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262981262981B006N3HYYSA1MPIMXK8052NDD. White0051204416000If you want bold, get this oneMost Keurig coffees come out weak, but this one is nice and strong. Not too strong, just about right. I use each pod twice to make a larger cup and this one works great for that.
262982262982B006N3HYYSA2YJE1LWDVOZ52MoosePond "home theater maven, amateur woodwo...0051204243200My new fave!Have pretty much tried all of the K-cup varieties available since getting our first Keurig machine about a year ago (we now have one in our weekend home as well) and this is my personal favorite - makes a nice bold cup of great-tasting coffee (particularly if you "double brew") that's now my first thing in the morning everyday brew! Might be a bit strong for some but great for those who like their coffee a bit stronger.
262983262983B006N3HYYSALTH2S9KLVPGJCamera Maven "Richard"0041204243200A little bitterNot bad but a little too bitter for our taste. Enjoy Coffee People extra Bold better.
262984262984B006N3HYYSAHGKZL1AO3ICFThomas P. Hink0051203724800Great CoffeeI have tried many of the K-Cup coffees and have found that the Black Tiger Dark Roast offers the best in flavor and richness. There is nothing worse than a "mild" cup of coffee in the morning.
262985262985B006N3HYYSA653LLWKPWJBPK. Wyder0041199232000Best coffee for the KeurigI like strong coffee and I have found this is the best offered for the Keurig--and I've tried them all.
262986262986B006N3HYYSAC3SS2DR66RPGJune0041198972800Great coffeeGreat coffee but not for the faint of heart!. Tiger bold is strong coffee - great if you find the usual K-cups too weak.
262987262987B006N3HYYSA2RZL0KI2VF5CTO. Jordan0051197936000Excellent Strong Cup of CoffeeThis is my favorite K cup by far. Strong, bold with tons of flavor. I have been looking for several months for coffee as good as this.
262988262988B006N3HYYSA3HOQYAOUC90SRS. Katz0051197849600Bold without biteI just got a Keurig brewer and have been trying different coffees. This is one of the best. It makes a full flavored 8 oz cup. I have been very happy with all the Coffee People products.
262989262989B006N3HYYSA2N3TWRCHCH0UIYosemite Sam0051197072000One Of The Better OnesFinally a K Cup that has a personality. Strong but not burnt. Lots of distinctive coffee flavor. I like stronger coffee and run at the second cup size. Later in the day I'll switch to the third or fourth cup size and the flavor still comes through.
262990262990B006N3HYYSA2BDLSVJ2H8UBTLorax144 "Bold Lover"0051196380800It's bold but not bitterI am a lover of Bold Coffees. Black Tiger is strong but not bitter. If you need the bitterness JetFuel and Wakeup Call from Coffee People may do the trick. I will certainly get Black Tiger again!
262991262991B006N3HYYSA2T9AZBIFHLGJUMax's mom0051194134400Bold and flavorfulMy husband likes his coffee dark and strong, but not too acidic. I usually drink decaf, but occasionally have a cup of regular. Of the many k-cup coffees we've tried, this is a favorite of both. Bold, with good aroma and smooth flavor. Perfect for my husband on the smallest cup setting, and for me on the larger.
262992262992B006N3HYYSA1L14TJ4LSADUPK. Matthews0041194048000STRONG STUFF!This is the strongest cup of coffee I've had with my Keurig K-Cup brewer. I was looking for strong and I got it! I've tried A LOT of other K-Cup brands, this is by far the best.
262993262993B006N3HYYSA3E43CGZ847R52Nicky's Mom0041193616000Nice strong taste but .....It has a nice strong flavor but I get a few grinds in my cup which is a first for all the k-cups I have tried. I ordered Timothy's Midnight Magic along with this which I like better and would order again. I probably wouldn't order this one again due to the grinds.

*** update: 3/6/08 - I have had grind problems in other brands as well so I wanted to edit this review to state that I would order this one again.
262994262994B006N3HYYSA8EVG0WK50PXA. Freeman "a_freem"0051193184000WONDERFUL MORNING COFFEEBLACK TIGER K-Cups from Coffee People are my new favorite. I have had a Keurig machine for about nine months and just discovered this coffee very recently. I can't tell it is a "fast" cup of coffee. It tastes as good as the best brewed bold coffees -- the highest praise for this one!
262995262995B006N3HYYSA1PNI6QC6EB4MMM. Brophy0051190419200Great K-cupSo often the K-cup format brews up a weak cup of coffee, but not this one. Plenty strong and great flavor. Love it. (And sad that it is currently unavailable from Amazon!)
262996262996B006N3HYYSA270FTOGIIFUM4G. Medeiros0051188259200Great Coffee!From the several makers of K-cup coffees I've tried, Black Tiger makes the best tasting cup of coffee! It's robust, yet not bitter or acidic. It's the perfect morning coffee for me.
