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263671263671B000FA77TWAOZ6FDBL9EX4JRachel L. Barr1141315180800StrangeOkay, I read the reviews. And I asked my British friends what Marmite was like. Nothing gave me a clear enough idea, though, so I ordered some from Amazon and tried it myself.

The verdict's still out. I neither hate nor love, much less like nor dislike, Marmite. I've tried it on plain toast, and I've eaten it on toast topped with eggs. The taste is a bit bitter, like the toast is slightly burned. That would normally be a turnoff, but Marmite is very salty, and that takes the edge off the bitterness.

It's nutritious. You can smell B vitamins when you first open the jar. But I'm not sure the sodium content makes that a point in its favor.

I'll probably finish the jar and forget all about Marmite. It's that underwhelming.
263672263672B000FA77TWA1H2SY867E5FD2Anthony Seidita "Tony "Fabio""1151312588800energy boost/dietBought this stuff For my Mom and she swears by the stuff, eats this stuff mixed in with a little butter and spreads it on crackers. She says after eating this she has no need to eat regular food anymore because she actually feels full. Great for diets if you can get past the taste. It's a small jar but it lasted her a whole month.
263673263673B000FA77TWAQECNWPOA9XIBM. Chirich1151312502400GAGI'm sure this is exactly what it's supposed to taste like... i like trying new things but wooow. Why anybody would willingly wish to put this in their mouth is beyond me :D The quality of the product is excellent but that little 4.4oz bottle was about 4oz more than enough for me :D
263674263674B000FA77TWA345G688Y4E4OBStuart Berwick "lapleader"1151311897600Overpriced in US but a must haveI just wish the vendors were more realistic in pricing. Yes I know the dollar is weaker but the prices are almost gouging.
263675263675B000FA77TWA2I27VUNB5JL4ECheech1151306713600Nectar of the godsDelicious and very healthful, this stuff can be added to so much. Try it on some unexpected items and be surprised and how well it improves! ... toast, hamburgers, cheesecake, chocolate cookies, baked potatoes, sandwiches, and more.
263676263676B000FA77TWANQKENQRPS8K3Ben0051343347200Good Old Marmite!When we were kids we ate it a lot - its versatile, concentrated and a tasty flavoring. Very good on toast with butter and a cup of tea. But, the big deal was if we got a chill or didn't feel well, Marmite always did the trick. A little dab mixed into a cup of hot water makes a delicious instant healing broth to sip on. It works like magic for a head cold!
263677263677B000FA77TWAQ3VSP9NA83W5Books2 read0051343174400Nicely packaged new, shipped quickly.All the taste many tell you about this product - salty and ugh tastes but good for me! I grew up nibbling on compressed yeast when making bread and hoped it would be a similar taste, not quite but everything I was told, I eat a bit every day - getting my vitamins.
263678263678B000FA77TWA2U5C5VAEDYYNPNorma P Smith0051317859200MarmiteI love it - always have, but its definitely a personal preference taste thing.
Spread it VERY lightly on toast for a savory breakfast.
263679263679B000FA77TWA1MI07SMFN3HLNKiara1251306022400ExcellentI bought Marmite mainly cause I was curious about the taste and always heard it was a love it or hate it sort of spread. I have to agree. It has a strong, salty flavor and is definitely not for faint hearted if you want to try it.

