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263731263731B000GAZ0QIA2AD6PG78FMGAMhorses4life0041308096000Good!Good balance bar. Can replace as a meal if needed. Dark chocolate a little strong but that's just me. It's still a really good bar, especially if you like chocolate. Good for no added sugar.
263732263732B000GAZ0QIA30NPMPGO4Y0LBD. Stephen Haynes0021305936000Yucky Taste, but great barsWhile I love the Think Thin brand, the taste of these bars is the worst of the entire brand. While others might like the taste of the Dark Chocolate bars, I'm sorry I had to go through an entire box of 12. Try either of the Peanut Butter types or even the Cookies and Cream bites.
263733263733B000GAZ0QIA1VB7CZP4D775NMARJORIE FUHRMANN0031302566400This is DarK Chocolate?I was somewhat disappointed with this item. I expected it to be more chocolate-y. The outside coating is the usual dark chocolate coating that thinkThin uses on its other bars. The problem was that the interior detracted from the intense chocolate taste that I expected. It was muddled and weak. With this warning in mind, I have to say that it's better than other bars that I've tried from other companies. So, I don't want to discourage people from trying them. I'm a real chocolate person and I want an intense chocolate taste.
263734263734B000GAZ0QIA1P3JGR1BY1IQ5DaisyDee0031301961600Normally good, risky to buy on AmazonI've purchased these in the grocery store, and they're (in my opinion) the best flavor of all the ThinkThin bars. They have a slight dark chocolate taste and a few little crispies inside...overall not too chalky for a protein bar. 20 grams of protein with only 230 calories is great! Unfortunately, when I purchased a box off Amazon, they arrived and all of the crispies inside were no longer crispy. Perhaps they'd been sitting in the warehouse too long, but I would exercise caution when purchasing these online.
263735263735B000GAZ0QIA1NV4SWU2AVYGPDana Shulps0041300579200thinkAddictionWhile I wish thinkThin would produce bars lower in carbs, since "diabetic friendly" is one of their claims, I continue to enjoy them.
These definitely have a synthetic-healthy chocolate taste to them but are still good. The dark chocolate has a deepness to it and is sweeter than I expected. This is similar to the Brownie Crunch which is my favorite. Every time I try a new thinkThin flavor I find the taste to be okay then I don't really think about it, the next day I decide to have another one and it doesn't taste any better but I enjoy it more. The flavor is good, better than some nutritional bars. The dense texture makes me feel like I'm eating something more substantial than a meal replacement bar and I just keep coming back.
Lately I've been cutting these in half and throwing them in the fridge or freezer and enjoying a nice cold 100 calorie snack.
263736263736B000GAZ0QIA84LZH0ISUIMCSusan "Momof2"0021297555200Dark Chocolate was dry and crumblyI am a fan of thinkThin bars. However, this shipment was dry and crumbly. I was disappointed in my purchase and will continue to purchase thinkThin, just different flavors than dark chocolate. Could have gotten an older or bad box. Check your expiration dates on these.
263737263737B000GAZ0QIA3A04X4ELXEK7FBeauty Babe0021297036800Crumbly and dry! I usually like thinkThin, but these suck.I trust the reviews and so many people liked these. I got these quickly, they look fine on the outside. I don't know why these were so stale. Love the peanut butter ones. These were just painful, old school nasty.
263738263738B000GAZ0QIA9DMDS64YSFS7981990051288051200Usually not a fan of dark chocolate..I am not usually a fan of dark chocolate therefore I usually only buy thinkThin white chocolate bars at a local Wholefoods. But I decided to try this dark chocolate version because of the excellent deal on them and I was pleasantly surprised by how yummy these are.

Taste is so subjective but to me the taste of these bars are not overwhelmingly dark and there seems to be a hint of coconut to them although I am not sure there is actually coconut is in these bars.

