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262081262081B003ESRF5IA290DNIZ06BLUOAdoptive Mom "Blessed"1531300579200ehI am not sure what I expected but I found the cookies to be dry and tasteless...we are a family of 6 and no one would buy them again.
262082262082B003ESRF5IAX5A3WLDHHCZVJan5541611327622400Not as ExpectedSO disappointed off taste all the flavors taste the same-not worth eating had to throw them away-cannot understand the great reviews..there is so many better products available
262083262083B003ESRF5IA1NE8566K9IXR4KittyParker881621308009600If you don't need to eat gluten free, do not purchaseIf you have to eat gluten free, these cookies are great! If you don't need gluten free items, you will find these dry and flavorless. I probably won't order them again for me.
262084262084B003ESRF5IA6GAZVMNB00KJPaul S. Zamost "PaulZ"31411326844800Use cocoa from slave laborLucy's cookies has a track record of buying cocoa from suppliers who use child labor to farm their cocoa beans, avoid this product if you have a conscience
262085262085B000LKXCD6A1TT0ZYF5EGCT0A.H.232741224720000Delicious, but a little soupyPROS: This dish is delicious. The flavor is not at all hot-spicy, but there is plenty of body to it. The cheese is firm. It was really easy to prepare, too. I just tossed the bag into a pot of boiling water for 4 minutes, as recommended by the preparation instructions.

CONS: The texture is lacking. It's almost as if the spinach was pureed; this makes it a little too soup-like. Also, the sodium content seems a little too high. The nutrition info on the package says there is 800 mg/serving (33% daily value) and about 2.5 servings/package; so if you eat this all at once like me, you'll be ingesting about 2000mg of sodium (about 82.5% of the daily value).

But for the texture, I would be happy to find this on my plate in a restaurant.
262086262086B000LKXCD6A26R96PVKURXWNR. G. Sudhakar111221249084800Palak Paneer Too GreasyI have tried various brands of Palak Paneer. Kitchens of India Palak Paneer tastes good. If you are health conscious like me, this one is not for you. This one seems to be soaked in too much oil.
262087262087B000LKXCD6A8N380O5KB7RGNavin6611286582400Quality Changed over the yearsIt is quite different from what I purchased back in 2005. The biggest difference is in the size of cheese cubes. They used to be what is shown on the carton. Ditto with gravy, it used to be quite thick. Looks like the efforts to reduce cost has taken a toll on this product too.
262088262088B000LKXCD6AWKZAUC0D8DYLAuskan "Auskan"111351224115200Easy & deliciousI love having this in my pantry. I cook a batch of rice, add some sauce and dinner is served. My 10-year-old son loves it and asks for it several times a week.
262089262089B000LKXCD6A27GVNKXDNQVNSBudget Fashionista "Budget Fashionista"5511302912000I've had much betterI bought a bunch of the Kitchens of India items during a promotional sale and the only one I'd recommend is the butter chicken sauce. If they were tasty I could overlook the salt content for the occasional enjoyment but I'm not loving the taste. This one's consistency is like baby food. I ofter buy similar products, including a hearty Palak Paneer from Trader Joes and those, in my opinion, are much better in flavor and cost far less.
262090262090B000LKXCD6A2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife6721236124800Not so pleasantWe love curry and Indian food, Moroccon food, all types of dishes from different cultures and anything from anywhere that goes on rice. I've bought many dishes from Kitchens of India but this one just fell flat. My first and last impression was "slimy". I cooked it in the microwave and the boil water method and both were inedible to me and every one of my family. It's like a pureed slime with only about 3 chunks of cheese and a few small tidbits more. Not a pleasant taste or texture, little food value, way too high in salt..makes this something I'll never purchase again. I will continue with Kitchens of India, however, as they do have some tasty dishes.
262091262091B000LKXCD6A3FKPBNI7UWQFWWork of Life81051227916800Mmmm-mmm!When you love Indian food, but don't have the time to cook it, Kitchens of India is a really great alternative. I have yet to be disappointed in one of their dishes and this one is no exception. The great thing about Indian food is that they are mostly sauce (or "gravy" as they say), so I will cook up some meat or steam up some veggies and add one of these packets to make a fabulous meal. Their really aren't much in the way of veggies in these packets, but that is typical in Indian food, no matter where it comes from. American's tend to use gravy or sauce as the secondary component while Indian's use it as the primary component and sop it up with lots of bread or rice. By steaming or sauteing some additional vittles, you can really stretch one of these packets.
262092262092B000LKXCD6A63CHVWCFGZHSNancilee Wydra5631229731200if you crave it it's acceptableI adore Palak Paneer and covet any chance I get to purchase it. This is not the best, but not bad by any means. Not very much in a packet...two persons at most. I probably will try to buy Amy's frozen palak paneer in the future.
262093262093B000LKXCD6A3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."7931225497600not very yummyI normally love this dish. It's one of my faves at the local Indian restaurant I frequent. But this version of it, perhaps because of what's required to market something in a foil bag and ship it all over thither and yon, isn't very good.

