Amazon Fine Food Reviews

262921262921B001EO60Q4A1JR821ORC3Y1UK. RUNOLFSON0051291507200Best pancakesI love breakfast, and have found Garvey's pancake mix makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes. I highly recommend these as you won't find a better pancake mix. Not all mixes are created equal, this one stands out above the rest.
262922262922B001EO60Q4A2SHQ1D41YTNNOs.kittyLA0051289606400Amazing waffles!!Wow. This is the best waffle mix I've ever had. I haven't tried to make pancakes with it because I just bought a new waffle maker & I make waffles every weekend for me and my boyfriend. So yeah, this mix is the absolute best!!! I cut the mixture in half (using a kitchen scale) and adjust the amounts of milk, oil and eggs accordingly. I couldn't think of a better breakfast to have on the weekend!!
262923262923B001EO60Q4A3LI8DDV0T52F1Aaron981010051288742400Cakes on the Griddle!These Garvey pancakes are superb. I've tried mixes from Stonewall, Fischer, and Arrowhead, but Garvey's tops them all. I'm not a very precise cook, but each time I use the Garvey mix the cakes come out nice and fluffy, I've failed with other brands. Most importantly, the mix tastes more homemade, more like when I've made pancakes from scratch, but a lot less time.
262924262924B001EO60Q4A1J02QHSP48MGXM. Storm0051230249600Excellent Waffle MixMy kids absolutely love this waffle mix, we've tried a lot and these is the best we've had - not to mention it's organic (truly organic, not like a lot of products that make the claim) so I don't worry about what they are putting in their bodies. Order some you won't be disappointed!
262925262925B001EO60Q4ARFB1QBNAV2VXKirk Wimberley "baked goods connoisseur"1251229731200Pleasant surpriseI was hooked by the organic ingredients, but I'll continue buying the mix because of the taste. After trying my first pancake from the batch I was impressed. The texture is light and fluffy. The taste is smooth and buttery. Add blueberries and you've got a real treat.
262926262926B001EO60Q4A1WQYZLS22JQK4Jeffer1251226966400An instant family favoriteAnother home run from Garvey's! These pancakes are simply delicious. Very easy to make. I was thrilled to find out they have no trans-fats. They have quickly become a family favorite.
262927262927B0010VQB4CAF51KJB3W1YI6Ellay "light"2241245628800Not as good as ...This is a good Chex Mix ... but not as good as the Chex Mix, Chocolate Turtle. I have no idea why some people panned the Chocolate Turtle mix. I bought it recently and split the order with a friend. We both loved it. Not too sweet, not too salty. Just right.

The Carmel Crunch is good, too. Of the two, I'll re-order the Chex Mix, Chocolate Turtle. It is that much better and a nice, healthy, and satisfying snack.
262928262928B0010VQB4CA24TCT2CY6KY68Katherine Petersdorf "Katherine Petersdorf Au...0011346976000Not My StyleI was very disappointed in this bag of chex mix. I love caramel, way more than chocolate even, but this time caramel let me down. I didn't like how sweet my usually salty treat was, nor did I like the swirl cookies, I am not a fan of hard cookies unless they are Biscotti. It also was just three types of chex mix pieces and that didn't give me a bag of interseting. I wouldn't suggest them to someone who likes their chex mix salty.
262929262929B0010VQB4CA19NP8YYADOOSFN. Krumpe0051302134400Love these!I never thought I would "subscribe" to a snack mix, but I like these so much that I now have some on hand all the time thanks to Amazon's discounted subscription rate. I feel silly recommending chex mix, but I'm sure there are some others out there besides me who are looking for a sweet and salty healthier-than-usual snack. So, here goes...

This mix has a great combination of chex cereal, pretzels, and these sweet swirly "cookies". The pretzels are fine, the sweetened cereal pieces are very good, and those swirls...goodness, those swirls! I open a bag and immediately start hunting down those swirls! They are so good that I wish I could get bags of just the swirls.

