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262411262411B000SU8LN0A1BRMVN2PZL3UZB. Geppert0051302825600Perhaps better than the originalI ordered groceries online and when they were delivered the guy brought Rainbow twizzlers instead of the regular strawberry kind... I almost threw them out! I'm glad that I didn't...

Don't buy these expecting regular strawberry twizzlers... "Regular" these are NOT! As a traditionalist; it pains me to say that these may actually be better than the original!

Try a bag and you'll understand why it is that I have to freeze mine.
262412262412B000SU8LN0A1ISPBZI0KPIDVDavid Traver Adolphus "Debonair man-about-town"1311300320000Not very pleasantI put one of these in my mouth, briefly, but didn't leave it there long. It has all of the drawbacks of chewing on the tread block from a snow tire (hurts your teeth, makes you want to drink bleach to get the taste out), with few of the advantages (improved cold-weather stopping distances, increased confidence on snow and/or icy surfaces). In conclusion, I heartily recommend a proper set of four high-quality snow tires.
262413262413B000LKZCPCA1X0XZX89WQMEPTink-erbell 5551267401600BEWARE! A packaging nightmare for a terrific cerealBuying this cereal in bulk for our family's celiac diets would be a terrific bargain, if not for one LARGE obstacle... the packaging.

This is the second shipment in the last four days where over four cups worth of the cereal was wasted because the zip lock bags it is supposed to be secured in had leaked its contents into the shipping box. The first shipment, the seam on one of the zip lock bags had failed... spilling the contents. The second shipment, which arrived today, had one zip lock bag that was not zipped shut.

Amazon customer service was very good about replacing the first shipment; I have not yet contacted them about the second shipping problem.

The cereal gets 5 stars, Amazon customer service gets 5 stars, but the packaging gets ZERO stars... it definitely needs improvement.
262414262414B000LKZCPCA1TRQMJDC5VYCMSomething creative "Danielle"3341186531200Delicious and simple gluten-free cerealWe really enjoyed this cereal. It is hard to find any cereal that is not overloaded with sugar, let alone one that is gluten-free. This cereal meets both needs. It is sweetened only with fruit juice and has a crunch that lasts. Additionally, the price is great!

The only reason I don't give it five stars is because it is a little plain. That can be nice, if you like to add things like fresh or dried fruit, or if you like to use it in baking. But, if you're in a hurry or don't want to mess with "doctoring it up", it is not really flavorful. I didn't mind it, but I could see how others would find it too plain.
262415262415B000LKZCPCA31Q2HTQATRQE9atlantic "jova"1141247616000Great quality simple food.Received before expected due date. I like this simple, pure, good tasting cereal, in a time when most are so full of sugar and other unnecessary ingredients(I'm a type 1 diabetic). I normally mix it with other cereals.

***UP DATE Nov. 8,2011 My last shipment arrived with one of the two 5lb bags split on the side and I don't want to use it. After looking at another review with a similar occurrence, I question (once high) amazons business practice and risk with this bulk item ordered thru subscribe and save.
262416262416B000LKZCPCA5AIAOQYY2B6MH. Welte1151246492800stays crunchy till the last bite!Great cereal,store unused portion in freezer to prevent rancidity. Add rice milk, dried,fresh or frozen fruit, nuts etc.
262418262418B000LKZCPCA26X7W5UM5QFT4Grits2341233273600Very good - nice variety, too (with one significant negative though)I reserve 5-star ratings for the best of the best, so a 4-star rating on this product is still way up there. It's good, different, and certainly a nice change of pace for someone "stuck" with a gluten-free diet. I don't quite "get" the comparison to Grape Nuts that another reviewer made. I used to love Grape Nuts too - in my BC days ("Before Celiac"). But this just doesn't seem all that similar to me other than it's about the same size and initially hard. I don't find a similarity in taste at all. Still, the taste is very good, and with it soaking up your milk (or whatever else you put on cereal) for a few minutes, it "sogs" up nicely if you don't like crunchy.

