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262651262651B000GQ4P5OA1WFNRQYC3SU8PLovesStories9951286668800The BEST popcorn!We tried to substitute a like product because we couldn't find the Mega brand when we ran out. Big, big, big mistake. We are literally throwing it away. We were so disappointed in it (bland, cardboard like, low pop rate).

We again found the Mega brand and the clouds parted, angels sang and we all snuggled in for a good movie and the best movie popcorn you can make at home. We will NEVER try to save a buck again when it comes to popcorn.

The taste and freshness are great. Some in the family find it too salty, so we hold back some of the seasoning mixture. It even reheats well the next day or two.
262652262652B000GQ4P5OABD5ME4V4KZOEJohn C.8851279152000Great Tasting Popcorn!!!Purchased a 6oz home popcorn machine for the theater room and the hunt was on for a pre-packaged popcorn that would provide that "movie theater" taste. The first popcorn we tried was Country Harvest and the family enjoyed that popcorn and we went through the 36-packages in relatively short order. When it came time to order another box of pre-packaged corn, I went with Gold Medal's MegaPop based on the recommendation from a friend. Gold Medal also makes a very nice, heavy-duty commercial use popcorn machine, and figured they would have a good tasting popcorn.

The popcorn pre-packaged has two compartments; 1) oil; and 2) popcorn mixed with salt.

Well, made the first batch of Mega Pop and my daughter was all excited when she tasted the popcorn, screaming it tastes just like the movie theater!! Couldn't agree more!! The taste was GREAT!!! The majority of the popcorn popped no problem, with very few old maids. If you want to control the amount of salt and want your popcorn to have a little less salty taste, (which is what I like) just shake the bag and don't use as much of the salt that pools at the bottom of the popcorn. I have a feeling that this box isn't going to last long!!

Now, my daughter has a sleep-over scheduled with six of her friends and wants me to make lots of this specific popcorn for her friends.
262653262653B000GQ4P5OA2LU1XQU394ZL3J. Windham "Book and Movie Lover"5551308873600LOVE this popcorn!I love, love, love this popcorn!! Got a 6oz popcorn machine and began by using my own oil, popcorn and salt. It came out ok, but I never could get it to taste quite the same as movie theater popcorn. Read reviews that this tasted like movie popcorn and thought I'd give it a try - they were right! It tastes just like what you'd get at a theater!

Everything, of course, is pre-packaged, so you just pour it in and pop away. Couldn't be easier. I do end up pouring the oil into a measuring cup first and then into my kettle, because it's a little awkward pouring it directly from the pouch to the kettle. Some other reviews mentioned taking out some of the flavored salt, but I found the ratios between the oil, popcorn and salt to be spot on for my taste.

The only negative I can see to this popcorn is the amount of calories. Because they use coconut oil, the calorie count goes way up. And while the package lists it as having "7 servings", I found that a pouch only feeds 2 to 3 hungry grownups. It's definitely not a low calorie snack and it's not going to be something you'd want to eat every night....but it's definitely just right when treating yourself and your friends to a movie night!
262654262654B000GQ4P5OA2PW29SY7QZ6YMMaine1151329350400Mega Pop VS Greater NorthernThe Mega Pop 6 0z packs covers more of the popcorn with the salt and butter flavoring, the Greater Northern packs leaves alot of popcorn unflavored and white

Also the Mega Pop packs produces way more popcorn and less old maids and its not stale like greater northern
262655262655B000GQ4P5OA1NSHUY80S7KIXAmanda M. Balavitch1151327881600Amazing for the price and way better than great northern popcorn by farI bought a package of this and a package of great northern popcorn. This is by far way better, and as close as I could find to being the best for the price. I used to buy mending shed popcorn packs, but they are too much. This is almost the same and way cheaper anyways. I have tried many different brands. Everything from Rico's to act II have been through my popper. This is so far the best value. It has good crunch and flavor. It is balanced. I recommend buying this over all of the other brands, but Orville Redenbacher's popcorn is what my tinsel town theater uses. For the topping or "butter' at home, I use orville redenbachers "popping and topping" pour over for the theater butter and this. It might be better than theirs actually. Everybody loves it, and always ask for it. I don't know what to do with this other great northern popcorn. It is just to chewy, husky, and has no flavor. I have never had popcorn that bad that didn't come from a microwave. I have had microwave popcorn better than that.
262656262656B000GQ4P5OAK3WW1QTVFQENLJ1151327104000Excellent Popcorn !!!This popcorn is a little more expensive than GN but is worth every penny. I was given a couple of GN popcorn packets from my brother in-law to try. It was ok but tasted a little stale and there were a lot of unpopped kernels. I read the reviews for Gold Medal and decided to order a case. I am very glad I did. The popcorn was fresh,tasted like the movies and not a lot of unpopped kernels (don't get me wrong, there will be some upopped) but alot more popped than GN brand.
262657262657B000GQ4P5OA2FXQW57340NP9L. Huckaba "~Luke"1141325808000Great tasting theater style popcornShort Notes (read below for full description): Great taste, pops about the same as a microwave bag, but only pops about 80% of the kernels.

