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262531262531B0016CMVZIA1OND1FLXVXSLXPeterB371151323820800Hiking FoodThe St. Dalfour line of canned ready-to-eat foods are great for hiking. There are vegetarian cans and cans with some salmon or tuna added. They all taste amazingly good.
262532262532B0016CMVZIA1T1FYX6QTXGVWM. Bell "Monica Bell"1151318982400Wow - Tasty, Conveniant & Cheap with Subscribe & SaveI was a little leery of a product that is A)canned meat & pasta. B)produced outside of U.S.A C)did I say CANNED? I will tell you that I am very pleasantly surprised. I purchased this product because I am often eating granola bars in place of breakfast and lunch due to time constraints while working. This product works perfectly with that challenge. I can simply whip out a can of this, and eat. I don't have to get up to get a fork or heat it up. WOW!!! The canned meal is exactly what the descriptions says it is. The texture of the food in the can is comparable to any type of soup that you might eat. The taste is a bit bland, but with a bit of black pepper or hot sauce you can change it up. I love it. And with a subscribe and save you get a nice discount so a per meal cost is around $2. PB&J can't beat that!
262533262533B0016CMVZIA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner3421264896000Fishy Tasting and Smelling - Oily TasteI purchased this as one of a group of items to test before buying for a trip. I chose this one because of the high protein content - 9 grams of protein per serving, or 18 grams for the complete can. Since it also has a relatively low carb count; it has 9 grams per serving with 3 fiber for a net carb count of 6 carbs per serving; it looked like a good choice.

However, I did not enjoy this particular salad. The tuna tasted very "fishy" and the vegetables and pasta were very drab tasting. All I could really taste besides the tuna was the oil. Later, when I walked by the empty container in the trash I was overwhelmed by the fishy smell remaining. I can't imagine leaving the empty container in a car or in my trash can at work.

It's OK, I would eat it if I were hungry, but it wouldn't be my first choice of meals. If you end up with this in a variety pack, I suggest heating it with cheese over the top, making a tuna casserole. A few crispy french fried onions on top of the cheese might really "spiff it up."

Another thing to note is that the box says the container is "microwave safe." However there was an insert that said you should remove the contents from the container before placing in the microwave. Since the container is metal, I'd take the safe route and heat it in a microwave safe dish.

An OK meal, but not great at room temperature on its own. I suggest if you want tuna for a trip to buy one of the packages with crackers, mayo, and pickles, cheaper and better tasting.
262534262534B0016CMVZIA33K0UC4XYNQK0V. Grant2351261008000Yummy!This product is very delicious and very good for you. Great for a quick lunch.
262535262535B0016CMVZIA38DCK5L0FM142Joann A Callahan0051345507200Family FavoriteOur whole family uses this product for packed lunches and for quick
weekend lunches. Really very good tasting and satisfying. Tuna is a great
health product
262536262536B0016CMVZIAGX4R68F1QS36manfromnowhere0051330992000Very convenient, tastes good, and the perfect portionA friend of mine gave me one of these to try and I let it sit for a few weeks. One late night I was hungry so I decided to try this - I was pretty impressed. No it's not as good as making fresh hot food, but for coming out of a can, I think it's pretty good! An added bonus is that it's not loaded with sodium; one can has around 600mg of sodium which is not bad at all for well, coming out of a can.

For the price (~$3/can) I think it's great. I love to cook so I rarely ever eat anything out of a can like this, and pretty much avoid any canned or packaged 'meal' because it's usually loaded with sodium and fat. Not this. I also tried the salmon with vegetables and honestly, I don't really care for it. This tuna one is much better. I see some people are complaining about the amount of tuna in these.. To me, the portion is acceptable for $3. You're PAYING for the convenience so it's probably not going to be chock full of tuna.

