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262021262021B004VELOGKAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0031344643200Weak Flavor. High Sodium. Low Quality.Fortunately, I've never been gluten sensitive, at least as far as I know, but I've got a couple friends that are on gluten-free diets. This seems to be one of those things that wasn't even recognized a couple decades ago and now everyone seems to be worried about gluten. Gosh, I was at a nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market the other day and found that they even had a gluten-free section with all kinds of gluten-free products. I was amazed. I looked over the selection and decided to try a can of the Gluten Free Cafe Chicken Noodle Soup. I was very disappointed with the soup. First of all, the picture on the can shows an abundance of chicken and noodles. In reality, the broth is by far the main constituent of the can. When you empty the entire can into a bowl, the chicken, noodles and vegetables don't even show. The chicken is somewhat dry, tough and woody and lacks good flavor. The noodles strike me as being badly overcooked, at least for my taste. The flavor of the broth is weak and the sodium content is high. Gosh, I had a can of this soup (not a very fulfilling meal) and took in about 60% of my daily value of sodium. I suppose this might be an appropriate item if you have gluten problems, but I don't. There are a lot better Chicken Noodle soups around if you aren't worried about the gluten problem.

Gary Peterson
262022262022B000JFDLACAIO7MHQKJ87TYC. Jones2251188172800Fresh and SourThis product served me well at the time and when I needed them. I grew up eating these Cherry Sour Balls and I just love them. Well I had to make some grab bags and for the price these was a perfect item to include in the bag. Everyone I spoke to loved them as much as I do. I must say I will definitely order again if need be.
262023262023B000JFDLACA5LYF0BKZYVY1A. Valencia0041220832000Love this CandyGreat candy, slightly sour, very strong cherry flavor, love it! Only issue was that a few boxes of the candy were stuck together during shipping, but oh well, didn't affect the flavor or the great shipping time!
262024262024B000VJM4FOA103FSOEF5ELTURobert C. Rogers "Bob Rogers"6651263772800Best tortellini on AmazonI tried three tortellini products from Amazon including Davinci Tortellini, 7 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) and Racconto 5-Cheese Tortellini, 8.9-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) The Barilla was easily the best. (Racconto the worst) The pasta stayed reasonably firm while the filling became soft and tasty. The rating is meant to compare this to other dried, filled products, not fresh. A great staple to have around the house.
262025262025B000VJM4FOAA4GC72H2UZQ4Big Momma "Big Momma's House"4451267142400Delicious, this makes a meal!I've bought this product many times in the supermarket. The Amazon price is much better than what I have ever paid for the same item. It's nice to have on the shelf because my family will always eat tortellini. The fresh tortellini that you buy in the refrigerator case has a different, fresher, taste; however, this is still delicious and great to have on hand. All you need to do is boil it, toss it in some butter, maybe add a little bit of tomato sauce (not much) and some grated cheese (not much). With a salad, that's a good, satisfying dinner!
262026262026B000VJM4FOAQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.2251303257600fabulous dinner in minutes from the pantry!These tortellini (and also the spinach and ricotta version) are truly wonderful. We tried them on a special promotion from Sam's Club, and I'm thrilled to hear that they'll soon be available directly from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members. When we're exhausted and hungry on the way home from work, we don't head for a restaurant at the last minute or give in to the lure of take-out, because we can have these ready in moments after we get home. With tomato sauce (we love the Barilla tomato and basil, which is good heated up right out of the jar, and can also be enhanced with our own lightly sauteed onions, celery, minced garlic and mushrooms -- yummm!), or just with butter and parmesan, these and a steamed fresh vegetable or a crisp salad (or even a high-quality frozen or canned vegetable, in a pinch) make an entire meal without having to succumb to restaurant prices. If we're feeling ambitious enough, we have time to saute the onions, celery, minced garlic and mushrooms for the customized sauce while cooking the pasta. I have liked DaVinci tortellini in the past, but these are even better! They have a fresher and richer taste, and the nutrition seems comparable. Unless we're ravenous, we even have a little left over from the two of us to warm up for breakfast the next morning (and they do warm up beautifully, if stored in the fridge BEFORE you put any sauce on them and then just microwaved with a tiny bit of butter -- add parmesan once they're hot). Try 'em -- I think you'll love 'em as much as we do!

UPDATE 6/11/11: Will be available in 2 days -- YEAH!!

