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263761263761B001M19IJKA1L7R2764ED46YG. Hembrough0051305158400GOOD TREAT FOR MY LABWe got these for my fiances lab (my lab too thru him) and we use them as occasional treats and for training purposes. For some reason, I thought they'd be bigger than they were, but I'm okay with the size that they are. I read that some people had bugs in their boxes, no bugs here!! Thank goodness!! She likes these treats, but she also eats deer poop in the backyard and anything on the floor, sooo I can't guarantee that the taste is great, but if she eats them, then that's all that matters! LoL. As humans, we'll never know, and I'm not trying them!
263762263762B001M19IJKA39IW64JWDI7B3Happy Mommy0051298505600Great Savings!!With the subscribe and save option these are MUCH cheaper per box then my local stores. I did open the box to discover the flavor treats, but my puppy isn't complaining a bit!! ;)
263763263763B001M19IJKA10A2FBKZM9IDYAnn E. Brown0051281312000Can anyone help me find these Milk Bone BiscuitsI am desperatey trying to find Milk Bone Chicken&Rice Biscuits for All Size Dogs. There is a picture of a Cocker on the box and the biscuits are shaped like a chicken drumstick--they are hard rather than soft. For years I have been able to find this product at my local Target or Kroger stores, but not now. My little Sophie is almost 15 and just loves these treats. If you can help, please let me know.
263764263764B001M19IJKA6FH1IN5WGE2LLeslie A. Boyle "Book Diva"0051247529600Yummy for Pups!My dogs just love these bones. This was such a great deal compared to the cost in the grocery store that I just couldn't pass it up! I highly recommend this vendor and product!
263765263765B001M19IJKA9101KNY0S3H2My 2 Cents "A penny for your thoughts"0021244592000My dog says blehI've never found a dog biscuit my little Maltese likes so I knew I was taking a chance. Still, I'm VERY disappointed that there are no returns for the 11 unopened boxes. I wouldn't try them if you have a finicky dog or a small eater. They are bland. There's no tasty smell, I mean nothing. The cardboard box smells as appetizing. I realize my dog is hard to please so I won't blame it all on MilkBone. He's not a big eater and has never been a chewer (never chewed on furniture, shoes etc) so although he won't grab ANY bone, he does enjoy them. Most beef bones are too large but he crunches lamb or pork rib bones up completely. There must be SOME kind of biscuit to keep a small eater's teeth healthy.
263766263766B001M19IJKA1W2XM3OFJPEMZA. Rosen0051242345600He loves them!Lucky, our St Bernard, loves these treats. While they are a little smaller than his "good boy" Extra Large Milk Bones, the Gravy Bones provide him a little variety and there are never any crumbs!
263767263767B001M19IJKAVIYHPBLQVBGBClara "mystery fan"0041231632000Our dog loves these biscuits.These biscuits have bran in them and seem to keep our dog regular. Just make sure that your dog has plenty of water to drink with them. Buying in bulk from Amazon saves us money.
263768263768B001M19IJKA9IIFKIBNMNCVDisneyGuys070051220659200Tasty Treat For MY Little OneThis is a tasty treat for my little guy. He is a Brussels Griffon and weighs in at 8.5 lbs. They are perfect size for his little mouth. He enjoy's them daily as a reward and a special treat.
263769263769B001M19IJKA205NUNGUHPKK5E. Byers0051195603200The only treat my pup wantsThis small treat became the only treat my cocker/springer would eat. She will refuse others. I sure hope it never goes out of production.
263770263770B001M19IJKA3EW235III93CPivy0311302307200BUGS!?Based on the reviews, I will not even buy this on-line. Amazon - would do you continue to sell these knowing there is such a problem?
263771263771B00137G3YGA388VMVX3NJUTPixelated "Pixelated"0011334102400What size????Why don't they specify what size can is it? Deceiving, wouldn't buy from them. The star is for the seller not the product and they get one so it doesn't look as if I didn't rate it.
263772263772B00194CCLGA3RS2ZGLL2Y3QGAnjanette Olson4451269648000Delicious!I bought the mint chocolate and banana coconut to use in shakes. They both were very delicious. Shipping was quick, ordered on the 23rd and received on the 26th.
263773263773B00194CCLGA3JPKWWU9NKKBZTina3351321920000Flavor Fountain Ice Cream FlavoringUse all flavors to flavor food without calories and sugar. Tastes great, but you MUST be careful on pricing. I only paid $2.99 per bottle and at the time of writing this, the price is now $6.95. Consumer beware!
263774263774B00194CCLGAYA0RRO5CO5VQD. Collette0051331942400A favorite flavor, a little goes quite a waysI bought this to flavor margaritas. I didn't need much of the flavoring to have the effect (taste) that I wanted.
263775263775B00194CCLGA3MP8YCQR1E4TPDoc0051327190400Mmmm wonderful!This flavoring smells amazing; I bought it to make homemade Bubblegum Ice Cream just like I used to get from Dipper Dan's Ice Cream Parlor when I was a child. Ordered this but didn't get to make any icecream during the holidays. Hope to make some soon. It smells just like bubblegum & I am sure it tastes like bubblegum in recipes. Thank you so much. Sincerely, RL
263776263776B00194CCLGASQ7OEET37OZQT. Blakney "TDot."01941202428800Nothing that can't be fixed.Perhaps it's because I live in northern Canada (although that shouldn't be an excuse), but it took a few days for the product to be shipped. Once, however, it was, it arrive on the last day of the projected delivery day.

