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262351262351B000LKXRU4A3CI9DSB6Z76JFLB "Helfenfreude"1121310947200Way too much water&beans often overcookedI tried these coming from an Eden-made brand (Earth Fare, a store brand at a buck a can vs the $2-3 for a small can of Eden's, which have their own issues if they are an old lot, which they often are at their costs, unlike the EF ones)...

The thing I noticed first is WOW I am draining a lot. NEVER bother with the 25 ounce cans, btw; in trying those 3 times (3 separate lots, one I had forgotten I had, the known-extra being on sale for two bucks)... All 3 cans were over half liquid on top of beans that were not dry, actually the opposite despite 2013 expiration dates.

I dislike the BPA since it isn't required for beans and ESPECIALLY because MOST beans are cooked IN THE CAN like cat food is... I am anxiously waiting for (recyclable here) Tetra Paks of both Muir Glen tomatoes (Those DO need a liner) and beans--pacific foods, any day now, cmon, you already do it with zip-tops on bean/lentil/pepper soup and such... That grunt ignored, my review is really a quality issue. They are so broken they need delicate handling, and then, they absolutely do NOT work for cold salad type things or chili (their chili beans, though, are good for some reason and not totally full of water; likewise, the beans with barley work great for soups/chili)...

Black beans as a solo product apparently are simply harder to make; Eden's are all stuck together which becomes a major issue when they have been on a shelf for months; westbrae are full of murky water (seriously, when is a can of beans more water than bean?? I thought MAYBE it was like dry beans&water, but even if that isn't the case, there is still so much water it is ridiculous--in black beans in particular-- and why use dry ones instead of canning when fresh anyway? Even the old southern brand Luck's does--or at least DID-- that; be sensible and have factories near the produce and voilà, the crazy lack of "localness" of it will only be them to us, not farm to drying place to warehouse to canning site to us!)
262352262352B000LKXRU4A101N9IT72VFSUBonnie1151256256000What I want in a canned good! Consistency, good quality, good taste.We regularly buy these for "emergency snacking" and "after-school snacks" and for when I don't have time to make a pot of beans from scratch. They are consistently good, both in flavor and texture, and easy to prepare. We've purchased dozens of cans over the last three years and never had a bad batch. If your family likes beans, I recommend these. Yum!
262353262353B000LKXRU4A27LEUWQ49OTWXKotek001134542080050% water in BPA cansI bought a bunch of these at Whole Foods. I used 25 ounce cans and couldn't believe how much water it was. I ended up using up 3 to make the dish I wanted. It was so watery and checked the label again. WEll, I guess it's my fault for not reading it in the first place: the first ingredient was water. So here you have it. This is what you can expect. Just out of curiosity, I did weigh the 3 cans of beans drained. 3 cans gave me 38.7 ounces of strained beans (right after lifting strainer out of a bowl of beans and water, so there was no waiting to let the water drip). If I did let the water drip for a few minutes I wonder how much less I would have gotten. 3 cans of beans on a label is 25 oz*3=75. So my 38.7 oz is roughly half. Now if you take that into account when you buy, double the price to see if it's still worth it. Then add BPA (or take away "organic" label because if it's full of BPA IMHO it's no longer organic), is it still worth the buy?
I have a shelf full of these beans. I bought a bunch to stock up on my emergency food and to get a bulk discount at Whole Foods. I'm not sure what I'll do with them now. I do eat organic and mostly from scratch, but once in a while I eat subway or at some restaurant when I'm low on food. I am sure restaurants serve food with BPA so I might just treat my 9 remaining cans as my "dirty" emergency food to throw on rice when I can't spend much time to cook. I will not buy it again.
262354262354B000LKXRU4A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0051339027200Convenient and DeliciousMy vegetarian friends balk at the fact that I use canned beans to make a bean dip or chili. I think it is better to eat canned beans than no beans at all since beans are a great source of fiber. Here is the recipe for dip I make when using these beans:

1 (15-ounce) can Organic black beans, rinced and drained
1 clove garlic, pressed
2 tablespoons vegetable oil (not olive as it tastes funny)
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon crushed Fleur de Sel or Sea Salt

Mash together, then stir and serve.

I like eating this dip with Garden of Eatin' Organic Blue Tortilla Chips

~The Rebecca Review
262355262355B000LKXRU4AY6TK80W3N0KFRutherford3611266451200Organic shouldn't have BPA & not worth Nutricity's total priceI chose Westbrae's canned beans because they are organic. However, since then I've discovered that Westbrae uses cans with BPA in the lining. With BPA lining the cans and research showing solid levels leeching from cans and plastics into containers' contents, showing up in Americans' blood streams from infants to the elderly, I don't think the product can still be called organic! it isn't any better than products sprayed with pesticides, which can be washed off many foods (not all, though). Until Westbrae stops using BPA lined cans or stops claiming the organic label and charging organic prices, I can't give high marks.

As additional information:

I ordered a lot of food and other items when I made this purchase, thinking everything I ordered was from Amazon; but, while everything else Was shipped by Amazon, for some reason this one product ended up shipped by Nutricity.

