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262201262201B002AU3K1EAPWK2EKIA0PVNFiona's Mom1121330646400Nothing special.I bought these cookies after reading all the rave reviews but they were very dry, didn't have much chocolate, and left an unpleasant aftertaste. I don't understand what all the fuss is about. If these were the only GF cookies available, I still wouldn't buy them again.
262202262202B002AU3K1EA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"1141321142400nom, nom, nom!!! 4 stars from a *non*-gluten free momWhile I am not gluten intolerant, I'm trying to reduce my gluten intake for health reasons and snacks seem to be the best way to to try and curb my intake. Since snacks of this type are not a dietary requirement (much as I'd wish they were) I have the ability to chose *any* cookie, gluten free or not, I am lucky in that I can afford to be a little picky. I had tried a few other weird/bland gluten free options and wow- these cookies really surprised me - the are actually very good! Crispy, no weird/off tastes, just like a "real" cookie. Nice size for dunking in a cold cup of lactose free milk without getting lost or soggy. I deducted one star because they could use a few more chips sprinkled in there.

They are a little expensive but I don't mind the price point considering that the factory goes to great lengths to protect against cross contamination from allergens and gluten. Plus being a little pricey I am less likely to eat more than one pack at a time :) I'm looking forward to trying the four flavor combo pack next time.
262203262203B002AU3K1EA3BTG32BMPE3ABCiniMini671151319414400tasty cookiesThe cookies are great tasting. Especially for gluten free. I will definitely buy them again and again.! The consistency is like a regular chip ahoy!
262204262204B002AU3K1EA3C113ZNZ02OYL. Scolamiero1151248998400Better than Chips-Ahoy and better for you too!I absolutely love Dr. Lucy's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They are a delight to everyone, whether you are on a gluten-free diet or not. The best part is they are only 120 calories for 4 cookies; and for a college student trying to look good in a bikini, that is very important for me! I highly recommend everyone try these delicious cookies, they will not disappoint!
262205262205B002AU3K1EA3RWETX0DBQI8OStacey A. Lai "ChildrensDrop&Shop"3451248998400Lucy's Cookies A++I have three children and seven nieces/nephews (ages 20 to 10 months). Lucy's cookies are the staple snack/dessert/treat in our household b/c of the allergies a few of us have. The cookies, the taste/flavor, the packaging and the crunch are loved by all of us. We always have them on hand and glad to have them ready for us to order 24/7 on Amazon. Lucy's Cookies A+++ (P.S. During the school year, they're great to pack in my daughter's lunch box b/c they follow the school rules!)
262206262206B002AU3K1EAGZKJ1RCAT9Z9Amazonian Shopper2341264291200Delicious, but something is awryThese are very very good tasting. Crispy cookies, especially delicious when dipped in milk. They say gluten free, and I totally believe they are, because I did not have a wheat-type reaction. But, I have to say, I always feel MISERABLE after eating these cookies.
Someone else mentions how they are too sweet, etc etc. I don't think they taste too sweet, and they have 13g of sugar per serving which doesn't seem like it's that much, considering most other 'sweets' have more sugars per serving (take a look at Gatorade, for example).
That said, it does seem to be some kind of a reaction to the sugar, because immediately after eating them I feel like my body is dumping into some kind of sugar coma. I start to feel like lead, and lightheaded. They also mess up my tummy. Maybe it's the type of sugar they use? Evaporated cane juice is the 1st ingredient, and they also contain 2 kinds of cellulose, which I think are sugars also (but I could be wrong).
Anyhow, I gave 4 stars for taste, because they are THAT good, but keep in mind you may feel like you need a lengthy nap to recover from eating them.

I agree with the previous poster they should do *something* about this ... I don't want stevia or artificial sweeteners in them, but maybe try using less sugar, or a different kind of sugar, like organic brown? I have no idea, but I would never let a kid eat more than 1 of these at a time, for fear it'd make them just pass out!
I eat other sweet stuff, and nothing makes me feel this bizarrely over-sugared.

