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263375263375B00014JNI0A2IGP3O9GQVK1YRussell L. Day "Researcher"0051348876800YS Organic HoneyThis is one great company and product. The package could not have been better. No chance
of breakage. A great job. The honey is at the upper limits of best taste,Quality,and purity.
If you use honey frequently, I recommend this product.
263376263376B00014JNI0A1YMXGQQT7YWMNB. Grandon0051348358400The real thing! Delicious, acts as prebioticThis stuff is GOOD, and as another reviewer said you have to be careful because it is that tasty you can overdo!

It is REAL. (Sadly these days counterfeit honey is a rampant problem - the raw stuff is hard to counterfeit, but rest assured this is an ethical supplier.

The health benefits of raw honey are many as it's a live food, full of enzymes, and acts as prebiotic (containing substances that contribute to a healthier gut and flora in the entire body).

It is hard to avoid completely all the processed, 'dead' foods in the modern world, that do little more than add calories and contribute to disease, so adding things like this to our diet, can help a lot.

I like it in tea, I put it in the cup first and then pour in the hot water and stir it.

I especially love it in a broccoli salad I make - using chopped/grated broccoli stalks & carrots, organic raisins or dried cherries, and Vegenaise with a tablespoon of this honey -- it is DELICIOUS and a sweet tooth satisfier!
263377263377B00014JNI0A14YENXHLKG9WLSamyel F "Samyel F"0051347580800perfect honeythis is a fine-tasting, long-lasting non-drippy food. there is a variety of sizes available. and it's organic. what more could we want?
263378263378B00014JNI0AGXGHEGTN9V1CtheGina0051345680000delish!!this is possibly... no definitely, the absolute best tasting honey i have ever had. i have obviously never had real honey, bc this is unlike anything else i have had.
263379263379B00014JNI0A3NOG1VQTP545ASpiderman0051344902400Outstanding ProductSimply the best Honey that both me and my wife have ever had. In fact, my wife doesn't care for honey, but loves this product.
263380263380B00014JNI0A8MC35J03AAB0A. Stevenson0051344643200Wow!I never knew honey could taste this good. I have never been a big fan of honey because of the weird aftertaste I always experienced. After trying this on the advice of a relative I can't believe what I have been missing. I bought a 8 oz. jar in a discount drug store on her advice and have since ordered the 32 oz. jar from Amazon. I use this instead of sugar for almost everything. Great product and highly recommended.
263381263381B00014JNI0A3977OZLNA8LCBCarol Lynn0051344384000The best!This is almost addicting. REAL HONEY is nothing like the grocery store kind. Amazing taste and of course, organic. I will be buying this again!
263382263382B00014JNI0A37G9NI5C5EA7EDBill0051343779200WowGuess we can't go back to the old clear honey... The taste is amazing! Not sure if it's the best price but we love it!
263371263371B00014JNI0A1ATYZYAIEGH6MRoberta0051350691200I am delighted with this honey!I must say that I am delighted with this honey. I just opened my first jar this evening. As I have read in some of the other reviews, yes, I enjoyed eating it out of the jar with a spoon. What a lovely, delicate sweetness. So good to know that it is healthful for me too. I may heat some in a dish in some warm water tomorrow, but I already know that I am very happy to have found this lovely honey.
I also tried some in a teaspoon with my new Bragg Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and found it to be extremely flavorful! I am sure I will be using that combination in many ways.
263372263372B00014JNI0A62K63FPUT1QRCocoaNut Cakery0051350086400Rich, Creamy, DeliciousFor those of you unfamiliar with this kind of honey (only used to the honey that's been filtered), it's opaque for a reason. This honey will not pour at room temperature, so don't expect it to do so, but I'm glad it won't. This honey is so much better than any honey you can pour will be simply because making it pourable removes the stuff that makes it great.

This honey is so sweet and creamy, but there's more to it than that. The flavor builds in your mouth if you try a bit of plain honey and it has subtleties not found in filtered brands (which are more along the lines of wham, bam, thank you ma'am style of sweetness). After tasting this honey and discovering its effects on recipes when compared to filtered honey, I will never buy filtered honey again.