Full Notes: We have a 6oz kettle popper, so I wanted something that closely resembled movie theater popcorn. This stuff is probably the closest I've found. Honestly, it really tastes the same.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it leaves a lot of kernels unpopped. When I dump the kettle, it's dry, and probably 1/5 of the kernels are not popped. It seems like there isn't enough oil to pop them all. I was going to experiment adding more oil, but I haven't yet. I think this uses coconut oil, so I don't know how vegetable oil would work with it, plus I'm sure it will effect the flavor.

As far as quantity, I think 1 package produces about the same as a standard microwave bag. If I get get a higher pop rate, it would probably be more than a standard m/w bag. I usually pop three microwave bags for four of us on movie night, and so far, I've only had to do two of the kettle ones to achieve similar results.
262658262658B000GQ4P5OA25XENW25QN1H0Fitterette1151325462400We use this in a our 6 Qt. Stir Crazy Corn Popper!Smells so good, we like it. Taste great and we found the popcorn we like. Took me forever to figure out what kind to buy for the stir crazy popper. Hope this helps you.
262659262659B000GQ4P5OA21ZRJE1AHHV35Katie1151324512000Gold Medal Products Co 36Ct 6Oz Corn/Oil Kit 2836 PopcornWe purchased this popcorn based on Amazon Reviews so that we could use it in the newly purchased stainless steel stove top popper from Amazon. This popcorn popped quickly (after oil heated) and not one kernel was left in pan - this is a big plus for us. My husband and grand kids loved the popcorn and probably will never want microwaved popcorn again. We are totally happy with our purchase!
262660262660B000GQ4P5OA3LGJXCN189ALHEarly A. Dopter1141323302400Most like good theater popcornSaying this is the closest to good movie theater popcorn is just a matter of fact. Whether you think that is ideal is a matter of taste. But if you want the popped-in-the-theater-not-delivered-pre-popped-in-huge-plastic-bags-from-god-knows-where, then this is your product.
262661262661B000GQ4P5OA3S387QFTWXPSHjgibbo "jgibbo"0051348617600Great productThis popcorn is the real deal. Pop a bag, sit back in your easy chair, watch a movie and you will think you are in a theater.
262662262662B000GQ4P5OA27RESE07W3YPEFrank ("0051346976000
262663262663B000GQ4P5OAW78O0K0T7ABVvlb4000031338768000Popcorn was good but...Popcorn not exactly like movie theater popcorn tastes, but still very good. My only real complaint is that only 80% of the popcorn pops, I throw away a lot of unpoped popcorn. Two packages poped had enough kernels of unpoped popcorn left over to pop half of another package. I brought a new popcorn popper at the same time. I purchased this product. I don't think it is the new popcorn machine I purchased, it's this popcorn. Brought a 6 oz box of popcorn for my 8 oz popper, I used one package at a time. All of it should have popped. :-(
262664262664B000GQ4P5OA3FM6WGH3M43AOHappyface7150051318809600Very goodGreat tasting popcorn. The pre-measured packs are fantastic, which made it easy to put into the machine. This is a great value due to the large quantity that's in the box.
262665262665B000GQ4P5OA3NSCZ68ZUNE61joje0051318464000Hands Down Best Popcorn ever!!If you want actual real movie theater popcorn taste than this is the popcorn!! Popped it and it was like heaven!! Love it! perfect!
262666262666B000GQ4P5OA293334DMCEXTGA. Whitley0051302480000Just like the movie theater pop cornGreat popcorn! However, you need to let it sit for a while after popping to dry out. Else, it's soggy.

We use a Stir Crazy popper with a 8 qt lid. You'll need to order this from the manufacturer. This is the lid with straight sides as opposed to the rounded or dome shaped lid (6 qt) that comes with the popper. This size of package all pop and will fill the 8 qt with just a little extra. The lid will rise up 1". With the supplied lid, you can't get all of the kernels to pop before it overflows.