262997262997B006N3HYYSA36PLVN0UQ5OWUdaogier0051188086400Even for mild coffee drinkersThis is simply the best coffee k-cup. A little known fact about coffee is that the longer it is brewed the more bitter the taste. To get a mild cup of coffee you should actually use a stronger roast, use less water and add hot water to the completed beverage. This coffee makes the smoothest and best tasting cup I think I have ever had from a home coffee machine.
262998262998B006N3HYYSA29CZ1AGG6J3RBVerne D. Quick0051187827200Coffee People BOLD BLACK TIGER Coffee for Keurig/K-CupsThis product is very delicious and two cups can be made from a K-Cup because of its boldness. The price is very reasonable for 50 of the K-Cups too!
Verne Quick
Southern California, U.S.A.
Coffee People Bold Black Tiger Dark Roast Coffee, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 25-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
262999262999B006N3HYYSAIXIW957RKYCVR. Weishaar0041187827200Good CoffeeI enjoyed this coffee. It was full flavored and very earthy. I didn't like this as my first cup of the day, but as a great follow-up or afternoon beverage. I prefer something a little more acidic when I wake up.
263000263000B006N3HYYSA2EWE0GMBBUVMJDouglas L. Dean0051186704000an acceptable Northwest brewOne of the few k-cup type coffees that actually tastes like a cup of coffee
263001263001B006N3HYYSA9GAYJHYXARI2Robin M. Lee "Girl-Jock in Charge"0041186358400Very good coffeeThis is a winner. Bold, dark and full of flavor. I have a soft spot for Coffee People after visit Portland, OR a few years ago and becoming addicted to their coffee kiosks. Got to love the "Little Guy", who make a superior product.
263002263002B006N3HYYSAOL9VAFOCYCJZJ. Breitenstein0051186012800The best of the BoldI have tried most of the other dark bold coffees and this is my favorite. It is the first K-cup that my girlfriend really likes. They very quickly disappeared soon after she discovered them.
263003263003B006N3HYYSA26LY5V2QAEID7A. Miller "Experienced"0051184112000Buy This CoffeeBuy this if you love good coffee. I took a chance and was glad I did. My other favorite is the "Bold Organic" from Coffee People. If you like one you'll like the other.
263004263004B006N3HYYSA3P1J3F2YYBK9Q1busymommyof20051183939200I wake up thinking about this coffee!!I have been using a Keurig for a few months now and have tried lots of different K-Cups. The Coffee People Bold Black Tiger Dark Roast Coffee is my favorite! It has a wonderful aroma and a deep, rich flavor and color. I definitely need a little push in the morning and this does the trick, just the smell of it in my cup helps to get my day off to a great start!
263005263005B006N3HYYSAYZE9H7X6ZVSHRead for Life "Read for life"1211298332800K-cups are defectiveI have owned a Keurig brewer for over 2 years and have never had a problem with any K-cups. I had previously purchased these K-cups as part of the Subscrible and Save program and had been happy. The last order I received has been a disaster, either the filter piece is missing from the K-cup or the K-cup is not sealed properly. Amazon customer service was excellent as usual and replaced the order, but I am having the same problem with the replacement cups. I know it is not my brewer because I have other K-cups that work just fine. It is very messy when the coffee grounds either explode all over the place or end up in the cup. It is extremely aggravating to go through 10+ K-cups to get one cup of coffee. Again, this is not the fault of Amazon, but rather the manufacturer of these K-cups. I will be canceling this Subscribe and Save plan.
263006263006B006N3HYYSA329XXHMNK8QH8Paul E Clay "Paul"1251213228800SuperbThis is just a great well rounded bold coffee that will be on my short list for the future.
263007263007B006N3HYYSA4QXTN3K865NRaar! "aar!"1251206662400bold Black Tiger "the best"I have been using both Newmann's and Timothy brands! After reading the Coffee People Bold Black Tiger reviews I decided to try a box and truely enjoy this great cup of coffee - bye-bye my morning Starbuck's stop!
263008263008B006N3HYYSA3CWAFK6AYVB2BRichard Shaw1251201219200Strong flaborThis is the boldest (strong, dark, Starbucks-like) of the 3-4 Bold K-cups I've tried. If you like strong coffee this is the way to go.
263009263009B006N3HYYSA1U4A8LFZ6PB1VJ. Sniadecki1251200787200BOLD YEA BABY!!!!!
263010263010B006N3HYYSA2X7PUV09O0JIXChristina H.1251199664000Bold and Full of FlavorI like my coffee bold and flavorful and really enjoyed all the Coffee People's bold blends that came with my Keurig coffeemaker. Black Tiger and Wake Up Call are both huge winners. My husband loves it as well. This will always be in my coffee rotation.

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