And this is aside from the health benefits of buying unfiltered.

I really have not tried unfiltered honey before this, so I can't really compare it to other kinds, but this kind is absolutely, 100% delicious.

Oh, and someone previously talked about organic honey not actually being a thing. Well, each certification company uses their own standards for certifying honey as organic. OCIA International is the one that certifies this honey and it uses the EU standard (if I'm reading their website right), which is a good standard to use. So yes, this honey is, in fact, organic.
263383263383B00014JNI0A1KWWFKX1NB5SOJennie Diano0051343520000my favoriteThis is my favorite honey - I always buy it at the health food store but switching to amazon because of the better deal. It's raw and organic and it makes me feel good every time i use it a a spread or just have a spoonful.
263373263373B00014JNI0AK6D30TM67H49Cali Girl0051350000000Best honey I have ever tasted - addicted!Now that I have tasted this honey, I cannot for the life of me go back to the plain, oversweet liquid honey or to other stronger natural honeys. It is perfect, not too strong but with a lot of flavor, and of course it's raw and organic which is the cherry on top!

I was raised with honey that tasted awfully strong, and always thought I would never come to like honey... but I LOVE this one.
263374263374B00014JNI0A3CNZ6IFNZQFUGOutOfTexas0051349740800Great honey for good priceNo complaints about this honey. My boys and I love it. Much better than the processed honey I used to buy at the store. I just wish they offered free shipping!
263384263384B00014JNI0A25PAV5C964H7ZRong D. Tan0051343174400Nice Honey- It has an alright taste. Reminds me of cough syrup in a very sweet and condensed form. (Keep in mind that honey made in different parts of the world tastes/looks different. This one is from Brazil & Canada)
- Easily opened. A bit too easily though...the plastic covering where the cap screws off wasn't even any use. I twisted the cap and the plastic covering came off with it.
- Big jar. Putting my entire hand around it, I can only reach halfway.
- Can be messy since the honey is very sticky and can also be difficult to get a full spoonful onto a piece of bread without making a mess.
- The "expire date" seems strange. I purchased this in mid-2012, and it says "Best by 01/15" even though natural honey shouldn't be able spoil. But I suppose it's required by U.S law. Maybe someone can clear this up?
263385263385B00014JNI0A37F6S9ZYZ36EJSharon Sims0051341273600Best HoneyI love this Honey! My son told me raw honey was better for you so I finally found it in a local grocery. It was very expensive. I later found this same honey on Amazon and was thrilled. First I was getting four times the honey for just a few dollars more. The quality and taste are wonderful. I will certainly order again.
263386263386B00014JNI0A1EZ3DYID9CJO0Marguerite0051340841600great but on the sweeter side.I just received mine and i love the texture.It s really smooth and creamy,great with toasts and eating it with fruits.The buyer must know that this honey is very very Very sweet!It might just be because i am sensitive to sugar.Anyways Great quality product,great health benefits. <3
263387263387B00014JNI0A178FFGXZWKL3AHdz0051339804800Delicious, yet nutritious!I bought this honey because of its good reviews. I tried it in my coffee today, it tasted so smooth and delicious! I'm very glad to have found this product :-)
263388263388B00014JNI0A3NNO32KVSYJTOMIKE RYAN0051339632000CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW HONEYYS Organic Bee Farms CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW HONEY 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC HONEY Raw, Unprocessed, Unpasteurized - Kosher 32oz We are thrilled to recommend this product and this seller. We get our orders early and the packing is superb.
The product is exactly as described on Amazon's web site, and it is totally delicious. After reading the detailed description, we knew this was for us.
263389263389B00014JNI0A27ZBWSZC6LNLJOCMom0051339545600Great ProductWe love this honey. We use it in so many recipes and even take a spoonful of it to cure a sore throat!
263390263390B00014JNI0A3JXOVOZRBT60Ala0051339113600just wonderful!This is awesome honey. I used to buy it from Whole Foods but found it here less expensive. I just love it!
263391263391B00014JNI0A1VMDNO47SKCXNMyra Binnicker0051338249600Dang it dad...My dad picked some of this up from a produce stand while he was out of state. I was at his house visiting, and he had me try a bit on a Ritz cracker. I wasn't so sure I wanted to try it due to the thick waxy looking appearance. It just wasn't what I knew as honey. Once I had one, I had another, and another. This stuff is amazing. I have found myself craving it, but unable to find it any local markets or stores. The waxy appearance is actually a hint at the super creamy texture, and the flavor is so yummy. I am excited to have finally found it, same brand and everything. There are so many ways I want to try this beyond smearing it on a cracker.
263392263392B00014JNI0A34E1744VPQCNUDbp3230051337299200Dbp323Love this product. I used it during a upper respiratory infection (URI) and tea with this honey really helped me to kick it. Obviously, I did have antibiotics to assist but the fact is the normal time for URI to clear is about 2 weeks even with antibiotics. I kicked in one and didn't even have to worry about the chest sputum it cleared. I do believe that the combination of meds with the natural organic raw honey helped me to recuperate much quicker than normal.