I'm pretty pleased. I eat a lot but try to eat at least 4-5 meals and make them a little smaller, and I use this as my last late night meal before bed. Perfect portion. I probably would have appreciated this even more back in college when I stayed up late doing papers and what not. My advice: try this -- maybe buy a single can at a local market, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it!
262537262537B0016CMVZIA24RNYSOV02PDIpattii "Loves to Read"0051321142400Ready to Eat Tuna and PastaYummy!! This "salad" is wonderful. I take it to work and eat it out of the can or I dump it on a plate and add cheddar cheese and microwave until bubbly. Very good!!! Good with crackers or chips. Very convenient and easy to grab and go. I will be ordering this again.
262538262538B0016CMVZIA2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes1211333324800YUCK! ...after the wild salmon this tastes tinnyFirst I had the wild salmon and ordered it a few times in a row, till they decided to bump it up in price over 50% (from 11 something to 17 something) I don't like the Wild Salmon one enough to suddenly go from paying less than $2 a can to nearly $3, though it's surprisingly good. By comparison this tuna and noodle tastes "off" tinny or something just not right with the taste. I took a few bites and took a break - then took a few more bites and disposed of most of the can. I cannot recommend the tuna and noodles at all. Blech...
262539262539B0016CMVZIA109YRIBSU709BIgor Gordon "IG"2411295049600Where's the beef (i.e. tuna)?The taste is ok but I could hardly find any tuna in it - I did discovered small scraps of it on the bottom, but the content was mostly pasta.

Don't waste your money.
262540262540B0016CMVZIA27KI2R43N44OHB. Kolacz2521285113600Don't BuyTasted bad. Lot of over cooked vegies in it. Just weird. Not sure what the honey is for. The picture on the box is not what is inside by far.
262541262541B0016CMVZIA3SWQBLVMWBYFKSteve0311316131200Really badI got some of these to try as a light lunch at school. They pack well, but are generally inedible and for the amount of tuna in them smells really strong.
262542262542B0016CMVZIA4DACCSV3POTPdebbie marler0411319500800terriblethis was the most awful tasting product i have ever eaten. i fed it to my cats and they wouldn't eat it.
262543262543B0016CMVZIA17JXSPETLVYP9Cat woman "Cat woman"11611235779200Don't botherI found this product to be inedible and now I'm unable to get my money back. If I could give it zero stars I would.
262544262544B003ZA9ECWA2LIMJ2SN7WBSRsunshonnie0121315612800sent wrong itemI ordered Golightly MINT hard candies.
I received Golightly CHOCOLATE Mint candies.

I do not like the chocolate mints.
So now I have a 5 lb bag of mints I do not like and do not want.

Very unhappy customer,
262546262546B0016N7JMMAPWCOAVILK94BReal Named Person "wowzee"7851262995200Tasty Seitan Ready to eatBuy it from some store other than JVS as it will be cheaper. JVS does not respond to your email and has zero customer service, check their store feed back.

You can find $1.6/can of these in some online stores like asianfoodgrocer dot com, $2.15/can at foodfightgrocery dot com etc

The gluten is very oily and in lot of soy oil/sauce. Also these are not chunks but they are thin like meat skin lumps. It is made by a company in Taiwan and hopefully is not melamine contaminated like China originated gluten you might have heard in news a year ago. I did not feel any problems and i feel the company is reliable. For any one curious, check out evercompanion dot com for parent company.
262547262547B0016N7JMMA1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"0051336694400Vegan food served in Buddhist monasteriesThe food label Companion sells a line of vegan foods made of wheat gluten and tofu, many with vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, string beans, bamboo shoots, baby corns etc., seasoned with soy and/or chili sauce. The company is based in Taiwan. It is said that these foods are dishes served in Buddhist monasteries in China. This Companion Curry Cha'i Pow Yu Braised Gluten is one of these Companion foods. It is made of wheat gluten in soy and chili sauce. It is delicious over steamed rice. It adds variety to a vegan diet. See my comment below for other buying options.
262548262548B000Z3MBIQADZEWVVEZMDF3Paulo Gonzalez "Paulo"0041266364800The pup loved themMy dog really liked these treats. Kind of expensive though but I would order them again.
262549262549B000Z3MBIQA1NGT2VNGLUW8EJulzC0051242691200Dog loved them...My pup (13 yrs old) loves these. After all, they are just chicken. Very small package, but I expected that. Excellent product.
262550262550B000Z3MBIQACEZDED4R1OGFJ. shaw0021232668800Dog likes liver treat betterNo preservatives just chicken 100%. It doesn't have any smell. My dog liked the liver treats better made by the same company.
262551262551B000Z3MBIQAZ6RLL4XX5GGMHelenozee0011220140800Not worth the moneyI also only ordered this as a filler, but I think the picture is very deceiving. The package looks very full, and it's not. I had to come back and double check to make certain they hadn't accidentally sent me a sample package. Will not order this again...definitely not worth the $$.
262552262552B000Z3MBIQA3JCSISLP3X44HRockin7E0111219968000DisappointmentAlthough the dogs seemd to like them I was unimpressed. They appeared to look like dried pieces of wood and there were only 5 or 6 pieces in the bag. The product looked like pencil erasers. I only purchased this item as I needed to bring my total up to $25 to get free shipping on another product I ordered. Will not purchase again.
262553262553B007HP0HR2A2DKVL26ZX0WGSSil0031347667200Dancing with Pears!I can't say enough about the quality of Red Leaf Matcha. Their customer service is amazing, and their ability to capture the true essence of a flavour is amazing. This pear matcha is no exception! If you are like me and love pears, this is the matcha for you! You will not be disappointed!
262554262554B007HP0HR2AAH6764FP1GOZClara English0041347667200A Nice Fruity Matcha!I love pears--fresh, juicy, and crisp! This matcha captures the flavor of a perfectly ripe pear well, and it tastes pretty true to life. I think the matcha itself is really the star of the show, the grassy green tea flavor goes so well with fruit flavors, and pear is no exception! It reminds me of summer, warm days and cold fresh fruit and cut grass. A good, basic flavor, that will be great for blending with other types of matcha.
262555262555B007HP0HR2A38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051345852800Just May Be My Favorite So Far!I think that the review I wrote for this somehow got lost somewhere in cyberspace, so I am writing another. If the other one manages to find its way back, forgive me for having two reviews on the same tea!

