beilharz "the communicator"3451294531200Beanitos ChipsLearned about this product in my local daily newspaper and went on to try and obtain it. Found it with no problem and received my order most expeditiously. The product, Beanitos Bean chips w/ cheddar cheese, is delicious and nutritional.
261979261979B004F4CMPIA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0051345161600Delicious and healthier alternative to other fried chips. Nice cheese flavor.I recently tried these, after usually sticking to the Black Bean Sea Salt flavor. These are certainly different from that flavor, but just as enjoyable. The cheese flavoring is the perfect flavor for my pallet. I won't switch to these from the Sea Salt ones, but will definitely add them to my chip rotation.

Since these are fried in oil, they are by no means a health food, especially if you are focused on calories. That said though, they are an excellent snack and a much healthier alternative to potato chips or corn chips.

The main thing that surprised me about these chips is how good they taste. To me, they taste just as good, and are just as fulfilling, as the other salty crunchy snacks that I tend to munch on in the evenings. I enjoy them plain out of the bag, and also find that they are good with salsa or dip.

I wish the price was a little lower on these and wish that the bags contained less air and more chips, but otherwise I think they are great. I highly recommend that you try them. The pricing here on Amazon, is usually about 30 cents per 6 ounce bag cheaper than what they charge at the local grocery store, HEB. Specialty stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods charge even more for them.
261980261980B004F4CMPIAXJ1QYBUL86ONHarpswellWoman "HarpswellWoman"0051344988800Really tasty and filling - no corn, soy or wheat!These are probably among the most perfect chips that you can find - high fiber, low GI, and no corn, wheat or soy.

The cheddar cheese chips don't really have a strong cheddar cheese taste, but they do taste like bean dip and they are very satisfying and filling as a snack.

The only complaint I have is minor - they get stuck on your teeth, so you will want to have some liquid on hand to wash them down.

I paid $1.99 per bag for these on sale at Reny's in Maine. The regular price is $2.69 per bag.

After trying these out for a few weeks, I am hooked! These are crispy and tasty and a great food to keep on hand to stave off hunger - that along with almonds or other nuts.
261981261981B004F4CMPIAZE8B6LDWD0VXBiking Bug0051341878400Great FlavorThese have a superb flavor for a low-glycemic product. That's 'low-glycemic' if you pay attention to the standard serving size, which is a generous 10 chips. Had previously only made note of the cheese flavor and could not understand one reviewer's comment about them being 'spicey'. But we eat a lot of Indian food, so had not noticed them being spicey. After having not eaten anything really spicey for about a week, then eating some of these, we noticed the heat. Just a little, enough to make them not boring. They are plenty stiff enough to use with even a thick dip like guacamole.

They arrived fast and packaged well; were not all broken up. We will continue to purchase them here since our local health food store can't seem to keep them in stock.
261982261982B004F4CMPIA2JX3PG4YCJYXTOmaha girl0051338940800Love them, tastes like bean dip!I grew up at this restaurant with excellent bean and cheese dip. The fried flour chips are terrible for you and the extra cheese on the bean dip is also terrible, but oh so tasty. This chip actually brings me back to that dip - but they're actually HEALTHY. What?! They are slightly spicy if you have had a bunch of them- my 2 year old loves them too - I buy these and eat them whenever I want to pig out on something not good for me (which is often...) and I'm totally satisfied! I usually eat two servings but at it's a heck of lot better than most alternatives. I wish these were included in Prime and I'd subscribe and save. Mmmm
Oh, I've tried the plain black bean ones which I found a little bitter and slightly burnt tasting- but I think that was just the pure black bean flavor - I love black beans, but didn't like the chips. However, I have not tried the plain pinto ones or the black bean chipotle bbq - that could be good...
261983261983B004F4CMPIA245UUHQOLXF6LLillyanne_M0051306800000So GOODWe LOVE these- kids included. I love them because I can eat them on a reduced carb diet - and I'm always trying to think of ways to get more fiber into my kids' diets. These have 5 grams of fiber serving - 2 or 3 times as much as their morning cereal. They taste really great with anything you'd put on a tortilla chip. I've used them with guac and salsa, in taco salads, nachos, with bean dip, etc. I get them at the local health food market. I wish I could order them from Amazon, but they're not eligible for free shipping, so no go.
261984261984B004F4CMPIAEUZ9SZ5BJTVYArcee110151306972800delicious and nutritiousI read about these in Oprah magazine. I love to eat chips and salsa, one of my major food weaknesses. I can eat beanitos practically guilt free and they make me full and satisfied much sooner than with the leading tortilla chips. Even my kids love them. Seal of approval from our family!
261985261985B00016JGZ8A3CKPNSGA7JOLKBachelier ""1004""8951151193600These are the dried cherries you wantDried bing cherries are too sweet. You want the dried °tart° cherries that make for good snacking. This package and bulk packages are perfect. Full warning, there is some sulfur in dried cherries, so expect some eggy reaction.
261986261986B00016JGZ8A1VQACX8UDJVIKBarry Basden "camroc"1111268438400Beware - HFCSI went to their site where they say these cherries are sweetened with sugar. The packages we got were sweetened, not with sugar, but with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Said so right on the package. Wouldn't have bought them if I'd known that. HFCS is so bad for you even famous soft drink manufacturers are replacing it with sugar.

Misleading descriptions are a poor showing by these folks.
261987261987B00016JGZ8A1K89D30JY18BEK. Cole "EyeEdit"1251261526400Dried FruitGreat to have in the pantry, these cherries, and the other dried fruits and vegetables by this supplier are excellent in quality. They come well packaged, but without any fuss.

It isn't the packaging that sells these products; they are really good.
261988261988B000TVCEM2AACODZ81QQQA3B.Forstner2231314230400Ours says it's from ChinaI'm sorry but our Tone's Minced Garlic says it's a product of China. While I do love Chinese food I can't knowingly ingest food from China. I wish Amazon food listings had to state their country of origin. I wanted to be fair with the rating. Each person of course decides for themselves.
261989261989B000TVCEM2A2YKWJAJQL9MIFshirley s. curley0051277683200Good garlicI was able to find a product that I have used for years by going to Amazon. It was not available in my area, and so, I am very happy with the experience. Thank you
261990261990B000X1HK4KA2B39WHIXZXZMBRunner Dude4451213660800Sport Beans - great for pre-raceThese are really difficult to eat during a run but eating them about half an hour before a race gives you a great boost of energy for the race. I've set a couple of PR's since I added these to my pre-race routine!

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