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262621262621B000I2WNVYA1Z54EM24Y40LLc21131249516800Not the best one...This one was eaten, but not happily. They like salmon, but the greens thing in these florentines just don't tempt their appetites whatsoever. They do look like real people food when you open the can, however. They don't smell up your kitchen like most cat food does and honestly, the nutritional content of these varieties makes all of them worth a try. If you cat loves salmon, by all means try this one if nothing else, because of the nutritional value. But if they're so-so, you may opt for a less expensive variety. I do recommend these varieties very highly, however, because of their nutritional content, but we prefer the egg souffles in this house! :)
262622262622B000084F62A2BVGKCVH83RCSmm0051346630400Good foodMy dog likes it and it looks like her stomach too.. I would recommend it even as regular dog food.
262623262623B003UGZOC0A1I4M2EYH36A5VShannon Joyce3351322352000High Quality from Hill'sWe live in Santiago, Chile and the pickings were slim as far as quality dog-food is concerned. We had to search far and wide, and ended up having to import this food directly from the US. The monetary price for doing that is really high (about $80 USD per 35lb bag), but it really has been worth it. When our dog was around 7 months old we found him living on the streets (in developing countries, like Chile, millions of homeless dogs roam the streets and scavenge through trash to survive). He had cuts and scrapes all over his body, was very skinny, little energy, and his coat was a little patchy. Only months later our 1 year 3 month old black lab's muscle tone is great, his weight is staying at the ideal range without problems, he's healthy with a strong immune system, his coat is absolutely beautiful and shiny(even though we bathe him very frequently), and his energy levels are great (plenty of energy to play with us and with other dogs, but also calm enough to lie down and relax with us). I attribute a lot of his quick turn-around to him being able to eat this very high quality food. I'm very confident that it has given him a really stable nutritional foundation.
262624262624B003UGZOC0A2L0XMKSM2E33YC~A~T0011347753600Not good qualityMy dog hates this food, and through some research I have found that Science Diet is not very good quality. I have instead switched over to Orijen, a little more expensive but worth it for a healthier and happier dog.
262625262625B003UGZOC0AMG8XZT6AJX3EShannon Powell0011333411200Too Expensive for the Quality of FoodThis food was not only super messy, but it made my dog itch like mad! The kibble is very dusy/grainy. You touch it and kibble fuzz gets all over your hands, it was always getting stuck on my dogs face when he would eat. It could be that my dog is just allergic to corn, but having owned dogs in the past any food that contained corn almost always made my other dogs feet itchy too. I am not going to rant on about high quality food vs. low quality food, but some of the SD Dog foods out there are way over priced for the ingredients that are in them. The only reason I was feeding this to my current dog is because we adopted him and the shelter gave us a free bag; so we used it to transition him to new food with no corn.
262626262626B0000691JFA2AMHRQV18Y693Judith O. Mix "grannymix"5541121731200Trident White GumI enjoy the Trident White Gum. It has a great lasting flavor, and it is pleasant to chew. It also helps my heartburn (reduces it) and freshens my breath. I will buy it again.
262627262627B0000691JFA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin2351186272000fine sugarless gum with a peppermint burstTrident White makes a terrific peppermint flavored sugarless gum. The sugar free gum is healthier for your teeth; and the gum makes your breath fresh in an instant. The thin cardboard package is easy to carry because it is so small; and inside the thin cardboard package the pieces of gum are wrapped individually in tiny plastic pockets that are easy to open. The package states that the gum whitens teeth but I cannot comment on that. Always remember to brush your teeth--this gum isn't a substitute for that!

A single piece of gum has nothing more than a measly five calories; and there's no fat, no sodium and no sugar. Trident White uses sorbitol and aspartame to sweeten the gum. Moreover, the gum stays fresh until the expiration date stamped on the reverse of the package. Good job!

Unfortunately, there are a couple of caveats: The gum contains a milk derived ingredient and it contains phenylalanine. If either of these ingredients pose a concern for you please consult your doctor before chewing this gum.

Have further questions? No problem--the manufacturers give you both a toll free number and a website. The website goes into detail about how this gum helps to whiten your teeth.

Overall, this is a great gum that comes packaged in an easy to carry container. This gum makes your breath fresh; and it's a very tasty gum that you won't want to spit out after a mere five minutes.

