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263641263641B004GKDYKIA1F4RN70FUQBTUPi5651201564800Yum!I am a vegan, and it is hard to find a good cocoa that is vegan. This sipping chocolate is delicious made with soymilk! You can follow the directions on the package for a 4 oz. thick, rich and robust sipping chocolate, or add more milk to make more of a hot chocolate/cocoa consistency. Either way, it is delicious! It melts very well into the milk, it is not bitter or chalky as other cocoas tend to be. Top quality and yummy!
263642263642B004GKDYKIA19VV7I329C1QPFuzzball1151294185600Great Hot Chocolate!This is great hot chocolate! I looked up European sipping chocolate after trying it at a local chocolate store, and I love it. It's not just the regular hot chocolate you find at grocery's very rich. I follow the instructions except I substitute whole milk with straight heavy whipping cream, which is what the chocolate store uses. It tastes like a melted candy bar. The one ounce packets are the perfect portion too. Will definitely be getting this again!

Update: I tried this with skim milk, which I usually drink, because I wanted something lighter. It was only ok with skim. It tastes a lot better with heavy cream, where the flavors just seem to blend better. It's also good with a dash of Irish cream.
263643263643B004GKDYKIA2E8EIWIJ7N63IJeremiah Crosby "Big Jay"1141293580800I used it for hot chocolate and it was great!I used this sipping chocolate for hot chocolate and I enjoyed a wonderful experience. I have grown up on Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa Mix 80 Ounce Value Cannister and Bellagio blows Swiss Miss out of the water. I do recommend adding sugar, because like others have said it is dark chocolate and it can taste bitter to your palette. I mix it with hot water because I find it to be too rich for my taste using milk. My own recipe involves water, sugar, a splash of real vanilla, and sometimes cinnamon and chili powder. I then add a large dollop of milk to bring it to a nice drinking temperature and then it is perfect for immediate consumption. The reason I gave this product a four star rating was due to the fact that I had lots of trouble mixing it with cold ingredients. At first, I tried soy milk and I got left with little bits of mix that would not dissolve. Thinking the soy milk was the problem, I tried whole milk and got the same results. So don't expect Ovaltine Chocolate Drink Mix, Rich Chocolate, 12-Ounce Container (Pack of 4)! Anyway, this is a great product for the dark hot chocolate lover in your life, so mix it up and enjoy!
263644263644B004GKDYKIA3SDNUDDM21A5FDee Z1151269820800Mmm!I had this at a cafe and loved it so came to Amazon to find it. Completely satisfies chocolate cravings! It's like drinking brownie batter so i tend to use a little more milk.
263645263645B004GKDYKIA2VQIBCCSNWTSYcgrrl1151259020800BEST chocolate for mochascan't order this from Amazon for Hawaii but luckily we have it in da health food store (for albeit more $$$). Just have to state it's one of the most satisfying chocolate mixes: dark, smooth, rich..... I'm dumping my junk Ghiradelli! With my stove top espresso maker (non-aluminum) and this cocoa I don't even bother going to the coffee spots because besides a few gourmet kine places my home version now tastes best. nyum
263646263646B004GKDYKIA1AGMUSNYU2SZZV. Lee1151240185600Super ChocolateyThis sipping chocolate is super rich and chocolately. I actually have to add more milk in it than the instructions indicate because it's actually too rich if I don't. I use about 3/4 cup of hot skim milk.
263647263647B004GKDYKIA37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"5751287014400Beautiful for a gift presentation...excellent cocoa!First off, the tin is gorgeous. You would be hard-pressed to find a more artful tin of cocoa for gift giving. I wouldn't feel bad to gift one tin of this wrapped in a beautiful paper as a birthday or holiday present - unwrapped it could be given as a hostess gift without worries of looking 'cheap'. Careful thought was taken on the container this cocoa would be housed in. A fine gift for a man, too, as it's not 'foo-foo' looking.

Upon opening the tin, there is a silver packet of cocoa, sealed tightly. Expiration date is 2 years from now (as IF it will last that long). On the first cut of the packet, the aroma of chocolate filled my senses. Deep, rich, pleasant chocolaty promises of tastes yet to come. I will be keeping the cocoa inside the silver packet as opposed to pouring it into the tin directly.

Now, on to the best part ... the taste of the cocoa. I licked the cocoa off the silver packet top that I cut off and wow, what an impact. The first taste to hit was definitely chocolate - and not overly sweet chocolate I might add; was a bit bitter at full strength but expectations of my first mug of cocoa were pressing at this point. I put 8 oz milk, 1 oz half and half, and 1 oz heavy cream into my Back to Basics Cocoa/Latte maker, then added 3 heaping teaspoons of Bellagio Sipping Chocolate, a splash of vanilla, and a spoon of sweetened condensed milk, then turned the machine on. Within minutes a rich, well blended, decadent cocoa was soon at hand. Poured it into a 16 oz mug, (nuked it for 20 seconds since the cocoa/latte maker doesn't make it as hot as I like it) and topped with fresh whipped cream. Realizing that it wasn't 'plain' cocoa at this point, the resulting flavor was still utterly delicious. The cocoa taste was still the star and rang through even with the add-ins, the flavor of chocolate was pronounced: strong and bold, yet smooth with a slight 'fruitiness' was to be discovered.