I don't put all of the oil in the popper. I leave out about a thumbs (1" - 1.5") worth. Let the oil heat until it starts smoking. Add the pop corn and salt. Once it has popped, almost ALL of the kernels will pop, I transfer it into 2 large stainless steel mixing bowls. I put those in the oven at about 150 for 30 minutes. You wind up with very crunchy pop corn
262668262668B000ES40NGA1QH7964GWBGE2C. M. Butler "Charlyce M. Johnson-Butler"1211168300800The company stopped making the brand I wantedI am disappointed because the company stopped making the brand I like. They only make the new version now which give a totally different taste then the old version. The company I ordered from was very nice about it refunding my money minus the shipping and handling charges. They even let me keep the product they sent. However, I will give them to my daughter's school as a treat to the children there. I informed the company that if by any chance they bring the old version back, I will order again. I am going to continue looking even if I have to contact the makers of Jolly Ranchers.
262669262669B00213IAUQADZ1E2SYWSG99Chad Myers111351245196800These are good. Very, very good.I don't mean "good for a gluten free cookie", or "almost like a normal cookie". No, I mean, that as a cookie they are good. No strange textures, odd flavors, or smells. No sticking them in the refrigerator to help out the texture. They basically taste like a normal crunchy sugar cookie with cinnamon that just happens to be gluten free. No milk or butter either so I believe they should be casein free also. According to the labeling they are vegan and kosher as well.

That's a mighty impressive list of good stuff. You're probably wondering what the catch is, right? It definitely isn't the taste. As I said at the beginning, these are very, very good. I only see two drawbacks.
1) Cost. Most gluten free foods are expensive so this one isn't unexpected.
2) Quantity. The 5.25 ounce package contains 16 cookies.

16 cookies really doesn't seem like that many, particularly when enjoying them. However that could be considered a positive attribute for some of us. I know I have a tendency at times to munch on something yummy without paying attention to how much I am eating only to find I've eaten the entire bag. Since the package is a built-in pause / stop point, the smaller size less overeating. Even so, I still wish there were more in a package.

One last note, just because I found it to be unusual. Normally all the cookies would be packed the same way, i.e. two rows of eight. These aren't. Instead, there are two rows of seven cookies each, side by side, and then two more cookies at the end of the package rotated 90 degrees from the others. There isn't anything wrong with this packaging method since it maximizes usage of the packaging space. It's just not how most packaged cookies are packaged, nor is it symmetrical, so it sticks out as unusual to me.
262670262670B00213IAUQA3B1ZPY5AF61T1Cindy V. Ramer "Desire to learn"4451245283200Great CookiesI am on a gluten free diet and find most gluten free snack high in calories and fat. These cookies are awesome. The serving size is 4 cookies, calorie count per serving is between 100 and 120 and fat is between 1 and 2. Great flavor and crunch and almost healthy.
262671262671B00213IAUQA1A3NLJO4O3YIGK. Allen3351249084800yeah!Finally a cookie that taste great! If you have eaten any gluten free cookies before you know they are bland. These cookies are AWESOME. The best part is I dont have to worry about my multiple food allergies. I would recommend them to anyone who loves cookies like me!
262672262672B00213IAUQA3FW6TWGY1DC15Rachel "Girltron/Rabbithorn"5651249516800Just delicious!I love Dr. Lucy's cookies. All the flavors are terrific. I don't eat them because they're gluten free-I have no allergies-but I am a vegetarian who usually eats vegan. I often crumble these (or the sugar cookie flavor) on top of a bowl of coconut milk ice cream-it's spectacular.
262673262673B00213IAUQA3B1ZPY5AF61T1Cindy V. Ramer "Desire to learn"5651245283200Gluten free and Great tastingI am on a gluten free diet and find most gluten free snack high in calories and fat. These cookies are awesome. The serving size is 4 cookies, calorie count per serving is between 100 and 120 and fat is between 1 and 2. Great flavor and crunch and almost healthy.
262674262674B00213IAUQA1GL9ZVG84T9T2Dr Robin5651240185600Cookie CravingsAn acquaintance shared Dr. Lucy's cookies with me and I was just amazed at the taste. I have never had a healthy cookie that was crunchy - like eating a homemade cookie, made with love because it took a mother's love and dedication to create these amazing cookies. Looking forward to more flavors. Thanks Dr. Lucy!!!
262675262675B00213IAUQADT36XUUNW05SAnnie Edwards2251253750400Finally!I have been searching for a tasty gluten-free cookie cookie for several years, a taste that was equal to the cookies of regular eating days. Lucy's Oatmeal Cookies ended the quest. They are DELICIOUS!!! They are also a perfect size for a quick snack and ever so satisfying. The calorie content is also good. I am anxious to try other varieties.
262676262676B00213IAUQATMNWAOAL3EVQM. Bradley2251250640000Excellent Gluten free and Dairy Free OATMEAL!These cookies are great, even greater since they have no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, and are light crispy and oh so good. This is a phenomenal price too, and I love the small snack pack size!!!! Thanks Amazon. And thanks Dr. Lucy (who lives one town over from me!)
262677262677B00213IAUQA2F28R9U74PSGThe Inveterate Scofflaw "J"2251249171200Good grief, these cookies are delicious!!!!Are these really gluten free, because they sure don't taste like it! There are a few other cookies being marketed as "gluten free" or "diet" but there simply is no comparison to these nuggets of goodness. Frankly, even given the choice between these and something like a Pillsbury or Toll House oven-baked cookie, I'd take Lucy's cookies in a heartbeat. No guilt, no high glycemic index to make you feel like you just gained five pounds, no impulse to hibernate. Just moist, sweet morsels that make you wonder why the bag isn't three inches deeper. (Seriously, Lucy, you need to make them deeper.) And the inspiring story behind the creation of Lucy's cookies will make you feel that much better, knowing that you're supporting a homegrown business, rather than a huge multi-national. I can't recommend these enough.
262678262678B00213IAUQA129QMC08SW3T3C. Clinger "CatMa"4551240012800! Mmmmmmmmmm !What a wonderful surprise to find LUCY's on! I haven't enjoyed a cookie as much as I enjoy LUCY'S since going gluten free several years ago.