Highly recommended.
262628262628B0000691JFA3N3BTX0UBW9GQBob Pomeroy "bisbee philosopher"2441123718400why are met expectations not the normjust what I ordered and in the usual prompt manner
262629262629B001EO66MCA1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"3351235952000very good!! great taste!first i was impressed that the mix has strawberries actually in the mix,(dried) when i opened the can of mix you could smell the strawberry aroma,simple to make,the taste is unbeatable,i will buy again,my children enjoyed these with syrup the first time the second time we added fresh strawberries on top with whipped cream!!
262630262630B001EO66MCA33UZVXIEG7MH2Sheila E. Daluz1151290988800strawberry pancakeThis is the first time, in ordering his product. I haven't seen this product sold in the retail store. I liked it, especially, since I love pancake. The only thing is that, when I first ordered it, I couldn't read the container. Upon receipt, ingredients were required, instead of "adding just water". However, all in all, I was satisfied with the order.
262631262631B001EO66MCA2S4I0M0QNKOW5Ran1141271289600Great Waffles!Ordered this along with a belgian waffle maker. Very good combination. Excellent taste if you like strawberries.
262633262633B001EO66MCA1SXJZK792QZLXH. Ortiz "shoeholic"0031346803200They're Okay...I purchased this package of 3, 16oz cans from While the pancakes/waffles are definitely edible, they aren't my favorite. I followed the package instructions on the preparation required, added the ingredients (egg, milk, butter, and of course the mix), yet found that the strawberries did not taste as good as if you were to add them fresh, some were a little hard too (I did allow the batter to set for 10 minutes as the instructions state), and overall, the aroma of the strawberries went away after cooking and adding some syrup (not alot :P). I found that my pancake mix from Trader Joe's is better taste wise, fluffier, and less expensive. This recipe, unlike other pancake recipes, requires you to add butter or oil, and I was able to taste the butter more than the strawberries, not in a good way, more in a, I know this has a good amount of butter. Would I purchase this again, no.
262634262634B001EO66MCA1QV3BY9H947QZThat girl2621273363200Wrong order!I received the order as expected and the label stated that it was strawberry pancake mix. On opening the first canister, I found that it contained BLUEBERRY pancake mix. I also opened the second on and found the same. I can only assume the third one is also blueberry. The blueberry was nice but I would have preferred what I actually clearly ordered.
262635262635B004OUZ93AA39FTW448TRUQODisneyDenizen0051311465600Firm tasty pastaLast night, we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. I had been assured that they could make me any dish on the menu with gluten-free pasta.

When my dish came, the pasta was so different from what I was used to that I had my boyfriend take a bite to make sure it really tasted like gluten-free pasta. (It's been a very long time since I've had pasta with gluten.) After devouring my meal, I asked the waiter to find out what pasta the chef was using. It was this one.

Here's what I liked about it: It was firm! It had retained it's structural integrity! All the penne pasta still looked like Penne pasta. And it tasted good.

I am used to Schar and Bi-Aglut, both of which have an excellent taste. But even with the gentlest boiling, the noodles do seem to fall apart quite a bit. You will never, for example, end up with spaghetti strands long enough to "wind". Other GF pastas seem to turn to paste in the pot--or just taste like it.