Now for the final merits: YUM!
263648263648B004GKDYKIA1D2Z5VF1XZWNLBrent F.2341288828800Interesting hot coffee, do not make with water!I am a big dark chocolate fan, so after reading reviews on this hot chocolate I knew I wanted to try it. My first attempt, I made this with water. It was easily some of the worst hot chocolate I have tried. Which was a shame since I actually enjoy hot chocolate more with water than milk. My second and all attempts after, I have made it with skim milk. This had made this hot chocolate much more enjoyable. It is a sipping chocolate that will take a while to finish each cup. I will be trying a different brand once this bulk package is over though.
263649263649B004GKDYKIA1N0KBXHXFTBN3Dean C. Kyrobie "Sundog"2351278720000Excellent Ingredient for Superb Hot ChocolateI made Bellagio Sipping Chocolate just the way the instructions read, then went on to add other ingredients: cinnamon, powdered instant coffee, hazelnut extract, and a few other spices. It's great, either as it is supposed to be mixed or as an ingredient for other hot chocolate drinks. Just add a little sugar.
263650263650B004GKDYKIA2TUXX2YE98F8NC. Erdahl0051339718400LovelyI'm a big fan of this sipping chocolate. It doesn't have chemical-type ingredients or nasty oils, so that's a big plus. I was looking for something to replace my Trader Joe's sipping chocolate indulgence and this fits the bill. TJ's only carries theirs seasonally. The ingredients and taste are almost identical.
263651263651B004GKDYKIA3C9BOL32PBDPTB. Surry0041335052800Bellagio Sipping ChocolateI've been trying lots of different sipping chocolates trying to find the perfect cup for me. I don't feel that Bellagio Sipping Chocolate is the one, but it rates high on the list of favorites. If it had a consistency more like grated chocolate instead of being powdery I would have rated it higher. I was happy with my transaction from Amazon. Received order very quickly.
263652263652B004GKDYKIA1FWB6IUARF0U2Leo0051326326400Great Sipping ChocolateBellagio Sipping Chocolate is great, especially on long, dark winter nights. And buying from Amazon was easier than going direct!
263653263653B004GKDYKIACX2YD5LTWCQKYvart0051321660800Beautiful tin, delicious product.These tins of hot chocolate mix make a great gift, for oneself or a hostess, or anybody who loves chocolate. The presentation tin is very pretty and the product, mixed with milk is a treat. Not sure if a bottle of wine is an appropriate gift? this will work - just wish it wasn't so hard to find!
263654263654B004GKDYKIATXLZP4EGYNUJCollege student0051320192000Unbelievably DeliciousTruly delicious. The flavor is incredible and better than any other hot chocolate I have tried. Take a chance on this, you will be glad you did.
263655263655B004GKDYKIADFUM39JZNO4FC. Spivack0051288828800A decadent break from the day to day grindThere is nothing more relaxing than sitting with a cup of hot, delicious sipping chocolate. It has a wonderful dark chocolate flavor even when mixed with whole milk or half and having a liquid truffle.
263656263656B004GKDYKIA326DOYN0RZMNPD. Ladue "chocolate nut"0051215216000excellent sipping chocolate that works well at workCan't find this kind of thing in OK very easily, so I tried ordering several varieties from Amazon. This one is my preferred one for work. I keep some powdered milk and put a couple scoops of that into the water along with the sipping chocolate. This one is a powder and it works well in a microwave.
263657263657B004GKDYKIAQ4WJK751IAM4rigacci1251280534400Good stuff!!Very nice stuff. Not too sweet (not sweet at all). Tastes like what Monteczuma might have drank. A little bitter but VERY refreshing. Might be the Belgian Chocolate.
I would recommend this to any serious chocoholic.
263658263658B004GKDYKIAZRBFUAHRDE8FJ. Pobst1251265846400DeliciousDelicious. Best liquid chocolate I've tried, but I haven't really too many similar products.
263659263659B004GKDYKIA2BT968XSRPP0KCJBouhlal "Cjb"0141299024000Real nice tasty sipping gotta try chocolateQuality and value is what I was looking for when I purchased Bellagio Sipping Chocolate, I got lucky on both counts. The price is definitely attractive but this stuff tastes real good.
263660263660B004GKDYKIA1WGZUYAIVHH00Megan N. Dufault "student"2631264032000Not badIt has a hint of cherry flavor. It's nothing spectacular, but definitely better than Swiss Miss...
263661263661B0026KFWU0A16PUD6V3KAZ0QB. Caruso "The Happy Aspie"0051289260800Unexpected combination is FANTASTIC!Faerie's Finest Vanilla Sea Salt was a recent birthday gift. Since I opened it (the version I have came in a refillable grinder) I have been grinding Vanilla Sea Salt on everything.