I don't know if there is such thing as in between love and hate but that's sort of where I am since I find the taste interesting but powerful.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up even though I wouldn't eat it every day. Others who are Marmite lovers will surely enjoy it.
263680263680B000FA77TWA3O74E7NFN87XBFrench girl1311305072000No interior seal !I used to eat Marmitte when I lived in England. It is a salty and very tasty paste and it is absolutely delicious on toast with butter. Almost impossible to find it in America except on Amazon or in some gourmet stores or health stores like Whole food Market. The one I received 2 days ago had neither the usual interior seal or the plastic seal that normally cover the jar. I am sending it back!! So disappointing!!
263681263681B000FA77TWA21UQ494LBXOKXphyllis palin0311315785600Marmite - The Worse Thing I Ever TastedI purchased two of this and threw them both away. I have never tasted anything to discusting in my life. This maybe good for you, but I would be ill if I had to take one more bite of this stuff. I accidentally opened both of them, thinking I would enjoy this. Of course, I lost my money and will reconsider when buying products that are described the way this item was described.
263682263682B002I7KOFYA10CEYWM0OXAK7H. Culbertson1151280880000delicious way to get more fiber!This oatmeal is great! I love both the cinnamon swirl and maple varieties. The best part is they both have 12g of fiber per serving and just 150 calories! That is half of your daily fiber! It is the perfect, tastey, and healthy!
263683263683B002I7KOFYA3RW9I71S16EURluzlala0011328486400bad after tastethe after taste was slightly different.... I did not like it.....maybe it is something in the cereal that is artificial....don't know...will not buy anymore of it.... Quaker high fiber cinnamon returning it to the grocery store..... package has 2013 date on it.... that means that it is fresh... but the aftertaste is not good....
263684263684B002I7KOFYA3MX96YM4NT6HTJohn H. Macdonald0051326240000Easy way to get your fiber for the entire dayEach packet of this high fiber instant oatmeal contains about 12 grams of fiber. I have two envelopes each morning which brings me almost to my daily goal of 30 grams per day. It is very easy to pick up the remaining 5+ grams during the remaining meals of the day. I have type 2 diabetes and this regime has stabilized my sugar and had wonderful effects on my digestion! Oh, and it tastes good too!
263685263685B0001W2W5SACEJUV58H8PSVTried and True "NTGILTY"9951171756800what a money saverThe sprouts available at the market are old and slimey by day 2. With these sprouts you can have them at your convenience and they are 100 times crunchier and healthier. Where I work we have a salad bar and I just take my own container of sprouts that I am so proud of. Truthfully, my 16 yr old grows them, I just pay for them and enjoy.
263686263686B0001W2W5SA1629BDBKX38D1Zachary P. Stewart5531299369600Not the best mix for meIt seems like the three legumes all sprout and grow at different rates so the texture is a bit uneven. Also, the peas and garbanzos are such large seeds that they take a long time to use up their stored energy. You are either eating a lot of seed or you are eating overgrown sprouts. I'd stick to the lentils on their own or to the always classic mung.
263687263687B0001W2W5SA18XCLXKB737XGJeff Krueger5551171756800Great productI let these beans sprout for 3 days before I eat them as a snack. Very healthy.
263688263688B0001W2W5SA1BJXKMVPU86GOSAM2231284854400Grow Organic seedsorganic sprouting seeds

I tried once to grow the Garbanzo, green pea, lentil mix, but was unsuccesful. The mixture started to get moldy after 2 days. It maybe due to the recent hot weather we have here. I think there should have been more detail instructions on how to avoid mold.

263689263689B0001W2W5SA17771LTRWSKQ5Helen S. Lam1151334534400Easy and deliciousI bought my Todd's Seeds mix from Buy Wholesale Cheap. It was packaged in a simple plastic bag enclosed with tape. It was in a thick plastic bag so there was no spillage. I used the Easy Sprout and it was super easy to sprout this mix. Soak the legumes for 8 - 12 hours, pour out the water and rinse, shake out all of the excess water, nest the inner cup with the rinsed legumes back into the outer cup and put back on the Easy Sprout dome lid. Repeat every 12 hours. All sprouted by 36 hours into the process. I taste-tested the legumes every 12 hours. The garbanzo and lentils were always tasty (nutty with a vegetal flavor). The green peas were bitter until the roots sprouted at around 36 hours. Then, it was more tasty without any bitterness.

Since I only have one Easy Sprout which I usually use for salad sprouts (Broccoli & Friends), I only used the Easy Sprout part of the time. After about 24 hours, I moved the legumes to a quart mason jar and used the screen of a wire colander to drain out the rinsing water. I then just left the mason jar (with the legumes inside) on its side and put it on a large plate. It worked just as well.

