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262188262188B002AU3K1EADZ1E2SYWSG99Chad Myers111351245196800These are good. Very, very good.I don't mean "good for a gluten free cookie", or "almost like a normal cookie". No, I mean, that as a cookie they are good. No strange textures, odd flavors, or smells. No sticking them in the refrigerator to help out the texture. They basically taste like a normal crunchy sugar cookie with cinnamon that just happens to be gluten free. No milk or butter either so I believe they should be casein free also. According to the labeling they are vegan and kosher as well.

That's a mighty impressive list of good stuff. You're probably wondering what the catch is, right? It definitely isn't the taste. As I said at the beginning, these are very, very good. I only see two drawbacks.
1) Cost. Most gluten free foods are expensive so this one isn't unexpected.
2) Quantity. The 5.25 ounce package contains 16 cookies.

16 cookies really doesn't seem like that many, particularly when enjoying them. However that could be considered a positive attribute for some of us. I know I have a tendency at times to munch on something yummy without paying attention to how much I am eating only to find I've eaten the entire bag. Since the package is a built-in pause / stop point, the smaller size less overeating. Even so, I still wish there were more in a package.

One last note, just because I found it to be unusual. Normally all the cookies would be packed the same way, i.e. two rows of eight. These aren't. Instead, there are two rows of seven cookies each, side by side, and then two more cookies at the end of the package rotated 90 degrees from the others. There isn't anything wrong with this packaging method since it maximizes usage of the packaging space. It's just not how most packaged cookies are packaged, nor is it symmetrical, so it sticks out as unusual to me.
262189262189B002AU3K1EA3B1ZPY5AF61T1Cindy V. Ramer "Desire to learn"4451245283200Great CookiesI am on a gluten free diet and find most gluten free snack high in calories and fat. These cookies are awesome. The serving size is 4 cookies, calorie count per serving is between 100 and 120 and fat is between 1 and 2. Great flavor and crunch and almost healthy.
262190262190B002AU3K1EA1A3NLJO4O3YIGK. Allen3351249084800yeah!Finally a cookie that taste great! If you have eaten any gluten free cookies before you know they are bland. These cookies are AWESOME. The best part is I dont have to worry about my multiple food allergies. I would recommend them to anyone who loves cookies like me!
262191262191B002AU3K1EA3FW6TWGY1DC15Rachel "Girltron/Rabbithorn"5651249516800Just delicious!I love Dr. Lucy's cookies. All the flavors are terrific. I don't eat them because they're gluten free-I have no allergies-but I am a vegetarian who usually eats vegan. I often crumble these (or the sugar cookie flavor) on top of a bowl of coconut milk ice cream-it's spectacular.
262192262192B002AU3K1EA3B1ZPY5AF61T1Cindy V. Ramer "Desire to learn"5651245283200Gluten free and Great tastingI am on a gluten free diet and find most gluten free snack high in calories and fat. These cookies are awesome. The serving size is 4 cookies, calorie count per serving is between 100 and 120 and fat is between 1 and 2. Great flavor and crunch and almost healthy.
262193262193B002AU3K1EA1GL9ZVG84T9T2Dr Robin5651240185600Cookie CravingsAn acquaintance shared Dr. Lucy's cookies with me and I was just amazed at the taste. I have never had a healthy cookie that was crunchy - like eating a homemade cookie, made with love because it took a mother's love and dedication to create these amazing cookies. Looking forward to more flavors. Thanks Dr. Lucy!!!
262194262194B002AU3K1EADT36XUUNW05SAnnie Edwards2251253750400Finally!I have been searching for a tasty gluten-free cookie cookie for several years, a taste that was equal to the cookies of regular eating days. Lucy's Oatmeal Cookies ended the quest. They are DELICIOUS!!! They are also a perfect size for a quick snack and ever so satisfying. The calorie content is also good. I am anxious to try other varieties.
262195262195B002AU3K1EATMNWAOAL3EVQM. Bradley2251250640000Excellent Gluten free and Dairy Free OATMEAL!These cookies are great, even greater since they have no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, and are light crispy and oh so good. This is a phenomenal price too, and I love the small snack pack size!!!! Thanks Amazon. And thanks Dr. Lucy (who lives one town over from me!)
262196262196B002AU3K1EA2F28R9U74PSGThe Inveterate Scofflaw "J"2251249171200Good grief, these cookies are delicious!!!!Are these really gluten free, because they sure don't taste like it! There are a few other cookies being marketed as "gluten free" or "diet" but there simply is no comparison to these nuggets of goodness. Frankly, even given the choice between these and something like a Pillsbury or Toll House oven-baked cookie, I'd take Lucy's cookies in a heartbeat. No guilt, no high glycemic index to make you feel like you just gained five pounds, no impulse to hibernate. Just moist, sweet morsels that make you wonder why the bag isn't three inches deeper. (Seriously, Lucy, you need to make them deeper.) And the inspiring story behind the creation of Lucy's cookies will make you feel that much better, knowing that you're supporting a homegrown business, rather than a huge multi-national. I can't recommend these enough.
262197262197B002AU3K1EA129QMC08SW3T3C. Clinger "CatMa"4551240012800! Mmmmmmmmmm !What a wonderful surprise to find LUCY's on! I haven't enjoyed a cookie as much as I enjoy LUCY'S since going gluten free several years ago.

