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262384262384B001EQ5PWWA2YHJDC5U40G5HJessica E. Sullivan0031316044800Not that goodI really love chai tea and after going to different places and trying a lot of different kinds, this one just does not hold up with the rest. Yes, it's easy and quick to make, but the flavor of the spices just is not there. If you want a subtle version of what a real chai tea is, then this is a great choice.
262385262385B001EQ5PWWAK0D4NKMQY452K. Weldon0051311292800I love this and it's dairy freeMy daughters have been addicted to Starbucks for a while but I am not a coffee drinker. I do however love chai tea. I have a dairy allergy and other chai concentrates contain milk but this one does not. It's wonderful with soy milk.'s only a little over $3 at Wal Mart.
262386262386B001EQ5PWWA2Y1GQ5EEG65DR. R.0051291939200Smooth and creamyTazo tea and Stash teas are my favorite but this is the best chai blend out there. It's smooth and creamy and I'm so addicted to it hot, iced, mornings, evenings. Amazon is the best because the first time I purchased the 6 pack, one box was damaged and had leaked all over everything (including the shipping box). I emailed customer service and they credited my account for the damaged box. I'm not sure I'll buy bulk chai from anywhere else now!
262387262387B001EQ5PWWA2C9WMR3911WGXDani0051288483200Love this stuff!I can save a ton of money with this! I no longer have to go and pay 6.00 for it at a coffee shop. I can make it at home and take it with me when i go to work. I can also have it on a cold winters night to warm me up.
262388262388B001EQ5PWWAGYHKANVP3ZNLsmiles0051270944000delicious!This Tazo Organic Chai Spiced Black Tea concentrate is exactly what Starbucks uses. Just add an equal amount of soymillk and tea and heat it on the stove, then add cinnamon and nutmeg. This tea is cheaper at Whole Foods than on Amazon. For one 32 oz box, it is 3.99 at whole foods. :) Enjoy!
262389262389B001EQ5PWWA3BEY7JEUEWFQIM. Johns "Audrey and Bennett's mom"0051241568000Yummy chaiIf you love the chai tea latte offered at Starbucks, this is it. I prefer my chai over ice. I mix 1/3 chai, 1/3 vanilla soy milk, and 1/3 regular milk in any amount. This drink makes a sweet blend of yummy goodness that I drink about 2-3 times a day.
262390262390B001EQ5PWWAMZEO6TOTPSR7Peter Hesse0051240099200Tasty! Much like St. Arbucks.This Chai concentrate produces a delightfully spicy and sweet Chai latte that competes with that national coffeeshop chain, and is TONS more affordable. I highly recommend it!
262391262391B001EQ5PWWA2ZA8PMC8U4VO5S. Hernandez "Artsy"0051239926400You'll Love it tooI was in search of my favorite Starbucks drink, the Chai Latte. And this is exactly it -Love to have it right in my fridge.
262392262392B0040V2Z5IA327DBHBJF645AParis2251344816000Big hooves, great valueThe hooves are HUGE, and this is a great price for the amount received. I wasn't sure what 5 lbs would look like, and I'll confess I haven't counted them, but it's at least 30 or so. Probably more.
262393262393B0040V2Z5IA3UI3SRJ7L1MLMTrish Jones1151346544000Great ValueMy dog loves these and there are so many of them in the package. They come in a zippered pouch which keeps everything clean.
262394262394B0040V2Z5IA1XIFZXAK1TW2Lshellioop0051350864000Great deal, but a little fragileThese are the best price hooves I've seen, so I would buy them again. They came well packaged in a zipper bag so you can keep them well stored, and they are large in size and nice quality overall. However, they are the thinnest hooves I've bought over the years, so they are destroyed more quickly than thicker hooves. I can hear my 40lb dog breaking the sides in the first few bites, but it still takes hours and sometime days for her to chew a hoof down to the half-dollar sized piece that I throw out to prevent her from swallowing it. I prefer the thicker ones that take more time to chew. There is another seller on Amazon who offers thicker walled hooves, so I would consider buying those next time instead. Still, these are very good, and I would recommend them and will not hesitate to buy them again.
262395262395B0040V2Z5IA2TTYDHMMIY6EMmichellebigd0051350518400great for the moneythe box hold a bunch of hooves! I was pleasantly surprised there are so many. Very good deal for people with multiple animals and they last! they do have a small smell but it is an all natural product and the smell is part of the appeal to dogs
262396262396B0040V2Z5IA29V62PDO58X0Simonsez0051348617600Chew HoovesTimely order with very good packaging.
Great for dog's teeth with little or no mess !
My dog's most favorite chew !!
262397262397B0040V2Z5IA394LX9JAH4EU7VIVI0051347494400Dogs love it!We have 3 dogs and they love it. We bought these after being told that raw hides were very bad for dogs. It is important to us that our pets stay healthy and happy. This is the second order I make as our dogs love them and as we give some to other dogs too. You can't go wrong with this. One hoof will provide hours of joy and it is also good for your doggie's teeth!
262398262398B0040V2Z5IA3KP0KSX8ZI1PAChris Spencer0051347408000great valueThese things are great, I use to pay 2 bucks a piece for these things at my local pet store. There are at least 20-25 hooves in this thing maybe more. It came in a plastic zipped bag which is a plus.
262399262399B0040V2Z5IA30XB7ZBP5XUNNSpencer0051343779200Smells like Cow CrapI must it was awesome to find these on Amazon because the one at the local pet store are thin and pose a chocking hazard for my dogs. I also like the fact that extra packaging is not in the box. If you need popcorn and bubble wrap for hooves you are a nut job. I will be buying more soon as these are almost done being chewed on

