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262291262291B000YKD1JSA2W06A0M588YKUSUPURRRkitty's Mom2251295481600Dry Food of ChoiceRoyal Canin Special Formula 33 is the dry food of choice for 5 rescue cats now living indoors: Thelma age 21, Coopurr and SUPURRRkitty age 14, Samcat and Cutie Pie age 6. All 5 come running as soon as I shake the bag. After switching to Royal Canin Special 33 several years ago, digestive upsets have been greatly reduced and all sport beautiful coats. Happy to find that we can buy the 15 pound bags at
262292262292B000YKD1JSA27X0BDM5F34F3Betty H.2251292025600Maine Coon CatMy Maine Coon cat "Taz" developed a colitis like condition which caused him terrible discomfort, loose bloody stools, and vomitting. Our vet recommended the Royal Canin 33 Formula and he has improved dramatically. Thank you Royal Canin for superior products from a company that can be trusted.
262293262293B000YKD1JSAP7YA6PQNE6MNSmiles2251289001600Great ProductOur cat had been puking just about every day with normal food. We tried everything but nothing worked. I did some research and found this particular product about 1.5 yrs ago and our cat rarely pukes now and has gained a significant amount of weight! Great product even though it is pricey!
262294262294B000YKD1JSA3K4JVH6L52JK3Emil L. Balusek1151305331200Helps our PJ keep food down.PJ is the male we kept from the 4 babies our little 'Sweetie' had. He gobbles his food and then goes to throw it up. We decided to try Royal Canin - special 33 formula at the advice of a friend with a cat with similar problems. This has made a great improvement and even though he still slips up and gobbles too much and then drinks tons of water to help the process along, he is much improved.
We were thrilled to find the big bag for sale at Amazon.Com and bought it at a very competitive price.

All of our cats are finickey eaters and we find they do like Royal Canin which was not true of another brand we tried. Emil L. Balusek
262295262295B000YKD1JSAWH7LWY76ULP2WhitneyS0051350345600Definitely RecommendMy cat throws up when he's nervous and when he's introduced to new cat food or litter. I'm in my early 20's so I move each year when my lease is up. It takes him about 2 months to adjust to my new apartment and stop throwing up. I wasn't a good mother and would tend to buy whichever cat food was on sale bouncing between typical grocery store brands. After speaking to the Vet I realized I was hurting his stomach each time I switched food on him, and he's not getting enough nutrients because he's throwing up all the time. After he started eating Special 33 Formula I can tell he's feeling a lot better. He hasn't been throwing up (great news for my carpet too!) and he's looking healthier. It's more expensive than what I normally spend on food but it's worth it for his health.
262296262296B000YKD1JSA3BZ80BLTJ0YIZSara0051339286400Good for sensitive StomachMy boy cat whom we adopted at 6 months age suffered from tummy troubles. Loose stools, couldn't digest food. We tried several foods before this one. This dry food suits him well and he is consistently doing well for a year on it now.
262297262297B000YKD1JSAWZ5K0EIAE1WNJ. Henkes0051326931200Only Food for My Sensitive CatI have been purchasing this cat food for almost five years now since my pure bred Rag Doll cat has had irritable bowel troubles. We spent almost a thousand dollars on vet bills, testing, and they wanted to do a biopsy of his intestines. We weren't going to do that, so I looked around on the internet to try some better foods for him, and after a few different types not helping, I tried this one. His symptoms have been under control ever since. He can only eat this food without loose bowels. If he eats ANY thing else he has trouble, and we have a long haired cat mess! I am so greatful for this food because I just love my cat!
262298262298B000YKD1JSA2M37DP44ZNRNQConsumer in TEXAS0051324425600We trust this brandAll three of my darlings immediately liked this product. We also buy other Royal Canin products, our darlings enjoy the products and we trust that we are doing something good for their long term health.
262299262299B000YKD1JSAB3UGE2G0GHIBkneesaasmom0051322179200simply the bestOne of my kitties is a 22 pound himalayan and the other, a 10 pound domestic long hair with a delicate stomach. The little one has had tummy troubles her whole life. Since switching the two over to special 33, they both are thriving with minimal tummy issues and two very satisfied appetites.
