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262711262711B00213IAUQAFD7UDF7HOOLWAmazing Grace0051278028800Very tasty cinnamon thinsThese cinnamon thin cookies looked appealing in the package so I bought some. I didn't buy them because they were gluten-free, I just like anything that TASTES GOOD, whether it's low-fat, fattening, gluten-free, low carb, etc. and they ARE really good and surprisingly satisfying for being gluten-free. Make sure that if you eat them while having coffee that you "dunk" quick (if you like to dunk your cookies). I order 5 or 6 boxes at a time and will continue to in the future because now they are a favorite that I eat practically every day.
262712262712B00213IAUQAFDT9VMWE601SBorn to Read0051275868800Delicious and healthyMy review is for the Cinnamon cookie in the small bag. I love them!!! I do not have gluten issues, but I like the fact that the cookies are gluten free. They are crunchy and satisfy my desire for something sweet. Only 130 caloriesand 4.5 g of fat in three cookies. Each pack has 4 cookies. 1.5 g of saturated fat, 0 trans fat, 0 cholesterol, 180 mg sodium, 1 g fiber, 21 g of carbs, and 2 g of protein. Yummy, every bite. Starbucks carries them sporadically, and I am so glad to be able to buy them from Amazon!
262713262713B00213IAUQA20GEEXSF3DULOVicki "Noah's Mom"0051274832000Gluten Free yumminess!to all of you gluten free people out there who thought that you couldn't eat Chocolate Chip cookies anymore- think again! These are so delicisious taht you won't miss the wheat! They are the best wheat free cookies I've found. I could eat half a box at a time but I try not to! :)
262714262714B00213IAUQA1V2Y6O98KPNP3FictionFan0051273449600Great Cookies!A fabulous compilation of cinnamon and crunch - sweet and glulten free! Pricey, but worth it.
262715262715B00213IAUQA9CK5CI2KFIQ0Tia0051273017600Yummy, little crunchy cookiesIf you have serious food allergies or gluten intolerance, you probably bake your own (and aren't reading this review) -- but what a joy to find Dr. Lucy's cookies in Starbucks recently! Yes, these are boxed cookies, not to be confused with homemade, which is the sterling standard for me. But given that, they're lovely! The body of the cookie is slightly bean-flavored, since that's what the flour blend relies on; but it's not an obtrusive flavor. Just a bit tangy. The milk-free chips are great: nicely rounded flavor, not burnt or sharp. The texture is pleasantly crisp & sandy; not tough, not hard, not chewy. Great with coffee or tea. Our favorite is the chocolate chip variety, but the cinnamon and sugar cookies versions are delicious also. If you're not allergic yourself, but considering buying some for guests or grandchildren who are, then I'd encourage you to go for it. You'll find you munch on them, too, because they're just yummy, little crunchy cookies.
262716262716B00213IAUQAD369TZIKXXF0always hopeful20051272672000Very GoodI discovered these at my local Starbucks and loved them. The sugar cookies are wonderful, have a nice crunch and leave no aftertaste. The easiest way for me to explain the taste of the sugar cookie is to tell you they taste & remind me of Christmas sugar cookies. The chocolate chip are good and the cinnamon are too but the sugar is my favorite. It's so hard to find gluten-free snacks that taste great and don't leave you yearning for a " real " snack. Buy them !
262717262717B00213IAUQABFMLM8RX10NOS. Johnson0051268784000WOW!After being diagnosed as a celiac recently, finding products that are tasty and gluten-free really challenged me. I traded off tasty for decent tasting after a while, but FINALLY I have found something that actually tastes good. The crunchy texture makes me feel satisfied after finishing the bag. These cookies are truly delicious and well worth the journey to find them. Since God hasn't healed me yet, I am so thankful that He let me find these!
262718262718B00213IAUQAUH6N8JZS7GJ0jojoco "jo"0051266019200Best Allergy Friendly Cookies I ever had.I have 15 documented food allergies and it is very difficult to find decent goodies. These are the best allergy friendly cookies I have tasted yet! I tried them for the first time today. I needed to use up a Starbucks gift certificate and found these cookies in a basket in the front of the store. Boy was I pleased when I discovered they were as good as any cookie made with wheat and eggs. Not the bland, dry, grainy taste of most GF cookies. Also the price is much better than many of the other allergy friendly products I have tried. You will not be disapointed in these.
262719262719B00213IAUQAIUAA70OT59HZNicole L. Douglas "groovy mom"0051265155200YUM!!!I am not GF but my 7 year old daughter is and I like to try everything with her. She almost did not get to eat any of them because they were soooo good! I'm normally not a crispy cookie kind of girl, but the flavor of these cookies was better than even most nonGF cookies I've had. We bought a small package from STARBUCKS and will definitely be purchasing many more from Whole Foods.