I thought I'd tried every GF pasta on the market. I was wrong. This pasta is OUTSTANDING. Please try it. You won't be disappointed.
262636262636B0082PE308A2R7B301NG2YLVGary long0051341446400Easy delicious dipsThere is nothing better than having a dip or two when you have people over.
what's great about these dips is they can be made so easily, there is a good variety and the best is that they taste so good.
I highly recommend this book to all the dip lovers
262637262637B0082PE308A3P8UMHBOBE6RJessie Heart0051341273600Awesome Dip MIxes!These dip mixes packets are awesome! Quick and easy to make. It has so many varieties - Chip dips, vegetable dips, fruit dips, salsa mixes, cheesecake creations, cheese dips, spreads, you name it! Highly recommended!
262638262638B0082PE308A2H9QE4IVL0P1darthgamer0051341187200SImply DeliciousI tried some dip at a party the other day and it was so tasty! I probably at more than 2/3rds of it. I asked my buddy what he put in it to make it so good, and he showed me this Mix online. I loved it so much I bought some on the spot.
262639262639B0082PE308ARNTOIW743HBJcheesemonster0051341100800Delicious mixturesThese mixes are really delicious and its impossible to tell that they are not home baked. They are very unusual, simple and quick to make. The Pineapple passion is particularly tasty and addictive.
262640262640B0082PE308A36PDVMHM7J0ETLeighann0051340928000Dream CheesecakeOh man! I can't even tell you how much I love cheesecake and how great it is to be able to mix it up. Adding different fruits and drizzle is perfect. The cheesecake mixes are easy to make and you will love how they taste.
262641262641B0082PE308A184FC7YZYWSP3Rebecca0051338422400Wonderful!!!I love all of Pams pantry mixes!!! But Razzel Dazzle Berry is my absolute favorite!!! I make sure to always have a few on hand and If I get below two I have to place an order just to be safe! I would recommend any of their dips! ENJOY!!!
262642262642B004Y18CJCARGRB75X1G1XQCheryl J. Goebel "cherie goebel"0051313798400just what I was looking forI ordered this to add to Fig Basalmic vinegar for salad dressing. The consistancy was perfect and it was just the right sweetness. Thanks.
262643262643B0002D9YHKA2MVVAPBAXXJG3Norma Traxinger0051302480000Great FlavorWasn't sure I would like this when I ordered it, but wow! I was surprised. My favorite way to use this is in tuna salad instead of plain mayo. Good product and quickly delivered. I recommend this.
262644262644B002BTQQBAA2JMZK8SMHR3A1Hankdad2211340409600Please stay away from this company!There have been multiple FDA warnings about these treats made in China. My golden retriever died of renal failure after we gave him the chicken jerky treats from the same company. Please don't take the chance of harming your pet.
262645262645B002BTQQBAA1GCNDSZ4G3GYThed2211337904000DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I purchased the Waggin' Train brand Duck Jerky and my dog became sick immediately. He was throwing up and also began to lose hair on his ear. Luckily I only given about 10 pieces in the week that I purchased the jerky. I immediately stopped giving him the treats since that was the only new item introduced. Lucky for me, my dog was able to recover from the issues brought on by the jerky. Don't ever buy anything that you can ingest which is made in China. Or better yet, just don't buy anything made in china.
262646262646B002BTQQBAA4D1JFFWEUPFOjudybrooke2311286668800Alert !! Made in ChinaAlert !
Don't buy this treat. My lil Abbey (23#) got diarrhea, then bloody diarrhea. Thought she was allergic. Gave it to the next door neighbor huge doberman . He got the same illness. I Looked at the pkg...Made in china ! Yikes ! Look up FDA jerky treats.
262647262647B002BTQQBAAUVRDP48P0OMNAnnie0051291680000Super Pet PleaserOur dogs (3) all love the duck tenders. They will go past the chicken tenders every time to get to the duck. We've had no trouble with digestion whatsoever. Only complaint is that it doesn't come in the same size bag as the chiken! A giant hit in our house!
262648262648B002BTQQBAAEM54MPQGH1HPLarry Sakowitz0051265846400waggin train chicken jerkywe didnt recieve it yet because of the snow(understandable) usually comes fast and the dogs absolutely love it!
262649262649B002BTQQBAA2KAZIXUGAB7F3Judith L. Furlow-grannas "Judy F"1211321315200Stay Away From This Treat!Bought one bag for my three dogs and now have two sick dogs. Already spent $500 on vet bills for one dog and they are now on homemade chicken and rice diet. One dog is getting better, but I'm really worried about my other girl. Picked these up at Walmart and the dogs have not eaten much of it before trouble started. Listless, no appetite, pacing and panting, pain and whining. Just awful to watch our girls go through this!
262650262650B002RJE6OIA3TU3XWGVU3YSGD. Donnell "Make -up Junkie"0051271203200Great spice & valueThis is another product that I purchase from Barry Farms instead of of the supermarket. It has great balance of the brown sugar, paprika, sea salt, chilli powder, black pepper, onion powder, and just enough of cayenne to add a little flavor. I have had so many of my friends ask me what do I use on my ribs, I give them the same ingrediants listed, but I don't have to do any of the mixing. Just make sure you "really" coat the ribs and let them marinate for a couple of hours. I do my ribs over night, and the taste is so good.I highly recommend this product. Oh, delivery is so fast and reliable.

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