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263431263431B001E5E25YA3930X480VRR8Dmurray lee7751181606400great strong teaUse 1/2 as much tea as you normally brew and still have a stronger more full bodied tea.
263432263432B001E5E25YA2OOGNEEW60IQM. Bolin5531169510400Good value but.....This tea has a very grassy, vegetal taste and smell, which can be good or bad depending on your preference.
263433263433B001E5E25YAAVXLDJPBOJBWSimon5541168992000Pleasant drinking teaThis tea isn't quite as full bodied as some other Assams but still has a great flavor. The quality is good: the leaves are small tips and there is very little tea "dust" or stems in the bag.

I have blended this 1:1 with Stash's Organic Ceylon for an easy drinking English-style tea.
263434263434B001E5E25YA250CQHA3GDXIEchris "teh castle."4451179100800good tea, good bargainvery good tea at a good bargain, you get three bags of tea that can each make about 45-50 cups of tea, so thats anywhere between 135-150 cups of tea.
263435263435B001E5E25YA1B54NV7RNRBO4Lori4451199577600My favorite!I've started each morning off with this particular tea for the last 5 or 6 years. I love this tea. I went from a coffee drinker to a green tea drinker because of this tea. It has nice a strong flavor that I simply adore. (I make it much stronger then suggested, I love bitter tastes! Then I just add hot water to the leaves for the second cup, and it is as good as the first!) I have been purchasing this from Stash directly for years, but it is a better deal on Amazon.
263436263436B001E5E25YA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"4441186358400Very Bergamot-y Tea!****
I enjoy bergamot a lot, but this tea was way too fragrant for me; still it was different and enjoyable to try. The bergamot flavor is strong, not subtle, and a bit overwhelming---it's all you can taste.

The ingredients of this tea are premium black teas with pure oil of bergamot---that's all.

The manufacturer writes: "Oil of bergamot comes from the rind of a citrus fruit which grows very well in the Calabria region of Italy. Pure top quality oil of bergamot is expensive but no blend or man-made flavoring can match the ethereal aroma and finely nuanced flavor of the real thing.
Certain Earl Grey fanatics have grown especially fond of the top grade Calabrian oil of bergamot that we use and have asked for more, ..More,... MORE! Thus was born Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey. In our Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea, the black tea base still serves as a solid foundation for this blend, but the oil of bergamot takes wing and soars to new unprecedented heights. The flavor is quite pronounced but not at all soapy or bitter which would happen with low grade oils. Is the flavor too strong? For a conservative drinker, maybe yes, but more adventurous types really seem to like it."

I must not be adventurous enough. I do agree with the manufacturer, though, and it might be the tea for you if you're a huge fan of bergamot and want a lot of it, and I also agree that it tastes pure, not soapy or bitter at all.
263437263437B001E5E25YA21XM05QOR21K3S. Jacobs "Elizabeth"4451174694400outstanding quality, great priceStash's Organic Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Leaf, is the best of the best of green tea's. It is rich, smooth, and looks like liquid gold in the cup. The tea leaves can be used 2 or 3 times, depending on how strong you like your tea, with good results and good flavor.
263438263438B001E5E25YAAVXLDJPBOJBWSimon6741168992000About right...My experience so far with black organic teas is that they tend to be lighter in flavor that their non-organic counterparts although I can think of no good reason for this. Stash's Organic Ceylon is no exception - it has a good, but subtle flavor.

The quality is good: the leaves are small tips and there is very little tea "dust" or stems in the bag.

I have blended this 1:1 with Stash's Organic Assam for an easy drinking English-style tea.
263439263439B001E5E25YAXO4PQU0XG3TGDwight3341178409600$13.60 for organic and pinheadFrom reading reviews of all the stash green teas, I decided to get the organic pinhead version for better quality. I think it is excellent though it is not cheap. The leaves look in excellent shape and only a spoonful is needed in a teapot. I made the mistake of using too much tea for my first pot but this is a tasty tea.
263440263440B001E5E25YA3KY6HIM0HCIGGLynda Chassey3351200960000Excellent breakfast tea!I buy all my loose tea from Stash, and Kopili Assam is one of the best Assams I've tasted. It's a bold, dark red, tea that tastes good any time of day. If you only have a little left in the tin, it blends well with any other black tea.
263441263441B001E5E25YA2R4BNNO98V4A2J. Prall3321198022400This is not premium quality teaI agree with the other reviewers. Stash has some great teas, but this is not one of them. I consider myself to be fairly well-educated when it comes to tea, and I have never seen tea milled in this manner before. There are large bits and chunks of leaves and stems. The flavor of the tea is very grassy, and the tea looks like it is relatively raw. I guess you get what you pay for. I'd avoid this tea and get the organic pinhead green. Better yet, visit Stash's website for teas that come from established tea estates. I recommend the Ambootia tea estate's Darjeeling Green.
263442263442B001E5E25YA1NA2IGTRDXPAMEarl McKenney "Earl"3351168387200Teatangy ginger flavor - very pleasing to the senses
263443263443B001E5E25YA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"2251283990400My favorite Stash tea!I love this tea. It is like the coffee of teas! Strong brew, it has a malty taste I love. I've tried other Irish Breakfast teas and keep coming back to this one, other brands seem weak in comparison.
263444263444B001E5E25YA971V3U77BXE5J. Hirschman "in California"2211268524800Looks good, tastes badI was looking forward to this product, as my wife and I both like Earl Grey tea, and decaf lets us drink it at night. We drink a variety of tea, so we don't go through individual tea very quickly, so I was looking forward to the resealable packets.