Nutricity charged more for the shipping than they did for the product, which amounted to $3.49 per can. At those prices, even without BPA in the cans' lining, these beans would not be worth that price!

(I emailed Nutricity twice and they ignored me. I emailed Amazon twice, and after the second time, Amazon refunded the shipping charge due to "the circumstances" of the order.)
262356262356B000WFPN1EA16YZJPA5SOKHWViv1151335398400My kitties love this foodThis cat food is one of the better choices for my cats over grocery store food. It has no corn and animal byproducts. My cats love the taste of it. Their coats are smooth and they have no problem digesting it. Highly recommended.
262357262357B000WFPN1EA3A2IKYKG3933Lbengalbabies1151330992000SUPER AFFORDABLE, HIGH QUALITY FOOD THAT MY BENGALS THRIVE ON!As a breeder of exotic Bengal cats, I have tried many super premium cat foods at super premium prices! I've finally found the perfect food! All of my Bengals love the taste and have the silkiest coats ever. I recommend HealthWise to all my new Bengal families and am happy to feed my kitties the healthy high quality food they deserve at a price that doesn't break the bank!
262358262358B000WFPN1EA2DPBAOEUHVB1VMary Raine "timetoread"0151311811200Quality Cat Food for a reasonable priceMy cats love this stuff and it seems to make their coats gleam. I mix it with Science diet oral care. Was using Science Diet from the vets but too expensive.
262359262359B00115P12AAG8863D1804ZVHappy Grandma "Most blessed"2231328054400Made in ChinaSorry to see this product was made in China. After the discovery of the bad dog food from China in addition to other things (lead paint in children's toys), I don't feel completely confident that these treats are not harmful.
262360262360B00115P12AA1MPI33ZFSF4C5Catharine Thorndal1151321315200Great Product but NOT from this SellerThe Pet 'n Shape Chik'n Sweet Potato Dog Treats are one of my dog's favorites. I'd recently found them in a pet food store an hour from my house. My dog loved them, but it's too much trouble to shop there regularly. That's what led me to look on-line for these dog treats. I was excited to find them online. But what arrived had Sell By Dates that had past weeks ago. They are stale and hard and unappetizing. They're not even the color they are supposed to be. I would never order again from this seller!!
262361262361B00115P12AA3C9Q3KTNNLJJSouthernAmazoner1151216252800My dog's absolute favorite treat! Pet 'n Shape Sweet PotatosWhen these come by mail, my dog knows the package is for him, and he tears it apart getting it open. We typically order four or five different treats at the same time and this is the one he opens first! He absolutely loves these and it seems like anything from Pet 'n Shape is on the healthy side.
262362262362B00115P12AA1JFL57F9UPUB6Ronald A. Melton0051343347200My Dog Loves ThemI was looking for a healthy treat NOT made in China. I found these and my dachshund will do anything for one of these!
262363262363B00115P12AA14T4ZC3PFAKUFTB0011332892800Product from ChinaI have been ordering this product for my chihuahua for years. She loves these treats. The only reason I have stuck with these is because they are made in the USA. I just received 2 16 oz packages and read the label (Made in China). I am very disturbed by this finding and will be discarding all of these treats. I will no longer be ordering these in the future and neither will any of my Family and Friends. Amazon needs to look into this. I noticed a huge difference in the looks of the item and feel Amazon has let me down.
262364262364B00115P12AAWGUD7ZK2L0U4skyma0011304985600Beware of Expired ProductWhen I received the "Pet 'n Shape" Chik 'n Sweet Potato treats in my package, I turned over to the label and I discovered that my package said, "Use By 03.04.2009." I am shocked that Amazon would ship out a product that went out of date two years ago. Buyer beware.
262365262365B00115P12AAP6LKEOQZMOUXGPIns0051284681600She Loves ThemMy dog loves them. When you hand her one, she quickly takes it to the other side of the room presumably to prevent me from taking it away. She is a small dog so I cut them in half.
262366262366B00115P12AA1VBJCPBW2Z5VPCisco0051283126400Healthy treat for heavy dogsLow cal with no added ingredients, great for weight gain prone dogs. My dog has kidney disease and this treat has no phosphorous or added sodium. Good price for quality and quantity. Container is added bonus - product stays fresh and is reusable (I use it to pack dry dog food on short trips).
262367262367B00115P12AAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051277337600Chik n Sweet Potato Dog TreatsMy little chihuahua loves them. The very first time I gave her the first one to eat she sniffed it and then tore into it. She liked it alot. Now I give her two a day.
262368262368B00115P12AA39VNMJ7SX7HR9Victoria J. Olson "LadyVJ"0051275004800SWEET POTATO DOG TREATSMy yorkies are so picky about treats! THEY LOVE THESE!
The seller was very prompt in getting these to me and just in time because I was getting crazy-eyed looks from my dogs from having no nightly treats for them!
262369262369B00115P12AA1915TNT4QS710Deborah A. Bellas0051272067200TREATSI can almost hear the dogs yelling 'treats' when this cannister comes out. All the dogs absolutely love these treats!
262370262370B00115P12AAJX1E1XFE3J45KVA "42 yr old Mom, Fan of Chill, Jazz, Dance...0051255996800Happy Little Dog Loves These!My yorkie is bonkers over these treats. Every evening he gets this little twinkle in his eyes for treat time and will sit, heel, and pose like it's a show at Westminster. They are an amazing training aid. Although I am not one to make the leap to "trying" a doggie treat, these do smell like people-food when you open the bag.