It's thin, for one thing, and my first packet of it contained a whopping three chunks of cheese. Say what?! I love the cheese! Where's the cheese?! Added to the cheese shortage is the fact that the dish is a wee bit salty, and you've got a palak paneer that doesn't really light my fire. IF I combine it with a biryani from the same company, it's tolerable, but I normally like this dish with nothing more than a couple of slices of naan. Ah, well, live and learn.
262094262094B000LKXCD6A3P9WTVW7RBEJ0E. Wang2231291766400Okay but not greatPalak paneer is my favorite Indian food and I have tried the shelf stable versions from Trader Joe's, Haldiram, Tasty Bite and now Kitchens of India. I find the Kitchens of India version to be my 2nd favorite next to Haldiram. It's not too spicy like TJ's, and it is pretty well-seasoned (arguably a little too salty). My only complaint is that the paneer is not as good as Haldiram's version. Haldiram's cheese is "squeaky" and firmer to the bite, so it feels more fresh and homeamde. I bought this when it was on sale though for 50% off so it's a great value. I also bought the variety pack and I like to heat up two packages and eat with a little plain yogurt and rice. Perfect for a weeknight dinner and lunch for the next day.

Update 1-27-10
I'm now down to my last box of this product and I have to say that I'm not going to be ordering it again. It really is way too salty for my taste and I can't get over the poor consistency of the paneer.
262095262095B000LKXCD6A3KSXW1MF1GRHQBanu2251272931200Tasty!!!!I enjoy Paneer anytime, this is is nice, although i would have preffered more paneer cubes in them...........
262096262096B000LKXCD6A212WN4JFIQ1R8lazy cook2241246665600mmmmmmm, tastynot as good as trader joe's.

heating it by boiling does a more thorough job than the microwave. goes great over rice and/or with flat bread.

just remember to brush your teeth if you have a date after, lest ye have green spinach mixed with your pearly white smile.
262097262097B000LKXCD6A22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"2251236297600Tasty and natural.Great item for a quick lunch. Takes minutes to warm in the microwave. Can be eaten alone or you can pour it over rice for a more filling dish. Tasty and natural. Good product.
262098262098B000LKXCD6A2R2S5KV4HH5CGSam VP "Sam"2241227398400Pretty goodThis is a pretty solid palak paneer. Not restaurant quality, but it's close. I agree that the liquid is a little too thin, but the taste is good.
262099262099B000LKXCD6A1D2QAPQCOJ1B0H. Kim4511314921600I've never expected....I usually don't write a review but this one I had to.
This was truly the WORST CURRY EVER.
Don't really need to mention for the taste and card board tofu but there's this strong MSG taste that paralyze your tongue that comes after each swallow. I've tried my best to make this thing eatable by adding fresh ingredients from the fridge but nothing helped. It still tasted awful. Keep away from this one. ....well, keep away from all of their products if you can.
262100262100B000LKXCD6AT62HX1HHLLH8Maria S.1121349136000Decent but needs more paneerThe spinach is good and tasty but there are only a couple pieces of paneer in it. I was hoping for a bit more protien in my lunch. The product photo is deceiving.
262101262101B000LKXCD6A23HRTD9I9K90ZVictor B. Schneider "Linux Sharpie"1131347408000It grows on youFirst, don't open one of these products next to an open flame. The packaging is tight, and all the packages uniformly spray some oils when opening. You might even find a few drops on yourself.

The positive side is that means you have so much less oil to add to calories ingested. I add one or two teaspoonfuls of soy protein powder to blunt the spiciness and add protein to the calories to grams of protein of this product.

Also good on Amazon kasha, rice, pasta, etc.
262102262102B000LKXCD6A2AIZSR1CG6EY0D. Beeksma1151311033600Perfect lunch treat for the officeThe flavor is fantastic -- not too spicy but certainly not bland. I generally don't like eating soup and this seems a bit "soupy" because the spinach is pureed so much; however, the taste makes up for that complaint.

