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263575263575B001SAY8ZOA3B04FTYE952BGKoroush Parsakia0151311638400AWESOME ....I bought this hot sauce from world market because I like to add a little kick to my lunch. When I tried the hot sauce I was pleasantly suprised especially considering it's arounf 4.50.

1. Very economical
2. sweet taste offsets the habanero.
3. Add's some nice color contrast when used as garnish.
4. Don't need alot to get the flavor you want.

1. Make sure you shake the bottle before applying the sauce. The flavor sometimes goes to the bottom.
2. If you find hab's hot the person won't like it. (Taste preference)

Overall, it's a hit in my book.. I personally dont' find it VERY hot but it's tasty! enjoy.....
263576263576B000LTYO0CA1OUO0SJEU39FPW. Davis0021286409600Unsealed Food Item!I'm disappointed in this product and I haven't even tried it yet!
Who ever heard of selling a food product (something you put in your
mouth) unsealed?! Very disappointing.
263577263577B000G34R9QA15DF0V80C6M8TM. Hauck2211279238400DANGEROUS TREAT - CHOKING HAZARD!These treats can create a very serious problem. I just opened the new bag I bought from Amazon and gave one to each of my three dogs and TWO OF THEM GOT THEM STUCK IN THEIR THROATS. Both were choking and both had to have them pried out of their mouths by my husband and I. Very scary. I have thrown them out. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE BUY THESE. Based on their shape, size and the fact that when they get wet they get sticky, they can choke your dog. DON'T BUY THESE. PERIOD.
263578263578B000G34R9QA1A4XGQ9UAL3DDValerie Sykes1151241308800My Dog ScooterMy dog loves these chicken chips. My inlaws buys them now for their pets.
263579263579B000G34R9QA1ZFPGNLFXG0IOKeep Austin Weird0051337299200My dog has fleas but loves these treatsI wish I could find bigger packages of this but can only find the small 4oz packages.

Our two Poms love them - their favorites. Prefer over wrapped fruits, ears, meatballs, salmon bakes....
263580263580B000G34R9QA1D3OG60UNNQHSPatsy R. Little "P.A. from Vegas"0041229731200Chicken Jerky CHipsI was worried about this product when I saw it came from China so I called the number on the bag. They assured me that is was only chicken and had been inspected numerous times before it came on our market. My dogs love it but I could never forgive myself if anything like this harmed them in any way.
263551263551B002YRBB1YA2V55F355DDVCGJ. Apfel "Maxito's dad"2351337126400Another winner from GFM!!!!I love when i get to try new Gluten Free Mama products as they are all super great!!! Whomever does there quality control and recipe designs needs a big high five for a great job. The scones made with this mix were super duper tasty!!! I even like them better than the fair scones!!!

Super well done! In fact i think i should make some more for tomorrow!
263552263552B001EO5P88A285H8CKWPPITBwflarry "wflarry"101051154563200Smooth as velvetI don't like flavored coffees. However, I do love chocolate, and I love coffee.

I thought I would give Chocatal a try based on a couple other reviews I read on the web and I am very pleased I did so.

The two flavors blend very well in Chocatal. It is not at all as if you poured some chocalate syrup into your coffee. The chocolate flavor is more subtle than that, and blends extremely well with the coffee. It is very smooth and leaves with a very clean finish.
263553263553B001EO5P88A3KVJB9UCV1GTRKaren Clark5541167782400Very smooth and mildI like the chocolate/coffee combination. It is very subtle. My husband doesn't like coffee with any bite to it and he loves this. It's very smooth.
263554263554B001EO5P88A1QU8OK7ENOYPVAnthony Citrano4441216080000Good coffee, but cacao extremely subtleThe coffee was good but I was hoping for a more dominant role for the cacao nibs. They are virtually undetectable in the aroma or the flavor.

It's very good coffee but if you're seeking a coffee with good cacao notes, you might be disappointed.
263555263555B001EO5P88A18L1CVUIQRE9LMary McKinney "PRINCESS MERI"3341184976000CHOCOLATE TOUCHJeremiah's coffee was delivered very fresh!
However, it only contains a trifle amount of chocolate.
I was expecting and wanted more chocolate flavor.

