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262741262741B00213IAUQA1ETPA9MHDNI0TMom to Food Allergic Child1251240272000What a Treat!I have a son who is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts; however, he can eat wheat. We have tried lots of allergy-friendly products and are sometimes disappointed with the wheat-free ones as the texture and taste is often very different from products made with traditional ingredients. That is not the case with these cookies. They are by far the best allergy-friendly cookies that we have tried yet! They have a nice, crisp (but not hard) cookie texture. I was also impressed with the shelf-life on the cookies that we tried. Many allergy-friendly cookies have a very short shelf-life, but the Lucy's cookies that we tried today didn't expire until October. Way to go Dr. Lucy on creating an excellent allergy-friendly product!
262742262742B00213IAUQA24X6593QVUZ4EK. willette1251239753600Run...Don't Walk to Purchase Lucy's CookiesAs a relative of a child with severe food allergies, i have always struggled with what to serve when the child comes to visit. Until i heard of (then tasted) these gems! Not only are they super safe for children (or anyone) with food allergies, they are delicious. I find myself purchasing some just when i get a cookie craving. they are hands down the best line of cookies I have ever had....Great flavor (you would NEVER know that these were produced with safe products rather than traditional cookie ingredients). I think one of the hardest thing for parents and relatives and friends of people with allergies is finding GOOD, tasty foods...especially sweets. If you have a loved one with a food allergy, i think you should stock these in your pantry (but beware, you will find yourself craving them as well!!!)
262743262743B00213IAUQA8ZY9LI1KBU2PMary Kate0151324944000Cinnamon Thins = Yum!Absolutely delicious cookies - crisp & crunchy, but not hard; sweet, but not too much so. Since a lot of the gluten-free foods I've tried have left (IMHO) something to be desired, these were a very pleasant surprise. The grandkids love them too - a true test of cookie goodness.

I can buy these locally for about $3 per 5.5 ounce box. I offer this info so that buyers can decide if Amazon's current price, whatever it may be, is a bargain.

Highly recommended.
262744262744B00213IAUQA3B1ZPY5AF61T1Cindy V. Ramer "Desire to learn"0151245283200Awesome CookiesI am on a gluten free diet and find most gluten free snack high in calories and fat. These cookies are awesome. The serving size is 4 cookies, calorie count per serving is between 100 and 120 and fat is between 1 and 2. Great flavor and crunch and almost healthy.
262745262745B00213IAUQA16LMVPBUPQINJperu57661411330387200item says "Lucy's Chocoalte Chip"i was shopping for SUGAR-FREE cookies, so they suggested other SUGAR-FREE cookies and i selected them, unfortunately, i'm a diabetic, and when i received the "lucy" chocolate chip cookies: NOT only were they assorted flavors (Which i DIDNT order) BUT they were NOT SUGAR-FREE!! why would they suggest these i have NO idea,but i'm very upset.
262746262746B00213IAUQA29G2ROFNE63NYC. Zalewsky "GF Foodie"1511264982400AwfulAs a mom with Celiac disease with one son that has a tree nut allergy and another that has a soy allergy, I really wanted to like these cookies. We are used to cooking everything from scratch to ensure the safety of our food. Wouldn't it be great to have a cookie that my tree nut allergic son and I could grab on the go? I paid a visit to my local Starbucks to pick up a 1.25 oz. pack of the sugar cookies and excitedly opened the package. The smell alone was enough to immediately turn me off. The bag had a synthetic odd smell inside. I took a bite of the cookie and noted its crunchiness-a good thing about the cookie- but then was overwhelmed by an extremely unpleasant aftertaste. It almost tasted like burnt popcorn with an artifical butter flavor. A very odd and unpalatable taste indeed. I was so disappointed. I really liked the story of Dr. Lucy and the idea of the cookie, but most definitely did NOT like the cookie. Although I would classify myself as a bit of a food snob with high standards, I put that aside when reviewing this cookie. I do not think even the less discerning customer would enjoy this cookie.
262747262747B00213IAUQA3M9L03ALYIUL7Cheryl Panebianco "CP"0411308614400YUCKI bought a package of these at Starbucks, and thought good crispy, hmmmm so I bought a case of a mix cinnamon, sugar, chocolate chip and oatmeal. First they all tasted the same. They are probably suppose to be crispy but they taste stale, and then they leave an awful aftertaste. They also taste way to buttery and a portion side is two cookies and the rest are all cracked in the package.

