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262788262788B0046LHHKUA1CJEPZWYAIRV1Just A Scunner0021340582400Not to my tasteI've been making curries for decades, in the UK and here in the USA but can't be bothered with using individual spices, so I have always used commercially available curry powder. I've always thought Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder was good - the closest I'd found in the USA to the better powders available in the UK but due to a mix-up on ordering and wanting to see if I could get a powder with a little more "heat" in it, I tried this Roland Hot Madras Curry Powder.

It says it's a Product of India but to me this is NOT curry powder! It doesn't look, smell or taste like curry - it's light brown greyish with a hint of green, doesn't have that characteristic aromatic scent of curry and it most resembles, in appearance and smell, what I once bought as Garam Masala (Rajah brand). The overriding flavor in a cooked dish is of cloves and cinnamon. Note that cinnamon is not listed in the ingredients but cassia is, though it's near the end of the list, as is cloves; possibly the ingredients are not listed in descending order of amount. The other possibilities are that the main spices are of low quality or have gone stale - wouldn't be the first time, if anyone knows the Vencatachellum-Sharwoods saga, which, from what I gather, may have undergone a further, more recent degradation. The containers are made of reinforced cardboard with a silvery inner lining and have a ring-pull aluminum seal top and bright steel bottom - no "Best By" date code so hard to tell if the product could have gone stale in storage.

For those interested in salt content, it's listed fifth in the list of ingredients but there's no "Nutrition Facts" panel so no way to know estimated amount per serving. There is no mustard, anise or ginger mentioned and interestingly, the recipe for a shrimp dish on the container mentions using fresh ginger. The rest of the ingredients look about right for a "curry powder" so I'm left wondering why I'm disappointed and what to do with those 12 cans - maybe I can blend with something to make it palatable to me. Meanwhile I'll be ordering some more Sun Brand and hoping quality hasn't deteriorated there.
262789262789B002IT88R8A2VZ9NQSMA69O6HOOMER "Ben"7851266451200Great stuffSuperb, far better than any product I've bought so far! highly recommended buy buy buy
No frills packaging, but who cars when the quality is this good. Have tried rock sugar from places like Teavana, far too expensive and the quality is just not as good. If you need some rock suga...this is the place to buy
262790262790B002IT88R8ASOA94C0YJYOMshopper samantha4451289606400As good as Teavana's (probably is Teavana's) at half the priceExcellent rock brown sugar. I had been using three pounds in about 10 days of the rock sugar from Teavana's to go along with their superb teas. Realized the costs adding up really quickly and began my search. Found this wonderful product at half the price!

As some other review said, no fancy pkg. but who cares?

Now......if only I could find a way to eliminate the shipping costs!
262791262791B002IT88R8A101HKXZW7DER5Heather0051319241600Rock CrystalI was skeptical of trying this rock sugar at first since it was a darker color than Teavana's. However, it tastes just as great and the price is amazing. Even with shipping, it's cheaper than Teavana or any where else I've looked.
262792262792B002IT88R8AT765ZOQ98D5NAmazon Shopper "My Name Is Sue"0041313020800Pretty GoodI ordered this sugar for the same reason others have. Teavans is just to expensive.
This sugar is darker in color then the German Rock. The flavor is pretty good, and at half the price of the tea store I will be ordering this again.
262793262793B002IT88R8A2EE99KBVO58HLswilkerson0031310515200Good flavor - but not quite as good as German Rock Sugar from TeavanaI grew tired of paying almost $8 lb for the German Rock Sugar at Teavana, so I started looking online for better pricing. This product came up, seemed like a great deal - but it isn't German Rock Sugar. If you like the flavor of the real stuff, this might not be for you. Yes, it's brown and it's sweet, but not quite the same flavor in your tea. I don't mind trying new things so this bag will last a few months for me, but I will go back to the real thing when it comes to reordering.