I added a teaspoon of organic cocoa to the peculator.
I plan to add more cocoa to enhance the chocolate flavor
and reap the antioxidant benefit of cocoa.

ADDED 11/9/2007
I find a half-teaspoon of cinnamon adds excellent taste!

I should note that I am not a regular coffee drinker.
However, while switching over to organic & healthy foods,
I acquired a coffee craving.

Now Foods Organic Cocoa Powder, 12 oz
263556263556B001EO5P88A2CN64OP6OZ7ICSeli.1151234483200My favorite so farI have tried many organic coffees and this one is by far my favorite. There is absolutely no acidity in this coffee, it tastes perfectly smooth.
There is just enough chocolate to give that mocha taste without being over-powering. I disagree with other reviewer who would like more of a chocolate taste, any more chocolate would make it a coffee flavored chocolate and not a cocoa flavored coffee.
I like a very strong coffee (1 tablespoon of coffee for 1 cup of water) and this coffee can be made strong without any bitterness.
It makes for a very satisfying cup of coffee in the morning, the only problem I have with it is that I keep craving it throughout the day, it's that good!
263557263557B001EO5P88A2EN1B555RC2E7Dalimama0051347062400Best Coffee in the WorldJeremiah's Pick makes the best coffee in the world. I used to own my own coffee stand and I taste tested coffee from many different suppliers. Jeremiah's Pick won by a landslide. And, not only is their coffee excellent, they also have excellent business practices. Chocotal, is my favorite variety of their coffees. It is made from cacao nibs and coffee beans. It is not a flavored coffee in the usual sense in that it is not made of artificial flavoring and does not have that disgusting artificial taste. Chocotal with cream and a bit of sugar can replace dessert... it's that good.
263558263558B001EO5P88A3A3TMWKMQ0GRYD. B. Cohen0051335139200LOVE THIS COFFEE!!!I love this coffee and will stick with it. I've been drinking it for quite some time. It has a very nice flavor with a hint of chocoloate/cocoa (now when I drink "regular" coffee, I can really tell the difference. The cocoa makes it so delicious!)

I highly recommend this coffee - the coffee is not strong or bitter. I would consider it medium strength (also, depends how much you use per pot of coffee).
263559263559B001SAWGVMAALM2PJ3HH4C7jzerangue0041300320000TastyThis is a pretty tasty bar. It doesn't have the texture of a chocolate bar but is more like a brownie, maybe not quite as moist. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't much of a coffee flavor, but it tasted pretty good anyway.
263560263560B000UY877EAPUB14NYHJP11Madskilzaw0051331942400Good StuffI had a small bottle of decorticated cardamom that lasted for years as I only used a small amount every now and then. But then I used it all up and got this bottle. Way more seed amount and for less cost! I use it primarily in my coffee...grind up a pinch of cardamom with the coffee beans and you get this wonderful flavor and aroma in your coffee. With this large amount, I can now try it with other foods.
263561263561B001GTWBD8AF4RMNZ0OLHG1Gluten-Free Dad "TXDAD"1151235001600Very Good PineappleThis is a good product. We have ordered twice now and both shipments were of very good quality with prompt shipping. We will be ordering more.
263562263562B00196U2D4A2ENTE0WF4BFQ8Marshall Vaughan "|\/|/"2331277769600Very inexpensive but not tastyI have trouble keeping this powder in suspension, and the residue it leaves makes me somewhat dubious about my consumption of it. That said, I've imbibed one of eight containers in this past month to no adverse effect. It looks like it should, reduces calories, and tastes like... uh... powdered milk? No, less flavor than that, but not offensive. You want bulk without calories you got it.
263563263563B0041TASY4AQWLIOWD9LFU4Jack6651319500800I can eat bagels again!In the low carb world bagels may be the worst of all evils.