The one thing you must know they do stink when they are being chewed. I would have the dogs chew them outside
262400262400B0040V2Z5IA35MKDYE5D15S6Grettles D "ladyofbubbles"0051338249600a little stinky, but well worth itthey actually last! even for an aggressive chewer such as my dog. they do start to stink a bit. Personally, I find it tolerable, but I think a lot of people would say its very strong.
262401262401B0040V2Z5IA2AXRINZGFJIEEEleganzShopper "EleganzShopper"0051333497600Assorted hooves my dog likes.These hooves range from medium sized to large which is great for my dog. He gets excited about them. I have bought them from a different bulk vendor before too. I'll buy from these again as these hooves keep my dog busy chewing the hooves and not on other things.
262402262402B0040V2Z5IAS0T55EPCT67MJessica Carroll "JessiC"0051329782400Dogs love em!These hooves are a great value. My three Labs love them. These are the longest lasting treats I have found.
262403262403B0040V2Z5IA322L1ITEY1D5GD. Lugowski "Tarheel Girl"0051323734400Great valueI was having a harder and harder time finding these locally. My vet was amazed that my 2 dogs (age 9 and 10) had such clean teeth. I attribute it to the hooves. Not only was the price great, but I got quick delivery! Buy them. Your dog will love you for it.
262404262404B000LKXRUOA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"7751227916800Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Organic. Kosher parve. Fat Free. High protein. Very nice. Barley gives a nice additional flavor note. Can heat and serve as a bean soup or 'dal' right from the can. Great as a bean soup base, add your favorite veggies. Also can be used for fantastic casseroles or on top of your favorite noodles. Made with organic great northern beans, organic red beans, organic barley, organic lentils, and sea salt. 350 calories, 0g fat, and 21g protein per can. Labeled "vegetarian," but is vegan also. Check out the great Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Salad Beans, 15 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) too. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
262405262405B000LKXRUOA3KVG7ASWJ2TRZdanta.stewart3351292889600Yummy!I make a pot of soup every week and it's my lunch for the week. These vegetarian beans add a nice touch (protein, texture, and taste). I love the variety of beans, and it is so convenient to have 12 cans on hand. My soup usually includes whatever I have around the house, so I like to stock up on the basics.
262406262406B000LKXRUOA24UY2BFLGK163Peter Besenbruch1141320883200Buy for ConvenienceThere are cheaper brands out there that are just as good tasting, but the Westbrae Organic Soup Beans are extremely handy with their mix of beans, plus a bit of barley. They make a wonderful, quick, bean soup base. They also work in chili. It's easy to go through 12 in a month.
262407262407B000LKXRUOA1B732NEYRZTTN17crewchief "17CrewChief"0051348444800Full Flavor SoupI was really surprised and pleasantly pleased with the flavor of this soup. It tastes like a really well made full-flavor soup that may be healthier than other brands. It really is one that you can pour into a bowl and heat up or in my case adding more beans, onion, chopped dill pickle, cilantro, parsley, chopped green pepper and cucumber, black olive, green olive sliced, a vew drops of umeboshi vinegar, (plumb vinegar) (careful it is very salty, but has a wonderful flavor), grape seed oil and make a fantastic cold bean salad.
262408262408B000SU8LN0A2AQ3ZI19GMUL7Jeremy Shope4441232928000Decent, but not a replacement for Starburst TwizzlersSome of you may remember the Starburst Twizzlers that were sold years ago, but were discontinued. They don't sound like much, being the typical candy brand-merge product, but trust me, they were. I remembered the absolutely incredible taste of them (one of the, if not the best-tasting candies ever made...each twist was bursting with flavor) but not the name, so I got some Rainbow Twists hoping that they were the same.