And Amazon, could you please start including nutritional information with the foods you sell? Maybe even a scan of the nutritional label? For those who care, here are some key figures: 1/2 cup serving, 8 per bag. 3.5g fat, no cholesterol, 21g carbohydrates, 1g fiber, 4g sugar, 2g protein.
262930262930B0010VQB4CAODLYAXCJ0Q8LL. Thornell "2 boys mom"0051285632000Great Chex Mix!My family loves Caramel Crunch Chex Mix, so when I found it on Amazon at a great price, I bought it right away. This amount will last us a couple months.
262931262931B0064MGPHAA1KY5Q7HBX6IALJoan0051340323200Love these peanut chews since I was a little girlOkay I ordered these directly from the manufacturer in Pa. and found I can get many more much cheaper thru Amazon, so that is what I do now. They are unfortunately very good and extremely habit forming. I am the only one in my household of 2 that eats them since my husband complains that they stick to his teeth. Doesn't matter. Where I go Peanut Chews go!!
262932262932B002ACU9V6A37WWMRMNR2KSAVK4451315440000Great coffee for my SenseoGreat taste, not very strong, definitely not bland. These 7.x gram pods fit perfectly on the Senseo, you may need to tap on it once the pod is on the holder because the pod is slightly smaller in foot print which causes the coffee to be "more piled up", so you just tap it slightly to disperse it more evenly; the Senseo pods cover up the whole circumference of the holder so the same amount of coffee is more loose. TIP: do not buy 12 gram pods for your Senseo, they will definitely NOT work. There are also 10 gram pods and these I am uncertain if they will fit, but I seriously doubt it.
262933262933B002ACU9V6ABYUZPT65DXZFEric Bice4451264982400Good First Cup of The DayBaronet 100% Columbian is an awesome every day, all day long coffee available at a great price! These three bags of Baronet 100% Columbian coffee pods are available for under $11 - $15 total with subscribe and save and free shipping - that's 54 good cups of coffee - what's not to love?

Critics of bagged pods will be happy to find these bags are nitrogen flushed so upon opening the bag of coffee is as fresh as a single film wrapped pod. A little tape and a rubber band reseals the bag sufficiently for my needs, but vacuum canisters are available for a more high tech solution to preserving freshness.

Baronet offers several other varieties and flavors (my wife and I have tried the Eggnog, French Vanilla Decaf, Small Village Blend, and Small Village Blend French Roast as well, so we are fans) in this 7.5 gram bag package format. This size of pod is designed to work in any machine that can use Senseo pods (which is probably every pod brewer built in the last several years)and brews great in our Bunn My-Cafe pod brewer.
262934262934B002ACU9V6A3CRW5M3CPV8HCRaymond K. Pezzi "Ray Pezzi"2231343001600Good coffee when they get it right!I ordered the 3 pack of the regular Columbian roast [Baronet Coffee 100% Colombian Medium Roast (140 g), 18-Count Coffee Pods (Pack of 3)] and all 3 bags I received were marked to indicate that that was what they contained.

Unfortunately, the first bag contained HAZELNUT FLAVORED COFFEE -- uggghhh! Probably not as gag-inducing as Wolfgang Puck's "Jamaica Me Crazy" variety, but along those lines and DEFINITELY NOT REGULAR COFFEE. You know what I discovered, though? Amazon's return policy on grocery items is pretty straightforward: no returns.