We like to keep them in the fridge...and they are a perfect on the run pick me up..
263739263739B000GAZ0QIA18RGC67MPKIZHA. Kadhi "appmath"0051284768000Excellent for my specific needsHighly recommended.
Very good taste for a healthy snack; I had low expectations. My biggest fear is not the total number of calories, but mostly the carbs. The dark chocolate chunks tasted good, but again, I am not eating this for taste.
Just to confirm how effective a low sugar diet (a la Primal, thanks to Mark Sisson) can be; I was travelling and I eat these bars as a meal replacement every single day, and at the end I lost a few pounds. You can quickly deduct from the other reviews that the majority liked these bars and a small minority wasn't impressed; I suggest you try 1 or 2 before making the plunge. I need to try Doctor's CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Bar, Dark Chocolate, 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12).
263740263740B000GAZ0QIA177B4TPNSFV3Onervous nelly0021284681600dryyyyyyyI have liked other flavors from this company but this and the mudslide are so dry, it's a struggle to get through the bar.
263741263741B000GAZ0QIAGXQXAJ4X5SC8Anthony Martino5821282780800Think Thin BarsThese bars are shipped via the U.S. Post Office. When I buy them in a store such as Whole Foods, they are fresh and the outer coatings intact. When I bought them through Amazon, the outer coatings were melted and in some cases stuck to the inside of the wrappers. It is not a case where they were left in a mailbox all day. My mailman handed them to me, along with the other mail. Don't buy this product from Amazon, pay a little more and get a good product.
263742263742B000GAZ0QIA1OFW1U6QCO835J. Ruhl Frank3531249603200Not What I ExpectedI don't know why, but I thought this was some kind of healthy chocolate, but in reality it's more of a type of brownie bar, like a dense brownie bar with little flavor. That being said, I'd choose this over many of the other so called healthy snack bars that are loaded with corn syrup and other not so good for you chemicals. The taste is decent, not great but not as bad as others I have tried.
263743263743B000GAZ0QIAZ50F6MW6LWODJokerfan0141308441600Don't buy in summer!I like the taste, but don't buy this expecting a candy bar. It's really not sweet at all, but I still like it. The diet food claims are pretty ridiculous, this small bar has 230 calories and is a meal replacement, not a diet snack. The product loses a star for false claims.

It tastes good, is a convenient meal replacement, and a reasonable price when bought on amazon with subscribe and save.

Don't buy it in summer! I bought this a month or so ago and it arrived all melted. When it hardened, the chocolate was all over the inside of the packaging and it was a big mess. I'll have to wait until fall to order these again.
263744263744B000GAZ0QIAXTDEEO8OMALAmazon Nomore0211318982400Yuk!I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over the years and am a faithful customer. I love reading the reviews and often check them before making a purchase. I have never posted a review until now. I had a subscription for the Think Thin Chocolate brownie crunch bar until Amazon lost that account for whatever reason. I switched over to a subscription for the dark chocolate bar...I just ate it (had to force myself to finish it). It tastes SOOOOOO bad and leaves a chemical after-taste. I don't know how anyone can think this tastes good???? I am now stuck with three boxes of this junk that my dogs don't even want to eat. I just canceled my subscription and will now have to trek to Trader Joes to get my chocolate brownie crunch bars!
263745263745B000GAZ0QIA2IYEWCQN02QOCJody Wiley Fernando "J. Fernando"0211317686400Ugh. Tastes like cardboard.I wouldn't recommend these unless you have to eat gluten free. They're gross and have zero flavor. I regularly eat Clif and Luna bars, and these don't come close to matching their tastiness (though they also have sugar in them...)
263746263746B000GAZ0QIA1D0APZ416YM03James A. Corier51211285891200Not Sugar Free!!!I have not tried these but I gave them a poor rating because of false advertising. They claim to be sugar free but they are far from it. Maltitol is a sugar which is identical in properties to sucrose (table sugar). The only difference is that Maltitol is only about 80% as sweet as sucrose. No matter how they are marketing this thing, it is a candy bar.
263747263747B000GAZ0QIA3IJ7BBSXF120KAllie J. Savage "JS in AZ"3911279497600Wasn't edible.This candy was so bad that I tried to give it away. Having trouble finding anyone who will eat it.
263748263748B003OP8MIKA2LG9S4SGL7Q76vivian marion2251299715200campbells chunky beef tips with vegetablesThis was a gift to my granddaughter who has 5 children and a very tight food budget. They love this soup better than any other meal.
The 1 year old twins can eat this soup without any problems. They join the 4, 3, and 8 year olds.

My Granddaughter is attending college to become an RN and is very
exhausted when she gets everyone home. She just opens the can and
she is happy and so are they.
263749263749B001M19IJKA1HJKF6DKPSDG3Jorge Arturo Reyes Guzman "cook haven"8821246233600Check your boxesI have been purchasing there products for 2-3 years now. Not always, but sometimes the box contains bugs inside the bones, that make my dog sick. After further examination it seems the bugs come inside hte box. Today I opened a new one only to find it full of bugs to, I threw them all away and probably wont purchase again. I dont urge you to stop buying the product but rather check it thoroughly before giving it to your dog. If it does contain bugs contact the company and tell them where you bought it.
263750263750B001M19IJKA3TJZADNICSLE6M. K. Sadler "mksadler"6611245369600Good product, bad vendorLast shipment was full of bugs. Not getting any more. Maybe I was just unlucky but there was no excuse for this.
263751263751B001M19IJKAK0CENM3LUM28Ana Mardoll4451222646400Medium Sized Treat, Big Yummy TasteMilkbone Original Crunchy Treats / B000EBKSCU

My puppy just loves these Milkbone treats. Though the box says "Great for Training", they are a bit too big for proper treat training (which involves slicing the treats very thinly so that the dog doesn't get satiated or fattened up) because the treats are very hard and cannot be easily sliced into smaller pieces.

