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262051262051B003ESRF5IA2D855OK9JB8W3Donita M. Brown "Avid reader, tech geek. Chr...1151342828800Cookies are a must for those with Celiac or Dairy issuesThese cookies are great if you are looking for a gluten free cookie and/or a dairy free cookie. These are really good and aren't stale tasting. The individual grab and go packaging makes it easy to throw a pack into your bag for the day.
262052262052B003ESRF5IA1MASK2XKRKDAKgoveg1141342742400I think they're really good... and they're vegan!I really like these cookies for three reasons: My mom has a specific medical condition that severely limits the types of snacks she can have, but she is allowed to have these cookies; I'm vegan and so are the cookies; and they're crunchy (not soft-baked... yuk!). And I love all the flavors. The only reason I gave a "4" rating rather than "5" is because there are FOUR cookies in each bag, but the "serving size" calorie breakdown is based on THREE cookies... not cool.
262053262053B003ESRF5IA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"1151341619200YummyThese are delicious cookies. My favorite is the sugar, but they are all good. Just the right amount of crunch and tanginess. Crispy and satisfying. I would re order this for sure. Grab a pack and you are ready to go.
262054262054B003ESRF5IAAS2C9MOD5JNGNurse Charlotte1141320969600Good gf cookiesThese cookies are very tasty. A little bit dry (which is parr for gluten free). I just had milk handy. I like all the flavors. Some of the best gf cookies I've eaten in terms of flavor.
262055262055B003ESRF5IA2Y8YFXEZWW34YGluten-free Mom1151316908800Delicious and convenient!Lucy's Cookies Grab and Go Variety Case, 1.25-Ounce bags (Pack of 16)These cookies may seem a little pricey at first, but they are so yummy and pre-packaged saves time (and calories! I like all 4 flavors, probably more than I should, so I appreciate the portion control provided by the package size. I also have now purchased some in boxes and it is so hard to stop eating after a serving size... You will not be disappointed with these cookies!
262056262056B003ESRF5IA2CLBO8CDPMRNCKim M1151315612800LOVE these cookies!!! BEST GF product!!!I can't stop eating these cookies. I want to thank Dr. Lucy, best gf cookies I've had (besides these fudgy ones I buy at Whole Foods - which are fresh). I LOVE this product!!!
262057262057B003ESRF5IA3EBALB0QL3V94Debbie "dlc"1151312243200Pleasantly surprisedIt's hard to find good gluten-free treats and I was pleasantly surprised by these cookies. I thought they were light, cripy and delicious. I would definitely recommend them.
262058262058B003ESRF5IA2700R03B4D9MAkbmom1141311120000CrunchyCookies a quite good. They are airy and cruchy. My only thing I don't like is that the cookies all taste about the same. And they have a good amount of calories.:( But, they are gluten, dairy and other allergen free. Which makes them great!
262059262059B003ESRF5IA1QETBP2JUFUG1K. O'Connor-Salomon1151298505600Yum!For someone who is vegan and gluten-free, finding snacks out and about can be a challenge. Lucy's cookies are the perfect answer! Not many places carry them, but, luckily, they can be ordered by the case from Amazon for lunchbox and purse stocking!

All the flavors are good. Sometimes cookies are broken, but that is to be expected when something like this is shipped, and that just makes the package last longer!
262060262060B003ESRF5IA2AGFMX3FSKQPVCherie2311350172800Ingredients should be listed hereThe product ingredients should be listed here. It should not say "ingredients listed on packaging". For those with gluten problems or severe food allergies, we NEED to know the ingredients BEFORE we buy the item. I'm glad I went to the main web site for this product. It says they contain garbanzo flour which my son is SEVERELY allergic to. PLEASE start listing the ingredients so that we don't have to go on a hunt all over the net to find out such valuable information!
262061262061B003ESRF5IA14UCIDJPESYZTT. Baker0051350432000Yum!I have been gluten free for 10 years and these are some of the first cookies that I have tasted that actually taste like a cookie! No cardboard taste as some have mentioned. They are a hard crunchy cookie. I especially love using them similar to a biscotti - dunking them in coffee.
262062262062B003ESRF5IA1RWK02GA5V8CIkr20020021346976000A crumbled messWe had been ordering these for quite a few times now and each time they arrive more and more crumbled. This last order NoT ONE bag had whole cookies! What a mess!
262063262063B003ESRF5IA1REM250Y5FRE7nanab0041346889600Good but sweetThese cookies are very good. However, I would like to see these cookies with less sugar. All in all, I would buy them again.
262064262064B003ESRF5IA2BPFPVOWCTKDJJo Ana Starr "Mind-Body-Spirit"0051345420800Addictive!!!I've got to warn you of something important. These cookies are ADDICTIVE!!!

I put them on a 2 monthly subscription plan and in the very first month, I've ordered 2 extra shipments. I wish I could tell you it's because we have a large family, but I can't. It's just little old me, and I am plowing my way through these incredibly delicious cookies like I'm getting paid to do so.

Forget the gluten-free part. These cookies are fantastic by anyone's standards; I am guilty of consuming 2 bags of these yummy-to-your-tummy cookies a day. They are super good, not a gluten-free compromise, and an avid fan like me will not doubt find regular cookies no longer up to snuff.