Unlike the salad sprouts which you only need about 3 tablespoons of seed to get a full container of sprouts, the legumes only expand about double the size so I would recommend using about 1 - 1 1/2 cups of legumes for a full container of sprouted legumes.
263690263690B0001W2W5SA1LB8QSWAGK9NUearth2karen1131188086400Mixed sprouts, mixed resultsOverall a nice blend, but given the different sizes of the seeds, the sprouting ratio was a bit mixed. Taste was good, might prefer the seeds not in a blend, which is what I will try the next time I buy seeds. Used them with the sprout house and it worked well.
263691263691B0001W2W5SA2PLOTCQKV5OYDREKHA0031322438400rainbow beanthe sprout did fine ,in the content of the bag sweet pea was far more quantity then rest of the beans , perhaps because its cheaper , how ever over all it sprouted well , and taste good
263692263692B0001W2W5SA2AIAOQ04JX6BHD. Astley "Bleu"0051315872000Rainbow BeansLike one reviewer said, the beans do sprout at different times but sprouting times are close enough together for my purpose which is to dehydrate them and make sprout flour. The flour from these beans has a wonderful flavor and is a great addition to my muffins and bread recipes. Delicious.
263693263693B0001W2W5SA3U447JP6A8UASrowbeart0051307404800Great Sprouts!These are really delicious sprouts. They came packaged in a plastic bottle. They were really easy to sprout using the Easy Sprouter. I don't know if I would have been as successful in a glass jar type sprouter. I will order these again.
263694263694B0001W2W5SAQNYCN5Y8K2J6RunningTooSlow0051302220800Great sprouts, lousy packaging!Still 5 stars, since the sprouts were some of the best I've tasted! However, the seeds come in a ziplock baggie, in a cardboard frame made for a book. The bottom of the baggie came open in shipment and loose seeds rolled around the box, spilling out of the sides. However, I think I received almost the all of the seeds, and I just transferred them to a new ziplock baggie.

The dry seeds are smaller and muted in color, but the instructions say to soak them overnight before putting them into whatever sprouter you're using. The seeds grew in size and gained in color, and then were fascinating to watch sprout. To add to the experience, the resulting sprouts had a nutty taste and texture to them. I grew these sprouts in a 3-shelf grower, with other "flavors" in the other shelves, and these were clearly the best-tasting of the 3.
263695263695B0001W2W5SA2EHYCA29NSQLUBud0241303430400Excellent when purchased from The Sprout HouseI purchased mine fro The Sprout House. Theirs came in a plastic jar (similar to a spice jar). I sprouted them in an Easy Sprouter. It really was easy. 100% of them sprouted and all very close (time-wise) together. I only give them 4 stars because 1 lb does not last long, and I personally did not find these nearly as tasty as seed sprouts.

I would recommend that readers be very careful about the reviews they read because I don't believe the products are the same from different sellers. In a separate purchase, I was shockingly dissatisfied with a purchase from Buy Wholesale Cheap whose seeds came packaged in a ZipLoc bag which leaked seeds all over.
263696263696B003W04E7UA2FXCXOS4MEW0GD. Bender0051331337600tastyvery tasty. not sure why i cant find this in stores anymore! thank goodness for amazon! I imagine i will be buying more once i run out. Marble cake is the best!
263697263697B004724882AYYSPSIPCEMQ0Grant Corbett "gebutcher"0051316563200gluten free pastaThe best pasta on the market for those who need gluten free. And it is a great price. We will keep buying from Amazon for our gluten free needs
263698263698B004724882A3D6AAA0N5KC25DianeGF0051314230400Just like "real" pastaThis item is fantastic, and coming from a full-blooded Italian, that is a compliment! I just added my own sauce and my family loved it. Try it, you won't be sorry.
263699263699B007FLYOG8A31PJ5Z9TCV8Z7Baby Boomer Dara2251343347200Excellent teaGreat tea, well packaged, both the tea bags and the box are good for storage. Shipped promptly. Would order again.
263700263700B007FLYOG8A3KVXROGIY42XSTK0051350259200Great Tea and not a bad price!The tea is very good. The flavor is very good. The white tea doesn't upset my stomach like black tea. I usually add a bit of ginger, some Stevia powder from Puritan Pride, and milk. Most enjoyable. Service was great too!

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