They're not. These twists come nowhere close to tasting as good as the Starburst Twizzlers did, although they do grow on you some. I thought all of the flavors tasted interesting ("waxy" would be a good description), although not everyone will enjoy them.

Bottom line: these are ok. I personally liked them, but they are definitely not suited for everyone's taste. Why oh why did they discontinue Starburst Twizzlers?
262409262409B000SU8LN0A3SDC7RQQJ1XP9K. Kaczynski "Karen K"2251240876800FABULOUS-OUS!I orginally bought these from a local grocery store. Loved them. So, when I went back to buy more they didn't have them. I tried for 2 months going every week. So, then I decided to try Amazon since they seem to sell everything. Boy, and they do! I bought 2 cases! Yep, 2 cases. I just don't want to run out. These twizzlers taste so much better than the typical original ones. The flavors are scrumptous. I just don't know which flavor I like best. Try them - you won't be sorry. I will definitely buy more from Amazon when I finish these. (I'm already into the 2nd case.)
262410262410B000SU8LN0A2NVQZ4Y7Y0J1RTraveler6811225238400Mushy & bland. Blech.As a red Twizzler addict I saw the "rainbow twist" bag in the store and just had to check it out. I tried each flavor. Allegedly, and even that is being generous, they are blue raspberry (huh?), watermelon, grape, lemonade, strawberry, and orange. They all tasted pretty much the same to me. The consistency is nothing like normal Twizzlers which tend to be firm - these are on the mushy side.

If you're going to be bad and eat junk food like this at least it should taste good. I threw the bag out.
262381262381B001EQ5PWWABMFVVV18MLLTJustin C. Graff3451291334400Very goodI bought several different brands of the Chai concentrate from Amazon, as there are few options in my rural area's grocery stores.

The Tazo Organic Chai is my favorite. It most closely matches that served by Starbucks. Only difference is it doesn't have the foam. I've been told it is what they use.

Tazo decaf is my second choice. Strangely, it is not as good as the Tazo Organic Chai... not as spicy, but OK for drinking in the evening.

The Oregon Chai Original is not as good in my opinion as the Tazo. It is missing something. Not enough cardamon or pepper or something.

The Oregon Chai Sugar-free was very disappointing. I was hoping there was a good sugar-free option out there as I'd like to avoid the daily calories from my Chai habit. It just takes like plain tea with milk in my opinion. It seems to mostly lack the complex, spicy flavor or the Tazo Chai. Not sure why that is. The sweetener should have no bearing on the other ingredients. I have been unable to find any suitable concentrated, sugar-free Chai tea options. Post if you find one.
262382262382B001EQ5PWWA7VN9XJY36BJASara Powell0051331164800Starbucks goodies for a much better priceI spend way too much money at Starbucks. I'm practically their biggest fan, and they certainly get a nice chunk of my paycheck each month. So I was ecstatic when I saw that Tazo had released the chai latte concentrate for regular consumers to purchase. I've been getting my packs at Target for $4 regular, $2-3 on sale, but I may need to buy in bulk here on Amazon.

I love that Tazo offers an organic version of this concentrate since that certainly isn't an option at Starbucks. I can't tell a difference between this product and what is served at Starbucks, but I order my chai latte with no water, so it may need to be watered down a little if you like your chai a little less spicy. I'm also a little heavy handed on the mix versus milk, but that's something else that this product lets you control rather easily.

My only gripe is that the box says the concentrate only lasts a couple of days in the refrigerator after opening. I'm not always going to have a chai latte in the morning, so I have to carefully plan when I'm going to open one to avoid waste.
262383262383B001EQ5PWWA1N1OALPZTWP4VMichelle Lynn Wilson "Puck"0051323216000A Wonderful Tea, but a Better Store BuyI gave this tea five stars for the tea itself--the price listed here, however, is another matter. But, for the tea itself, here's what I have to say: I am not particularly handy when it comes to anything kitchen-ey so making my own lattes is out of the question, but I have the Mr. Coffe Cafe Latte machine which has a 'heat and foam' setting that is perfect for making chai lattes. I bought it for this purpose, actually, since I don't drink caffe lattes. Anyhoo, when experimenting with teas to try and make an economical cup that rivals Starbucks, I first tried the regular Tazo Chai. The flavor just didn't seem as full as with this Tazo Organic Chai, however, and I think this is the closest you're going to get to a Starbucks Chai Latte at home. The only downside to this PARTICULAR version of the Tazo Organic Chai that comes in a pack of 6 is that, at least in all the stores around me including Tom Thumb, Whole Foods, and Starbucks itself, the Tazo Organic Chai Concentrate is less than $5.00 a package. At the price it is listed for here, you'd be better off getting in your car and making a run for the store since the price, divided by 6, comes out to almost seven bucks a box.

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