262720262720B00213IAUQA27JEBKMD7LUG0DarcyLove0051263859200Yummy!These are delicious! Discovered them while I was at Starbucks last week...I've tried the Cinnamon Thins and the Sugar Cookies and they're both great! A nice, healthier option even for people without food allergies. Now I'm just waiting for my local grocery stores to get in the game! Would love to be able to purchase these in stores.
262721262721B00213IAUQA3VSMSEGHLS0PUSusan Y. Page0051263772800Wonderful!These cookies have a great flavor and no aftertaste that I can detect. I do not find them gritty at all. They are quite crispy, but I like that. I think they are as good as any regular sugar cookie I have ever had, and my non-GF friends agree!
262722262722B00213IAUQATUOIMDQ5FY2XS. Cheves "twirledpiece"0051260662400Light and crispy cookieI am very pleased with the light crispy texture and sweet taste - so far the best GF oatmeal cookie I have found. It does not have a traditional chewy oatmeal texture, but still great and even better available through Amazon!
262723262723B00213IAUQA1UWJYNKKWPLX8S. A. Stearns0051255219200Crispy AiryThese are fabulous! I saw in an online review of Dr. Lucy's cookies someone complaining about broken cookies when they arrived. Yes, some of the cookies will be broken, though not a lot. I think they break because of their unusual texture. I wish I knew the trick of making a cookie like this. They taste great, but a big part of what I just love about these cookies is their texture -- it's that airyness and crispness. Personally, they are addictive. I finished my first two boxes (I had bought, as a test, one of the 16 pack boxes in Cinnamon and one in Sugar) and sadly after a month or so I had eaten them all. I tried baking something simliar and couldn't do it -- though when I have mroe time, I'll give it many more tries. So just a couple days ago, I ordered a 16 pack box or cinnamon, sugar, and now I'm trying for the first time the oatmeal. I do recommend these cookies; they are my afternoon treat -- one pack of cookies (only 120 calories) and a good cup of decaf coffee and I'm fine till dinner!
262724262724B00213IAUQA1UWJYNKKWPLX8S. A. Stearns0051255219200Yummy!These were wonderful. I don't know how they make these so crunchy and airy at the same time. I bought a 16 pack box of these and got in the habit of having a bag (only 120 calories for 4 good-sized cookies) of these every afternoon when I got sluggish. I began to look forward to their cinnamony taste and was bummed when I finally finished all of them. I tried to make some like them and it was a sad failure so just a couple of days ago, I ordered another box of these and the Sugar cookies (they are wonderful, too!) and I even ordered the Oatmeal ones so I can try those and see if they are as good as the others. I highly recommend these!
262725262725B00213IAUQA3DBYTQKWONM25K. Neuhaus0041254614400Great cookies!I absolutely love these cookies. I bought them when they orginally had a discount on them and at first bite I fell in love. Having Celiacs, it's really hard to find a good cookie but the oatmeal in these make them taste homemade. If the price was better, I would have give it 5 stars. Great for lunches or to send with kids when they can't have regular treats.
262726262726B00213IAUQA2SSXXUOZXMZWXNicole O'Drain0051254182400Dr. Lucy's brought nothing but SMILIES to my picky eater!!!I can't thank you enough!!! My son has autism and is an extremely picky eater. Having food allergies made his food choices even harder! Your product is healthy and so convenient, when your taking a lot of your own food everywhere. Not to mention delicious!! Thanks again for putting the fun & joy back into eating cookies for my little guy & for so many others! Wishing you much sweet success.
262727262727B00213IAUQAG0PUADP81ADKjc "gluten-free"0051253318400Oh my gosh delicious!Lucy's Cinnamon Thins are crispy, yummy and entirely too tempting! They taste like snickerdoodles,and I can't quit eating them!
262728262728B00213IAUQA2VNGPDCAPFUXUKari0051253232000Awesome Cookies and great package size!My daughter tried these cookies at a celiac camp she was at and fell in love wih them. In addition to her loving the cookies, what is great about them is their grab bag type. Being gluten/dairy/perservative/dye free often she feels different (and a little embarrassed) with the types of foods she eats. This size is like having something most of her peers eat but it's healthy. Another benefit is her non-gluten sensitive brother also loves them. That is the real test, if the gluten eating kids like it!
262729262729B00213IAUQA2C9CW8XFVWW4RJennifer Panella "Jen P"0041253232000Tasty, and sweetWhen I first tried the cookie, I wasn't expecting it to be so crispy. I didn't like it until after a few bites. They definetly took care of my sweet tooth! I would recommend these to any one with food allergies
262730262730B00213IAUQA1BJ67411QA0WZBB0041252713600crunchy goodnessFor a store bought cookie, these are good. Very crunchy and a good flavor.