This is an awesome Matcha, if it isn't my favorite flavored Matcha thus far, then it is definitely my favorite pear tea thus far. The pear flavor is very true to the fruit - authentic tasting and very strong. It tastes so much like pear that I can almost feel the pulpy texture of the pear as I sip this!

An excellent Matcha. If you're wondering where to start with Matcha, I'd recommend this one. So good. So very, very good! (Oh, the caramel one is good too!)
262556262556B000MWEXTKA3BZMPKJI7K6Y8JJDax4451284163200Awesome!Coffee Crisps are Awesome. I just found some the other day at a Wegmans (also awesome) in VA and had a little happy dance finding them. Guy near me asked if they were that good and I of course said yes and explained how they were normally not available outside Canada. He picked one up and said he would give it a try. I didn't add that growing up in Buffalo I remembered that whenever someone was crossing the border a bunch of people would give them money to pick up Coffee Crisps and they would bring back a bunch for everyone. Anyway they are like a far better coffee-flavored version of Big Kat but with thinner chocolate. In short -- awesome. Enjoy!
262557262557B000MWEXTKA1FC6D8QO02H9Ubook girl4451188345600Best candy bare there isThis is a great item that I've missed as a Canadian living in the US. My son will actually climb up shelves to steal them! My husband loves them too. Really nice, mild coffee flavor, crisp wafers and just a lovely overall treat.
262558262558B000MWEXTKA3I6P94FX7UW51c2nxc "c2nxc"2251258070400A Candybar you will never forget!Great candy bar! Very light and guiltless. I had a few of these once that someone brought from a vacation and kept one of the wrappers so that I could find them here in the US and I did here on Amazon however, I do feel they are overpriced. A 10-pack for $40 that equates to $4 each plus tax/shipping which is too much for a candybar let's be honest. I can't bring myself to order at this price but had to tell you that they are just wonderful.
262559262559B000MWEXTKA2740JWM1B0M1ILeah Christensen1151190764800I Got My American Hubby Addicted To These Things!!!!I can't thank you people enough, and they're inexpensive too!! When I go back and forth to Canada my American husband always asks me to bring back Coffee Crisp bars. I even take an extra suitcase, for that purpose. He's going to want to marry me all over again when I surprise him by sending him an entire box of his favourite Canadian treat.
262560262560B000MWEXTKA1F56ZAJ3125YZLarz0051350518400Never in AmericaNestle Coffee Crisp is absolutely on my top five candy list - probably number one. I used to sell candy and there is nothing quite like it in the USA. Compared to other chocolate candy bars, it is a low fat item which is conversely loaded with flavor... sorry, flavour.

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