All this aside, it is great for teas and to take alone especially if sore throat or cough. I tastes great. Definitely recommend.
263393263393B00014JNI0AL5FKLFT81TIKHanna Lea "suhla"0051337126400Raw HoneyI am very pleased with this product. The taste is really great
263394263394B00014JNI0AMAK67EASGN83Adi0051337040000Yummmm!This great-tasting, raw organic honey is one of my favorite purchases yet! You can really taste the difference between this raw honey and the processed honey. Never want to use processed honey again!
263395263395B00014JNI0A1JELQ2BC10FIDFlowerdragon0051336003200Buying again!Bought in Feb. used this last month, loved the product, is really raw honey and not whipped up and gel like. This stuff is incredible and tastes wonderful. Raw honey has so much more good stuff... and the price has even dropped from Feb! And, it is organic... certified! Just ordered 4 lbs again! Thanks!
263396263396B00014JNI0AMQY1RFCDA6SBnsbdove0051335830400Honey HeavenWhat a treat to get this in the mail this afternoon! I had to hold back from having more than a heaping tablespoon. This is some yummy honey, oh wow! Thick, velvety consistancy with a smooth, not overly sweet taste. Cannot wait to add to tea and spoon over warm bread. Very pleased- much better than the other brand I tried.
263397263397B00014JNI0A2DDPIBH5RC3AETanya0051334361600DELICIOUS! :-pThis honey taste great. I'm very satified with quality of this product, and It's priced less than most of the other bands on this site.
263398263398B00014JNI0A2Z7OSBG9UPM8QJUNKFOODDUDE0051334275200PURE HEAVEN!Wow! I absolutely love this honey! It is incredibly sweet and scrumptious. I make a sandwich with a huge scoop of raw almond butter and a generous scoop of this sweet honey and I am in heaven! I highly recommend this product. I will definitely purchase this again.
263399263399B00014JNI0A2VETCVGUP09V3SandyLynn Dickinson0051333843200Absolutely PerfectThis is the honey that should be the standard by which other honeys are measured. It is absolutely delicious... it almost tastes like the yummiest caramel you've ever had! You will find yourself licking the spoon each time you use it.
If you are unfamiliar with raw honey, you should be aware that this looks nothing like store-bought honey. This is a solid form (almost like butter) & a rather milky-white color. Don't worry... it blends well into smoothies, tea (or whatever) & even spreading it on warm toast is enough to soften it. I often set the jar on a sunny windowsill to keep it soft.
I recommend this particular honey to everyone. It is a bit pricey... but well worth it! :)
263400263400B00014JNI0A2OLIJAR21U6DSNikki0051333670400Perfect organic honey, must tryLOVE this honey and it's amazing with tea. I heard it loses it's benefits when heated but it's so damn good in tea I just can't help myself. Besides in tea it's a great tasting honey. Texture is firm and not runny like the processed ones in stores. Surprisingly it tastes way better than the runny crap in stores too!

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