Unfortunately, this tea just doesn't taste good initially and has a particularly unpleasant aftertaste. I definitely would not recommend buying this tea.
263445263445B001E5E25YAUKAIUTI6IANWP. Beck2241262304000Not particularly strongI have a wrapper from a single teabag of Nummi Tarry Lapsang Souchong, and the wrapper alone smells stronger after being opened for two months than a whole 3.5 oz bag of this smells fresh. This tea only has a light smoky scent and flavor, whereas the Nummi tea had a strong pine smoke scent and taste. I know that tarry lapsang souchong should be stronger, but I'm still a little disappointed at how weak this one is. Maybe I'll just use more tea for stronger batches.
263446263446B001E5E25YA3Q2XQ803BLXMEC. Drennon "the stitch"2251255219200Great green tea for not too much.Stash's gunpowder green has been a staple tea in our house for almost a year now. We prefer it iced, but it is decent hot. It is much more affordable than most other green teas and the quality is right up there with other good gunpwder greens we have had. Like most green teas, steep at 180 degrees for 3 minutes to get the best results. We go through a 3 pack of this stuff every single month.
263447263447B001E5E25YA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"2251224720000Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Organic. Kosher. Very smooth taste. Medium dark color. Great tea and brand. Economical. Assam can be a wonderful place to visit when calm. Off the well-beaten and ordinary tourist path. Beautiful people. Possible to take the train (or a flight) from Kolkata [Calcutta.] Large parts of Assam are blanketed with beautiful tea gardens. Stayed at a tea garden in Assam on one of my visits there. Loose leaf tea is very economical even for premium brands compared to tea bags. Bulk loose tea is also typically better than the powdered teas used for tea bags. Stash is a leading organic tea brand. Also really like Stash Premium Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Loose Leaf, 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3). Check out that review if you are interested in some brewing tips. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
263448263448B001E5E25YA32SK8XY51OQFRPam "Tea freak"2251215561600Lemon Ginger TeaExcellent tea. Normally I am a black tea drinker, but this is an exception. Superb when you have a cold or tummy ache. A must have on hand tea.
263449263449B001E5E25YA3DWLW7WWFKE6DJudith "judy"2241212451200good but priceyA friend requested loose Jasmine tea for her birthday and there weren't many options. Being in a hurry, I bought it, keeping one of the 3 packs for myself. I think the price is rather high, but the package zip locks, and the favor is nice. Strong enough to know it's jasmine, but not annoying.
263450263450B001E5E25YA35OD1RKGX6RJKfoamweapons2241195430400Great Green TeaI've tried many green teas in the same price range, but I always come back to Stash Organic Green.