As one is grinding the salt, the smell of vanilla drifts up and is quite soothing and intriguing. The flavor, once incorporated into food, is very mild. It is not a "dessert"-y vanilla flavor, due to the sea salt, but when sampled in a bowl of hearty turkish chicken-lemon-egg-rice soup the vanilla smoothed out the lemon flavor a bit- made it almost silky and buttery rather than tart (I put in a little too much lemon this go around)... I had filet mignon and sprinkled a little of the vanilla sea salt on the filet and I think that vanilla sea salt was made for this purpose... Absolute perfection!

Fantastic blend, fantastic packaging. I'm one happy salt fanatic!
263662263662B003SKT5Z0AYER2WRRI5BAXA. Plus Contracting0051350345600I like curry nowI am particularly picky about curry and it all depends on the recipe. I love this recipe. I make it all the time.
263663263663B000LQLMTGA1KEIIW32S1EJ8Sarah7770051282608000a special treat and what for chocolateI have to hide this chocolate from my Family its a special treat just look when there is a free shipping also most all other Ritter sport are the best chocolate we have in Germany .. enjoy you will order again and again
263664263664B000LQLMTGA3BD4B8HW8RT5HMark L. Mckenzie0011281657600what the heck !!!!!A $2.89 candy bar with a $8.60 shipping and handling charge, what a joke. I love this chocolate bar but can't for the life of me see how they can charge such inflated prices :( I can get it at the local store for $2.50 a bar . Something smells in denmark and the candy is the best German chocolate there is :)
263665263665B000LQLMTGA2EX71EDMXCO7TM. J. Burkiett0051277856000Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Rum.....This candy bar is about the best there is! The chocolate is very nice and the rum is proportioned just right. It's strong enough to taste but not overbearing. I was so happy to find it available at Amazon so I can order it more often. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good flavor of rum every now and then.
263666263666B005J0MNFQACDJBTUIODRURJ. Mcghee "V_RocKs"0051323820800Great wine at a great price.My wife and I have been searching long and hard for a good Cabernet in the $12 price range for 1.5L and we have found it in a bottle of Robert Mondavi Woodbridge. Great notes of fruit and not sweet at all. Very crisp without being too acidic. Pairs quite well with a wide range of meats and cheeses. Taking a chance on this wine isn't taking a chance at all. It is the last step to finding your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon!
263667263667B000FA77TWA1DAOOYFEDWSYWS. Cody9951268352000Love it or Hate itYou will hate it if you spread it on toast like you would peanut butter or jam. A little packs a big punch. 1/2 tsp is sufficient.

I spread it on toast add cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce (sometimes a boiled egg) and bacon. It gives blt's a kick and the cheddar enhances the flavor.

263668263668B000FA77TWAXTLBBDO4WQ1SBrian J. Laws "DreamRycher"3331304899200The British really eat this stuff?A friend of mine told me about Marmite and how it's chalk full of vitamins and such and that the British eat this stuff on toast with their breakfast. So being somewhat adventurous when it comes to food, I thought I'd give it a try. I read a bunch of other reviews on here both good and bad so I felt I was properly prepared for what I was facing. I ordered it and it arrived very quickly in a larger box than I was expecting and it was bubble wrapped to the hilt! Peeling off layer after layer (after layer, after layer) I finally got down to the center . . . and I started to think this was a joke! It's an incredibly tiny container!

So I had read that this is some powerful stuff, so I open it up and just dab my pinky in it for a quick taste. WOW, that is some strong stuff!! Those other reviews weren't kidding!!! It's also kind of sticky, like a consistency that reminds me of honey (so be careful what it touches, because it's likely to remain there). So the next morning I make some toast and LIGHTLY spread some Marmite on there and tried it . . . still strong, so I put butter on there as well. Not bad but the strong, salty taste of the Marmite definitely hangs on. On another piece of toast I again put a light amount of Marmite on there and then covered it with honey . . . not bad with the combo of salt and sweet.

I've done this for a couple of weeks now, and I can see why the container is so small. Using small amounts it hardly looks like I've made a dent in it at all. I can't say I'm a big fan, but it's definitely an acquired taste that I'm not sure I'll acquire by the time I finish the tiny container off!
263669263669B000FA77TWA11WMJJVY93X80Carol Smith "cxg174"3341283558400Love the taste, hate the texture!I love this stuff. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, but I mix it with cream cheese and spread it on bagels in the morning. Yum! I don't know why it is so sticky though. You have to be careful with the lid because if you close it too tight you will have a time getting it open again. The stickiness just freezes that lid shut no matter how careful I am. I have found that running under warm water does the trick to open it again. I love my Marmite. The taste is about the same as the more expensive and famous Vegemite. Enjoy!
263670263670B000FA77TWA2GNPEL2PT02A6R. Kelly Coker1141331078400MarmiteAs an American, I don't ever see this kind of product at home. I received a small jar of Marmite and was apprehensive about the flavor. It has a strong nutty flavor that is not unpleasant but I'm not sure how I'll be eating it. I guess I can put it on toasted bread at first and experiment with other stuff. It doesn't taste bad, just different.

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