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263521263521B0029O6YK0AP8D74QD9LUULL. Steiner2241228608000makes the kitty's happyI buy this products occasionally for my 5 cats, since they really like the taste. I think it's a very good product, it's not filled with too many fillers, and it doesn't smell too strong. The biggest downfall with all of these Whiskas pouches is that they are messy to dispense, and it is very difficult to get all of the product out of the pouch. I find I get the gravy all over my hands, not the biggest issue, but ewww.
263522263522B0029O6YK0A2H4KOUT5KNJKCJ. Carson1151290124800My cat loves WhiskasWe have six indoor cats, and they all have different likes. Our siamese cat will only eat the Whiskas Tender Bites chicken. That is the only flavor she likes, and it has to be the tenderbites. She usually just likes the juice but will sometimes eat some of the food as well. Why she only likes this one, I don't know. Amazon is the only place I know to get the box of 24 in the chicken only. I rated it five stars because she likes it!
263523263523B0029O6YK0A3RKYD8IUC5S0NFoureyedsnail0021351209600Messy and apparently undeliciousMy cat is not a huge fan. Sure, she'll lap up the gravy, but leaves the little meat-like bits as dry as a bone. It feels like saving money, but not if your cat is only gonna eat cornstarch gravy and turn her nose up at the meat by-products. It's probably fine for a grocery-store food, but a better quality food will make your cat happier and maybe healthier. Also I can't imagine gravy has got the nutritional content my cat needs.

Pouches seem like a great idea compared to messy, annoying cans, until you can't figure out a way to get the stuff out of the package without getting gravy all over your hands.

I switched to Merrick cat foods and my cat is happier--she doesn't leave lots of uneaten bits.
263524263524B0029O6YK0A1L5TGBOVRYL6GJ Voortman "EE tech"0051348704000Stella's ReviewTo all you cats out there,
I love this food, my pet keepers feed it to me 4 times a day, I meow in protest if it's late. If asked I'll even sit on command so I can eat Whiskas morning, noon, and night!
Thank you for keeping them well supplied.
(typed by the Keeper)
263525263525B0029O6YK0A20OQMLRFNZADLJazzer0031338076800Not so Tender...and Very DryI purchased this as an option for my cat since he only eats chicken. This is a much drier and diced product (no juice) as compared to the other Whiskas products in a pouch. However, the pouch is quite stuff, so if you cat likes it, he will surely get enough to eat from this pouch. Also, the picture does not look like the product I was shipped.
263526263526B0029O6YK0A2P32J7Z8LFWO7Alaskan0011331769600Cats are carnivoresOur older cat (14 years old) would only lick the juice from the bowl and let the chunks alone. I've read since then that cats are carnivores and therefore should not be fed a grain-based diet. So many cat foods on the market have grains as the main components, and so you have to look for products labeled "grain free". We found some at our local feed store. Maybe our first cat would have lived longer if we'd fed him better.
263527263527B0029O6YK0A3257FARO9RTKDCatMum0051324944000Cats LOVE this flavor!Even my most finicky cat LOVED this flavor. The bowls are spotless after their meal! I haven't been able to find this flavor by itself in the store, only in variety packs, and my cats don't like all the other flavors in the variety packs. I'm willing to pay a little more to get a box of food I know they love!
263528263528B0029O6YK0A2Z6R95EGYOU9LDan Curtis Fan0011320451200New formula - NO JUICES ???This used to be my cat's favorite food. But a couple of months ago, they changed the formula and now my cat won't touch it, and I know why. Each of the four flavors says "in juices" after it. But since the formula changed, there is absolutely no juice in this food. The food comes out in one big dry clump. The juice was my cat's favorite part. I'll still by the other Whiska's flavors, but not this one.
263529263529B0029O6YK0A8GEEIHQWFJ00Jamie Bancroft0051319673600Cheaper at has this for $4.88 for a box of 12 packs. It was even cheaper at my local grocery store. Amazon is ripping us off.
263530263530B0029O6YK0A37C1V89W83V69Beth0051319155200Repeat BuyThis is a Repeat Buy for me. My cats eat these and its cheaper and easier to buy in bulk.
263531263531B0029O6YK0A3O63FMFNZULSJCocoRico0051312761600Whiskas Tender BitesI love being able to order this item online and have it delivered. The price is amazing and not having to worry about running out of food for the furry foster babies is much appreciated!
263532263532B0029O6YK0A2CZUD6FNYGGVCM S0051309737600My cats LOVE them!If you subscribe, you save and you don't have to trek to the store to buy these bulky boxes. I thought purchased enough for a 2 months supply but no, my cats must not be felines because they have appetites like pigs. ;) I have to change my subscription so that they deliver more frequently.
263533263533B0029O6YK0A79372WBA9IJMMiss Kitty "Timid Observer"0121343952000Instructions from SteveI sometimes get notes from my cat Steve regarding his food, litter, toys etc. and I post them here. - - I know, its weird