Heed my warning, but buy them anyway if you are gluten sensitive. They are not a compromise from my way of thinking but remarkably good cookies.
262065262065B003ESRF5IAHG6XILWNX2C1S. Lau0041344211200Super crunchy, but tasty cookiesI like these cookies! They're super crunchy and crumbly, but once you put them in your mouth they're full of flavor. It's sort of like a Wasa cracker, but in cookie form. My favorite is Chocolate chip, but I've tried most of them and they're all good. Each bag comes with 4 cookies.
262066262066B003ESRF5IA3541Z048VSMFVJenny L0051334016000The cinnamon are my favorite!My child has food allergies, so we tried these after spotting them at a coffee shop. If you're expecting Chips Ahoy, you will be disappointed. They're not an exact replacement for other commercially available cookies. That being said, they are still very tasty! My three-year-old devours them, and will request them for dessert all the time. We send them to day care to use as a replacement snack when other kids send in birthday cupcakes, and he doesn't feel like he's missing out. Total win!
262067262067B003ESRF5IA2XSMRSJLL3Y6TShannon0051333065600SOO good!We are always on the lookout for good gluten-free snacks! I gave these a try because they were on sale, and a combo pack so we could try different varieties. We (me, and 2 kids ages 11 and 6) love them! Crispy, and taste like the cookie they are suposed to be with no funny aftertaste. Very happy, and will definitely be buying more!!
262068262068B003ESRF5IA5U5B6CGYSH17Carolyn J. Nieset0051332979200Lucy's Gluten free cookiesThese cookies are the best gluten free cookies I have bought in 15 years. I especially like the cinnamon thin cookies. There are four in a package,just the right amount to take along as a snack. Lucy's Cookies Grab and Go Combo Case, 1.25-Ounce bags (Pack of 16)
262069262069B003ESRF5IA12SAU7NR89O98A. Olson0051332115200Yum!We got these for the kids' lunches and our whole family loves them. Hubby and I must control ourselves or there won't be any left! Crispy, crunchy, and delicious! The kids each have their favorite kind, but they are all good.
262070262070B003ESRF5IA35PUIAINIFKL3jalien0051331164800Yummy GF CookiesI bought these cookies because not only are they gluten free, they're also peanut free (all major allergens to be exact). They are the best GF and PF cookie I have tried to date.

The "Every crispy, crunchy Lucy's cookie is baked without wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. But you'd never know it." statement is spot on. While the texture and taste aren't exactly like grandma's gooey chocolate chip cookies, you'd never tell they were "missing something".

The variety pack is nice so you can change up flavors, though the flavors aren't very variant of each other.
262071262071B003ESRF5IA2SV806UGKW37CMarianne Madden0051327276800Delicious CookiesI am so glad to have found these cookies! They taste great.
The cookies come to you in a very nicely packaged box which keeps them from being crushed.
I will look to buy these again in the very near future.
Thank you
262072262072B003ESRF5IA1EVSQ5H13DKY1drw1230051324080000Great Buy, Great Cookies!These individual size cookies were packaged to perfection. Lucy has made sure they are nestled in for the ride to your home, that is for sure! I was so pleased with this packaging that I intend to order more today to give as gifts. Those who choose to eat allergy free need this type of product from time to time. The cookies are absolutely delicious.
262073262073B003ESRF5IABAG9KT7NUK25GA Girl0051322697600Delicious and Convenient!These cookies are my favorite Gluten-Free cookies both prepackaged and home-made. They're crispy and they taste like "normal" cookies. The fact that they are packaged in small sizes makes them perfect to throw in my purse and have in case I want a snack where there are no GF options.
262074262074B003ESRF5IA3S5FJNP4OXOMFTinkkabo0041322092800Like reg cookiesI agree with what someone else said. These are the best GF cookies I've tasted so far. I think I got them from whole foods and when I was expecting them to me bland and flavorless...I was pleasantly surprise. So much so that I ate the whole darn box in one sitting.
262075262075B003ESRF5IA18Q5RVZA474JVPegacorn "Pegacorn"0041317340800Delicious & CrispyAll these cookies were wonderful. I was disappointed that all of them were hard / crispy. My mother, who doesn't have many teeth, couldn't enjoy them too but they were excellent otherwise. The sugar and the cinammon cookies were the best.
262076262076B003ESRF5IA2IQFPASP2IUF2Shirley Klatt0051316304000gluten free cookiesEnjoyed the four different kinds. They were crisp and delicious and above all gluten free which meets my criteria. I would purchase them again.
262077262077B003ESRF5IAGGTGUK3XHBCQjancie0051309219200Best Ever Gluten Free CookiesAll 4 flavors of these cookies are so good. I set myself up to receive a pack of 16 every 2 months, I think I'm going to change it to a monthly delivery.
262078262078B003ESRF5IA33T7Y7ER36TNHMarina Reynaga0051308009600very good flavorExcellent cookies. They come 4 to a pack, perfect for a lunch treat. The cinnamon and the sugar ones has a nice crispy buttery taste. I didnt care for the oatmeal or chocolate chip but my kids ate them all up.
262079262079B003ESRF5IA3EUOE51TPGZ8HOhio Woman1311343001600AWFUL!I was so disappointed!
I agree with the reviewer who said they taste like stale cardboard.
They had no pleasant texture, no pleasant flavor. They were dry, dry, dry!
Even the chocolate chip cookie was bad.
I can't believe people enjoyed these.
I plan on returning and that will be my first return to Amazon.
I can get delicious vegan cookies from Whole Foods that are so scrumptious that I have to use self control. These are awful.
262080262080B003ESRF5IA3HYBLX029MLM1murphy1311329523200Lucy's CookiesBought Lucy's cookies after I heard about them on tv. They are not worth the money at all. They taste like stale cardboard at best. Don't waste your money.

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