They have that just-right crunch.
They are just sweet enough - not too, not not.
They are just the right size.
They have just the right "mmmmm" factor.

THANK YOU DR. LUCY for sharing the "lemonade" you made from the dietary lemons life gave you too! You've given me many appreciated "mmmmmmm", "mmmmmm", "mmmmmmm" moments!
262198262198B002AU3K1EA1T58BZWTTMNHZVegan Sweet Lover6831258416000Used to own stock in the company, but changed their formulation, and get a much lower ratingI used to love EVERY flavor of these cokies. I was the one buying out the entire shelf at WFoods. I started ordering on amazon multiple 8 packs at a time. I could easily eat 2 boxes a day by myself! I eat really healthy and my sweets is the only thing I give myself what I want. I am vegan and "prefer" to eat gluten free, as I am supposed to due to healh issues, but don't always because there are no other GF desserts that are vegan that I LOVE. So BOY was I disappointed when I had to stop buying them very mcuh because they changed the fat and calories significantly. I wonder i anyone else noticed. I wrote to Dr. Lucy and she replied. I asked if I could still order some from her int he original formulation, or where I could buy them like that, but she said no. The only reasons she gave were some type of problem with the formulation and baking f the cookie, but I don't understand beacause they were perfect??! A better explanation would have been nice. So thus, I am very disappointed in this line, which was the ONLY GF, VEGAN, LOW FAT/LOW CAL, DELICIOUS!!! line of desserts I enjoyed, and now cannot eat them very often at all. When I am consuming large amounts, I'm sorry but 25g of fat for a whole box vs. 7.5 g fat/box for the old cookies? Can't do it. Dang Lucy....I miss my sweet yumminess.
262199262199B002AU3K1EA2X1XBJOQXQ3W8JAMES1121349222400Dry with after tasteI am in the health food industry and I am gluten intolerant. I have tried many different GF cookies in the last ten years. I bought a box of Lucy's chocolate chip cookies last night at Safeway. I was not impressed. The cookie was dry, almost to the point of being stale. This is a common problem when people try to make a gluten free cookie that have no experience in baking with gluten free flours. Lucy's cookies remind me of Pamela's cookies which are also dry. Being dry is not a sin that a little milk or coffee can not take care of. However what I cannot stand is an after taste. The base flour combination has an odd after taste that spoiled the little enjoyment I had from this cookie. I looked at the ingredients and found garbonzo and fava bean flours. I cannot recommend this cookie based upon the after taste. I have not tried the other varieties that may have stronger flavors to cover up the after taste. I would suggest either Udi's frozen cookies or Glutino cookies. I find these two brands superior to Lucy's. Thanks for reading.
262200262200B002AU3K1EA3EE88UYGWUSSTS. Rider "militant atheist"1131342828800Ecellent Vegan Gluten Free Cookies, No Tummy AchesThese cookies are very similar to garden variety wheat based chocolate chip cookies, they have similar texture and snap, but these are both vegan and gluten free, which matches my requirements. My celiac disease makes me very sensitive to wheat and these cookies do not trigger any reaction.