Dear Grocery Lady,

Please don't think because I am of the feline persuasion that I did not see and understand the "buy 1 get 1 free" coupon I saw for this terrible food. In case you didn't get the hint that I don't like this and you should never bring it again, I threw up in your shoe as gentle reminder.

You know I have a delicate digestive system and a discerning palate. Stick to the cuisine I like....don't go rogue again!

Steve-the-cat ,,,^. . ^,,,~
263534263534B0029O6YK0A16KYNGDCU2DZAR. Brandt "tv fan"0151285372800my cat's favoriteI am very pleased with my shipment of wiskas tender bits turkey with giblets. I have been unable to purchase the box of all one flavor. I have tried to special order this at my local store and been unsuccessful on several occations. purchasing this through I am able to get my cats favorite food on a regular bases. thank you
263535263535B0029O6YK0AZBBKR18NTM50Kate "kalohe"4811248134400too expensiveAlthough I like the convenience of the food and my cats like the taste the 24/$15 is more than 50% over what I pay even at Petsmart. I was going for the convenience of monthly shipments, but the premium price is too high.
263536263536B0029O6YK0A2NBDGL0D03NZRCathy A. Cook71311253577600Love the product - question the priceI love the tender bites as do my senior cats (17 & 18 yrs old). But I do question the price, which is a unusual. I get the 24 count variety pack for $9.49 at my local Food Lion grocery store. I would expect a 48 count pack to be no more than double that price (18.98) so $28.11 would seem a bit high. Unless of course 48 means 48 - 12 pack boxes. Then the description needs a little work.
263537263537B000YPMKAYA2PWNYM29NJ2J4redcat72 "redcat72"0051258502400Try it!I have never seen this flavor in the stores. I do enjoy Sour Cream potato chips, so I thought I would give this a try even though I'm not a big fan of cream sauces. You should definitely give this flavor a shot. It has a light sour cream flavor (not sharp) the sauce is not too thick, and it makes for a great side dish, or a meal on it's own.
263538263538B005X4HN8UA1HJHQA3UCV8ZBWilliam C Joyce1151341187200Good for Healthy Pizza CrustReplaced standard flour with this, and made pizza crust on a pizza stone. Was really good. Much crispier and fluffier than using 100% whole wheat flour, yet still more healthy than regular white flour. My only complaint is I wish it was cheaper.
263539263539B000MUQCFAATNQUWL7KDEHHVicky B.0051310083200I love KinderThe chocolate itself is great, tasted just like the one I buy in Europe. I think it's important to mention delivery was quite fast and the chocolate arrived in perfect condition. I bought this in June in the south and it wasn't melted or anything!

I highly recommend both the product and the seller.
263540263540B000MUQCFAAE6BNICAO0D2XBiribiri0051305849600Delicious!I love this candy! and my younger brothers love it too.

The candy itself is a smooth, delicious milk chocolate (100 times better than your regular hersheys) and inside is a soft creamy white chocolatey kind of mixture, it almost tastes like malted milk balls, but only slightly.

I ordered this a few days ago, and it completely slipped my mind that it was upwards of 80 degrees here, so i was afraid it would melt into goo when it got here, but luckily it arrived on a moderately cool day, and the chocolate itself was beautifully packaged and not in the slightest bit melted (a bit soft, but not melted)

