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262445262445B002B9HC6IA3NRYRENDLPI1SKW2251287446400Hurts so goodI love this sauce! I have quite a collection of hot sauces including Blair's After Death, Dave's Insanity, and Satan's Blood. This sauce is by far my favorite for every-day use. It has excellent flavor and plenty of heat. Blair's After Death is a close second, but it is not as hot and sometimes adds too much flavor for the same amount of heat. This sauce is hot enough to really brighten up a dish without adding overwhelming flavor, but the flavor that it does add is very yummy, subtle, and complex. It is very economical since a few drops tends to be enough for a burrito (even for a 'pepper head'). If you think that Tabasco just tastes like flavored vinegar, you enjoy food that 'bites back' and causes some pain, and you love complex and subtle flavors and aromas, then you should definitely try this sauce.
262446262446B002B9HC6IAFYCBIYITNMNGDana T "Dana"2251280966400This is a good hot sauceI got addicted to heat several years ago and started my extreme heat loving with Mad Dog 357 (350,000 scoville units). That sauce was super hot! Then went to the silver edition (750,000 scoville units). Woah! This ghost pepper sauce is not near as hot as those unless you add a little more. You can get the same heat from this non-extract as you can the extract! It is a really awesome hot sauce! It is much more practical in every day spicing up of foods since it doesn't have to be cut with something.

This is a fantastic hot sauce!
262447262447B002B9HC6IA2YOPWRTCMU25JL. Scott "Vasuri"1151267142400Great Taste for a Great BurnThis sauce really does pack a punch. I always considered myself to have a high heat tolerance, but this stuff really puts it to the test! The primary culprit is obviously the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), but Ashley Foods added some Habanero and Peri Peri peppers for good measure.

This also contains evaporated cane juice which adds a sweetness that is almost fruity or reminiscent of BBQ sauce. Combine all this with the garlic, vinegar, and other spices and you have an exceptional combination that briefly offers you a wonderful taste, and then it steals your soul with a raging inferno of hellfire.

If you're looking for something really hot that actually has good flavor as well, then this is the best bet for your money. You could always go with something like pure capsaicin, but you'd be missing out on good flavor.

The price might seem steep for a 5 fl ounces, but you likely won't be going through this bottle as quickly as you would some tabasco sauce.
262448262448B002B9HC6IA8R9QNGTLV2LTJustin1151258416000good sauceI really enjoy this sauce. It has a great heat that builds after the initial burn. A bit expensive but I think it's worth it. It has a BBQ sauce taste to it, so I feel that it really goes well with anything you would use BBQ sauce on.
262449262449B002B9HC6IAKXYFBKUEL5P9David Dumais II0051351036800Very hot and very tasty toodefinetly not for faint at heart, blow you away hot but with really good flavor to back it up. If you want a good heat to wake you up and taste good, go for this.

