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262861262861B0026WL13UA20YR6CYEZVXQ2Al Do Ma1151282694400Oh boy Oberto's are #1You can't find these bad boys in Kentucky, so i usually have my mom ship me a bag every now and then. Thank goodness you can buy these online.... now I don't have to talk to my mom as much!!!
262862262862B0026WL13UAT0C5Z0NL2F73Norman C. Barthold1151263686400OBoy Oberto's are the bestMy kids enjoy The Cocktail Pepsticks so iI buy them and send them to my kids

Oh Boy! Oberto Cocktail Pepperoni (2.8-Pound) Sticks, 45-Count Bag
262863262863B0026WL13UA117WANTSF2DIJJessica Lee "Jessica"1151256774400The BEST there isThis cocktail pep is absolutely the best there is. I live somewhere that it is not sold in stores, so I am constantly buying different types of pepperoni to substitute for Oberto's Cocktail Pepperoni and none of the many that I have tried have even come close.
262864262864B0026WL13UAFE88MWKWJQ3FRosie B. Taylor1141231804800VERY GOODMy son is in MCC in Washington State, he received these items, and so far, no complains.
262865262865B0026WL13UADL20SPMSV0PIBook Bug1151228003200Nothing BetterDelicious pepperoni! Been buying Oberto since 1961. Just wish we could find these large packages in the stores.
262866262866B0026WL13UA38TGC20R7NKFQKeith0051347926400Cocktail PepVendor provided quick service and a fresh product packaged securely. The O Boy Oberto Cocktail Pep tasted just the way I remembered.
262867262867B0026WL13UA17I3OKHTOBJH4Wannadanc0051347321600Oberto PepperoniOh boy, Oberto!!!!!!!! Love those pepperoni sticks!!!!!
It is nice to get a BIG supply. I just wish they lasted longer!
262868262868B0026WL13UA25N0K40JAZTN1JJB "Dreckspatz"0051341964800Seattle TraditionMy dad introduced me to these things when I was kid. We used to eat them all the time on opening day of the trout season, or deer hunting up in the cascades. My brother always calls them "heart attack in a bag" even though he can't stop eating them. They really are that good!
262869262869B0026WL13UA17WH81ZY60926Ineffable jeff0051325721600Absolute Best Pep Stick For The MoneyI've been eating these since the early 80s. They are my favorite brand of all time. It seems they are getting impossible to find even from Oh Boy Oberta. My package arrived today and they are as fresh as the day from the factory...meaning well preserved and soft. I hope I can find more.
262870262870B0026WL13UARL5LZZ5LKO3VChauncy Cummings0041280448000Oh Boy Oberto, Ohhhhhh Goooood.I really enjoyed the smoked sausages, it took me nearly 3 weeks to finish. But I would definitely purchase this again.

Oh Boy! Oberto Cocktail Pep Smoked Sausage Sticks, 3.8-Pound Package
262871262871B0026WL13UA297S1FZ4NSWRZJustin Thomas0051262908800Tastes Great! Just wish they sold the larger diameter logs...So tasty they didn't last much longer than a week.

I was hoping for the thicker pep logs, but these hit the spot. I'll be ordering more until I can find a source for the larger ones outside of gas stations.
262872262872B0026WL13UA7TG5MQMCG60Bruce Holmquist0051260403200Oberto Sausage SticksI have always liked Oberto sausage and these short bite sized links are very handy.
262873262873B0026WL13UA13RTR0X4J42OAAngela Hawkins "angelach"0051229817600Excellent product and dealI've never had any qualms with the Oberto brand and this is an excellent deal, especially as a gift subscription! $12 every two months and my dad has an essentially limitless supply of Oberto Cocktail Pepperoni. This stuff tastes so good too, I may have to steal some from him...
262874262874B0026WL13UAT0C5Z0NL2F73Norman C. Barthold1251231804800Great ProductO BOY Oberto pep sticks and sausage sticks are the best I buy them when I get to Seattle
262875262875B0026WL13UA2QV5KXVMOM8SYK. Muhler "Opinionated"0121320451200Our dog loves these.....When we first bought these we tried to eat one and couldn't. Looked at the ingredients and found its mostly pig hearts. Taste is awful. Our dog however thinks they are great so we cut them up in small pieces and hide them around for him or forage out by smell. After about a week the contents of the bag start to mold. Since they are for the dog, we washed them off and then store in the fridge. Too bad we had hoped these would be good snacks for football parties etc. Not recommended for people food.
262876262876B0026WL13UA2908U1H9L3NGJBrian J. Aldridge "gaming geek"0111303948800These used to be so much betterOberto Cocktail Pep used to be so much better than this. I had been buying them direct from the Oberto online store for many years and I couldn't get enough. No matter what size I ordered they were always excellent.