No complaints.
263777263777B00194CCLGAOA8FL94KQ6XPPatricia A. Rauch "boylan37"13541168473600Only bought itBought it for the ice cream maker which did not make ice cream since then sitting in the fridge.
263778263778B000NJYJ50AYGH6A4R0FD94Anne Onomus "Picture Picture"1141268352000Great info but a bit dated.I spent a week at Playa Guiones and my review is based my limited time and location visited. My review is specific to that area.

I would have given this book a 5-star rating if it was more up to date. It was written about 10 years ago and much has changed since then. Although a few places have gone out of business, there are now more choices for lodging, food, etc. Overall the area has become more developed.
263779263779B003ZJ5S28A1QLG7L51PBPMLD. Clark1151336003200Best plain crispy rice cerealBarbara's Brown Rice Crisps cereal is good for many uses in addition to being a very good breakfast cereal. I crush the crisps for use as a breading. I also find the cereal to be a fine dry snack. The flavor is good and the crunchiness is just right. I very much apprciate the simplicity of the ingredients as I have multiple food allergies and have to avoid wheat and corn which are found in some competing brands.
263780263780B003ZJ5S28A36VKFPW6JM1A1sounik11151319155200great!I bought these at the recommendation of a friend who is also gluten intolerant. OMG, i love this cereal. It's JUST sweet enough to not taste like a bowl of brown rice, and the texture is great. I love this cereal so much I end up eating it for snack or dinner sometimes too. Try the cereal with sliced bananas and raspberries. :)
263781263781B003ZJ5S28A3ARZSD6W2AUJTNatalie Jayne1151313452800Great cerealI love this cereal it has very few ingredients which is great for all my allergies. It is not very sweet as another reviewer mentioned but I can't have cows milk either so when I eat it with the Vanilla flavored Rice Dream rice milk it is perfect!
263782263782B003ZJ5S28AG1EQ7H978S0AHIAPO-MATTHEWS, Kimi Kii1151310256000Healthy Brown Rice KrispiesI'm allergic to wheat and don't eat refined sugar. Barbara's was one of the few cereal makers that had whole brown rice crispies sweetened with something better than table sugar or evaporated cane juice. And, they taste better than the Erewhon ones. Now that I'm pregnant, I've found my wheat allergy, which was mild before, to have worsened. I rely on these and corn flakes now, instead of the wheat cereals I used to eat. Amazon has BY FAR the best price on these that I could find. I would otherwise expect Trader Joe's to have the best prices, as they did on my former two favorite (wheat) cereals, which were also Barbara's brands, but Trader Joe's in my area doesn't sell the Brown Rice Crispies.
263783263783B003ZJ5S28A2MIHQSSK2J69QK. Mcgrew2351298160000Great crispy gluten free cereal!Great crispy gluten free cereal! I like this a lot better than Erewhon rice cereal. Erewhon is overly sweetened, and not as crispy. I order this in bulk because its so good. Thank you Barbaras Bakery!
263784263784B003ZJ5S28A6TOGEJT5XSCIGrace Blue Jay0231294531200Good CerealI couldn't taste any sweetness in this cereal. It's good and tastes very similar to Erewhon
Crispy Brown Rice. I prefer Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice though. But this is a pretty good cereal
and I can eat it.
263785263785B00405AXEOA31IMVK6YAEGS1Clara R.0041319155200Great truffles but melt really fastI love Lindt and these are delicoius truffles but they melt extremely fast that is why I chose to give a 4 star.
263786263786B00405AXEOA37J3XRX1TENTSS. Richards0051309824000Love theseRecently, I tried these for the first time. I was in Wal-greens, going up and down the aisles, and got a hankering for some chocolates. I saw a bag of these and thought, how good could these be? Was I pleasantly surprised.

These truffles are so delicious! I'm scarfing some right now. Each truffle is individually wrapped, like a perfect little present. Quickly discard that paper, and you have a smooth, chocolate ball. Inside the outer shell are small pieces of hazelnut, and in the middle of the ball is a creamy milk chocolate filling. Once you bite into it, all that sweet filling melts on your tongue and you almost think it's liquid, it's that soft and creamy.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size 3 Balls (36g)
Servings per bag 4
Calories 220
Total Fat 18g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 20mg
Total Carbohydrates 15g
Protein 2g

As you can see, these chocolates aren't low-calorie. They are rich, decadent, and almost sinful. Have these when you really want to indulge your chocolate craving.
263787263787B0094Q4WSMA36ZPP3YKCMDBGJ. Freeman "Book addict"0051349136000Great Banana TasteWanted to try this smoothie mix and am glad I did. It has great authentic banana taste and a fair amount of protein in a serving. I've had it plain-jane, added it to my regular vanilla whey protein powder with a few blueberries, and added some peanut butter powder to the banana powder and they are all good.
263788263788B005P0MN9GA3SHACREIY6HVXA. Floyd "Fun_Accountant"0051347494400Coconut Fan!Anything coconut, I'm in! I absolutely heart these Larabars. All the different kinds are great, but the coconut ones have my heart. They don't seem "healthy," and that's just plain awesome. :)
263789263789B005P0MN9GA4ESL3FS0I8B5Allison0051334361600Deliciously sweetThis is SO GOOD, but super sweet. With 24g of sugar, I treat this bar like candy. Love how few ingredients there are - dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews, extra virgin coconut oil - that's it! This is definitely worth a try if you are a coconut lover with a sweet tooth - otherwise, this might be overly sweet for some. But I am a fan.
263790263790B0032YD166A15UXFXH7CSU9YNina Escover1141332115200Realized its Smallwell it's a fave thing for my bf.. but i guess its a lil too small for a big KID like him..

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