When the only food around town is unhealthy fast food, Kitchens of India's products are a wonderful and healthy alternative to have stored away at the office. The problem is, they don't stay stored too long because they taste too good!
262103262103B000LKXCD6ANTN61S4L7WG9Sukru Tikves1131287705600Not as good as other Kitchens of India productsAmazon has made a great service introduce me to Kitchens of India products. These spicy Indian meals makes lunches during work a very simple endeavor. However, after trying several varieties I did not find the spinach dish as good as the other ones.

Don't get me wrong. It still tastes Ok, and it's still easy to prepare/serve. However the general green soupy substance is not as delicious as other offerings. Additionally the semi-solid floating parts - which are supposed to be cheese, but I think they're tofu - do not add an interesting flavor to the mix.

If this was the only Kitchens of India product, or I liked spinach soup more (I do like spinach, but not in this style), I'd recommend it. Currently I'd recommend a more regular dish, or the variety mix to find your own taste.
262104262104B000LKXCD6A34WN1VQ9R0TUISamuel Langhorne Clemens1121286668800Too much of the same masala, unhealthyIt seems like they are starting to use the same masala in a variety of substances that it renders it indistinguishable from the other items. this is a common problem in restaurants outside of india.
also, the fat content is unbelievable.
P.S: the fat is not from the paneer (/cottage cheese). it's oil
262105262105B000LKXCD6A1GXT7CMMKJBJKKrishna Kilambi1131286582400Just OKThe curry tastes decent but is not great. Nothing special compared to the local brands you get in the stores. Buy this only if you like your stuff delivered to your door.
262106262106B000LKXCD6A17L0CXRHIR40Nwildfaeries "StalkMeNot"1131275523200It is mediocreTasted good like Palak Paneer. However, there was barely any texture. The spinach was like green water - not thick or saucy, the chunks of cottage cheese almost non-existent - it was like feta, all crumpled up. When emptying the pouch out, you can see a layer of oil/butter. All in all, I was not satisfied with the appearance or texture as I was eating it, but hey, it tasted like Palak Paneer
262107262107B000LKXCD6A3S1YI6MC7832GReviewer1141272672000Tasty, but Needs a Little Extra Sumpin'I love Indian food and find this particular Paneer very tasty. But I add some of my own spinach to it to make it a little "gutsier" and more like a vegetable side dish. One of these packs to one (cooked) frozen block of spinach, or one pack to a comparable amount of fresh cooked spinach makes for the perfect consistency and taste for me and my family.
262108262108B000LKXCD6A1LDSWRUDCDY0TJessica4611288656000Not GoodSorry I ate this... the tast is mediocre at best and is loaded with an unimaginable amount of salt. The portion of the packet is barely enough to satisfy yet is packed with 425 calories and 36 grams of fat. I would not recommend this or any other dish offered by Indian Kitchen.
262109262109B000LKXCD6A1WNPWIRY9B35QJ. J. Brainerd "gal about town"2321268352000Sodium Overload - inedible for meI'm not someone who is particularly sensitive to salt - I don't have high blood pressure or anything like that. However, with 800 mg of sodium (33% of your recommended daily value) - in only 1/2 cup of this - I was a little concerned. But, the reviews for this product are pretty much good - across the board. So - I TRIED to like it - I really did - and the smell was incredible - I do agree that it's not got the most appealing visual effect, but I don't really care about that. My first bite was just some of the spinach puree - and I thought "Wow, that's good - a bit salty, but good" - then, I had a second bite with some of the cheese, and the salt level in it hit me. I tried one more bite after that, but that was it for me.

I'm hoping I just received a bad batch - I most likely will try one of the other packages, but I'll prepare it with something else (maybe chick peas? Lentils? Potatoes?) to tame it. As is, I can't eat it at all.
262110262110B000LKXCD6A2FBHERLK510NPN. Yuen2351247356800Delicious Delicious Delicious!We purchased the Palak Paneer packs when Amazon had a great sale and were skeptical on the taste. Low and behold, the taste way exceeded our expectations! I had no problems with the consistency of the Palak and to make it more of a meal, we added cubed firm tofu! We were impressed with how authentic the taste was compared to restaurants we've been to. Nothing beats fresh but this unassuming packet of goodness could rival some of the best indian restaurants we frequent! Perfect meal in taste and price!!!

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