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262891262891B0000TZ6U0AJX0ZFARDZZM0Lucy Luz meaning Light "Lucilla"0021325980800My cat loved the smell!My Persian absolutely loved and went crazy over the smell - at first, that is... But then... there was a let down. You see, my Persian is a finicky cat, who only wants to eat dry food. Unfortunately, Kitty Kaviar only enticed him into eating the wet food that I was trying to entice him into eating for only about 2 or 3 feedings. By about the sixth or seventh feeding with the Kitty Kaviar he had completely snubbed his nose at it.

Still, I must admit that I haven't found anything that worked better. I would encourage people to give Kitty Kaviar a try, because of the fact that was the very best response from my finicky cat that I ever gotten.

P.S. My other cat, who is an American Shorthair, and normally likes to eat anything I give her, LOVED and RAGED over the smell of it as I served it to her one time - but she didn't eat very much of it - so I haven't mixed it with her food any more since that one time.
262892262892B0000TZ6U0A28OAJ76CFBWSGPrincess Bride "cat freak"0051104969600Kitties go bananasMy cats, even the one who doesn't care much for fish flavored dry and wet foods, love these flakes. I am happy because they are all natural, and easy for them to eat. Cats tend not to chew their food much and that is why crunchy treats are often a waste of money if not simply bad for digestion.

My cats smell this stuff and heads start turning. One of the cats gets flakes on her fur and then happily licks herself to get the remaining bits all cleaned up. They purr like crazy with it.

If you are looking for wholesome foods for your cat, make sure you get Ann Martin's book, _Food Pets Die For_, here on Amazon.

Have fun!
262893262893B0000TZ6U0AZ8PQ5IFG4I71S.D.Northwest "Cosmetics Junkie!"0041102982400Cats LOVE this!!This is the good stuff my cats come running for!

This is a jar of dried fish "shavings." They're paper thin, and cats ADORE them. I have to hide the jar, because if I don't, I find the jar in the morning with little kitty tooth marks all over it, from them trying to get it open. LOL.

This stuff is such a big hit at my house, that I have taught my cats tricks- like to "Sit" on command, in exchange for this treat- that's how much they love it.

Best of all, I have a cat whose tummy gets upset easily, and she never gets sick after eating this like she did with other kinds of treats. This is 100% pure dried fish- NO fillers, which is great.

I deducted one star because these shavings tend to turn to powder in the bottom of the jar, which makes the cats sneeze so I usually have to throw a tiny bit of it away- but it is a very small portion compared to the size of the container.

Overall, this is a great product, healthy and makes kitties VERY happy. I buy it regularly.
262894262894B002DHL8UOA3JPHTI5GD4IP0lucy0031348099200not freshI love zesta crackers, they are my favorite. However, these are not crispy. They are somewhat soft. Makes me wonder how old they are.
262895262895B001EO60Q4AWK0WYXRA4T4HDee B. "Dee B"4451262476800Waffle DelightI ordered this as a Christmas gift for my husband; he has a new toy - a belgium waffle maker. He's experimented with various batters some his and the recipes that came with the appliance. We made waffles Christmas day for breakfast. This stuff is sensational, absolutely delicious. I had read the reviews on this product and was particularly drawn to buy this as it was organic and one purchaser had written their kids love the waffle mix. SOLD!!!! If the kids think its fabulous and it's organic, I wanted to check it out. Glad I did and I am looking forward to purchasing an additional supply of mix.
262896262896B001EO60Q4A2ZSG8U7V6I474SDCali2251302048000Very Very GoodThis pancake mix is very delicious; once you get the measurements right everything else falls into place. My favorite tweak is to add to the mix: blended up and lightly toasted pecans (about 1/4 cup), 1 tsp of cinnamon and about half a tsp of pure vanilla extract. Talk about yummy!
262897262897B001EO60Q4A2YFC43EECVL76Don2251281571200Best Pancake mix I've ever.I love pancakes and these are the best I had; ever! Easy to make, added some of my home grown blue berries and the whole family loved them.
262898262898B001EO60Q4A2OWR2PL3DLWS4Love to Cook2251262390400Delicious mix, good sell by dateThis mix is wonderful, and it doesn't expire until 2011, not that it will last anywhere near that long in my house.

I've made it twice already, and the second time I added some almond meal just for fun (I didn't measure- but it was between 1/3 and 1/2 cup), since it was so good when I added it to the Garvey's scone mix. The almond meal was terrific in the pancakes. It did not make them less fluffy, and it gave them a wonderful nutty flavor. I eat mine with honey- fabulous. And my kids liked them as well. I use butter for the oil, and I also use non-homogenized (cream top) whole milk.

I have now tried all the Garvey's mixes and I have been very happy with each and every one. There are not many brands I can say that about.
262899262899B001EO60Q4A3AW6531J5SXP6Jessica D. Schmidt1151329004800picky boyfriend says he loves it!I bought boxes of this mix to use as christmas gifts based on the high reviews and I'm ready to re-order. I made sure I had extra boxes for my boyfriend and me and we ate them right up!