However, in the past few years the quality of their cocktail pep has sure gone down. They used to be very tight and snappy when you would bite into them, the outer casing of each sausage was almost totally smooth because they were packed so tightly, and they had a superior spicy flavor.

Nowadays they are all soft and mushy with bland, often stale, flavor. I get the impression that they are cutting corners to save a buck by not stuffing each sausage casing as tightly as they once did. I believe this allows more air to permeate the meat and causes the bad flavor that many people are complaining about.

Every year or so I get to craving those old style cocktail pep that I loved so much and I order a package hoping that they will have changed. I keep thinking, maybe I just got a bad batch last time, but every time I am disappointed all over again.
262877262877B0026WL13UA2GQ6KVC9GPKQ9Jason Farrell0131294876800Best bang/buckThis isn't the best tasting pepperoni, but it's acceptable, and you certainly get a lot of it for the money.
262878262878B0026WL13UA30ARMF3JEKEJYT-Bone "T-Bone"0111280793600Tastes a lot like dog foodI thought this was a great deal in the warehouse deals section, but it was pretty nasty and smelled like dog food when I opened each bag. Slim Jim is made of crap too but at least it tastes good.
262879262879B0026WL13UA1PIZG3AAYNZLDArahanto "666"0131261699200At least it's not Slim JimThis does NOT taste like peperoni. More like Slim Jim, except this uses real sausage casing (Slim Jim uses paper...shhh.)
262880262880B0026WL13UA1EU1MI5Q0J0WNK. Bittner "Kenswheels"0151232236800Great product, sloppy serviceThe pepperoni is fantastic, as usual. Amazon was not. While I cancelled the order on my end (it was a duplicate of my son's), they didn't acknowledge it although I got an e-mail confirming the cancellation. Because it was "food" there are no returns. Looks like 2 bags every 3 months instead of one.
262881262881B0026WL13UA1TS52EVRMOPQUMichael Lo4911237507200Dog Food???When I first took a bite, I seriously thought I was eating dog food. These are disgusting. I searched the bag for "dog food" and the expiration date thinking that it was bad for one of those reasons. I don't know how anyone can like these.
262882262882B0026WL13UA235TMR3611LLCMona B. Price "bargin hunter"0311253232000horriblethis item molded 7 days after opening (stored in air tight container) I would give it -10 if I could, Tasted very much like cereal nothing like pepperoni
262883262883B0026WL13UA235TMR3611LLCMona B. Price "bargin hunter"1511253232000disappointedthis item molded 7 days after opening (stored in air tight container) I would give it -10 if I could, Tasted very much like cereal nothing like pepperoni
262884262884B0026WL13UA2RNYW2HIQBGSMCarlos Alvarez1511229990400Worst meat snack I ever triedThey taste more like chemicals than meat. I like a lot of jerky and meat sticks, but would not eat these. The dogs liked them though.
262885262885B0026WL13UA16XVUP5WWI5T5Shirley A. Scott "Shirley Scott"2711237766400Yuck!Oh Boy! Oberto Cocktail Pep Smoked Sausage Sticks, 32-Ounce Bag (Purchased on 02/19/2009)

This was the worst product I have ever tasted. I have had many Oberto products, and this was nothing like what I've eaten before. Even my dog wouldn't eat them, they were so nasty tasting.
262886262886B0026WL13UA1O0IDUUFG8E3NA. Gilbert1611236038400Yuk!A word of caution to anyone considering buying these: Read the ingredients first! I made the mistake of thinking they would be the same as the longer (Oberto brand) ones our local Costco used to sell, so I ordered up 10 bags to get the volume discount offered at the time. I knew something wasn't right as soon as I opened up the first bag and got a whiff. Then I read the ingredients and was shocked when I saw that they actually use pork hearts as the top ingredient. To eliminate any doubt, I tasted one.. we've been using them as expensive doggy treats ever since.
262887262887B0026WL13UA2C6IGEBCBVYT9J. Stoermer0511236729600Better than dog food? Maybe!These quickly became dog treats! Just nasty! I don't even know how they can sell these for human comsumption! Stay away!
262888262888B0026WL13UASIGRUB6BNXEMS. Aiton "ZootSA"0811237766400Too bad you can't give it 0 stars!!!Only good use for these would be: In case of poisoning, use to induce vomiting!
262889262889B00061CBQEA35KPMP5RM6ZQ6RJM "Cap'n R"5551141948800Francesco Rinaldi Traditional Unsalted Pasta SauceThis is an excellent product that proves that you don't have to overload pasta sauce with salt to get great flavor. This sauce has virtually no salt per serving, compared with 600-800mg for a typical sauce. I highly recommend it and not just to those seeking a low salt alternative.
262890262890B005NPEBOIA17XP9DUFIIDR1Helen L. Bradish "hp"0051332979200Sel Gris!What is there to say except five (5) pounds of Sel Gris for the grand total of $21.95

Where might one get as fine a product at such a great price?!

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