Even if you don't have dietary restrictions, these are worth trying.
262731262731B00213IAUQA1XXXYOJ1YYDB0Sandra G. House0051252627200Great crunchy sweet treatThese cookies are great! They have a slight Tapioca flour taste, but I'm very sensitive to that. The chocolate chip ones are even better. Thank you Dr. Lucy for a low-calorie gluten free treat.
262732262732B00213IAUQA1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude0051251763200I was pleasantly surprised at how good these cookies areI have Celiac Disease and have tried several brands of gluten free "bought" cookies as I call them. I have always been disappointed and resorted to baking my own. Although baking my own is fine, sometimes I would like the convenience of being able to have cookies on hand when the urge strikes, or to grab when I'm on the go. I ordered a "case" each of the oatmeal and the sugar cookies and was very pleased with both of them, although I slightly favored the oatmeal. I purposely tried to detect the usual "off taste" that I've found in other cookies - there is no "off taste" to either of these flavors. Both cookies are crisp, just the way I like them....I have just one word for them "yummy"!
262733262733B00213IAUQADZ1E2SYWSG99Chad Myers0041250985600Yummy!These are pretty darn good cookies! I prefer Lucy's Cinnamon Thins, 5.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 8) but these are a close second.

The cookies are crunchy, not chewy. They do have a lot of sugar on the top but it is only noticeable if you have several at a time. Seemed sweeter to me than the cinnamon thins.

Not crumbly or cakey. No funky taste.

Only 8 in the package, not very many at all. Putting that in a positive light, you can consider it built-in portion control. Handy if you're like me and sometimes happen to snack without actually paying attention to how much you are eating.
262734262734B00213IAUQA3DAGJ9KKDOTLTZeva Soroker "zeva_s"0051250380800delicious gluten freefor those of us who can't digest gluten, finally there is a cookie that tastes delicious and is easy on the stomach!!!
262735262735B00213IAUQA3FW6TWGY1DC15Rachel "Girltron/Rabbithorn"0051249516800YumThese cookies are the best. They are very crispy and taste great with a bowl of coconut milk ice cream. The reviewer who thought they had an aftertaste or grainy texture is reacting to something I can't taste at all
262736262736B00213IAUQA3S16PKWO1ZCDCAmy Williams Kiser "Allergy Mom"0051249516800Delicious!We love Dr. Lucy's cookies! The cookies have a delightful, crisp "crunch", while maintaining the consistency of a regular cookie. I wouldn't have guessed they were gluten, milk & egg free! My son is hooked, as am I!
262737262737B00213IAUQA3C113ZNZ02OYL. Scolamiero0051248998400Love the sugar cookies!It is so great to have a low-fat, low-calorie, yet delicious brand of cookies available! I don't feel guilty after eating a few, and trust me, you will eat a few!!! I have a friend with a gluten allergy and its great to have something to offer her when she comes over that I can enjoy as well. Definitely worth trying!
262738262738B00213IAUQAU02YS5B0PDCPlark1251253750400Truly the best!As someone who has been at this for a very long time...wheat free that is... I have tried dozens and dozens of gluten free cookies.
A cookie-a-holic I have to have my morning coffee with a cookie.
Up until this point most of the gluten free cookies have been huge disappointments..
I have thrown more practically full boxes of cookies in the trash than I care to remember...they were just not worth the calories, they were that bad.
I do like Pamela's brand Biscotti cookies...but they are the only other cookie I've found good enough to spend the money on.
And lets face it prejudice abounds in the gluten free aisle...everything is outrageously expensive.
But these..they are lovely, crunchy, no grainy texture, no strange after taste, vegan, low calorie and low fat...actually a miracle of a cookie.
Most gluten free cookies are loaded with fat...and as I limit fat content that was another big draw back.
No problem here though, only 1.5-2 grams of fat per 4 cookie serving.
I have tried all 4 flavors and each is excellent, I don't think any would disappoint.
262739262739B00213IAUQA2R6R1NSGU5RCDMartha Elder1251253059200YUM!These cookies are delicious and great for a sweet treat if you are on Weight Watchers! However, they are expensive so I was thrilled to find them at a much more reasonable price!
262740262740B00213IAUQA1AHFH04E4DH6PKatrina White "kat"1251249171200All natural and deliciousDr. Lucy has created an absolute masterpiece. These cookies are delicious for everyone. There are so many additives in today's food, that it is nice to know that there is a product that is completely natural. You also have the feeling that you can trust this product, since you know that she created this for her own child. The calorie count is less than other cookies, and it also does nto affect diabetics as significantly as regular cookies do. I highly recommend this product, as well as her other cookies. While I do love chocolate chip, my absolute favorite would be the cinnamon. Enjoy!!

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