This mix is easy to make (I'm a mediocre cook, at best) and it tastes delicious. My notoriously picky boyfriend loves it. One note; it makes a lot of pancakes for two people (we can't finish them with two hearty appetites) so these are good for company. If you do a whole breakfast feast (eggs, sausage, fruit, coffee) there's enough to feed four people to the brim.
262900262900B001EO60Q4A1MASK2XKRKDAKgoveg1151321574400VEGANs, pay attention...I gave up loving pancakes a long time ago.. the Vegan mixes meant eating hockey pucks, but still I suffered through. HOWEVER, this product resulted in the best pancakes I EVER remember eating, Vegan or otherwise. I substituted Almond Milk for regular milk, and well-whisked "Egg Replacer" for a regular egg, cooked them on medium-high, and up they fluffed. It all worked, and yummy; seriously, yummmmmmmmy! And no animals or birds were hurt :-))))
262901262901B001EO60Q4A3PWJVIEWOI3B8craigc3451226534400Perfection!It was amazingly simple to make absolutely perfect pancakes using Garvey's Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix. I'm certainly not a trained chef, so I was amazed how well my pancakes turned out. They were light, fluffy and perfectly golden brown with a slight crispness around the edge. The taste was incredible, the best I've ever had anywhere. The fact that the ingredients are organic is a big plus too. I highly recommend Garvey's Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix.
262902262902B001EO60Q4A3892HLZA5QFDIMurray Landauer3451226534400You have to try this!This is amazing stuff, reminds me of the pancakes my dad used to make from scratch. I love that it's organic and easy to make.
262903262903B001EO60Q4A33TCBLO9WNBLYBradb "Bradb"2351226534400Tasty Waffles!I'm a big fan of waffles, and this mix is great. I will buy this product again for sure.
262904262904B001EO60Q4A2CDAFK39FU0VOJohn C2351226448000Best PancakesNothing better than these pancakes with some coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. Best pancakes since grandma's.
262905262905B001EO60Q4A1Z1HOPBE4PQN7ren42351226448000Best WafflesI made waffles from this mix and everyone raved how good they were. The kids couldn't get enough. No more Eggos in this's Garvey's from now on!
262906262906B001EO60Q4A1EX5SK2PD0XLCKenneth Sandberg0051349481600Nice flaor/taste but expensiveI can see why the other reviewers like this stuff; it tastes good and is relatively easy to prepare. Besides that, it is organic. These are all positives; the only downside is you get six small packages for around $15 or so, and each package is one meal for two people. Remember, this is only pancake/waffle mix; there are no exotic ingredients in it; basically an unbleached flour with a few other small things. Bottom line, it's a very good product, but so is Carbon's. The key seems to be getting the right waffle maker (I have been talking about waffles the whole time here); I just spent another hundred bucks on another waffle maker (a Waring 300), and from what I have read, this unit is supposed to produce a better quality waffle, all else being equal. Notice for all my rhetoric I still gave it 5 stars. It really does have a nice flavor.
262907262907B001EO60Q4AGDTWY3GU0Y4CAlphadog "quality crusader"0021347494400Garvey's Organic Pancake & Waffle Mix...Not even Close to ExpectationsEven though there were only 30, I bought this mix because of the stellar reviews. I hate to be the one who gives only two stars but, it is what it is. I've been on a quest to find a great belgian waffle mix that tastes as good as scratch or close to it. Well, this isn't it and not even close. Cracker Barrel Mix or Log Cabin's New All Natural Mix makes much better pancakes. I tried one 9oz box for waffles and one for pancakes. The rest will be given away to the needy. Don't get me wrong. It was OK. It provided nourishment but, if not for the maple syrup it wouldn't have had much taste. It looked good though. Nice and creamy. I realize I'm looking for a belgian waffle mix and have tried a few of those such as Krusteaz. Still not making it. So far it's been from scratch that pleases me the most. I guess it's the yeast. I realize that I may be expecting too much from a mix. Today we seem to want instant gratification with everything. I may not find it for belgian waffles. I also realize people's taste are different. Obviously mine are different from the majority of reviewers of this mix. For those of you readers that are trying to decide what to buy, good luck on your quest too. And, if there's any out there that can help in my quest, please reply to this opinion. Thanks
262908262908B001EO60Q4A2I2GW1ZNQIU5BHeather0051342396800Tasty and EasyI have used the mix twice now. Once to make pancakes and the second time to make chocolate waffles. It was easy to use and my whole family loved them. I liked that I could make the chocolate waffles without adding any extra sugar.
262909262909B001EO60Q4AY16AC9HT8C9LP. Essalou "Kai Chi"0041340236800Can't wait to try them again.I made these pancakes today before heading to work for my family. My husband said they are the best pancakes I've ever made. They were super easy to make and tasted great. Looking forward to making more and adding some extra ingredients in there. I also want to try out the waffles.