The cookies are if anything a little more crisp than most, but not at all hard or difficult to chew. They certainly contain sugar. I do not eat these everyday because they are so sweet, but I do like them and may very well subscribe to them.

If I were rating these only on flavor and texture I'd give them 4 stars, but Lucy annoyed me by creating a bizzarre nutrition panel. Each package contains 4 cookies. They state it is 1.3 servings, then go on to say one serving has 130 calories. So each package seems to contain 169 calories, possibly over some people's limit for a snack. But let's be honest, these cookies with lots of organic cane sugar have a lot of calories. Each cookie must weigh in at a bit over 40 calories.

For years we have known that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Now we know it is a cookie worth of calories too, tasty calories. Will buy again.
262172262172B001KQ9L26A2GRZPRTUFXL4BNikki Garrett0051338336000Jumbo Fruit and Cheese Basket .. FANTASTIC!Thank you so much! This was ordered for a friend and arrived beautifully packaged and so fresh! Delivery time was exceptional! I would highly recommend this to anyone as a gift.
262173262173B001KQ9L26A38UUKVYG7RO4DSusan0051330992000deliciousordered this for my daughter for a Valentine's Day gift, who loved the variety of fruit, especially the mango. Fruit was ripe, cheese selection perfect!
262174262174B001KQ9L26A1VP9GBWZ7F508misterjay30041330905600The Right FruitSent this to my mother for her birthday and she loved it. She said the fruit was fresh, tasted good, and the cheese was very good. It was so good and a lot that she had to share it.
262175262175B000YF42SCA5A3C6XVDYUNDJulia A. Andrews5541290384000The Best British FruitcakeAll those jokes about the same fruitcake being re-gifted every year. Yes, I told them too.

My Brit husband loves this one by Walkers. Believe me when I say it was the best fruitcake I have ever tasted. It is a rich, moist dense cake packed with raisens. None of those icky plastic apple, cherry or pineapple pieces that dominate an American one.

Rather on the expensive side esp when you add in shipping/handling but once a year makes it a true holiday treat.

Enjoy the Holidays!
262176262176B000YF42SCA2M2WNYPKO0ZF0Rachel837063341291161600There is NOTHING like European Fruitcake!!I LOVE fruitcake. I just love it ... but when I try to share that with other people, they just don't understand. Fruitcake has gotten such a bad reputation. The thing is, people from the US believe that fruitcake has to contain those disgusting day-glow pieces of cherry and other "fruit" It seems even the gourmet cakes purchased at places like Williams Sonoma or the cakes lovingly hand made by monks have this atrocity! I find that to be beyond gross! I won't touch any of those cakes.

It is the European fruitcakes that I long for. Not too sweet and full of raisins and nuts and other goodies (Not to mention the alcohol which keeps everything nice and moist). Absolutely nothing about it glows in the dark.

This cake made by Walkers is one of the best I have ever had. The marzipan on the top really gives it something special. It is just delicious! I would give it 5 stars, but it is a bit pricey. I agree with the other reviewer though. For a once a year treat it is well worth it.
262177262177B000YF42SCA18ONCVDYXBSTJDani1141326931200Good fruitcakeGood fruitcake. Lots of dried fruit. None of that horrible colored candy type fruity stuff. Frosting is thick but so is the cake, so it's balanced. Probably could have used more nuts. I'll order again, but probably not for a while because it is rather expensive.
262178262178B00726G37EA13OHJAZOG5OVNCrystal1131347753600DisappointingI first heard of this PB from a food blog and thought it sounded great. I love peanut butter and love trying new brands and flavors, so I was really excited about getting these.

First, I will say that the Banana is AWESOME!

The Cookie Nookie just tastes like regular peanut butter. We couldn't taste any hint of chocolate chip cookie dough in this. It's not bad at all, so we will eat it, but it's disappointing to pay so much for no cookie dough flavor.

The Razzle Dazzle is what we were looking forward to the most and we ended up having to throw it out. We couldn't get past the horrible smell. We thought maybe we got a bad jar, so we bought another at Whole Foods Market and it was the same way. After several attempts to try to eat it, both jars went in the trash.