I will say, the package arrived quickly, it was packed well, and overall, the sugar is good.
262794262794B002IT88R8A1R4VEW6XTQC5Tmore tea please0051304208000crystal brown sugar rocks!I love tea, but putting sugar and honey, doesn't make it taste like special tea from places like teavana when they ask you to taste the tea. Now I found their secret, it's the brown crystal sugar that they mix the tea with to make it taste so good!!! I can drink any kind of tea now without that "earthy taste in it" with my crystal brown sugar and it rocks!!!!
262795262795B0055H7IRGA1SXZJBHWC4JBPrca1151327795200so far, my favorite capsuleI was beginning to feel a little disappointed with my CBTL coffee maker simply because I could not find a particular capsule that hit the target. I have tried all the other expressos and coffee capsules available. I would not say they were bad or enjoyable, it's just a personal preference and none were falling into my top choices. The Continental was my last option, and to be honest I was not even expecting much since I typically prefer bold coffees and this one was being rated as a smooth one. Yet, to my surprise this one just made my day! I am stuck with it and so far I continue to appreciate it. I just hope new varieties will eventually make to the shelfs.
262796262796B001EO60QYA1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore0051319414400So easy, So good.Home baked short bread doesnt get any easier than this. Just cream a stick of butter, mix, and press into whatever pan you have handy. This is as good as the shortbread I ate while living in Northern England.
262797262797B001EO60QYA2YFC43EECVL76Don0051281571200The Best Shortbread!This is the best shortbread ever. Just like the shortbread I had as a kid. My whole family loved it.
262798262798B001EO60QYA2HFCYPV9ENQZOLori L. Myers "trixie"0051257379200deliciousThis is the best shortbread I have had. Almost as good as homemade. My family couldn't stop eating it.
262799262799B001EQ4ISYA5VI41ECTOYFZKimmarie "B@DRS"1151282003200Excellent Ides Tea Horrible PriceLove this Iced Tea. We go through at least 6-7 gallons a week in my house. With 4 people. But the price listed here is horrible!!!!! I buy mine at the store. It cost $4.50 per cannister and I wait to stock up when they are buy 1 get 1 free. Then I buy cases of it!!

And for the person who gave a one star. They do NOT make plain iced tea.
262800262800B001EQ4ISYA1UA88988U8JPlynn1241263427200i like this flavorthis is a good low calorie iced tea. it is pretty sweet so if you are against very sweet tea or dislike nutrasweet this is not for you. the reviewer who gave this product a one star review is an idiot. if the name "iced tea with lemon" wasnt enough to tell the consumer this was a lemon flavored product the lemons in the photo of the box was pretty clear. does crystal light even make a plain tea?
262771262771B002V0XB62A2G27REN1BPNDSKemmie L. Conway "Mister C"0011313280000MisterC, Tacoma, WAI purchased this item because it was very unique. The product tasted terrible. It made my entire house smell like burned bacon. After the first bag, I disposed of the remainder of the container. I would olny recommend this product to a die-hard bacon lover who is able to tolerate the bad taste and horrible smell of this product. Do not recommend purchase.
