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263041263041B006N3HYYSAJKAM0ACAZFT0Julie A. DiCarlo "ilove3kids"3351224374400Bold & RichThis is by far my favorite coffee. I would rather have a cup of this coffee then anything from even a coffee shop.
263042263042B006N3HYYSA1RU867I2LP036re·nais·sance man3331213056000Not bad, but we like Timothy's Midnight Magic and Green Mtn Dark Magic better!Not bad, but we like Timothy's Midnight Magic and Green Mtn Dark Magic better! Please read my review under Timothy's Midnight Magic for in-depth comparison. Overall, not a bad cup, bitter smell, not as bold as the others listed above. In fact, I prefer the Diedrichs French Roast over it as well.

#1 Timothy's Midnight Magic (see review)
#2 Green Mtn Dark Magic (Target)
#3 Diedrichs French Roast

A lot of people seem to really love the Black Tiger based on the reviews, I have them sitting on the counter, but once my friends try the Midnight Magic from Timothy's, they never try anything else. Just my limited experience. :)
263043263043B006N3HYYSA2U23YC4WWENZBShannon M. Wangerin3351179100800Perfect!I actually ordered this because what I usually order was out of stock. WELL.........Turns out to be the best thing to happen to my morning coffee! I like my coffee to have a strong taste, & this definitely delivers!
263044263044B006N3HYYSA1MRDIU32OF5UWT. Proefrock3351173398400Coffee People K-Cups, Black Tiger Bold, 25-Count Box (Pack of 2)Tastes great and the price was good.
263045263045B006N3HYYSA1WEF1WYG7E0ALRonald Bell "Ronda"3341252713600Black TigerI have not tried an Extra Bold Coffee that I did not like. Having said that, I find the Coffee Peoples Black Tiger Extra Bold to be very good. I normally drink this product after dinner. The name is a little intimidating but overall a goood cup of coffee. I like strong fresh coffee, however I find my guest like something milder than Bold coffee.
263046263046B006N3HYYSAOSC5IU5NA1DMTanya M. Beck3351247270400Great Everday Stong CoffeeI enjoy this flavor of coffee everyday at work. This was the alternative I chose to Dark Magic, which is also a good brew. Often many coffee flavors tend to taste different over time, usually more acidic than I would care for. But this is a good rich, dark coffee that you can order for a long time.
263047263047B006N3HYYSA3I790L3LQVH1DDeborah Cloonan "Deb"3351245542400wow, it's a coffee explosionAssertive, kick-n-the-pants first thing in the morning, get you going kind of coffee. I love it. Nicely balanced, very bold.
263048263048B006N3HYYSAZ0L183J4NTVXPeter Selikoff5641223856000Black Tiger dark roastExcellent K-cup coffee . Robust, flavorful and almost as bold as advertised. One of my favorites. Worth a try
263049263049B006N3HYYSA2YQ6ODN590YJAC. Nolley5641178928000Great Value. Bold taste.OK, here's the thing, I love my Keurig coffee maker. Finding a good deal on K-Cups is another issue alltogether. Coffee People's Black Tiger Bold is a good value and a great cup of coffee for those who like a strong, rich, dark roast. Thanks, Amazon. Now, if you would please get rid of shipping charges on coffee orders of $50 or more, I'd order more often. Anyway, get this coffee. You'll love it.
263050263050B006N3HYYSA382CTRU8DNNZ8J. Mathys2251322697600Excellent, best of the best!After being a Starbucks drinker for the past 20 years at least, the Kcup has won me over, especially Green Mountain coffees and blends like Black Tiger. None of this coffee is ever bitter or acidic like Starbucks. It's strong but as it's perfectly measured you never get that "put too much coffee or too little water" feeling. It was interesting to see a CNBC special on Green Mountain, which also makes the Keurig brewers; they said the makers are sold literally at cost and they make their money off of the coffee. Starbucks is now selling Kcups...for over a buck each!! I say drop the Star and save some Bucks!
263051263051B006N3HYYSA17IFYEM0L9D3GPaul Gerard2251245196800Great Full Body tasteThe Extra Bold Black Tiger has a full rich taste that is smooth. I plan on ordering this brand on a regular basis. My office staff also loves it.
263052263052B006N3HYYSALQOBPDEIGKPJKitty2241244592000Excellent for bold coffee lovers!I love dark, strong coffee and this is one of my favorite K-cups. I use the mug setting (9.25 oz?) on my B66 and it's perfect. This coffee has a slight bite to it, but in a good way!
263053263053B006N3HYYSA2UIY4CXY7SCXGWilliam L. Karns "BK"2251233532800Black Tiger Dark RoastCoffee People K-Cup Extra Bold Black Tiger Roast is an exceptionally robust, bold flavor without even approaching bittnerness. And, it avoids the 'greasy' richness of some other brands, which for me at least, can cause a queasy stomach. This is my favorite!
263054263054B006N3HYYSA2PUO7HN8LDDXHDominic D. Tedeschi "Dom Benhad T."2221206748800poor packagingI received a 25-count box of Bold Black Tiger Dark Roast that had 3 packets with unsealed tops. In fairness, I don't know if this was the result of poor quality control in production or damage during shipping. My order included a box of Gloria Jeans K-cups which did not have opened tops so I suspect that the tops on the Coffee Peoples cups were not glued properly.