The box is about the size of a big candy bar, and there are 8 smaller bars in it, about finger length and width (but i have small hands, so that wont tell you much) but it was amazing and i will definitely order more chocolate soon!
263541263541B005OM653KA2Y594J15T52YLTanya Rhodes0051334188800Love these chips!These are the best pita chips! Crunchy, lightly sweet with a big cinnamon taste. Not only do I love them, my dogs love them too! I have one doggie who will sit up at the bag if I leave it on the cabinet where she can see it. For some reason they are hard to get at the store so I ordered a whole case. They showed up right on time and in excellent condition. Will buy again!
263542263542B000VDP11YA175MHOF0B0OS7annehart3451234396800Great TeaThis is the third flavor of Tulsi Tea I have tried and I like them all. The flavor of this one is a sweet and spicy. The medicinal value of this product is wonderful.
263543263543B000VDP11YA1O3DEDFRZ8318MissAbs31 "rare reader"0041346112000Best tea for great skin and energyI love this tea. For some reason, it can be hard to find in stores so I was very happy to discover it on Amazon and bought it in bulk. Easy to drink, great plain and black or with a bit of milk (soy milk in my case) and a lovely spicy mix of flavours. Also caffeine free but feels like real tea, so you can drink five cups a day and not be awake all night. Tulsi is the new rooibos, you should seriously try this tea!
263544263544B000VDP11YA3ASY9CRP7OBWNB. Moore "Irish7754"0051328745600Great tasting teaI very much like Organic India Tulsi tea and this is a excellent tasting one. I add a little organic honey. However, I think the product listing on Amazon is misleading. There are 18 bags in each box not 18 ounces.
263545263545B004CH5Q42AHNUSN0P1LZ7TLaurie0041330992000Big gumdropsThey're fresh but larger then I was expecting. They are very tasty. I received them promptly even if the packaging was poor. The PO does say "if it fits it ships" but 5 pounds of gumdrops in an envelope?!? Guess I'm lucky I didn't order them in summer so they didn't stick together. It's hard to find gumdrops that aren't spice drops so I took the chance. Don't think I'll do it again with these though.
263546263546B004CH5Q42AO2LN3BZ19YQGlulu0051330560000DeliciousThese came fresh, large and delicious. I made a large wreath with them and they were the perfect size. Just hate I didn't get to eat them all. :) Would highly recommend to others.
263547263547B002YRBB1YA3MU1NB6OL01KHThis ain't no dress rehearsal2251295136000I'll have a SCONE with my coffee, please!This morning I felt decadent, luxurious, replete, and utterly, completely satisfied. This morning with my cup of hot coffee I ate a piping hot sweet cherry scone. Now, this might sound frivolous to those who purchase scones at Starbucks, or take them for granted as a part of special tea-times with friends. But for me, who has a penchant for scones in all their incarnations, and who has felt relegated to the world of gluten free "living," enjoying an edible scone was, I thought, a thing of the past. Well, not any more! Because this morning I mixed up a batch of Mama's Scone mix, popped it into the oven, and just finished two of the best scones I've ever eaten. Truly *the best* - including the fancy scones I used to purchase from Concord Tea Cakes in Massachusetts, including the scones I ate at that fancy hotel in New York at their famous tea service, including the sweet biscuits my mother used to smother with butter and homemade strawberry jam. These moist-yet-crumbly scones baked up to perfection, with a lovely brown crust both top and bottom, a not-too-sweet flavor that had none of the typical gf aftertaste or texture, and my addition of sweet dried cherries made for a tasty breakfast. I baked these on parchment paper, which I've found enormously helpful for gf baked goods, and also added a smidgen more cream than the recipe called for. Be sure, when you make these, to follow the direction of brushing with cream and sprinkling with granulated sugar, because it's an added touch that turns these into real confections. I used heavy cream, which worked very well for density purposes, but whole milk would work just fine in my estimation. Each package of mix contains a generous 3 batches of scones, and each batch makes 8 scones. For party purposes (I'm thinking a fancy brunch with these as the star of the show), one bag of mix makes 24 scones of very filling proportions (one could make these smaller and still have a generously sized portion). As a fine scratch baker I've honestly never found the knack for the perfect scone, but now I don't need to worry - even if I weren't gluten free, I'd purchase this mix by the case-full (diet be damned). Three cheers to Gluten Free Mama for making gluten free eating the most delicious yet!
263548263548B002YRBB1YA3VKYO4J4V0GPKNorma J. Goonan2251269907200Great Tasting SconesThis product is easy to mix up, taste great, and does not crumble like some of the other brand mixes I have tried.
263549263549B002YRBB1YA39FV48DAZ7HDRJohn1151319414400Mama sconesOutstanding product.
So much easier than making scones from 'scratch' with results that are as good as 'scratch'.
The finished scones are delicious.
263550263550B002YRBB1YA1PF3VYTRY2M05knitwhiz1151304208000Gluten Free Mama Scone MixI love the Gluten Free Mama scone mix. I have been using it for over a year now but I had to travel out of town to find it. It was wonderful to find it on
The package arrived quickly and was in excellent shape.
The 'use by' is Feb. 2013 so that is great. I store all my gluten free products in the freezer and the fridge so they last quite a long time. But I do make scones about once a week. You can make many different kinds of scones with this mix.
This is a great way to get the mixes.

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