262772262772B002V0XB62A2PW5Q0YM6PON1PamS0021311724800Ballyhoo in a Box... YuckCompared to good microwave popcorn, J&Ds BaconPop is frightfully overpriced for unpleasant popcorn. Wow! Did I just describe microwave popcorn as unpleasant? The box advertises bacon, and the popcorn smells like bacon... about the first minute into popping... until a strange smell brings a big WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? straight into your kitchen. I'll stick with ActII or Pop Secret... and save my money and my nose. J&Ds BaconPop tastes like basic, lightly-salted popcorn... and is somewhat dry to boot. Additionally... THE SMELL towards the end of popping (no I did not burn it)... and the freaky black residue left on one side of the bag (no, I did not burn it) add odor and visual features to movie-and-popcorn night that I can do without. My teenagers ate only about half of the popcorn and returned the rest to the kitchen with a "fun try Mom, but don't buy this anymore, OK?"
262773262773B002V0XB62ADY7TC2NORT4CDoc Nugent0031311552000Edible novelty item (it has limitations)If you love the SMELL of bacon coming from your microwave, this is for you. Or if you just want a break from 'regular' popcorn, give it a try. The TASTE isn't exactly that of bacon, but it's not a bad taste by any means. For a more bacon-like experience, drizzle 1/3 stick of melted butter over it . . . and don't forget to take your cholesterol meds!
262774262774B002V0XB62A22VPPYZ54N9VLZack0021303516800Might just be my own taste buds,Might just be me, but this kinda tastes like nasty crap. Kinda smells like bacon, *sorta* tastes like meat, but I wouldn't recommend this. It's not that bacon and popcorn wouldn't be good together, just that this really doesn't taste like bacon. More like some nasty mystery meat ground into a powder. Cool idea, but this bacon pop doesn't sizzle.
262775262775B002V0XB62A2F7ZZ53ZN70AAKR0051289606400It is what it says it is.We liked it. I shared some with friends and said, "Guess the flavor." They said "Hickory". Close enough, right? I found it to be pretty damn good and it wasn't overly buttery. I'd recommend it. It cooked perfectly after 2 minutes in my microwave. Enjoy!
262776262776B002V0XB62AJKN1OQ368JGHLynn Benson0041286496000Purchased and then enjoyed locallyDid not buy this from Amazon, but found it in my local supermarket. Thought it would make a cute novelty item in one of my goodie bags I send to friends overseas. The other night I had a major snack attack and grabbed a bag. I popped mine on the stove (no microwave) but the end result should have been the same as nuking it. My popcorn cooked well, no duds. None. And the flavor was a great smokey bacony treat! The popcorn was crispy, and not overly greasy. My house smelled like bacon for hours! This is not the kind of popcorn you can eat every day, unlikely.... but for a decadent treat I call this stuff tops!
262777262777B002V0XB62A1MIOPMDSV2BVFB. Eltz0111267920000Ugh!The smell the previous reviewer couldn't place is burning rubber. It smells just like when you burn out a belt on a vacuum cleaner. Once we finally got the kitchen aired out and the microwave clear of most of the stink of steel-belted radials, the popcorn itself was disappointing.
262778262778B002V0XB62A2LQKPJVCPMPLXW. S.1351291161600This is so good it should be illegalThis is popcorn is INSANELY tasty, and from the heavenly smell wafting from the microwave and the positively hedonistic name- it really scratches both the bacon AND popcorn itch. It tastes much better than you might imagine, and if you're a bacon lover - this corn is for you!