The one negative for me was that it came in a clear plastic bag with NO label. I honestly thought foods sold to the public had to have labels showing content, expiration date, etc. There was no such thing with this - it was just in a plastic bulk bag. It wasn't even sealed - just tied shut at the top (that's becoming a very uncomfortable safety item with food). I'm going to leave the product rating at 4 stars, but base that on the food itself - it's quite good. Just be aware you won't be getting a "pretty" box with nutrition label and ingredients on it. (Is that even legal these days?)
262419262419B000LKZCPCAFROQRJDZMRMZval0051349827200Perky's delicious brown rice cerealI had tried Perky's crunchy rice cereal before purchasing on line and had liked the product, however the cost of the cereal in whole food stores was very high. I wanted to see if I could find the cereal on line for less. I was pleased to see that I could through your site. The cereal was packaged in (2) 5 pound bulk resealable plastic bags. And stores easily. My family loves the taste and crunchy texture of this product.
262420262420B000LKZCPCA3O0WTA6DBRQLCLael0051335484800Stays crunchy through anythingI eat this for breakfast 3-6 days a week. Like "GrapeNuts", this cereal stays crunchy for a long time in liquid. Unlike the fore mentioned cereal, it's rice only and it can be crushed for use in crumb crusts or as a substitute for breadcrumbs. I love it.
262421262421B000LKZCPCATZQ63P9M7Z6DKaryl Hayre0051267660800GreatWe've been eating this cereal for years. We love it!!! My granddaughters always ask for it when they come to visit.
262422262422B000LKZCPCA295KL5ZLREOIIThomas0051257811200Perky's Crunchy Rice CerealThis is my favorite gluten-free cereal. It used to be called "nutty rice" and now it is "crunchy rice" but it's the same thing. I have eaten it for over two years and I really appreciate being able to buy in bulk. It's also great to have it arrive at the door and with free shipping as well.
262423262423B000LKZCPCAOUUT83IVQOU9Curtis M. Jones "health nut"0051256688000celiac dietThis product is a great gluten free product. My wife and daughter both deal with celiac disease and the use this product everyday and it works for them
262424262424B000LKZCPCAMNE3Z31AKTG4K. Burns0051238371200Nutty RiceI love this cereal. What more can I say? It's lightly sweet and I eat it either alone as a snack or with rice milk for breakfast. I'm looking forward to using it in recipes as a pie crust, etc.
262425262425B000LKZCPCA30UH34BDEGKQQRSP0041197590400Perky's is goodPerky's nutty, crunch cereal is quite good and not sweet. Great for gluten free diets. Add some fruit for kids. It blends well with puffed rice, corn flakes and other gluten-free options available through Amazon.
Stays crunchy in milk and definitely feels like eating nuts but is nut free. Quite an interesting cereal.
262426262426B000LKZCPCA3A1NRHLN7ZOWCLiving Wholly0051197158400Perky's Nutty Rice is the best!I first tried Perky's Nutty Rice looking for an alternative for Grape Nuts, my old favorite, which contains yeast. It has become my new favorite cold cereal, and I like it even more. I like adding fresh fruit for the nutrition, as well as the flavor. It's also great with nuts, dried fruit, and/or Nutiva - Organic Hemp Seeds 10oz.
262427262427B000LKZCPCA2LS2U44U5G7X2B. Modert1241249948800Good StuffLike everyone already said it is good stuff. No doubt about it. Stays crunchy. Great for a snack, cereal, pie crust, or any other kind of crust, or breading for baked chicken. So very versatile.

Price wise it comes out to $3.378 per 16oz. If you kind find a box of cereal in the 16oz size, then you could compare the price. However usually cereal boxes come in 11-14 oz. So taking that into consideration it is a good price. Not great but good, because when cereal like gluten free chex goes on sale then the price for chex is better. (if you are price conscious).