The good news is that I've moved on to the 2nd of 3 bags and the coffee is fine. Quite good, actually.... so I'm going to hope that my experience with bag #1 was an aberration. I'll give it another shot (assuming bag #3 has regular coffee)!
262935262935B002ACU9V6A14N994EM3H18BC. Edwards "Almost skinny"2241324425600Good taste, poor quality podsI really enjoy the flavor of this coffee! The taste is subtle and not too strong. The only problem is that in almost every package there is at least one pod that is ripped or broken and all the coffee is in the bottom of the bag...very messy and of course, the pod is unusable.
A little quality control would go a long way!
262936262936B002ACU9V6A2SKBRQ1DKL1CEDawn1131348012800open podsGood flavor but they are pricey and when you have open pods with grounds all over inside the bag: 1) its messy. 2) Loose grounds can plug your brewer. Not pleased with packaging.
262937262937B002ACU9V6A3KCGNVE0LL894Kaisa K.1131344470400Good taste, so-so qualityThe Baronet Coffee 100% Columbian Med Roast tastes good - I would say somewhere between Mild and Medium. The pods fit Senseo coffee maker (single-pod system). I've opened 1 bag so far - there were 3 pods that were not sealed all the way, so there was loose coffee in the bag. Obviously you can't use the unsealed pods. It was a bit of a mess. Overall, I would probably buy it again if the price is right, and there are no original Senseo pods in sight.
262938262938B002ACU9V6AP0B9GW3VHIQ3mew1151330041600delicious!this columbian coffee pod makes an excellent cup of java. I have made several cups and consistently get a great tasting result. I was hesitant to order with automatic re-ordering, but definitely recommend it and will do so after my initial experience.Baronet Coffee 100% Colombian Medium Roast (140 g), 18-Count Coffee Pods (Pack of 3)
262939262939B002ACU9V6A3P9DFXIWBMVMLJ. Wakevainen "Grandpa"0051350950400Great CofffeeBaronet Coffee Pods offer a great value with great flavor. They work well in Senseo Coffee makers. I signed up for the subscription service.
262940262940B002ACU9V6A1FPHALDSY1V33Joanmarie0051350345600BARONET COFFEE PODS-GREAT COFFEE!Baronet Coffee pods are an efficient way for my husband to make his coffee. The medium roast suits his taste buds to a "T". Thanks AMAZON for carrying this great product.
262941262941B002ACU9V6A2PV9F2H9FYGKKP. George0051350086400Baronet Coffee pods--ColumbianThe coffee pods came within the time period predicted, and they were packed well. The rich aroma of the coffee is just what I wanted.
262942262942B002ACU9V6A3G5QYLKARUYCXBilly0051349827200Great coffeeBaronet Coffee is as good as any coffee on the market...I've tried them's a little less expensive that the well known brand and, I believe, it taste better...GREAT COFFEE GRIND...
262943262943B002ACU9V6A2ZMP4ZIVIXJ71Ruth K. Beyer "Book worm"0041347235200a good day-starterGood, rich flavor. Brews quickly. Imbibed almost as quickly. I only wish there were more packages in one shipment, but I suppose the answer to that is to double my order. I may just be doing that soon.
262944262944B002ACU9V6A2DFIIQL2O896PNicholas Callea0041346544000Baronet Colombian medium roastOrdered this for the first time a couple months ago to replace Senseo coffee, wife and I enjoy it. Will order again. Recommended.
262945262945B002ACU9V6A2LHZF15H9O86Gwcpbkeyes0041344384000good coffeeIt's a pretty good coffee at great price. much superior to the senseo brand and not as harsh as melitta.
262946262946B002ACU9V6AYIHM8L7RSGE0G550driver0051343952000The best pod coffee I've Teasted !!!!Baronet Coffee 100% Colombian Medium Roast (140 g), 18-Count Coffee Pods (Pack of 3)I have a first generation Senseo machine that I normally would use their brand of medium roast coffee but due to its unavailability for the last six or seven months have purchased the Barnett medium roast and found it to actually be more desirable slightly cheaper the flavor and consistency is spectacular.
262947262947B002ACU9V6A3I1VZV9ZH0M1Ocoffee plus0051343433600Love this coffeeThis Columbian coffee tastes great and works perfectly in my Senseo brewer. It is better than the Senseo brand Columbian coffee and only costs a few cents more. I also tried Cafe Classics Columbian, but it is not as good as Baronet and costs more. I highly recommend this coffee.
262948262948B002ACU9V6AONUCVPUH3CPUJ. Barnes0041341792000GOOD COFFEEI have been using Senseo for years until the price jumped so high. I decided to try Baronet & it is a good, full bodied coffee. The taste was more like " ground coffee" than Senseo. I plan to order it again. With the automic re-order it is cheaper & better than Senseo.
262949262949B002ACU9V6A1DR11UIYEP686Johnny & Riza "musician married craftperson"0051267574400Very good daily brewThis is a good flavored Colombian which quickly became a house favorite, Smooth and full. I look forward to trying other varities from Baronet.
262950262950B0049J27TKAGSP90SFP7UOKKori Dixon0041328400000Cute!Cute Gummy French Fries! I'm using them for birthday party favors. I have yet to open one so can't comment on the taste. My only complaint is I thought the fries were in a fry box. They are just wrapped in the plastic that looks like a box. Oh well, I'll live :)

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