I'm not even totally sure it's the sugar that makes you feel this way ... any ideas? It's a shame, because they are so delicious. I've tried them several times, and may keep them on hand for a once-in-a-blue-moon craving, but I definitely won't be eating them often.
262207262207B002AU3K1EA229MZBEYX32D8Busy Mommy2321248998400Not that greatThese cookies are small, grainy and very crunchy with an awful aftertaste. And very expensive for such a small package of 16 cookies. Might be great for multiple allergies, But I was very disappointed.
262208262208B002AU3K1EA357809WXCPIXJ0041341705600Pretty Good for what is isFor what is is, this cookie is pretty good. Does it taste like the soft, under-baked, buttery kind you get from a bakery or your favorite shoppe? No, however it does satisfy a sweet tooth. In my opinion these taste just like a "less sweet" version of the chips ahoy brand I ate as a kid.
262209262209B002AU3K1EA11W39SI6UW23peanutfreenana0051339286400Cookies that taste GOOD!I love a crisp cookie that you can dip in milk. These are crisp,delicious and light and they travel well for my peanut allergic grandaughter. She's four and its a great thing when we can find things she loves and can eat without worry.
262210262210B002AU3K1EA2VWJOB6GITNI9Pen Name0051339113600lucys chocolate chip cookiesThese are some of the best cookies I've found without allergens in them. I love that they come individually packed so I can grab them to go or put them in my lunch.
262211262211B002AU3K1EAARU93A331T4Ielijah's mama0051335916800My sons is on a gfcf dietMy son is on a restricted diet due to allergies and he is very picky. It was hard to find things that he would even try. After tasting one of these cookies he was hooked. Now this is a favorite snack of his.
262212262212B002AU3K1EA3AZ420Z3CUP1KBlythe Smith0051335744000Gluten-Free Tastes Great!Terrific flavor, good crisp texture and just the right amount of sugar sprinkles make this a winner! Lucy's cookies are my go - to
262213262213B002AU3K1EA2IAXPW8J345WBMark Fain0051334707200CHOCOLATE CHIPI bought the chocolate chip and they are delicious!! Regardless of the fact that they are gluten free, these cookies are good enough to stand on their own.