I have had the Smack my Ass and Call me Sally hot sauce, that is super hot as well but lingers and does not have a great flavor as does the 357.
262450262450B002B9HC6IA29LQQOLILF4UKMe0051346284800Hawt and NummyTHe name says it all. I have a lovely bunch of coconuts diddily diddily there they are standing in a row. BUm BUm BUm big ones small ones, some as big as your head and bigger! Give them a..... You know the song! I know you do! NOw just refer to the first 1 2 3 4 5 words of this review and there you go.
262451262451B002B9HC6IA27E3MKZXPTL8Xalyssa a0041346284800Really good!!!!This hot sauce is both the spiciest and the tastiest of all. The last hot sauce I bought was Blair's after death sauce and that stuff packed a punch of pure spicyness. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it was just spicy not tasty. I was very pleased when I tried some mad dog sauce.
262452262452B002B9HC6IA13FMOFCDNEHSYa Big Hero0051342137600HOTyeah it was what it claimed. super hot. loved it. played pranks on people and they hated me for it. when i run out imma get me another one. sweeeeet.
262441262441B000NY9QLCA34449KRZIZR34M. Reed5841186272000Love my sprouts...Excellent product, easy to use, and recommend to anyone who enjoys the greener things in life.
262453262453B002B9HC6IAMFM6Y74SEXPTHeyLookItsMare0031332892800I guess itll doSo, my fiance and I have been eating jolokias and different sauces for a bit and I dont know if its you become immuned to it after a while but this one is HOT like my lips did swell up the first time and wasa bit of a stomach ache but other than that its not like I would roll around crying on the ground. It's alright
262454262454B002B9HC6IA30B4715FFDCIOJerald Lentini "-JR"0041329696000This dog bites in a good way.Mad Dog .357 is the big dog of jolokia sauces. Like Dave's, this is an extract sauce, and also like Dave's, it's really hotter than it needs to be. It has a much better flavor than Dave's--no big trick--with more smoky notes. The thickness is similar to old school Heinz ketchup, but good things come to those who wait. If you want a really, really hot sauce that's going to burn your lips, your mouth, and everything afterwards, it hits the spot. If you're looking for something good to lightly perk up your food or give you a little sweat, try something else. If you want your food to fight back, this is a pretty good bet.
262455262455B002B9HC6IA1A97CBY4L4R8IQuetzal090051326326400Not as scary as i tought it would beI love the bottle design and everything, i was looking for a really hot sauce but when i tried it, it wasn't that hot as i expected it to be. I compared it to Dave's ghost pepper hot sauce and so far that's been the hottest for me. Mad Dog 357 has like a little BBQ flavor to me but still awesome product!
262456262456B002B9HC6IA1VDPAUBS71M1BDean Swiatek "fps_dean"0051325548800One of my favorite hot saucesMy friend got me two bottles of this for Christmas, from my wishlist. I honestly expected this to possibly be too hot for even myself to do much more than use a couple of drops to heat up a pot of chili. As it turns out, I do not find this that insanely hot -- not nearly as hot as the reviews make it sound. Am I that hardcore?

This is a very delicious hot sauce with a sweet almost bbq like flavor. It's amazing on burgers, chicken, mixed with ketcup or bbq sauce, mixed with taco/burrito seasoning to spice it up a bit or added to a pot of chili. Generally, I would not recommend this sauce with rice, as it has a fairly strong and sweet flavor, but it is very good on meat in general.

I already have used most of one bottle, and I will definitely be keeping this in stock.
262457262457B002B9HC6IA1AWB9CEPLNBFDJimmy "Jim"0031313280000Good Flavor. Bad Bottle Design.I purchased this and Dave's Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce Hottest Sauce in the Universeat the same time. I love hot sauce, and this had better flavor than Dave's
The makers wanted the consumer to use as much as possible in one sitting and so the bottles were designed with a open neck slightly smaller than a catchup bottle and used xanthan gum apparently to thicken the product, making it pour out in globs, like steak sauce.
Considering the cost, flavor, and bottle engineering, I might recommend this sauce...jim
262458262458B002B9HC6IA2H2968N2K2K97chefmelliott0051309824000HOTI bought this for my boyfriend as a Fathers day gift. He loves hot sauce so I wanted to really get him something hot! He loves it!!! He is now the prank master though! Good hot sauce!!!!!!! HE LOVES IT!!!
262459262459B002B9HC6IA27XWE2LAXJD7MKING ALLEN 10000051291766400VERY VERY HOT!!!I like to think of myself as a hot sauce aficionado. So when I see this and someone says be careful its hot, I naturally take a shot of it. MISTAKE I repeat MISTAKE. This sauce set my soul on fire. I was not ready for this. You have been warned!
262460262460B002B9HC6IA1GBEB4ODK3NPWLeumas1231297036800Great Flavor but not that hotGreat flavor. You can taste the vinegar and cane juice flavor right off. The heat is all right, but not that hot compared to Other Ghost pepper sauces. This would be a great pairing with chicken or fish.
262461262461B002B9HC6IA21B51P7TU86IIScott0141336521600Shipping cost excessive?My eyes bugged out when I saw the $7 shipping charge on a $12 hot sauce (perhaps because it is liquid?)
But I know we like the stiff. A group at work use it to fix the bland cafeteria food. Only takes a drop for a bowl of chilly or BBQ sauce. Not just hot but has a decent flavor. The mouth burn does not linger excessively long and does not hurt uh... on the other end. :P
262462262462B002B9HC6IA2FCGDCV199Q7Sslickgt0141312329600hotvery very hot fun for a joke or 2 but really does not have any real flavor a little sweet then a cemical burn
262463262463B002B9HC6IAC7YXGWK7FCTPJim3611294617600Not that hotThe first ingredient in this sauce is vinegar. That's mostly all you can taste. The majority of the heat in this comes from habanero peppers, which is a totally different flavor from ghost chilis. I'm not saying it isn't spicy, but compared to other ghost chili sauces, its pretty weak. The flavor as a whole is just garbage.
262464262464B002B9HC6IA1AUPZIAZMEM86palmy0231320796800Not to hotI bought this stuff thinking it was going to be hot. I did not like the taste. It has a very sweet taste but it does have a slight afterburn.
262465262465B002B9HC6IA1BGHP22PLIXDDOscar Smith "Ultra_city_3000"3841276387200Ok sauce, Bad tasteWell, The sauce is not the hottest thing in the world, but it is fairly hot. However the taste is garbage, it IS reminiscent of BBQ sauce, however the rest tastes like veggie oil.