However, they are uniquely good for training "Leave It!" - I can drop it on the floor and the puppy immediately notices the smell and comes over to investigate. And if he decides to ignore my "Leave It!" command, the treat is big enough and hard enough that it survives in his mouth long enough for my to reach in and grab it and start over - no rewards for ignoring "Leave It!", or he'll ignore it always. After only a few weeks of training, "Leave It!" is well-understood and almost always obeyed, thanks to these yummy Milkbones.

Also, since these are larger and more satisfying that his usual treats, he also gets these at crate time. When Mommy says "Crate!" that means he snuggles into his crate and waits anxiously for his Milkbone treats. He absolutely adores them, and loves gobbling them up happily.

These came carefully packed from Amazon with no shipping problems. The bulk price on Amazon is much cheaper than anything I've found locally and much more convenient.

~ Ana Mardoll
263752263752B001M19IJKA3UBJDPQIPCF3UClaribel Aguilar "Bel"1141336953600Great ProductMy Border Collie mix 7 month old puppy loved these treats. I used them for training and playing games with my puppy like "find the treat". I would order these again but I've switched my pup to Pup Corn treats made locally, cheaper and healthier too but still eats milk bone biscuits. The free I.d tag is promotional is a pretty good deal and I plan to order Oreo one.
263753263753B001M19IJKA1RJVX3BGIG7W0Amelie1141336176000My dog never tires of eating these treats...This pack of six boxes is a great bargain. Although I've been trying to buy more nutritional and healthy treats, I still keep a stash of these because my dog likes them. I would be happier though if the manufacturer didn't use artificial coloring, and I'm somewhat suspicious of the little pieces of hair I've seen embedded in the "marrow" part. I haven't seen any bugs that other reviewers have mentioned.
263754263754B001M19IJKA1MEX7I9RSY6HFBrenda Glad1151298073600One Happy DogThis is the only dog treat that my Cocker Spaniel enjoys. My local vendor does not do a good job keeping this item in stock so I was very happy to be able to buy a case of them so that my four legged friend will have the treats she deserves.
263755263755B001M19IJKA36AAJ79YKPGREO. Vinogradova "jaded mouse"1141236211200Good Tasty TreatsThese are nice, small treats that my dog enjoys very much. Only reason that it gets 4 stars rather than 5 is because of the "great for training" call on the box. As one reviewer already said, these really aren't very good for training. They are too big to work well - the dog looses focus and they are too crunch to cut up and use in smaller bits. However, with that being said, my dog loves these! I'll continue to pick them up as general treats or as a big treat at the end of a training session.
263756263756B001M19IJKA3KJUQVN7ZLREICathy Mottershall1151195257600Our Dogs Love ThemOur dogs love the basted gravy bones by milkbone. The only problem is they are not readily available to buy in the stores! Most biscuits they eat leave little "land mines" all over the carpet. Not these bones, I don't think the crumbs even hit the ground before they are lapped back up by our Boxer and Parsons' Russell!
263757263757B001M19IJKAAE2CFT4C13UMpuppy0011341792000HorribleI got this for my yorkie-poo puppy at target and my puppy hates them! Another con is that every time my puppy ate one she threw up! I will never give these to my puppy again.
263758263758B001M19IJKA1PUR64CKPT5MNBaron "Enstrom Helio"0051333584000Milk-Bone Original Biscuts for puppies Cavalier King CharlesWe have two King Charles Cavalier Puppies that are the best behaved puppies we have ever seen, so I tend to want to reward them more than I should. I found other rewards gave them loose stools and did not last. The Milk-Bone Puppies are perfect so we got the automatic ship and it works perfect.
263759263759B001M19IJKA3T0SWLO1GL9VMAnna Marie Anderson0051323561600Crunchy Dog TreatsMy Yorkies love these treats. They are the perfect size for smaller breeds, and the crunchiness helps to reduce tartar. Apparently they taste pretty good, too, as they will all do just about anything to get some! The boxes arrived well packaged.
263760263760B001M19IJKA1BDWH3JVHP4NC. Powers0051308355200No BugsGreat offer- bulk dog treats for a decent price. Others reported bugs in the boxes, but these were clean.

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