I gave my father one to try, and he loved it. He had no idea they are gluten free.
262214262214B002AU3K1EA2PI8R0C9S3HNCammie Bundy0041330992000Yummy! Crunchy sweet and 8 boxes almost gone already!I bought Lucy's cookies because I saw them on Dr. Oz as a guilt free cookie. I bought the oatmeal and I love them. I am on Weight Watchers and I calculated them at 1 point plus each! Wow! A 1 point COOKIE! Needless to say I am eating them--- but I am eating cookies and losing weight!!! My husband is not on Weight Watchers and loves them too! I want to try the other flavors so I will order them, but I will definitely re-order the oatmeal this week!
262215262215B002AU3K1EA23KU98R5CRWGOKristina0051330300800Lucy's Sugar CookiesGreat seller, fast shipping! I love these cookies! I have many allergies and I have no problems when eating these. I will be ordering more.
262216262216B002AU3K1EA2Y0R9C4VVWK2Oannex130051323388800Best GFCF cookies!These are the best GFCF cookies ever! Even better than I can make at home and they are awesome for quick lunch packing!
262217262217B002AU3K1EAOD4F6V9RFQBXpinky0051320278400They're great!Lucy's Cinnamon Thin cookies, while a little pricy, are quite tasty. I like to let them get slightly stale so that they are chewy, although that doesn't happen often because they are usually gone too quickly.
262218262218B002AU3K1EAHNQ1JNX52P01Pup "pointerpup"0051317168000O-M-G these cookies are Delicious!I bought these on a whim at my local gluten free store. These cookies taste amazing!
To me, they taste like cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and need to refrain from buying every week.
They are just TOO tasty, I want to eat the whole box!
262219262219B002AU3K1EA2IAYGGXNMS4J0S. Roach "bookivore"0051309132800Just like Snickerdoodles!This cookies are really tasty and I will definitely be reordering. I ordered the package of 16 small bags to be able to have a snack to carry with me to places unlikely to have anything gluten free, and I'm glad I ordered this product. If one is signed up for the autodelivery program the price is pretty reasonable. The little bag of 4 cookies helps me with portion control because if I had the whole box I would probably plow right through them. They are very flavorful and taste just like cinnamony Snickerdoodles; there is no weird aftertaste as with many GF foods. (I have also had the oatmeal cookies and found them crispy too but much more bland; they would be good with coffee.) I've even considered crushing the cinnamon thins to make a crust for cheesecake but haven't tried that yet (would buy a box to do so to avoid the need to open multiple bags). The cookies are very crispy, so if that is an issue for you, take note. (I know my false-toothed father would have to soak these in milk to be able to eat them, but I believe he would think they were worth it!)
262220262220B002AU3K1EA139CEGXQ3UZ74C. Shwartz0051299110400really goodi bought these after having them at starbucks and i loved them. im always looking for a weight watcher friendly snack and these fit the bill. they are four weight watcher plus points and are delicious.
262221262221B002AU3K1EA3EGLJT5DEO7R4G from Green Bay0051292630400Lucy's Cinnamon ThinsThis is a very flavorful cookie with a nice texture. It is also low in Carb. I have used the crumbs from these cookes to replace a grahmcracker crust and was extreemly pleased with the results. It is my only "must have in stock" cookee!
262222262222B002AU3K1EAXX69ZTG6W47S52Bargains0051291420800Best everGlad I gave them a try. They are expensive, but all gluten free foods I purchase are! They taste the closest to the best cookies I used to purchase before having to go gluten-free. Will purchase again.
262223262223B002AU3K1EA9UUOHLCLNJT8Jenn0051290211200Chocolate Chip CookiesI went on a search for dairy free chocolate and found these great cookies! We believed my breastfed son was sensitive to milk, and having to avoid dairy when you're a chocoholic is very difficult! These cookies helped to feed my chocolate cravings, and helped keep my sanity in those difficult first weeks with a newborn. At first, I thought they tasted just a bit different. They're a lot crunchier than regular chocolate chip cookies and they don't taste exactly the same. However, after being off of dairy and munching on these cookies, I began to not notice a difference. My picky husband also said they were good!
262224262224B002AU3K1EA70HIF031ETF9Robert H. Lyle0051289088000Only cookie that considers ALL intollerances & tastes goodLucy's is one of the very few baked goods available that omits all the major sources of food intollerances -- gluten, dairy and eggs. More importantly, they are delicious. When we can't find a local source for Lucy's cookies, we always ordered them on-line.
262225262225B002AU3K1EA17XUU1IV0NCSD5HOGS "story weaver"0051288051200LOVE THESE COOKIESI love crisp sugar cookies, these were perfect, tasted like regular gluten cookies. Will buy over and over.
262226262226B002AU3K1EA3EAHP98G856TQFAS0051287619200They're amazing!!!!!!!These cookies have no milk, no egss, no nuts, no gluten and no cholesterol or trans fat, which common sense says should make them taste like cardboard, if not even worse. I don't know how they did it, but these chocolate chip cookies are delicious. They actual taste like chocolate chip cookies should taste. If you've got allergies, try these cookies. You'll love them.
262227262227B002AU3K1EA2LW2LVW887X9Bkatlover0041286928000Great Glutten Free CookiesThese are the only glutten-free cookies I eat. They are crunchy and go great with coffee and tea.
262228262228B002AU3K1EA2HQXP26466PXVmmmom0041284681600lucy's gluten-free chocolate chip cookiesMy daughter loves these! We both have gluten sensitivities so we were so happy to find these!
262229262229B002AU3K1EA1D7SKBDFLSKFXN. Albanese-levin "Healthy Girl"0051282435200thank you dr lucy!these are so great for a GF kid (or adult...) and for the whole family! we're hooked on the chocolate chip, but we like the oatmeal and cinnamon a lot too. and its great that they come in individual packs or full-sized cookies. pretty healthy and all-natural ingredients, what could be wrong? they're great, we recommend them!
262230262230B002AU3K1EAFD7UDF7HOOLWAmazing Grace0051278028800Very tasty cinnamon thinsThese cinnamon thin cookies looked appealing in the package so I bought some. I didn't buy them because they were gluten-free, I just like anything that TASTES GOOD, whether it's low-fat, fattening, gluten-free, low carb, etc. and they ARE really good and surprisingly satisfying for being gluten-free. Make sure that if you eat them while having coffee that you "dunk" quick (if you like to dunk your cookies). I order 5 or 6 boxes at a time and will continue to in the future because now they are a favorite that I eat practically every day.

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