They have that just-right crunch.
They are just sweet enough - not too, not not.
They are just the right size.
They have just the right "mmmmm" factor.

THANK YOU DR. LUCY for sharing the "lemonade" you made from the dietary lemons life gave you too! You've given me many appreciated "mmmmmmm", "mmmmmm", "mmmmmmm" moments!
262679262679B00213IAUQA1T58BZWTTMNHZVegan Sweet Lover6831258416000Used to own stock in the company, but changed their formulation, and get a much lower ratingI used to love EVERY flavor of these cokies. I was the one buying out the entire shelf at WFoods. I started ordering on amazon multiple 8 packs at a time. I could easily eat 2 boxes a day by myself! I eat really healthy and my sweets is the only thing I give myself what I want. I am vegan and "prefer" to eat gluten free, as I am supposed to due to healh issues, but don't always because there are no other GF desserts that are vegan that I LOVE. So BOY was I disappointed when I had to stop buying them very mcuh because they changed the fat and calories significantly. I wonder i anyone else noticed. I wrote to Dr. Lucy and she replied. I asked if I could still order some from her int he original formulation, or where I could buy them like that, but she said no. The only reasons she gave were some type of problem with the formulation and baking f the cookie, but I don't understand beacause they were perfect??! A better explanation would have been nice. So thus, I am very disappointed in this line, which was the ONLY GF, VEGAN, LOW FAT/LOW CAL, DELICIOUS!!! line of desserts I enjoyed, and now cannot eat them very often at all. When I am consuming large amounts, I'm sorry but 25g of fat for a whole box vs. 7.5 g fat/box for the old cookies? Can't do it. Dang Lucy....I miss my sweet yumminess.
262680262680B00213IAUQA2X1XBJOQXQ3W8JAMES1121349222400Dry with after tasteI am in the health food industry and I am gluten intolerant. I have tried many different GF cookies in the last ten years. I bought a box of Lucy's chocolate chip cookies last night at Safeway. I was not impressed. The cookie was dry, almost to the point of being stale. This is a common problem when people try to make a gluten free cookie that have no experience in baking with gluten free flours. Lucy's cookies remind me of Pamela's cookies which are also dry. Being dry is not a sin that a little milk or coffee can not take care of. However what I cannot stand is an after taste. The base flour combination has an odd after taste that spoiled the little enjoyment I had from this cookie. I looked at the ingredients and found garbonzo and fava bean flours. I cannot recommend this cookie based upon the after taste. I have not tried the other varieties that may have stronger flavors to cover up the after taste. I would suggest either Udi's frozen cookies or Glutino cookies. I find these two brands superior to Lucy's. Thanks for reading.

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