There is nothing special about these and are not worth the price, although I love the packaging.

Sorry Lucy I've tasted way better GF cookies.
262748262748B00213IAUQA1GJPZAGS5600PPatricia Hart0411296691200Lucy's Chocolate Chip CookiesThese are the worst gluten free cookies I have ever tasted. They were hard, dry and tasted like tapioca flour. Avoid these at all cost.
262749262749B00213IAUQA1BJ67411QA0WZBB2811252368000Where's the chocolate?I don't have any dietary restrictions. I bought these because of an price reduction. I wouldn't purchase them again. They have very few chocolate chips. Like you have to hunt for them in the cookie. That isn't what chocolate chip cookies should be about.

The oatmeal version of these cookies is much better.
262750262750B004TPUT1MA1SGK9Z6F04XI5Ann L. Everett "Grandmother Ann"0051335312000Pastariso All Natural White Zito from AmazonThis pasta is really good. It doesn't have a really strong flavor of it's own so it doesn't conflict with whatever sauce you may use. I would highly recommend it.
262751262751B0043OIIT4ATBXEV8V3NMT9Wanita2251304380800Healthy, Delicious and CONVENIENTI am a big fan of coconut water, but disliked lugging home all those individual servings. Plus I found that some brands had too little flavor for my taste. With CocoHydro's powdered formula, not only do I have several weeks' worth of drink, I can adjust the amount of flavor for whomever is having a glass. Plus, I LOVE the idea that, coming from Indonesia, the powdered formula produces a much smaller footprint than shipping containers full of liquid. I originally bought the plain, unflavored variety, but this has just a hint of additional flavor and is extremely refreshing. I'm hooked!
262752262752B0043OIIT4A5QG2J05XJ7XZKirk May2241298332800Does it for meI also purchased the original, which I really did like - light and refreshing. This is a nice alternative for a change. The dilution does make a difference, so I recommend experimenting with the amount of powder used. This is not the fresh coconut just cracked open, but it's not filled with junk, has the coconut water benefits, and is really convenient. I'll keep buying.
262753262753B0043OIIT4A1MVZMBVCRYK9Samaranthiness2341289692800great stuff!The elation that accompanied the discovery of the cocohydro concept and product had me awaiting my amazon shipment with high expectations. I was bothered by the amount of waste that resulted from my coconut water consumption; yet was unable to curb my voracious appetite and love of drinking the juice. Alas, solution presented itself; thank you Big Tree boys - you rock. I can't say enough about my appreciation for the convenience and cost-effectiveness of getting my daily dose. Ease of imbibement at any time as I keep a pouch in my backpack is awesome. I'm very glad I was able to also try pineapple as admittedly I'm not as super hot about this flavor. Although maybe somewhat sacrilegious I found I like this one mixed with sparkling water and a squeeze of lime, that's dee-lish and oh so refreshing.
262754262754B0043OIIT4A3DWO2POFW0JDND. Frischling2321287360000Eh.I gotta say I love the idea behind this product.

That being said, this flavor was very disappointing. I'd have preferred to try the unflavored plain one out first, but this was the only flavor they had.

I'll start with the pros.

1. It's cheap.
2. It's a better option than most packaged drinks.
3. There is a minimum of crap in it, as far as I can tell.
4. It has a low carbon footprint relative to other coconut waters.

Now for the cons.

1. It does not taste anything remotely like coconut water. I would say it maybe has a slight bubble gum flavor to it, but not really.
2. Neon/florescent pink color. It looks like I imagine a pink lemonade made by Crystal Lite to be. Lose the color!
3. Not refreshing at all.
4. The zippy top on this package is a bit of a PITA.

I would like to try the plain one before writing this product off entirely. I really like what Big Tree Farms does, but until they make this a better product, I recommend staying away from this one.
262755262755B0043OIIT4A3UF4K552BJ1VCHappy Rafters0031346716800cocohydro pomegranate raspberryMy review on cocohydro pomegranate raspberry is just an OK I did not like the flavor as much as the pineapple flavor, but mix them both and it is not to bad. I will not order this flavor again, we prefer the pineapple flavor. On the plus side I like this one as there is low sugar and carbs.
262756262756B0043OIIT4A23VZQKIO3IOP2Amanda L. Calhoon "VegFashionista"0051333324800Excellent, particularly for trainingI know that this doesn't really taste like the 'fresh' coconut water. It seems unfair to think that anything powdered would ever taste like the fresh stuff. That being said, this makes training with coconut water fairly affordable. There is no WAY that many people could afford to drink fresh for an entire season of training for triathlons or marathons.