Just wanted to add: these tortellini pretty much double in size when cooked, unlike the fresh ones in the deli. So it's a much more generous package than it looks. :)
262027262027B000VJM4FOA3B3IB8CRSNCG0warrior0051337040000Love it, ate too much of itI have had other tortellini but found these to be the best so far, couldn't stop eating them! I used them with tomato sauce for the most part, but I also ate them with a drizzle of olive oil only and no sauce. They are filling and a great confort food any time.
262028262028B000VJM4FOAUF7PD4TT8L4JT. Rose0051322784000Fast, easy and tastes great.These are a favorite go-to when I a fast,easy meal but am tired of spaghetti noodles. My grocery store stopped selling these awhile back so I was very pleased to find them on Amazon. They are a good hurricane supply item for when the power goes out as they don't require refidgeration.
262029262029B000VJM4FOA2UWT2NCOUCW1JCathleen from ISSB of CA0051314489600DeliciousMy son discovered this product during a visit to the east coast. He is a very picky eater, and likes these tortellini better than the fresh and frozen tortellini products available where we live.
262030262030B000Q8UYSOA2G9N7HL2R7ZZ1Christy C. Giesler3351286496000Excellent SaffronNot all saffron is the same.
Threads are far superior to powder.
The La Mancha grade of threaded saffron
is the best! I far prefer preserving
this spice in the corked jar to keeping
it in a plastic bag or in a more ornate
ceramic jar with a less airtight lid.
For Spanish cooking, this is a must have!
262031262031B000I67WUMA1RU2R4UTGT3WFRobert N. Guthrie "Bob Guthrie"0021349481600One LUMP or TwoI don't like it because when you pour the powder into a Bottle of COLD water it turns into lumps and remains in small lumps not being dissolved into the fluid as the lemonade or raspberry drink mix. Pass on it get another flavor that does dissolve and tastes good. Maybe it will dissolve in warm water but I like my drinks cold on a warm day. I pay $1.00 for a box of 8 Packets in a local Houston grocery store. They do sell out fast.
262032262032B000I67WUMA2LR3I77WV8NMNLinda L Pensgard0051346198400Always Delicious!!We really enjoy the Wyler's drink products. The ones we buy are low calorie and very tasty. We've been drinking them for years and wish they were more readily available in our local stores.
262033262033B000I67WUMA32FZQDRJBBM9Ltweetyksc0051247184000Can't find it anywhere!!!!This stuff was the best. Nice fresh peach taste. I ran out and cannot find it anywhere.
262034262034B000I67WUMA1PW4B86RDVVX2Liz D.0051216252800Refreshing, SugarFree AND DecafThis is without a doubt the best in it's class. Far exceeds Crystal Light and store brands. And for me, the real added bonus is it's decaf. Very difficult to find a good peach tea that's both decaf and sugar free, but Wyler's has done it and done it extremely well. My hubby is now hooked on this as well. The peach flavor is not overwhelming and the sweetness is just right. A very refreshing drink anytime of year, but especially on a hot summer day.
262035262035B000I67WUMA2KTE3TTR65CTBE. Bartel0051206835200Peach teaI love this tea. Wylers is the best peach tea out there. For an instant tea you can't get any better.
262036262036B001CCXVM4A2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"1151253145600Fabulous coffee, nice price, too!Don't expect the smokey depth of a dark roast, this one is light and lively! Perfect to drink all day, and I love it as my first cup. Might not be a satisfying cup for those who like a bold, thick cup with cream, but great for the black or low-fat milk crowd. Fits a Senseo perfectly.
262037262037B001CCXVM4A2JKNGMZ5AUHRCoffe lover0041286236800Toscana is wonderful !This is a very smooth, flavor rich blend! We love this
blend, but we are extremely dissappointed that it is no
longer available on the subscription plan--- it is much too expensive from other sellers. We will be ordering this from from now on.
262038262038B001CCXVM4A30I10IWBOB3Q9Terry I. "grandpa"0051269043200Wonderful Light RoastThis is one of the best light roast pod coffees available. Each pod is conveniently individually wrapped for freshness. Pods fit the Senseo machine with no difficulty. Good flavor for a light roast. No aftertaste like the dark roasts. I recommend highly for those people who like a light roast. I have ordered this three times and have not tired of the taste.
262039262039B003XW710OAIOLSSS52Q77QPACRNP0051323302400great flavor!My husband likes Earl Grey tea. We decided to try the K-cups and it was a good idea. We love them.
262040262040B003ESRF5IA19BSZ5XCL7IAODi Valentine8851286150400DeliciousThese cookies are delicious. Very crispy and fresh and tasty. My favorites were the chocolate chip and cinnamon cookies but the others were quite tasty as well.
262041262041B003ESRF5IA1LUYRR5MAU6YSGraham5551309651200Very impressive they're good for any store bought cookie
262042262042B003ESRF5IA1YREPX2PLKCP2MWar4451299715200Delicious!I'm a vegetarian, but have been slowly switching to a vegan lifestyle. These are vegan, but it does not feel like I'm missing anything.
One package is plenty for a quick snack. They taste delicious and have a good crispy crunch. Highly recommend!
262043262043B003ESRF5IAZ6LDTCV9ZKP5Jennifer Leach6741297036800Great product, unhelpful searchI got these cookies for my diabetic dad. Since I did a search for "sugar free cookies," I wasn't careful enough with what came up under the search results and hit order when these popped up. Unfortunately, they are *not* sugar-free cookies, but turn out to be really wonderful gluten-free cookies in a variety pack. We re-gifted to a friend who can't eat gluten, and she can't say enough good about all the varieties. I highly recommend them for people with gluten or nut allergies. But Amazon, seriously: improve your search terms! (And note to self: actually read the bags in the picture before buying!)
262044262044B003ESRF5IA17NSNVUHYHE5RCIAgent2241347408000Please look at list of ingredients before buyingThese are good cookies, but I'd hesitate to buy them if you don't like fava flour. It is a taste I don't like and kind of ruins the flavor. 4 cookies per snack bag with 3 cookies being a "serving". they do come in a nice looking box which more than one person admired!
262045262045B003ESRF5IA4RDPR4D4C9UTNy2231336694400They taste okayThe cookies were okay. I enjoyed the chocolate cookies the most. The others were okay and tasted very similar. There was barely any cinnamon flavor in the cinnamon thins. The oatmeal flavor was very weak too. The oatmeal, cinnamon and sugar cookies tasted like sugar cookies. The cookies are very sweet and high in sugar. The texture is good and crispy. If you are into really sweet snacks, these cookies would be great but I expected more flavor. Prepare to drink a big glass of water after eating a pack ^_^.
262046262046B003ESRF5IA327569QICLSEGA. Kushner "alk_158"2251307404800VERY surprised at how good these are!I rarely write reviews, but I thought that this product deserved to have it's own! I have seen these at Starbucks for 2.50 a package, but I wasn't going to pay that for 4 cookies. But I will pay just a little over 10$ for 16 packages using subscribe & save with a code from Amazon.