Bacon-Pop cooking smells exactly like microwaving a big platter of real bacon and the taste is great, not too salty, not artificially "bacon-y" - it's just exactly the right combination of tastes. As a vegan, I miss the taste of bacon and this delicious, mildly buttery, absolutely realistically flavoured popcorn is ludicrously good. That's right - it's vegan and vegetarian suitable! No it's not low fat, nor does it qualify as "healthy" but for a product called "BACON POPCORN" it (amazingly) isn't the worst offender on the microwave popcorn health scale with only 8 grams of fat per serving, no cholesterol, no gluten and no diacetyl.
262779262779B007I78F82A1FPURBFN9PAUBW. Russell "Rogaine Ranger"0051337126400Great as rub AND seasoningThis is one of the best and most versatile rubs I have used. I love the fact that it's all natural, gluten free, no msg and no sugar. I've used it on Salmon, tilapia, in a white wine butter sauce for clams, and even in alfredo! On their website of [...] i got a great recipe for a vegetable dip that uses this rub. I have tried their All purpose and BBQ rubs as well and both of those are so great! With all the different rubs and seasonings out there who use exotic flavors, which are great but limited, i was pleasantly suprised on how many different applications I can use these products on.

The Dill and Lemon really don't overpower the food, they just add a fantastic addition of flavor! not too salty, it can be liberally put on whatever you are cooking. Love it!
262780262780B004DC9BCOA3LFVYR9A27NLTTheresa W.2251304467200McVities Milk Chocolate DigestivesIn one word, YUMMY! McVities milk chocolate digestives are my FAVORITE cookie in the world. My mother was from England, and so, I've had these before, and knew how wonderful they are. They are not too sweet, but, just right. And they are very rich. The only problem is that I can't stop eating them! I am addicted to them. They don't sell them anywhere around my area, so I order them from Amazon is WONDERFUL! They shipped quickly and were very fresh.
262781262781B004DC9BCOA2GFQNE56PUSDSmonkey1151324252800cookiesBeing from England I love and miss my cookies, but living in NC I didn't think about the heat at the time of order so when cookies got to me they were melted and so they all stuck together, but still very tasty...Will order again but just in the winter time...
262782262782B004DC9BCOAQEQS5LG6W42MM. Timmins1151310169600tasty treatI really love these cookies. There is a great balance of mild cookie texture and flavorful chocolate. My only suggestion is that you order them during the cool seasons as the chocolate melts some during transport and they all stick together.
262783262783B004DC9BCOA2LJZOZHTOKBOBMW0041351123200Pretty good cookie!I first had these in England and have been wanting to eat them again. They came well packaged; each individual package was wrapped in bubble wrap. However, the first few cookies in the first pack (I've only eaten the one pack so far) were a bit broken and crumbly, but the rest in the package were fine. The cookie is not overly sweet, and the sweet taste mostly comes from the chocolate coating on the top. While they are not the most delicious cookie made, they are quite good and bring back fond memories.
262784262784B004DC9BCOA3EVAHIUE5VXJOTsitsino0021349568000McVities chocolate covered digestive biscuitsWe are not happy with our order. The problem is that the McVities chocolate covered digestive biscuits were all stuck together, it was not easy to take them apart and they kept getting broken in half. They were in terrible state!
262785262785B004DC9BCOA141T4HRI9GG8TTtime0051345852800Thank goodness for! Thank you for bringing me a taste of England!These were "introduced" to me by a British facebook friend. Once I tasted them, I was hooked. They aren't as sweet as the cookies we have in the US, which is what I like about them. They are a bit reminiscent of our graham crackers, but less sweet and a bit coarser texture. McVities HobNobs are delicious also. Once the package is opened, I can't seem to resist just one more of either of these wonderful "biscuits". I have tea and bikkies often now and think of my friends across the globe, in the UK, Norway, Australia, Japan and beyond. I would love to see these here in America, but I'm afraid our taste for sweeter sweets would not make them a huge seller. If United Biscuit company wants to bring their expertise here, I'll be first in line at the grocery for them. Thank you Amazon!

RATHER DISAPPOINTING PROBLEM: My Chocolate Digestives arrived on a hot day and the chocolate had melted. It fused all of the cookies together so that they were impossible to separate without reducing them to crumbs.

The second order I made sure was brought in right away. These were even more stuck together and the chocolate had oozed out and was lost on the inside of the wrapper. In this condition, I couldn't share them as I'd hoped. THESE SHOULD BE STORED AND SHIPPED IN A REFRIDGERATED CONTAINER!!
262786262786B004DC9BCOA1O4F81GWJE9HLConstance "SGS"0031344470400Normally tasty, but melted and ruined in shippingThese cookies (Sorry McVities- they're cookies to me!) are uniquely tasty. They have a light malty flavor, are crisp but not normally crumbly (see below), with a thin chocolate topping that brings everything together for a satisfying flavor that is not too sweet or rich. Only a couple takes the edge off until dinner.

Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, what is described above is not what gets delivered to your door. The sellers take no pains to safeguard product quality, so during shipping, the cookies are exposed to heat which melts the chocolate topping, causing it to become a mortar, cementing each cookie together into a single cylinder.

A steak knife cannot cleanly separate the layers of this cookie tower. No matter the implement, any attempt to get a single cookie results in a mushroom cloud of crumbs on your clothes and surroundings. The trick then is to find chunks big enough to eat while cleaning up and keeping the dog away because the crumbs contain chocolate. Once a stack of 4 cookies detached so I tried to eat them hamburger style. -Uggg. Nothing good about that.

An especially desperate or industrious person could remelt the cookies, painstakingly separate each one, re-smooth the chocolate topping, then allow them to cool before eating. That's a lot of work for a cookie, and it's an expensive cookie at that.

Seriously guys - Is there truly no way to ship these cookies without allowing them to spoil?
262787262787B007P2O6NIA2GL3WLEN1USDGseakayaker0041350864000Not my favorite tea blend....I bought as I like coconut and I like chai tea but the coconut - for my taste- was too over powering. I make sun tea with it and add other tea for a change of flavors. It is good that way.

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