This green tea tastes how I think green tea should taste. It's light, vegetal and very smooth. To get the full flavor you need to use more leaves than most other green teas, and make sure the water temperature doesn't go over 180 degrees. I often mix this tea with cascade mint, jasmine green or other Stash loose leaf herbal teas because although it's very good by itself, plain green tea can get boring day-after-day. Contrary to the other reviewer, I don't like the Stash Organic Pinhead Gunpowder, and recommend this tea instead.
263451263451B001E5E25YA3OYRU2VONLAQTPAC "islandhousebooklover"2251194912000great tea, great price, great serviceBeing British in America and finding a good "cuppa" is almost impossible. but I think with the stash breakfast tea I can happily live here forever.
263452263452B001E5E25YA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2241186617600Good Basic Tea****
This is a good, albeit unexciting breakfast tea from Stash. It is made from blended black teas. I much prefer Stash's Organic Breakfast Tea and Stash's Irish Breakfast Tea because both of those have distinctive and pleasurable tastes. However, there is nothing wrong with Stash English Breakfast Tea and it is a good change from basic orange pekoe tea. It can be brewed nice and strong without getting bitter (by brewing it longer), a sign of a good quality tea. Recommended, especially if you enjoy a simple, basic tea.
263453263453B001E5E25YA1YGG6T4YJZWC1bethany "birds and more birds"1151322438400fantasticki was a die hard Teavana fan until they discontinued (retired) several of my favorite teas
including Assam Gold Rain FTGFOP though i had some left i decided to give this a try and was
pleasantly surprised, it is full bodied w slight astringent qualities balanced by sweet notes at
the start w a nice malty finish.
i drink it straight up w raw sugar &/ or raw honey.
it is about the same price as Teavana's Assam was (if you buy it on Amazon) i will be buying more soon
my friends and family love it also by the way.
263454263454B001E5E25YA4XQ04F3KY20WK. Reznek1151307491200DeliciousI've only done this tea as a cold brew iced tea. There is no bitterness, just a smooth, refreshing, green taste. The ginger is very strong. I love ginger, so that is no problem for me. A second brew was significantly weaker, so I will stick to one brew per batch of leaves with this one (I am able to get three quality brews from many green teas).
263455263455B001E5E25YAZ2NEHE8TNRUWprb in California1121295568000weak Earl GreyThis tea is a disappointment because its flavours are weak. It takes about double the amount suggested to brew a proper pot. The packaging is green, but that does not make up for the weak tea inside. If you do not like a strong, traditional bergamot flavour, then try this one. You might like it, but I did not.
263456263456B001E5E25YA1O5NDRKV5N64PRyan Mitchell1151288569600A lovely teaAfter having some incredible green tea with ginger at a restaurant, I began my search for something similar. I eventually decided on this tea, and I'm very happy with it. It's very smooth and has great flavor that's not dominated or overpowered by the ginger or lemongrass. I also agree with the previous reviewer that this works wonders for an upset stomach. The price is also very fair, given the high cost of quality loose leaf teas.
263457263457B001E5E25YA1CHKAWX7FAOM4L. Kirk "Crabseye"1141275350400High quality, organic!, a little flatI have been drinking fine tea for a few years now. I have a couple of favorite Assams that I have enjoyed for some time. Both are graded TGFOP and both are superb: filled with body, complex flavor, malty. But over the years I have become concerned about pesticides used in foods. I have chosen to use as many organic food products as I reasonably can. I recently tried this Stash Premium Organic Assam Tea.

This is a very good tea. The pouch is filled with quality loose leaf product. My uneducated guess would be an approximate grade of FOP or perhaps TGFOP.

The taste is basic, unadorned Assam. Malty and full of body. It is not as complex as teas from the finest plantations. By complex, think of colors. This tea flavor has maybe one or two colors, where a complex tea from a fine plantation might have 3, 4, or more flavors you can distinctly identify.

Still, at a fair price and with an organic grade, this will be a regular choice at my house in the future.

I would prefer to see an organic tea packaged in a non-plastic pouch though.
263458263458B001E5E25YA1LVEPRENTHRSHAmazon Customer B1151266969600Sweet JasmineI am a long-time green tea consumer. I switched from coffee to green tea when I learned about the beneficial effects of green tea. I like a fairly strong tea and usually grate fresh frozen ginger into my tea cup for extra flavor. I steep a generous teaspoon of the loose leaves in 8 oz. of hot water (not quite boiling). To my delight, the Jasmine green tea is always good with or without ginger. I can use the leaves at least twice with good results. The mild aroma of the tea is like jasmine blossoms and the taste has a sublte sweetness. I drink at least 24 oz. of the tea each day. So the fact that the tea is organic is a plus. The price is competitive. I will buy this tea again
263459263459B001E5E25YA3GMNAZ67M6D6DRebekah1151262908800Good all around teaThis tea is my go to tea for everyday! It is nearly indestructible! I've forgotten about it and it has steeped for 15 minutes and still tastes great! I can brew it, put it in my travel mug, go to the gym and an hour and a half later it still tastes great! Can't beat the value either at about $5 a bag. If I recall correctly it is about $7 at the Stash store in Oregon. This is the tea that got me drinking green tea!
263460263460B001E5E25YAT0IKAJJBC86Vkis "simplicity"1151261526400Great Coffee SubstituteCoffee was killing my stomach so I went in search of a healthy organic alternative to my morning ritual and discovered this little treasure. The jasmine is strong and the green tea is superb. And, with less caffeine in my life, I am a much nicer person (chuckle).

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