Overall a pretty damn good sauce, but if your looking for a hot sauce with a good flavor try Daves insanity or Blairs ultra death 20/20.
262466262466B002B9HC6IA34LLJDND7CHDZJon Hodson41021275696000not to hotI was hoping for something so hot it's only good for practical jokes

This is not it
My wife puts it on her pizza

Its not the hottest sauce I've had but it has a good flavor
262467262467B002B9HC6IA1YDNXIAVCP114moe0321322438400not hotim used to the mad dog 20 20 and this stuff was to sweet and not hot enough for me next to that hot sauce. if your looking for a sweeter sauce this is great for u but as for heat its just not there
262468262468B002B9HC6IABEWXCDJAGLFG. Bryant0341253577600HotIt is expensive but what can I say, its the hottest bottle of hot sauce in the world so I guess it is worth it.
262469262469B002B9HC6IA8ADXJ5KKGG76Udorn1511323475200Packaged poorlyThe people who sent the hot sauce or bbq sauce sent a glass bottle in a vanilla envelope and it showed up broken into peices and sauce everywhere. s
262470262470B002B9HC6IA1GB2W6P50GU4HTBHawaii1711307318400HAHA!!You will be disapointed in this sauce its tabasco with sweet barbeque sauce mixed with water.... really let down when my friend bought it over for some chicken. I laughed when he said be careful... on a heat scale i would give a 6 right below temporary insanity sauce... if you want hot don't spend money on this product unless you like sweet vinegar. =P
262442262442B002B9HC6IA3U0OHLUOOJSC3Austin Beaumont "Runabout Society Man"535551302048000This is a religious experience, provided you're into Devil worship.Hot? No. Getting into a black car in Southern California in the middle of summer is hot. A Starbucks Venti Latte is hot. A steam sauna is hot.

This is a hospital trip short of simultaneously gargling with lye while grilling your lips on a cast-iron Weber barbeque. A full twenty minutes after I had taken less than 1/4" of a pretzel stick coated in this satanic baby batter, my tongue was searing with a rabid and vicious intensity. The cup of hot drip coffee in my hand? Tried to put out the burn with it. Couldn't even FEEL the coffee touch my tongue.

A light smoky flavor? Are you kidding me? I couldn't taste anything for over an hour. If the sauce has any measurable flavor it is instantly destroyed by the brain-melting heat. There is no reason to ever buy this. Ever. What could you possibly do with it? Put a drop in a five-gallon pot of chili? Four pounds of taco meat? Seriously.

I could imagine doctors prescribing this as the herbal equivalent of Plan B. It would kill any disease, parasite, or unwanted fetus it came in contact with.

But yeah, it was pretty good.
262443262443B002B9HC6IA3F07HZGWEMTCIR. Long4451270339200Good Stuff!This Hot sauce has a sweet, Barbecue taste to it. The heat is awesome, definetly a kick in the pants! However, this isn't the hottest hot sauce in the world. I think it goes great on many things, and is in my opinion definetly something to add to your hot sauce collection. I will definetly buy this again when I've gone through it.
262444262444B002B9HC6IA1TBW57VBPWV45C. Watson6751245628800Hot..Insanely Hot.I would say the flavor is at first reminiscent of steak sauce..that's what it reminded me of anyway. So the flavor of this sauce could be better. But the heat from the Jolokia peppers really shines through. Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce honestly brings the heat and the pain so i would recommend it be used sparingly. The heat from just a taste of this sauce actually builds up and becomes hotter than the initial burn so prepare for it, but if you like it hot like me then i certainly recommend buying a bottle.

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