The taste is pleasant and neutral. I have never gotten any upset stomach or other ill effects. Gatorade and other sports drinks have always made me nauseous, so this is a pleasant alternative.

Would highly recommend!
262757262757B0043OIIT4A284T5SWJ3M2W5Ariel Gomez2621290556800look something elsewell is better that all the crap around but taste awful, i order the original to give a try.

P.S. less water better taste =]
262758262758B00346ZNZOAJGNDQ5DJZ9CRkea0051345766400Great product at a great price. Great bubble gum and my students love it.I purchased this product for my students, who really loved it. They are all in sour flavors and this gum delivered without fail what they wanted. Thanks for a great product!
262759262759B00346ZNZOA83F395WS4SIALouis Iacoponi0031340841600Not as satisfying as the candyWe are big Zours Candy fans, so we were excited to find Zours Gum. Strictly as a gum, it is acceptable. However, if you are expecting that great Zours flavor, you will be disappointed, as were we.
262760262760B002V0XB62A3N9EAN3RAQRMSBF4421266019200Pretty blahBacon pop doesn't really taste much like bacon at all, as the previous review mentioned. It seems like VERY lightly buttered popcorn, with a very light sprinkling of Bacon Salt. In fact, sprinkling it with some more Bacon Salt, or even just sea salt, does improve the taste. What it doesn't improve is the fact that it makes the whole house smell like a mixture of burnt popcorn, and something else unpleasant that I can't quite place.

I'll stick to regular buttered popcorn sprinkled with Bacon Salt next time. Cheaper, tastier, and doesn't always smell burnt.
262761262761B002V0XB62A17OZ7P21YQA3DValyr4431264723200"Bacon" PopI love bacon. I love the whole bacon experience, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I actually saw this product on another website and was just so curious that I had to shell out the money to buy it. I'm actually eating the popcorn as I type this and...well, it's tasty, but it doesn't really taste like bacon.

I was expecting this to fill my kitchen with the smell of cooking bacon while it rotated in the microwave, and it didn't. The smell was just sort of...weird. The taste itself is interesting, and certainly smoky, but if I didn't know this was supposed to be bacon I wouldn't be able to tell while eating it. It tastes almost like butter with smoked salt or something.

If you like popcorn, by all means try this, but don't expect to knock you over with the taste of real bacon. I guess it's vegan/vegetarian for a reason, hm?
262762262762B002V0XB62A2MEARPR7T9JYNHaymarket Andrew1131291161600Bland taste, little bacon flavorwhen you open the package, it smells like bacon. After poping, the smell is a heavy burnt bacon smell. It doesn't really taste like bacon...occasionally you get a piece that tastes like bacon, but overall the popcorn is just plain. We tried 2 bags to be sure we didn't get a bad pack...same result.

This is great for novelty and themed gifts. But if you are looking to satisfy a bacon craving, this isn't for you.
262763262763B002V0XB62A7HT78BONF9QSLive to Ride3441271376000well i like it!No it does not really taste bacony but whatever it does taste like I quite like it. Was actually pleasantly surprised because I was afraid the bacon would be overpowering and remind me of greasy bacon.

I'm ordering more
262764262764B002V0XB62A2WJGASSKNWY7NMermaiden0051341792000Bought it for him, want it for me.Bought this for the fiancee's birthday. He popped 2 of the bags when I wasn't home. Each time I came home the house smelled so good I asked him to let me try the last bag with him. I couldn't get enough and ate half the bag, and wanted more. Strangely it did smell burnt when I was present for the 3rd popping. But it sure didn't taste burnt. And it sure didn't taste like Bacos. I can't eat those so I was not interested in trying this product until I learned how great it smelled: very un-Baco-ish. The taste was as others have described... maybe not exactly bacon, but smokey and meaty. We were both definitely satisfied and want more. My only complaint is I can't buy it at the grocery store!
262765262765B002V0XB62A3O9Q7AV4TDE4GBrook0011339545600Gross!It does not taste like bacon and it smells disgusting while it's popping. I ate a couple of kernels and threw away the rest of the box.
262766262766B002V0XB62A1S29J79SNOFXNRudyMae0041333411200It's not bad!I found this popcorn the other day in Ross' Dept. store. It was such a different item that I had to try it. I'm glad I bought it. I would definitely buy it again. Beats plain old popcorn. They had a couple more boxes on the shelf. I'm going back and hoping nobody else bought them.