262300262300B000YKD1JSA38V6YHHX1GFWXHolly0051319068800Really happy!My cat really likes this expensive brand of food, so I spoil him. The other 3 cats I live with eat a much less expensive brand and you can totally see the difference. While my cat does weigh a bit more than the other cats, his fur is so soft and he has absolutely NO digestion or hairball problems. He also gets an A+ from the vet every time we visit. It's nice to spend the extra money for a perfectly healthy cat.

While it is worth it, this food is definitely on the pricey side. On top of that, the price recently went up another five dollars at my local pet store. I've been ordering it off Amazon ever since then! I save over $5.00 on the bag itself and free super saver shipping really makes it great, since it saves me from having to make a trip to the store, and one 15 lb. bag usually lasts me about 2 and 1/2 months. So this is the absolute best deal. Really happy with this.
262301262301B000YKD1JSAEJGBPREPO9OTcathlyn847 "Do you Doctor Who?"0051318291200Royal Canin is the BESTThis is the only cat food I buy. My cats range in age from 8 to 18 and they all eat this! The sensitive stomach formula is XLNT in reducing the number of 'throw ups' that I used to experience with other foods. I am a loyal customer and won't feed any other dry cat food.
262302262302B000YKD1JSA256YOKORR1JC5Carole M. Warner "Momz"0051313625600Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Special 33 FormulaWhen my usual cat food was discontinued, this Formula was recommended by Royal Canin's Customer Support for my sensitive cat's digestive system. The transition was uneventful and Pyewacket was unruffled during the exchange. Thanks Royal Canin for helping to put my mind at ease about the food change.
262303262303B000YKD1JSAXU91848TENDOJLM0051308614400my cats love it!!I have tried a lot of dry food. My three cats eat a little then walk away. Then a sample of Special 33 was sent and they all love it. I originally bought it for my female that has a digestion problem, but now they all eat it.
262304262304B005GWYFR6A2HREBPP2OYKVMA. E. Burtlebe0021348272000Salt's great Packaging is horrible
262305262305B0006B4IGUA22V6D5PON3NAObera "book hound"1151324857600Great Tasting Healthy Dessert ToppingRoasted Soya Bean Flour is used in Japan as a delicious traditional topping on all kinds of dessert, especially ice cream. It tastes like toasty chocolate hazelnut. It is truly addicting. it transforms a scoop of ice cream into a super delicious treat. Its also very healthy. not too sweet at all.
262306262306B002XPWSIMA3BMRR0A8CVG9USean S. Pak1151265155200Five StarsReally love this product for my dog. High protein content, and my dog loves the flavor.
262307262307B002XPWSIMA3SLVRD6IBW5X9RitaPita120041317600000expensive but great treatsmy dog loves this treat and it's made in the USA, but it's a really small bag and very pricey
262308262308B002XPWSIMA3BMRR0A8CVG9USean S. Pak0051264636800great treat for my dogThis is a great product. My dog loves it. It's healthy and made from sustainable ingredients.
262309262309B000VK8CAEA15OMRX6DJU4GURob0051316563200Good peppersPeqin chile peppers are one of the best carry these with me , and use them when I eat out....I have eaten these peppers for years...You like them HOT then these are the ones.
262310262310B002CZLOISAUFQ3KOT6IF5SJoanne L. Cichetti "musiqal mama"0051348099200Works well!The Dentastix work really well for keeping my dogs breath fresh and teeth clean. He loves the taste, too. These are just the right size to feed a puppy or small dog.
262311262311B002CZLOISA2DZ8D42JIFK4Tmakeup maven0041343952000Good price in store and good treats...I almost didn't buy these because they are made by Pedigree, a company that makes HORRIBLE dog food. but I needed a dental treat other than a cookie type so i bought a pack. I really like the texture! AND the price. I can buy these at petsmart for $3-$4 a bag of 24. When they're on sale that makes them about $0.12 a piece, and at $4 they're about $0.17 each, good deal. My dog prefers the taste to greenies and have about the same ingredients. My dog accumilates plaque at an astounding rate so he gets a dental treat of some sort once a day, not always dentastix but i like this product and i'll continue to rebuy.
262313262313B002CZLOISA3CN2OVKRVSFSFJust a WAHM "Just a WAHM"0041332720000Morkie likes themThe size is worrying, since it is small, but not as small as nylabone nutrident. I like the idea of my Morkie having cleaner teeth and 80% reduction in tartar build up. Morkies apparently are notorious for having bad teeth according to my vet.