I will definitely buy the Banana flavor again, but not the other two.
262179262179B00726G37EA2PH0UQ0MMS6XJJackie Griebel1151340582400Very tasty peanut butter that is also very healthy.PB Crave peanut butter is delicious. It is all natural and so good that we don't use jelly in our sandwiches anymore, it is so moist and sweet the kids don't miss the jelly. All of the flavors are really good but you must try the Razzle Dazzle!
262180262180B00726G37EA2GOJQW0O0555Lwinkstersue0041348272000Yummy pb craveI ordered one jar of each flavor. My kids favorite is razzle dazzle, while I prefer choco choco. But, there was not one flavor that no one liked. I sent the peanut butter along with ritz crackers to my daughters kindergarten class for snack and all the kids enjoyed trying the new peanut butter. Awesome product and customer serivce!!
262181262181B00726G37EAHX8BDYIPBR3LRobin L.0051343174400Great product!Quick ship and delicious! Love this peanut butter and the flavors! I bought the 3 pack combo.
Have no complaints and would definately purchase again!
262182262182B00726G37EA2MTNQILXNYVW7Joey Starkman0051341964800Super Cravable!All natural AND Delicious! I have tried every flavor and love them all. Very different from your other flavored peanut butters. I highly suggest trying them (:
262183262183B00726G37EA1HN2338HVK4A8saad0051340064000great flavorsThe 3 pack of coco banana, cookie nookie, and razzle dazzle are all amazing. I would recommend these. they also do not require refrigeration, which is beneficial for me.
262184262184B00726G37EA9LLBMFJ0G0THTiffany Crooker0051337385600Keep in Cool PlacesI got these to test out they sure are not what you would except. Not a bad thing just different. They are very tasty and my kids love them. I would fridge them if you live in a hot state, or they just turn into liquid and just doesn't look right at all. My favorite is the Choco Choco one, very good! My youngest likes the banana one and my oldest of course Mr sweet tooth likes the raspberry one. I love how it has natural to it, no added yuckys! They are very easy to spread and a little goes a long ways. We haven't even made half way into them and that's awesome for PB! Great CS and they ship super fast!
262185262185B00726G37EAEYTCF14ATG0IDisappointed1511343692800Never received productA blogger friend of mine tried out PB Crave and posted rave reviews. Being a huge peanut butter fan myself I decided to order this for an upcoming camping trip. My order was placed on July 17th with a delivery window of July 23 - 26th. Perfect, it would arrive a week before we leave on our trip. July 26th came and past with no order or shipment history with FedEx, the only history FedEx had was that a label was created but the package never shipped.

I email PB Crave on Sunday July 29th inquiring about my shipment and got a response on Monday. Apparently one of the flavors in my trio was out of stock but they graciously offered to ship my order sometime next week and would throw in the CoCo Banana for my troubles OR I could cancel my order all together and they would issue a refund. My issue is the lack of communication, had they emailed me when I placed my order notifying me of the back order I would have opted to substitute my original order with something else. This wasn't even an option. I replied to their gracious offer asking them to substitute and overnight the new order to me (so far no response), I will update IF they respond to my reply.

Is this going to ruin our camping trip, no..But there is a slight disappointment. This was going to be something new for the huge group of kids going on our family trip to try out and a couple of those kids are huge peanut butter enthusiasts and were just as excited as I was about trying something new.
262186262186B000V5DG3CA43TO7626CMHPB. Harrington "typey typerson"1151288396800Exactly what I wantedSoft, fresh, intact, prompt, and costs less than the grocery store. Need I say more?
262187262187B000HYWD4AA3NIFTIC552EJYmamalira0051329696000Best Chai EVER!This is seriously the best chai I have ever tasted. I was a little leery of it being a powder. But I am totally over it! I first tasted this Chai in a little coffee shop and searched all over to find it so I could make it at home. I found it here on Amazon and bought the 4lb bag. We have had it for a couple of weeks and it is almost half gone between my husband and I. I thought that it would be enough that we would want to share with family and friends but now we are being stingy with it because we love it so much. I know shame on us tee hee. I will definitly be buying again and again! It is best steamed with milk!!!

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