These arrived super fast, as always, and I broke into the sugar cookies first. They are perfect - light and airy and the perfect sugar cookie taste. I haven't tried the rest, but I am sure that it is all the same base with different add ins. My favorite GF cookie by far, outside of the homemade ones at the bakery. Perfect size for lunch or a snack....and the cookies are small and portioned controlled.
262047262047B003ESRF5IA1F1K6DDSB32VKdaa19702251306281600Lucy's Super Tasting Gluten Free CookiesI originally purchased the gluten free chocolate chip cookies for my son and they were great so I ordered the varity case to try all the flavors! They are all great and do not that funky taste you find in many special diet products. Now we buy Dr Lucy's cookies for the whole family because they love them! I wish she would come out with other products too!
262048262048B003ESRF5IA2IPAQZ8GTU7RCSteffie5831141348012800Vegan Cookies!Okay, I got the variety pack because I wanted to try out all the different flavors and I'm glad I did. Personally I love the chocolate chip cookies, they are super and the cinnamon ones are really good too. The oatmeal cookies taste a bit like cake batter to me and the sugar ones just weren't for me. This is not something I would keep on hand to snack on but it is a fun treat. The cookies are small like famous amos size and they are also hard cookies - so if you only like soft bake these won't be for you. A lot of gluten free products have a funky after taste and I only really tasted that in the sugar and oatmeal flavors.
262049262049B003ESRF5IA26Z6YDMYP7EJOsarah1141347235200Healthy Deliciousness!We like to pack snacks for work and Lucy's Cookies seemed like a convenient, healthier idea. The cookies definitely have a crunchy texture, and if you're not into that, then you might be a little disappointed. I enjoy eating the cookies with soy milk or oatmeal.

As for the standards, the packing is cute (especially the box!) and all cookies arrived safely un-crumbled :)
262050262050B003ESRF5IA3W3QUMZCLNRTPElise Winters-Huete1151343865600The BEST cookiesThese cookies are absolutely amazing. They're not just good for gluten-free cookies ... they're among the best I've had period, flavor-wise. They are a lovely, crispy texture, and high-quality ingredients. My favorite are the chocolate chip, but all of them are outstanding. FYI they do contain a small amount of soy, for those of you with food allergies. I can't recommend these highly enough!! ... go ahead, treat yourself. :)

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