I got these for a lot less at walmart (less than 3 dollars). My husband says they smell good. Why he was smelling them is beyond me. They don't last as long as nutrident and I have to give 2 per day, so it ends up being more expensive, but Smoothie likes them and will follow any command I give him, just so he can get one.
262314262314B002CZLOISAX7T48OKNKKEGLichi0051290556800My doggy loves it!My dear chihuahua loves it! I give her the 2 treats as recommended, every night. Still I have to brush her teeth, but now just once a week. If my dog is healthy and happy, I am happy too. Strongly recommended, and the price is really competitive.
262315262315B002CZLOISA2BQKKTFNBOOIDSouthernCharm0051278892800My Dogs Love These and Its Good For Their Teeth!My dogs are crazy over these! The shape and size is perfect for them since they are small dogs.
They are shaped like sticks with ridges for "brushing" their teeth and massaging their gums as they eat them.
I actually know they are good for their teeth because their breath is not smelly like it was previously.
They come in a resealable bag for freshness too.
The price is a little more than I feel it should be, but I will still buy these because of their oral hygiene health benefits.
I rate these highly for those reasons.
262316262316B002CZLOISA1424U2J9TZFQ6Michelle Sealey "MiMi"0051274140800Picky miniature-poodle LOVES these, works better than Greenies!My dog has been using Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs, Teenie Pack, 27 oz, 96 chews for quite a while now. Since Pedigree came out with DentaStix we gave them a try and are changing our favorite status to the Pedigree DentaStix! Phoebe loves them! It is recommended that the dogs receive two chews per day for proper dental care. My poodle looks forward to these like nothing else! Her teeth are sparkling clean too.
262317262317B002CZLOISAYXYS0MZDJ4JDMyrna "mlmsouza"0041271289600I thought my dog did not like itI have a 5-year-old 7 pounds Maltese, she just eats it when I cut it in half. At first, I thought she did not like it, until, yesterday, I tried to give her half and she ate it. I was afraid I had wasted my money...
262318262318B002CZLOISA1EF37KYK7PRLVLeah Nicole2511327536000These almost killed my miniature poodleI used to buy a bag of these like every couple of months for my two mini poodles... I loved these because they make their breath smell better and good for oral health. But on one particular occasion I gave them each one and all of a sudden Mischa(my 2 year old poodle about 7/8 pounds) starts jumping around hysterically and at first I didn't really pay attention to her I thought she was just excited but after a few seconds I knew something was wrong. She had one of these denta stix lodged in the roof of her mouth between the opposite sides of her teeth.. So I had to dig it out of her mouth... It was a very scary experience... Her mouth was bleeding a little from it being stuck in there. I don't know if I purchased a pack that was expired or if it had gotten stale... I have no idea but that was warning enough and I knew from then on I would not be purchasing any of those denta sticks again. Before this incident I loved denta stix but I was always uneasy about how hard they are but I know they are supposed to be like that in order to keep their teeth clean... But.. It scared the crap out of me and my little Mischa. It is weird because Pineapple ( my male mini poodle who is about 8 pounds and 3 yrs) has never had that happen to him when he has dentastix... But I just wanted to let you all know.. Just in case.. Better to be safe than sorry.
262319262319B00374Q16IAG4U11RFDY7LUVirginia Campbell1151322870400yummy egg-noggin : )Bordens Egg Nog is a long-time family favorite for the holidays. Rich and creamy, and noggy enough to satisfy a die-hard eggnog lover! Even though it comes in a can, it tastes remarkably fresh. I love a cup of eggnog with a slice of spicy, dark homemade fruitcake. However, eggnog is also a wonderful additon to many recipes like French toast, quick breads, cookies, cakes, and beverages. What a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast: eggnog French toast with maple syrup. Santa may just make a return visit!
262320262320B00374Q16IA11ZGHVQBYE6ZCM. May1151318464000Bordens Egg Nog in the Can is the BEST!Nothing, I mean nothing even similiar, compares to Bordens. Our family will travel for miles to buy this product. None was available in the Meridian, Mississippi, area last holiday season. Why? Borden, Why? The Holidays are not jolly holidays without Borden egg nog in the can. Throw away the boxes & plastic containers of so called "egg nog". Now, I'm just waiting for my Bordens Egg Nog from Amazon. Thanks Amazon. Granmommy G.

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