262910262910B001EO60Q4A1KKT9S1DU8TCUJulia Valinski0051337212800Even I Can't Screw It Up!I'm currently stationed in Afghanistan and missed cooking so I ordered this product. I just got done making it... It calls for an egg, oil, and milk. I had no measuring cups so I guesstimated the oil and milk. I forgot the egg completely. (I don't have real eggs but I ordered powdered eggs). I mixed it up in a ziplock baggie since I dont have a mixing bowl, cooked it on a camping burner, and flipped it with plastic forks. It was lumpy and messy but let me tell you, they tasted great! I am not sorry I purchased this... now I just need a spatula, measuring cups, and a mixing bowl.
262911262911B001EO60Q4ASPVEZJ9XX5HCNinjaGirl0051333152000YummyThis is a really good waffle mix. Easy to make up and I love the fact that they use organic ingredients! I will definately be re-ordering.
262912262912B001EO60Q4A2KXUQ6BO9Z6OWJohn Alberti "John"0051328832000Delicious !!!!!!!Just received my package. Had to try it out right away. I love pancakes. I have always made them from scratch.... Not any more. These pancakes are great! The best pancakes. Very happy with my purchase.
262913262913B001EO60Q4A101EEOCU0H6E9winterforged0051321488000Extreme taste factorWhen I first saw these were organic I was a little hesitant, because sometimes "organic" means "taste-free." Well, my fears were soon erased after these fluffy delights were quickly scooped off my plate and into my gullet. These are some of the best pancakes I have ever had, right up there with my own mom's pancakes. (Disclaimer: I have to say that because she might be reading this at some point). Do yourself a favor and try these if you haven't already. I think all the glowing reviews here should speak for themselves, but I'll be proven right anyway after you taste them :-)
262914262914B001EO60Q4A30DGL9EOE8DQAtrinigirl0051317600000Tastes greatWas highly skeptical about the purchase primarily because I wasn't sure how it would taste, but this mix tastes really good. I like to add a little cinnamon or raisins or blueberries and/or a hint of vanilla essence. I must say it's quite refreshing to eat a panacke mixture that is completely healthy. Brilliant idea, great tasting product.
262915262915B001EO60Q4A1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore0051316822400Very good, no bisquick aftertaste!Very good taste, light, and no bisquick aftertaste! It's organic and I can use my own organic milk and eggs. None of the chemicals found in the mixes that only need to add water. We followed the directions and used 1/4 cup of batter per pancake and did get 10 pancakes. One box was enough for our family of four (5 and 7 year old kids). My shipment came with a 23 month shelf life! Tomorrow we make waffles!
262916262916B001EO60Q4A2FO9WI0XD3A2FKenneth Schunke "CombativesGo"0051315094400Great mix!We subscribe to this mix, it's really delicious! Our whole family, including our 2 yr. old, really love this and have used it for waffles and pancakes. It has become a weekend tradition for our family :)
262917262917B001EO60Q4A15C9JJZIFH95Rrisky123 "risky123"0051311811200Very happy with itReally yummy pancakes...I didn't like that you have to add oil, but the 5 star reviews swayed me to try it out. I like the taste..and it's filling...haven't tried them on waffles, but I will this weekend and will update review. I tried using applesauce instead of the oil and it turned out fine. Will keep experimenting. Added vanilla and it made the entire kitchen smell so good. No regrets, will most likely order again. Can't find this anywhere, went to 5 different stores including Whole Foods...can only find it here in Amazon.
262918262918B001EO60Q4AC73JJ41MR5BNloisdiane0051303689600Big hit with the three of usBeing organic, I felt really good making and eating waffles with this mix. I used Almond milk and it came out light and delicious. Wonderful that Amazon has a reviewing system, it makes decision making so much easier.
262919262919B001EO60Q4A3I5LIR53CPAR2Laura A. Woicik "Laurie"0051299628800The Perfect Pancake!My family is a pancake household. That said, I have never been able to make a good pancake. I've tried multiple recipes from scratch and can never get them to turn out right. Even different packaged mixes I've tried have not been successful. Then I ordered and tried Garvey's Pancake & Waffle Mix. And FINALLY made the perfect pancake. The mix is super easy to make and the pancakes turned out perfectly. They also make incredible raspberry pancakes. Of course I didn't tell anyone I was using a mix. Love that it uses organic ingredients too. For a great pancake that your whole family will love, I highly recommend trying Garvey's pancake mix.
262920262920B001EO60Q4A3LKKUI9KQ7ACFAndy0051296604800LocalThis was my first time purchasing the Garvey's Organic Pancake mix and it was great. Supporting local companies is a great thing and the size of the package was just right for my family. Not one pancake was left over from breakfast, outstanding product.

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