One day after voicing my concern, I received a replacement. What great service - I'd give them 5 stars now!
263055263055B006N3HYYSAE1EJCOW4WD9NCoffee Lover2241191974400Good, but VERY strongI generally like bold-flavored coffee, but this was too strong for me. However, my son-in-law absolutely loves it, so if you are looking for really strong flavorful coffee, you should try this.
263056263056B006N3HYYSA3UDGX26EXYLYPtse1151329523200For the tiger in you!If you like a good, robust coffee, this one's for you. Great bold coffee flavor with no bitter aftertaste - not for the weak-hearted!
263057263057B006N3HYYSA3H4WKAFEKL031D. jones "Real McCoy"1141321401600The best of the K-cupsI like strong coffe and although the Keurig is a great product, I still find myself making pots of drip coffee regularly. For a quick strong cup though Black Tiger is my favorite.
263058263058B006N3HYYSA38BHC3FV6DOZ2Douglas King "Student of the subject"1151282780800Beats all othersSince I have started drinking Black Tiger each morning, everything else just disappoints me. Black Tiger is bold, which I like, but it also has the flavor that lasts all the way to the end of the cup. It is really one of those blends that stand the test of time for me.
263059263059B006N3HYYSA23JFOBP8JTJI8acciojohnnydepp "acciojohnnydepp"1151277078400love love love this coffeeThis is hands down the best k cup out there. Great flavor, strong but not bitter, good bodied cup o joe. coffee people seem to have the best k cups out there. I do enjoy Newman's own special dark roast, but this black tiger is the best. Jet fuel is very similar, but not as good as this one>
263060263060B006N3HYYSA1V37PD33LB9WYL. L. PRICE1141276732800No Lie!When the labled this product "extra bold" they were not lying! So far, it's the only coffee I've used in my Keurig where I changed the size of the cup so that I had more water.
Perfect for Monday morning's or travel mugs! Daily coffee I prefer something not quite so strong. My housemate added hot water.
263061263061B006N3HYYSA2VTL2ABZ68KM3Dean Moyer1151276560000The best yet!I like Dunkin's coffee. Since no coffee is totaly consistant I find this brew at home to be nearly as good as the best cup from Dunkin. That says a lot in my opinion.
263062263062B006N3HYYSA2UD12CJ17JRLGLuigi Feola1151271808000DeliciousThe flavor and strength is perfect for me. I like to have a very full cup at a time and with this coffee I run the Keurig large size setting followed by the small size setting (using the same K-cup) for a, full to the brim, delicious cup fo coffee.
263063263063B006N3HYYSA3TOVIXQWUU82ODavid Croteau1151256688000The best, so far.Extra Bold Black Tigar Dark Roast is the coffee I keep coming back to and it always taste very good.
263064263064B006N3HYYSA3P7ORPY849THGKerry J. Smith "RGV Teacher Man"1141252800000Bold but strong aftertasteThis is a decent coffee that is bold tasting up front, which I like, but then has a harsh aftertaste. It is cheaper than the others, I didn't mind it, but it was not my favorite.
263065263065B006N3HYYSA20XKFP1MCCBOQJeffery K. Hilburger "Keurig Jockey"1151244592000Solid Dark Roast offering from Coffee PeopleCoffee People Extra Bold Kcups are some of my vary favorites for using in my Keurig Brewer.
I'm a Huge fan of strong , Bold dark roasted Coffee and Black Tiger delivers.
263066263066B006N3HYYSA341ADB570OBX6G. Hillman1151244505600k cups subscription Coffee People Black Tiger CoffeeGreat coffee at a great price, love the ease and the saving of the subscribe and save and getting my coffee fresh with free shipping. All the Coffee People and Gloria Jeans k cup coffee are very great, I love the bolds the best.
263067263067B006N3HYYSA2YD7ET66M4YB2John D. Schmitt "John"1141244419200Coffee People K-cup is boldThe Coffee People K-Cup is a very bold coffee and a great pick me up for the early morning caffine jolt!
263068263068B006N3HYYSANXGPWEQ0QRPQCup Runneth Over11312444192001 of 5 Kups BreaksGreat rich flavor. Long time user but a 25%
breakage rate-never had cups do this before.
I noticed the cups seem to be more "puffy"
with air, perhaps this is the problem.
263069263069B006N3HYYSA1KRIW6DIL5DPMM. Noack1141243987200disappointingYou may be wondering what is disappointing about a four star coffee.... This is a better than average brew, reasonably strong while not bitter (so no robusto beans), but the flavour, if "intense," it is not particularly rich. If you love Timothy's Rainforest Espresso & Parisian Nights, this coffee is not in the same league. It is similar to Green Mountain's bold roasts.
263070263070B006N3HYYSA1OP7O7OLH0AKMPhotog Mom1131243209600So-soMost reviewers seem to find this coffee to be the best ever or just horrid. I thought it was just ok. A bit of a bitter aftertaste if you ask me. It's pretty much the same as Coffee People's Jet Fuel and Wake Up Call, I can't tell the three apart. Interestingly, their Donut Shop is fantastic -- if you like Coffee People (and you can't beat the prices here on Amazon), I'd go for that one.

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