PS - I went to the company website and they have LOTS AND LOTS of bacon flavored items you can buy. What's better than getting the bacon flavor without having to eat the bacon and all that fat?? I have just stumbled on a great place to buy Christmas gift. My family is from South Carolina and they just looove bacon. This will be so much better for them.
262767262767B002V0XB62A1HZQ99QCDANWDAliciaCCTX0041332028800I was scaredAt first I was terrified of this product when I opened the first package, I thought it smelled disturbingly like Beggin' Strips before it was cooked. But I went ahead an microwaved for about 3 minutes, preheating a cup of water first like that package suggests and I must say I was not disappointed. My dad liked extra crispy (burnt) bacon when I was growing up and coming out of the microwave it made the kitchen smell like Sunday mornings from my childhood. I would say the flavor balance was perfect.

If I am eating bacon popcorn I just wouldn't expect it to taste like I was eating a freshly cooked piece of bacon, I think that is kind of shooting for the stars. However, I did get a pleasant experience, it did not taste like BAC~Os or smell like dog treats once it was cooked. I would probably buy it again.
262768262768B002V0XB62ADWSD45P3NZGUWakkyWabbit0011331510400Worst popcorn I have ever eatenI ordered two types of popcorn at one time. One, J&D's BaconPop, the other Fireworks Red River Valley.

J&D's BaconPop has to be the worst bag popcorn I have ever tasted. I can even eat burnt popcorn but I cannot eat this stuff. Only half of each bag pops and the bacon stuff burns. It gives off a bad smell and the taste is even worse. It is like burnt salt. I tried cooking at lesser times without improved results. I even tried scraping the popcorn out of the bag and popping it on the stovetop but the results did not improve much. I thought it would be difficult to screw up popcorn but these guys did a great job of making popcorn inedible. No bacon flavor whatsoever.

J&D's BaconPop gets one star. One star is far too generous.

Red River Valley by Fireworks gets 5 stars. The best popcorn I have ever eaten.


I gave this popcorn to a lady friend with two kids. They all love it. They ate every bit of it in less than one month. She now buys the popcorn at Kroger.
262769262769B002V0XB62A1KF1ZTK2R9WPPSpruce0051328486400I love this stuffI've been getting this stuff for about a year. Although it isn't really a super-authentic bacon flavor, I think it tastes great.

I see that some of the reviewers have said that it doesn't have much flavor, and I suspect they just got an unlucky bag. Every once in a while I'll make one that seems a bit light on flavoring and/or the flavoring doesn't seem evenly spread throughout the bag. For the most part, though, I have no complaints about that. (For reference, I almost always salt my French fries from fast-food places -- I'm not someone who is used to bland foods.)

The only thing I don't love about this popcorn is that it doesn't smell too great while popping. In fact, the aroma was so unpleasant that I almost didn't eat any the first time I made it. (I'm glad I tried it, though!) I don't really understand how it can smell so weird and taste so great, but it does the same thing every time.

On an unrelated note, this company also makes a bacon-cheddar popcorn, and I find that much less flavorful. The one that's straight bacon flavor is much better.
262770262770B002V0XB62A12ENXDRY04XYZJosh0021320019200Okay overall, very strong non-bacon flavor.I received a box of this as a gift from my girlfriend, and almost immediately tried it out. As some other reviews stated, it doesn't actually taste like bacon. Imitation bacon bits, maybe. Certainly has a smoky flavor. My biggest problem was that the flavor was VERY strong. Between my girlfriend and I, we ate maybe half of the bag. It would definitely be suitable for a party, maybe. If the taste is similar to the bacon salt by this company, you'd be better off buying unflavored popcorn and adding just a bit of that to the popcorn.

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