Thanks to Carb Krunchers I can now enjoy a warm toasty hearty bagel again -- minus the guilt!
263564263564B0041TASY4AAWUC8S00IXJFJanG3341336780800Carb Cruncher Bagels purchased from AmazonI was pleasantly surprised that these bagels are reasonably good, especially if you aren't expecting a "real" bagel that is extremely dense and chewy. But when you haven't had a bagel in 4 months, it works nicely and without all the many carbs of the real thing. It is especially good toasted, with cream cheese and chives and smoked salmon or Nova. Haven't tried it with sugar free jams and jellies yet, but that will probably be tasty also.
263565263565B0041TASY4AS1FCKNKY95IDJuli A. Lee "JingleJL"2241347408000Very good!!These bagels are excellent. I didn't expect them to be that good. I put Chee butter and cheese on it and put it in my infrowave oven and broil it. It is wonderful. The only problem for me is the EXTREMELY high shipping and handling. Much more than the actual product costs. I found a place that has lower shipping & handling......The Diet Shop. I WISH I could order it on Amazon as I do everything but if I can get it cheaper, I will. Hence the 4 stars.
263566263566B0041TASY4A2UGBDQKM13WHWStina Wargo5751322438400yay!These are very good and definitely worth the money. I love 'em toasted, with a little garlic powder and onion powder sprinkled on top.
263567263567B0041TASY4A2VBSV99CIWI0AKendra B. Curtis0051347494400One word.. Awesome!!I've been counting my carbs for a few years and one of the hardest things I've had to do is give up Bagels.. Until now!!! Oh my goodness... these are the most amazing Everything Bagels ever.. the flavor it excellent and they toast up beautifully.. I buy 2 packages at a time. I put one in the freezer.. and YES, they freeze well. I'm hooked.. I'm so happy to have my bagel fix again.. Thank you Carb Krunchers.. So if you are missing your bagels, give these a try. You WON'T be disappointed..
263568263568B0041TASY4A22QGFQWFB1NXLEdward Wormuth0051347235200low carb bagels that taste goodThese bagels toast up nicely and actually have some flavor and a nice chew. They also don't seem to mold easily
263569263569B0041TASY4A9CYFB7YD1TASJamom0021346889600Not great.My husband ordered these for his low carb diet, but could not even make it through the entire package. The taste was not great and the texture very funky. I recommend just eating a regular bagel and maybe only having half or maybe try the thin bagels.
263570263570B0041TASY4A1BSR4JAAOWQZLKariann Marmo0041338681600yummy!As a low carb dieter, i really missed bagels, so i figured i would give these a try. I am so glad I did!!
263571263571B0041TASY4A38EJTA5VWIB0AB. Pope0051338076800YumThe bagels are great, just wish they were a little cheaper. Great for making sandwiches as the bread isn't terribly dense like other posters have mentioned. Great when toasted.
263572263572B001SAY8ZOA34HDUDBOQPN7ZOllieraye1151323993600Good StuffUsed to find this excellent sauce in any grocery store, not now but thank god for Amazon! Great on a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit!
263573263573B001SAY8ZOA3EZ43EYPP3M8JP. Cook1141287532800Good everyday Hot SauceI'd definitely recommend this one. It's hot and tangy, but not too hot. It has a refreshing taste to it, probably due to the lime and carrots used in it. I've had other Habenero sauces that are just over the top, but this one has heat, but not over powering. It is a great "everyday" sauce, and perfect on Chicken Tacos! It's also really, really good on Avocados, so if you make a lot of Tex/Mex food, this is the Hot Sauce for you.
263574263574B001SAY8ZOAJCTGKPXYG8DYJames Seger0041255824000Quite tasty. A different flavor for hot sauceWhen I got this as a gift, I wasn't sure I wanted to try it. A hot sauce with carrots? Also, I don't like vinegar in my hot sauce.

I was happily surprised with this sauce. It is very flavorful and hot but not too hot.

It won't replace my favorite hot sauce: Tapatio. But I plan on keeping a bottle-full around the house.

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