Other brands purchased at the local pet mega-store were hard and I worried about my little guy choking. They didn't smell as nice either. These are more flexible/chewy and he seems to enjoy them more than the other brands.

I just placed my second order of Pet n' Shape Chik 'n Sweet Potato. Definitely worth a try.
262371262371B001EQ5PWWAYH1YLBQDW6BBLucy Nelson4451295136000How to make a fantastic chai latte that rivals StarbucksI read somewhere online that this Tazo Chai Concentrate was the key to making a chai latte that rivals what I can get at Starbucks for $4 a pop. I figured it was worth a shot. It took a few tries to figure out how to get it to taste just right. I use vanilla soy milk and put equal parts soy milk and chai concentrate in a sauce pot on the stove. I heat the chai and soy milk until just before it boils - I've found that if it boils, the tea gets a little funky and separates, plus it forms a skin that gets stuck on the pan and the cup that I pour the tea into. So I heat it just until it's hot, then I turn the heat off and use a whisk to whisk in air and make it frothy. It comes out exactly like I get at Starbucks! I love this product and will probably be setting up an automatic subscription when I figure out how often I go through a case.
262372262372B001EQ5PWWA1KJURYEGNGJDUS. Fuller4451285891200It's not quite Starbucks, I think it's better!I really love this stuff! It's super tasty, I actually like it a little better than Starbucks. But everyone has their own preference :)
262373262373B001EQ5PWWA1DSB4I8NJ5GX7SomeoneInSeattle3351232323200Really Good and Easy ChaiThis makes a great and easy Chai -- just pour in and add milk! I find the directions that say equal parts milk and concentrate to make the chai too sweet, so I just fill the cup 1/4 full with concentrate and use the rest for milk. This is organic, but there is also regular and decaf available.
262374262374B001EQ5PWWA1USDIG60GHCAHShawna S.2251256428800THIS IS THE REAL DEALI love this brand! The regular (non-organic) Tazo Chai is NOT nearly as good. This Organic Chai is what Starbucks uses and tastes much better than similar brands. I had to resort to buying it here on Amazon because they stopped selling it in grocery stores! They only had it in stock for a very short time, so I am relieved to find it here. After shipping it equals out to be almost $50 for 6 boxes, which is much more expensive than a store... but considering Starbucks costs over $4 for a Chai, this is much cheaper and more convenient. I started craving Chai when I got pregnant and now that I have my baby, it's SO much easier to make a Chai myself rather than driving to Starbucks.
262375262375B001EQ5PWWA3U7R41P1HQ7RBMichelle2251240531200This stuff is my crack!I am addicted to chai lattes... so when I found this concentrate (1 carton about the cost of what 1 Starbucks venti costs) I was ecstatic!!
262376262376B001EQ5PWWA17N99SHS4HRWTheAmazingShane1141313884800Great stuff!This stuff is amazing. You can have great tasting chai for a fraction of the cost. Just make sure you refrigerate them after you open them. It says so on the package, but it is printed in a weird place and very small.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys chai lattes. (Chai + milk)
262377262377B001EQ5PWWAM0DFJIFU5NNVLisa1131301356800Great chai. Terrible price.Why has the price gone up so high??? I can now buy this cheaper at my local grocery store than on Amazon. What's that about?
262378262378B001EQ5PWWA14CSULIZHV3YUGeoffrey R. Santoro "Apple freak"1151290556800Boil away the waterThis is NOT the same as what starbucks uses behind the counter. If you want that then you will need to boil this in a pot and evaporate the water. After you evaporate the water there will be half of the amount of chai mix left. Once you have done this, you can use 1/2 ounce for "one pump" of chai. So for example if I order from starbucks a "venti 10 pump no wanter chai" I would use 5 ounces of evaporated chai mix with 15 ounces of milk.
262379262379B001EQ5PWWAVUG14OCC48WKLinda "Chai lover"1151239062400Starbucks in my kitchenI'm addicted to Starbucks Chai and found myself planning my life to get to a Starbucks each day. I also just added up all the charges and was a bit shocked by how much I spent a month on my beverage of choice. The Tazo chai really tastes like like Starbucks. I can mix it to my taste--extra spicy and have it whenever I choose without leaving my home or office. It is perfect.
262380262380B001EQ5PWWA29IGPWOSCEKOELewis Flagg "Lover and thinker"1151237680000Tazo ChaiTazo Chai is an excellent product and convenient to use. However, the individual containers can be damaged in transit, so be prepared to transer the tea to another container.

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