But you got to look at the ingredients too. And choose what you are looking for in a food item.
262428262428B000I028FMA2SUIXO9N0BYALWendy L. Mccammon "TBWendy"0051255564800Great product - so Yummy!!I love these Joray fruit snacks...
I previously thought I could only find these in specialty supermarkets. Soo happy to see them on Amazon. Great product, fabulous flavors!! Brings back childhood memories enjoying these from long ago and now today...
262429262429B000I028FMA32I6E6JEW160RDiane Dubocq "Happy D"0051232409600THESE ARE THE BEST FOR SNACKINGI used to eat these when I was little, my sister and I would have Mom buy then at the local grocery store as a treat. What a great treat, only .15 grams of sugar, all natural, and fabulously tasty. Raspberry is my personal favorite but I came back to try the variety pack this time. Great treat for kids.
262430262430B000I028FMA7J3DTN6BEMEOLaura Morgillo "dog crazy"0021207958400negativepurchased the raspberry fruit rolls 3 times. the last 2 times (5 months apart) the raspberry rolls were hard as rocks and had a perfume taste to them. All the other flavors were great.
262431262431B000I028FMA333A1P8TSAJ5TM. Knight "mmk8a"0021206662400Taste like candy not fruitI was very disappointed with these fruit rolls. I am a big fan of the Mariani fruit rolls (also available on Amazon), but thought I'd give these a try for variety. They are no where near as good as the Marianis. They don't taste like raspberry at all. Its just a sickeningly sweet candy flavor (and I normally LOVE candy!). The consistency is very tough and plastic-y, making them hard to chew. I strongly recommend buying the Mariani fruit rolls instead of these. The Marianis are even cheaper!
262432262432B003WVOXS4A2V1BM2GFJNHLV. A. Peck "Gaming Goddess"2251323648000best white jasmineI am very happy to see this here. I have been drinking this tea for years and find that it is the best jasmine tea i have had. i am told the Chinese says that its white jasmine and green teas. Very good tea.
262433262433B003WVOXS4A10DB0H2NZF11EIMHO "IMHO"1141314662400We Make Sun TeaMy wife likes it.....I don't taste much of a difference between this and standard black tea. Maybe it's me. Not bad for the price though.
262434262434B003WVOXS4A21SV2CRR7SNVGThomas "tombukii"0051349568000Fantastic tea!This is my favorite jasmine tea. Good quality tea and tastes fantastic. I would recommend this tea for anyone who enjoys jasmine tea.
262435262435B003WVOXS4A1R1ZS563MJL8LLinda Smith Gurganus0051340928000Intoxicating scent of jasmine and great flavorI had previously found the flavor of jasmine teas disappointing. This tea, however, was delightful. The scent of jasmine flowers was intoxicating, and the flavor was light and fruity. I discovered it recently in a great Asian restaurant while on vacation and kept the envelope the tea bag came in, determined to find it. I will be keeping it in stock in my kitchen and in my office at work. Great for lunch, afternoon tea, or in the evening while reviewing the events of the day. Highly recommended!
262436262436B000NY9QLCA1SEEALF2SI6K2Miss C7751277596800FantasticI have fond memories of growing alfalfa sprouts as a kid. I had no idea that you even could sprout all these until recently. I eat pretty healthy -lots of organic and natural foods. A friend showed me this kit and I bought it right away! I've already sprouted the bean salad mix, alfalfa and peas. So far I love it. It is fun and easy to grow them and the best part is eating them! I think the alfalfa tastes better than store bought by far! It is organic and no worries of something "icky" being on them like in the store. I also got this kit quickly and well packed. Everything is labeled and in resealable bags. Very happy! Whenever I finally eat all these I'll be back for more.
262437262437B000NY9QLCA2ZWCVQWIDLY36S. Smitha7751244937600first time sproutersThe sprouting system works very well. We are eating fresh sprouts in just a few days as the instructions said. It's easy & fun plus you are getting high quality, fresh, nutrient filled food.
262438262438B000NY9QLCAWNQEV25MPWK6Debbie3351339200000Deluxe Sprouting Starter Kit w/12 lbs of organic seed.Product was above what I expected. Deluxe Sprouter Starter Kit arrived promptly and unfortunaly one was damaged in shipping. Company (Seller) promptly replaced the product. Customer Service was Excellent. Thank You. I would recommend this product to every one with 10 stars not just 5.
262439262439B000NY9QLCA3UTE2O0VVF26Ksuesea2251334361600Awesome product!This product came just like it looks in the photo. The mini book contains a lot of good information for detox, improving your immune system, wheatgrass cultivation, and learning to sprout. I just got the purchase today, and I'm very happy with it. I definitely recommend this seller.
262440262440B000NY9QLCA15ZRIAP6WFRVJRobert J. Walter1151342224000Nice kit!Well, just as described, and as most of the other reviews, this kit arrived and is totally awesome! It's easy to follow and get started. I should be eating some sprouts in a few days that I grew, instead of bought! Oh, make sure you have some empty cabinet space to store all the packs of seeds, there is a bunch!

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